ccah-500 第11题What does CDH packaging do on install to facilitate Kerberos security setup

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11.What does CDH packaging do on install to facilitate Kerberos security setup?

A. Automatically configures permissions for log files at & MAPRED_LOG_DIR/userlogs

B. Creates users for hdfs and mapreduce to facilitate role assignment

C. Creates directories for temp, hdfs, and mapreduce with the correct permissions

D. Creates a set of pre-configured Kerberos keytab files and their permissions

E. Creates and configures your kdc with default cluster values

Answer: B



Cloudera Manager can automatically create and deploy a keytab file for the hdfs user and a keytab file for the mapred user on every host in your cluster, as well as keytab files for the oozie and hue users on select hosts



During CDH 5 package installation of MapReduce 2.0 (YARN), the following Unix user accounts are automatically created to support security:

This User

Runs These Hadoop Programs


HDFS: NameNode, DataNodes, Standby NameNode (if you are using HA)


YARN: ResourceManager, NodeManager


YARN: MapReduce Job History Server

Important: The HDFS and YARN daemons must run as different Unix users; for example, hdfs and yarn. The MapReduce Job History server must run as user mapred. Having all of these users share a common Unix group is recommended; for example,hadoop.





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