An introduction to weblog terms for weblog readers

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[This article is now also available in French. 5 March 2003]

The audience for Pepys’ Diary can be split into two groups: Those who write and/or read weblogs and those who have come to the site purely because of an interest in Pepys. The former group are familiar with the language of the weblog world (Weblog, Blog, RSS, Trackback, Permalink, etc) while the latter aren’t. And why should they be? This kind of language is a hangover from when weblogs were written largely by and for web geeks. And that’s fine — this is a new and fast-changing environment where the technical underpinnings of website construction always lies just beneath the surface. But at the same time sites like Pepys’ Diary, that cover non-technical matters, must be aware that such words often mean nothing to new readers and should explain such concepts in terms normal people can understand. Otherwise it is impossible for a reader to tell whether to ignore an “RSS feed” or learn how to use it. So, here’s my brief guide to weblog terms for readers, not webloggers…

功能强大的业务分析工具Weblog expert

Weblog expert是一个快速和强大的访问日志分析器。这会让你了解你的网站的访客:活动统计,访问的文件的路径,通过该网站,信息指页面,搜索引擎,浏览器,操作系统,和更多。该计划所产生的易于阅读的...
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相信很多朋友对企业级的负载均衡高可用实例非常感兴趣,此篇文章根据成熟的线上环境而写,旨在帮助大家迅速架构一个企业级的负载均衡高可用的web环境。 此系统架构仅映射内网VIP的80及443端口于外网的...
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一.性能测试中日志分析工具:      1.WebLog Expert :Windows-Apache,Tomcat日志文件分析工具      2.Awstats       :Linux日志分析...
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Analyzing Linux Logging

 From: Analyzing Linux Logs T...
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Weblog开通一星期,其在Google搜索的errorter关键字中已到了第一页;可是位置仍不够理想!现在Google找到本页面居然是Powered by: Copyright@errorter,郁...
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blogspot weblog

gnu/linux:////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////configure whit C...
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WebLog Expert

前面介绍一款可以运行在linux下的业务分析工具awstats,再来介绍一款windows功能强大的业务分析工具Weblog expert,相对awstats不管是安装还是使用都方便很多。    ...
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WebLog 工具

 eWebLog Analyzer  
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Linux 停止,启动 weblogic(重启weblogic)

ssh远程连接Linux服务器! 开启weblogic: 1、找到/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/用户_domain目录, 2、执行...
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这是我第一次用........hello weblog
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