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原创 2007年09月25日 16:29:00
It's the sixth year since I graduated from university. I was an employee of five companies include two that I quit in the probation period. The funny thing is I seldom visited csdn and I never felt like writing  blog here. Thank the stupid rules of my company. Most of us have very limited access to internet. Few websites we can access such as csdn, castrated google and baidu ( can get the search result but can't access it to get more information) and so on. Now you know why I'm here.I really think this rule sucks.I mean the top management are blind. They suppose the staff can focus their minds on work  to become more efficient in this way.It is not a human-oriented rule.First of all ,most of IT companies provide full access of internet to the staff. The stuff are trusted to use the internet properly. This is a good relationship between employees and the company. As a matter of fact,having some fun from internet e.g reading news,stock informations or ordering tickets is becoming one small part of the daily  work. The thing is efficiency and quality have nothing to do with the internet access if the managemant run the company pretty well.Second of all,the rule hurted us because we are supposed to be the bad guys. We are untrustworthy. Most of all,What if we want to access internet to get some technical resource when we meet with some trouble during the work? Last of all,for those who really need this rule to dedicate themself to their work, I don't think they can be efficient until the company can provide a heathy, trusted,not-be-evil  environment and most of them think they are making progress and getting satisfaction from the work.

树莓派开发板Android Things镜像烧录

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Android Things:来跑一个Demo耍耍

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谷歌物联网操作系统Android Things揭开面纱

谷歌物联网操作系统Android Things揭开面纱
  • ztguang
  • ztguang
  • 2016年12月14日 14:38
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树莓派Android Things物联网开发:入门及资料汇总

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  • Leytton
  • Leytton
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Android Things物联网开发--实战之部署app到开发板(八)

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Android Things物联网开发--外围I/O接口之GPIO(三)

Android Things开发,Android Things物联网开发, GPIO,PWM,I2C,SPI,UART, 外围I/O接口Android Things提供外围I/O接口APIs 使用工业...

Android Things 专题6 完整的栗子:运用TensorFlow解析图像

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一文详解谷歌最新物联网操作系统 Android Things,话说还记得大明湖畔的Fuchsia吗?

一文详解谷歌最新物联网操作系统 Android Things,话说还记得大明湖畔的Fuchsia吗?...
  • ztguang
  • ztguang
  • 2017年06月24日 23:48
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Android Things:用户驱动-传感器

一、传感器简介Android传感器框架支持多种传感器类型来测量物理环境的状况,并且从应用程序读取原始数据。使用传感器驱动,你的应用可以扩展框架,并且添加新的通过Peripheral I/O连接的传感器...

在 Bluemix 使用 Internet of Things Platform Starter 将周边装置之感测值以简讯通知指定使用者

IBM 为了让 user很容易使用 bluemix开发物联网系统,在 bluemix 建立了 [Internet of Things Platform Starter] 样板,它使用 [Interne...
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