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 Screen Saver (转载)

A simple screen saver can be enabled by adding the compiler flag -DSCR_SAVER
to the makefile. When enabled, if the machine has been idle (e.g. in
STOP/PAUSE state ), the screen will be filled with certain color while an OSD
icon will bounce around. How soon the screen saver is activated is controlled
by a variable scr_saver_wtime in "scrsaver.h", in units of 1/60 seconds.
The variables scr_saver_loffset, scr_saver_roffset, scr_saver_toffset and
scr_saver_boffset control when the rebound will happen.

There are four display types used for scrsaver:
0: Moving icon that bounces off the edge of the screen.
1: As in 0 but with color/contrast changes.
2: Popup icon with color/contrast changes.
3: As in 1 but the movement is faster and smoother (default).
The variable scr_saver_type in scrsaver.h is used to select one of them.

To customize the icon, create the desired icon (the size should not exceed
256x256, 16 color) replace the example scrsaver icon in icon.c.

File "util.c" contains various functions that can be used to customize the
look and feel of the screen saver.

The OSD icon can be changed in function CUST_show_scrsaver_osd() if needed.
The background video picture can be changed in function

The style of the screen saver (trajectory and color changes) can also be
fine-tuned by modifying the functions CUST_style_scrsaver(), scrsaver_move()
and scrsaver_move_plus().

OSD_contrast_change() can be used to set the contrast of the OSD icon.


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