we have the "Green Card" System.

原创 2004年09月15日 09:58:00

We has oofically started to implement our own "Green Card" system.The news has
been reported at People's Daily Online , I think it is a good sign to show that
our government is becoming mature and wisdom , we have to pretect our entrance

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Then, we say we have!

Although we are full of happiness now, we cannot deny the sadness in the future; although we can tal...
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We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils

linux下面无法运行sudo命令 (a)进入超级用户模式。 输入"su -",系统会让你输入超级用户密码,输入密码后就进入了超级用户模式。(当然,你也可以直接用root用) (b)添加文件的写权限。...
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