Building an ASP.NET Intranet

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This book uses ASP .NET and Visual Basic .NET to develop an intranet application that provides all of the features that users expect. The author base the sample intranet within the book on Microsofts free best practices example, the IBuySpy Portal, and show how one can rapidly create an application that makes good use of the advanced features of ASP .NET.

A full explanation of the IBuySpy Portal architecture is provided, allowing readers to get the most out of the product. The authors look at how to customize existing portal modules as well as building some of their own. Along the way, readers will learn a wealth of techniques for ASP .NET development C everything from making effective use of stored procedures through to integrating with Windows security and creating an advanced user interface with ASP .NET Web Controls.


首先,下载MAVEN,MAVEN下载地址 。 第一步,配置MAVEN环境,前题是已经配置过JAVA环境,此处略过。     首先,建立环境变量,变量名为M2_HOME,变量值为MAVEN的根目录,就是...
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做了.net这么久,终于要做点ASP.NET的东西了。开始这份.NET的工作这么久,其实我.NET一点都没学过,纯自学,基本靠GOOGLE,好现在开始建站,我上司说自己也没做过,好吧,自己弄吧。 首先...
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