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 Established in 1998, NingBo TuoXing Precision Castings Co,.Ltd, combines experience with the latest technology to provide high quality for all industries-including the Petroleum,Electric,
Automotive and Machine Components at competitive prices. We are located in the East of
China, Ningbo city which is famous for the second biggest container port in China. With more than 200 employees, operating in two shifts, and housed in 20,000 square feet.

The key to our sucess has been constant striving for customer satisfaction through employee participation and advance equipment. We're anxious to serve you and will be dedicated in meeting your high quality requirements. Just a few of the qualities that make a difference at Precision Castings include:

· Casting technology - we are expert in casting processes, which means that you can turn to a single vendor for most of your casting needs. Our casting process is fine tuned for efficiency in both small lot and high capacity jobs.

· Experience - the core members of our management team have been working together to produce quality castings at Precision Castings for many years. We get to know the particular needs of each of our customers. When you have a question there will be someone you know ready to respond.

· Just-in-time delivery - rapid turn-around of orders and 5000 tons per year throughput capability mean first rate castings are delivered when you need them.

· Advanced management systems - our quality system (QA Display) provides pictorials for every stage of production throughout the plant.

main products

NingBo TuoXing Precision Castings Co,.Ltd, is speciallzing in producing of all kind casting of Sway bar,spring seat,Railway components,Machine Parts,CNC Process,BucketAdapters,Bucket Teeth,Agricultural parts,Plough,End Tips,Cutter Plate,Heavy Truck Parts,Train Parts,construction spares,Custom Forging and Casting, investment castings,precision castings,Steel castings, Truck castings,Aluminium&Zinc Die casting,Sand casting,Lost wax,Alloy casting.

contact us

 Company Name: Ningbo TuoXing Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr.Ying
(Your message will be sent to the supplier directly)
Address: XiWu, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. China
Zip: 315558
Telephone: 0086-574-88545657
Fax: 0086-574-88545655
E-mail: sales@tuoxing-casting.com
Web Site: www.tuoxing-casting.com


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