Tutorial: Creating models in 3dsMa and Render via JPCT-Bones

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The JPCT-Bones can be used forrendering Skeleton Model and the workflow can be described as follow:


So, for this tutorial, thewhole pipeline ofModel Creation, Exportand Render via 3ds Max & Bones  will be described and i will teach you step bystep to :

·        create a simple Skeleton Model;

·        export to specified file whichBones knows;

·        rendering in Android Projectof Bones;



Ok , here we go ~


Platform you need:

·        Engine: Bones

·        Model Creation: 3ds Max 2013

·        Plugin: OgreMax(http://www.ogremax.com/downloads)


Create Model and Bones


Createa new file;
Select the “Create” tab > “Geometry”> “Cylinder”;

Drawa cylinder, lets say with 6 height segments Also check “Generate Mapping Coords”;


Click“Create” tab > “Systems” > “Bones”;

Addsome bones in the center of the cylinder;

Selectthe cylinder, right click it and click “Convert To:” > “Convert to EditableMesh” to prevent issues with OgreMax;

Click the “Modify” tab > “ModifierList” and add the “Skin” modifier

Beneath“Bones:” click “Add” and select all of your bones(You may also edit the envelopes, but for a small test the default settings are ok);

Create the animation


Selectthe cylinder, and click “Display” tab > “Freeze Selected” so it is easier to select thebones during animation;
enable the “Auto Key” mode;

Thefirst key frame will be created automatically. Move the animation track sliderto frame 5;
Move the selected bones a bit. Thecylinder mesh will be deformed. Because you are in the “Auto Key” mode, a keyframe will be created;

Createsome additional key frames. You may also select more bones and move or rotatethem. I’ve created 25 frames ;

After creating the animation,disable the “Auto Key” mode;

OgreMax settings and export

Openthe “OgreMax” > “Scene Settings” dialog from the menu;

Inthe “Meshes” tab, enable “Export XML Files” and disable “Export Binary Files” and“Export Vertex Colors” as well;

Clickthe “Environment” tab and uncheck “Export Environment Settings”;

Otherwisethe JME importer will throw a NullPointerException;



Whilehaving the cylinder selected, open the “OgreMax”> “Object Settings” dialogfrom the menu;

Openthe “Mesh Animations” tab and select type “Skeleton”, “Export Skeleton” : “Yes”;
Below “Mesh Animations” hit the “Add…”button;
Assign a name to the track, maybe “Cylinder”.The track type must be “Skin. Set the right “Start/End Frames” for youranimation;

Hitok and you will see the animation in the table. ( You may add additionalanimations by selecting other frame ranges, if desired );

Whilehaving the cylinder selected, open theOgreMax”> “GlobalSettings” dialog from the menu;

Haveto check the Up Axis to Z , (this will avoidthe model lie down on the Markfor AugmentedReality Application.);

Finishing all setting above, click “OgreMax”  > “Export” >”Export Scene” to exportxxxxxx.scene;

And then , You'll get a xxxxxx.mesh.xmland xxxxxx.skelten.xml file, pass them to “./Bones/script/”;

Usage the command line to runthe function to transfer this two file to the file that the bones knows :


Usage(or you can refer the cut pic as follow):







You can test your model( xxxxxx.bones) with the LoadBonesFormatSample program in Bones's examples.



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