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iTunes Produce delivery error ERROR ITMS-3000

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willustavCalculating status...
2012-2-5 上午3:22

Hi everyone,


I am going crazy trying to publish an e-book on the iBookstore, and I hope I can get some help here.


First some background info:

I am intending to publish a small collection of short stories written in Pages '09 and converted to .epub in a writing tool named Scrivener (where I can have each short story as a separate chapter, which I wouldn't be able to do - I think - if I just converted straight to .epub in Pages), through iTunes Producer.


I have previewed the file many times (in many versions) on my iPad and it works perfectly.


However, when I intend to deliver via iTunes Produce - after filling in all of the required fields of course - I receive this error message upon delivery:


1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:

          /Users/willustav/Music/iTunes Producer/Playlists/9789198015713.itmsp - Error Messages:

                    Apple's web service operation was not successful

                    Unable to authenticate the package: 9789198015713.itmsp

                    ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 48 column 27: element "audience" missing required attribute "scheme" at XPath /package/book/metadata/audience_info/audience"

                    ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 48 column 38: element "audience" incomplete; expected element "range" or "value" at XPath /package/book/metadata/audience_info/audience"


Now, I cannot for the love of God understand what it means. I have tried to tweak the .epub conversion settings to be as plain as possible (in Scrivener) and I just can't make any sense of the "help" from Apple support, which just says:




Why am I getting a delivery error in iTunes Producer? 
Import errors can appear after a validated EPUB file and the required metadata have been delivered. An import error can be caused by the following:

  • Your EPUB contains files not listed in the manifest. This error is not generally caught by EPUBCheck. All files must be listed in the manifest, or there is no way to confirm that they are intended for distribution.
  • Your EPUB contains characters that are not UTF-8 or UTF-16. This is typically caused by including accented or other special characters in the EPUB. If they are not properly encoded, they will not appear as expected when the customer reads your book. iTunes Producer lists the exact files that have these issues in the delivery error report.
  • XHTML namespace is not properly declared in all HTML in your EPUB. This is a strict requirement for the EPUB standard. Check to ensure the proper namespace is declared in each HTML document. See the current spec at
  • All date formats are not full and complete. There are strict requirements for dates listed in the EPUB OPF and NCX files. Check to see that they are complete and properly formatted.
  • Your filenames have spaces or encoded characters. If your EPUB has any spaces in filenames, be sure the spaces are properly encoded in the EPUB manifest by using "%20" in their place. Filenames may not contain periods (".") other than to separate the filename from its extension.

Note that even if your book package passes EPUBCheck, it might contain one or more of the errors above that prevent it from appearing in your iTunes Connect account. [/quote]


There are no periods of spaces in the filenames.


The only thing I can think of is that the text is in swedish, and perhaps the letters "å, ä, ö" can cause difficulties? But I fail to see why or how, if it works and shows perfectly on my iPad upon preview.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

iTunes Producer, Mac OS X (10.7.3)


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