ArcGIS 10.1 Error001143 : Background server threw an exception

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参见:Arcgis 10.1 Desktop Help


The background server experienced a problem. This typically generates an error report which can be sent to Esri for analysis by pushing theSubmit button on theError Report dialog box.

提供的解决方法是“停用background processes”:

The tool itself could have had a problem during execution. Sometimes disabling background processes and executing the tool in the foreground will serve as a workaround to the particular issue. 

具体如何操作呢?帮助文档中提供了一个链接,指向“foreground and background processing”,具体的操作方法如下:

You can control whether tools execute in the foreground or background by clickingGeoprocessing>Geoprocessing Options on theStandard toolbar.

The Background processing panel is where you control whether a tool executes in foreground or background mode.

  • If Enableis checked, tools execute in the background, and you can continue working with ArcMap (or other ArcGIS applications, such as ArcGlobe) while the tool executes. You'll see a progress bar at the bottom of your document displaying the name of the currently executing tool. When the tool finishes executing, a pop-up notification appears on the system tray. You can control how long the notification message appears by moving theNotification slider or disable the message by moving to the far left.
  • If Enableis not checked, tools execute in the foreground. When a tool is executing in foreground mode, you must wait until the tools stop executing before you can continue with other work. 
如果是background processing,工具运行时如下图(图片来源:arcgis 10.1 desktop help):

如果是foreground processing,工具运行时如下图(图片来源:arcgis 10.1 desktop help):


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