ShortCut keys for Codeblocks you need know

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Function Shortcut Key
Undo last action Ctrl-Z
Redo last action Ctrl-Shift-Z
Swap header / Source F11
Comment highlighted code Ctrl-Shift-C
Uncomment highlighted code Ctrl-Shift-X
Auto-complete / Abbreviations Ctrl-Space / Ctrl-J
Toggle bookmark Ctrl-B
Goto previous bookmark Alt-PgUp
Goto nex bookmark Alt-PgDown
Some shortcuts cann't be rebound, here is a list for these.

Create or delete a bookmark Ctrl-F2
Go to next bookmark F2
Select to next bookmark Alt-F2
Find selection Ctrl-F3
Find selection backwards Ctrl-Shift-F3
Find matching preprocessor conditional, skipping nested ones. Ctrl-K


Function Shortcut Key
New file or project Ctrl-N
Open existing file or project Ctrl-O
Save current file Ctrl-S
Save all files Ctrl-Shift-S
Close current file Ctrl-F4 / Ctrl-W
Close all files Ctrl-Shift-F4 / Ctrl-Shift-W

Function Shortcut Key
Show / hide Message pane F2
Show / hide Management pane Shift - F2
Activate prior ( in Project tree) Alt - F5
Activate next ( in Project tree) Alt - F6


Function Shortcut Key
Find Ctrl - F
Find next F3
Find previous Shift - F3
Find in files Ctrl - Shift - F
Replace Ctrl - R
Replace in files Ctrl - Shift - R
Goto line Ctrl - G
Goto next changed line Ctrl - F3
Goto previous changed line Ctrl - Shift - F3
Goto file Alt - G
Goto function Ctrl - Alt - G
Goto previous function Ctrl - PgUp
Goto next function Ctrl - PgDn
Goto declaration Ctrl - Shift - .
Goto implementation Ctrl - .
Open include file Ctrl - Alt - .


Function Shortcut key
Build Ctrl - F9
Compile current file Ctrl - Shift - F9
Run Ctrl - F10
Build and Run F9
Rebuild Ctrl - F11


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