Spring Festival

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        My topic is Chinese culture .It`s said that the Culture of China is very complex civilization.At this point, I will talk about a culture of China -- Spring Festival.
        Far and away(无意地,显然地) the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival.To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West.In my eyes: the Spring Festival must be accompanied by the sound of firecrackers, new clothes,  gift money and no work  for everyone during that time. 
        Chinese culture is always changing, the Spring Festival is no exception.Change of  the Spring Festival  has 3 main points.Firstly the Spring Festival couplets. Before the Spring Festival couplets were written with a writing brush, but now they are  printing. Previously they required literary and moral, today as long as they are some blessing words.Secondly: gift money. Previous gift money were rarely, but they were new. At present the gift money are at least 100 yuan, most of them are no longer new banknotes.Lastly: New Year`s method . Everybody had personally bowed  to the relatives. And nowdays most people  send  text  messages, phone or internet video chat with their relatives and friends.

How to celebrate the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is a Chinese traditional festival which  originated in the Shang Dynasty (c. 160...
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summary in spring festival

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Festival:Linux TTS入门及Demo

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最近研究了下Linux下的语音合成,一般用的就是 espeak festival ekho 科大讯飞 其中espeak最古老,但是我的Ubuntu简单安装又没安装上,所以没研究,ekho我听...
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The Spring Festival

Far and away(无意地,显然地) the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, also known as the Chin...
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[构造] CODE FESTIVAL 2016 Grand Final G. FESTIVAL

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