Compare IBM Datastage, Informatica and Microsoft SSIS

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1) System Plfatform

DataStage: Windows, Unix, Other Platforms
Informatica: Windows, Unix
Microsoft SSIS: Windows

2) Parallelism

DataStage:  Have both sequence (DataStage Server) and parallel (DataStage Enterprise Server )process
Informatica: ?
Microsoft SSIS: ?

3) Deployment facility

DataStage: No
Informatica: Yes
Microsoft SSIS: Yes

4) . Numbers of available transformation functions

Informatica:. 58
DataStage: 28 
Microsoft SSIS: 30

5) Slowly Changing Dimension

Informatica:. Supports Full history, recent values, Current & Prev values.
DataStage: Supports only through Custom scripts. Does not have a wizard to do this
Microsoft SSIS: Yes, with a Wizard but difficult to modify

6). Time Dimension generation

Informatica:. Does not support.
DataStage: Does not support
Microsoft SSIS: Does not support, but Time Dimension can be generated by using Microsoft SSAS

7). Rejected Records

Informatica:. Can be captured
DataStage: Cannot be captured in separate file
Microsoft SSIS: Can use conditional split transformation and error redirection to either CSV files or tables.

8). Debugging Facility

Informatica:. Not Supported
DataStage: Supports basic debugging facilities for testing.
Microsoft SSIS:  can use Breakpoint, Data Viewer and error handling

9) Application Integration Functionality, support for real Time Data Exchange

Informatica:. Not Available
DataStage: Not Available.
Microsoft SSIS: Not Available.

10) Metadata: Ability to view & navigate metadata on the web

Informatica:. Does not support
DataStage: Job sessions can be monitored using Informatica Classes
Microsoft SSIS: Does not support

11) Ability to Customize views of metadata for different users (DBA Vs Business user)

Informatica:. Supports.
DataStage: Not Available
Microsoft SSIS: Does not support 

12)  Metadata repository can be stored in RDBMS

Informatica:. Yes
DataStage: No. But the proprietary meta data can be moved to a RDBMS using the DOC Tool
Microsoft SSIS: Does not support 

13) Support And Maintenance, Command line operation

Informatica:. Pmcmd –server interface for command line
DataStage: Not Available
Microsoft SSIS:  Usage of Dtexec.exe

14) Ability to maintain versions of mappings

Informatica:. Yes
DataStage: No
Microsoft SSIS:  No

15) Job Controlling & Scheduling, Alerts like sending mails

Informatica:. Supported.
DataStage: Does not support directly ( no option). But possible to call custom programs after the job get executed)
Microsoft SSIS:  Job Agent, Email Notification

16) Languages

Informatica: ?
DataStage:  Script, C++
Microsoft SSIS:   C# (2005,2008), VB.NET (2005)

 17) ETL Proccess

Informatica: ?
DataStage:   DataStage Job
Microsoft SSIS:   package

18) Support for looping the source row (For While Loop)

Informatica:. Supports for comparing immediate previous record
DataStage: Does not support
Microsoft SSIS: Yes. ForEach Loop



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