How to develop a person

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Today, I read accidentally a article from Weidiao. I start to know there is a master “Qinsun Ye”. From his teaching methods, I think about how to develop a person to become excellent.

  • Hands-on ability

    If a man want to become master, He/She must Have some achievement which is based on practice.

    In China, most students don’t have this ability. They don’t do any experiment before university due to lack of money or other. When they go into university, they have these resource, but in this time, they don’t have active attitude to practice. And the time to develop their hands-on ability is inadequate in university( You should know, in university, many experiment needs some foundation).

    Maybe this experiment is useful and wasting time.

  • Exploration ability

    In my opinion, usually proof accounts for half of a theorem’s elegance. If you only want to recite a theorem, it is not good as that you don’t know this theorem.

  • Self management ability

In the junior in NEU, I realize these simple truth, maybe a little later. But in the future, I will train myself by these, hope it is not too later.

Here, I re-examine these three years, I think some things are necessary.

  • First – two years to write C or asm

    When freshman and sophomore, spending two years to master C is not a bad idea. It will make you solid foundation, which is enough to support you to learn other skills in a little time in the future. There C is inner Kongfu for you, as long as you have solid inner Kongfu, you can learn other Kongfu easily. And this inner Kongfu, you must spend lots of time to practice.

  • Second, prove every theorem in book.

    proof accounts for half of a theorem’s elegance

  • Last, manage your time well.

Hope everyone successful.



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