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Holiday News
now in the school holidays at a country hotel in Devon. This comfortable, friendly home-from-home lies near the beautiful quiet countryside, but just a drive away from the sea. The food is simple but good. Children and pets are welcome. Reduced prices for low season.

The Snowdonia Centre
The Snowdonis Centre for young mountain climbers has a mountain climbing Lesson. The beginners’ costs are £57 for a week, including food and rooms. Equipment is included except walking shoes, which can be hired at a low cost.

You must be in good health and prepared to go through a period of body exercises. This could be the beginning of a lifetime of mountain climbing adventure.

The world Sea Trip of a Lifetime
Our World Sea Trip of 2008 will be unlike any holiday you have ever been on before. Instead of one hotel after another, with all its packing and unpacking, waiting and travelling, you just go to bed in one country and wake up in another.

On board the ship, you will be well taken care of. Every meal will be first-class and every cabin likes your home.

During the trip, you can rest on desk,enjoy yourself in the games rooms and in the evening dance to our musical team and watch our wonderful play.

You will visit all the places most people only dream about---from Acapulco and Hawaii to Tokyo and Hong Kong.

For a few thousand, all you’ve ever hoped for can be yours.
1. What can you do if you like to go on holidays with pets?
A. Choose the holiday in Devon.
B. Go to the Snowdonia Centre.
C. Join the World Sea Trip of 2008.
D. Visit Acapulco and Hawaii.
第一则广告最后说:Children and pets are welcome. 所以想带宠物的就可以去第一则广告说的这个英国德文郡的旅社。所以答案选A。


2. In what way is the Snowdonia Centre different from the other two holidays?
A. It provides chances of family gatherings.
B. It provides customers with good food.
C. It offers a sports lesson.
D. It offers comfortable rooms.
D:提供舒适的房间,错误同B, 是1.3两条广告说的。

3. What is special about the World Sea Trip of 2008?
A. You can have free meals on deck every day.
B. You can sleep on a ship and tour many places.
C. You will have chances to watch and act in a play.
D. You have to do your own packing and unpacking.










vacancy 1. 空房间2. 空虚;空白3. 空缺;空职;空额
home-from-home 第二个故乡;宾至如归的地方
lifetime 一生,终身
cabin 客舱, 船舱,
desk 1. 书桌, 办公桌, 写字台2. (机场、旅馆等的)问讯台,服务台,工作台
dance to 跟着…摇摆起舞

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