外贸英语900句之 付款 Payment Terms

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Payment is to be effected (made) before the end of this month.
It's convenient to make payment in pound sterling.
Now, as regards payment, we've agreed to use U.S. Dollar, am I right?
We may have some difficulties making payment in Japanese yen.
I've never made payment in Renminbi before.
We can't accept payment on deferred terms.
What's your reason for the refusal of payment?
Collection is not paid.
We don't think you'll refuse to pay.
Only one refusal of payment is acceptable to the bank.
You ought to pay us the bank interest once payment is wrongly refused.
We'll not pay until shipping documents for the goods have reached us.
We're worrying that a decline in prices might lead to refusal of payment.
Of course payment might be refused if anything goes wrong with the documents.
The equipment will be paid in installments with the commodities produced by our factory.
Words and Phrases
payment 支付,付款
to pay 付款,支付,偿还
dishonour 拒付
deferred payment 延期付款
progressive payment 分期付款
payment on terms 定期付款
payment agreement 支付协定
pay order 支付凭证
payment order 付款通知
payment by banker 银行支付
payment by remittance 汇拨支付
payment in part 部分付款
payment in full 全部付讫
clean payment 单纯支付
simple payment 单纯支付
payment by installment 分期付款
payment respite 延期付款
payment at maturity 到期付款
payment in advance 预付(货款)
Cash With Order (C.W.O) 随订单付现
Cash On Delivery (C.O.D) 交货付现
Cash Against Documents (C.A.D) 凭单付现
pay on delivery (P.O.D) 货到付款
payment in kind 实物支付
payment for (in) cash 现金支付,付现
pay...Co. only 仅付...公司
pay...Co. not negotiable 付...公司,不准疏通
pay...Co. or order (pay to the order of...Co.) 付...公司或其指定人
refusal 拒绝
the refusal of payment 拒付
the bank interest 银行利息
decline 下降,下跌
something goes wrong 某事上出问题,出现差错
commodity 产品
convenient 方便的
Now we have settled the terms of payment.
Shall we have a talk about terms of payment today?
What is the mode of payment you wish to employ?
This is the normal terms of payment in international business.
We can't accept any other terms of payment.
If you can't be more flexible, we won't accept your terms of payment.
Words and Phrases
payment terms 支付条件,付款方式
the mode of payment 付款方式
flexible 灵活的,多变的
Please protect our draft on presentation.
Your draft will be honoured on presentation.
The draft was discounted in New York.
Our draft No.36 was dishonoured.
The draft has not been collected.
We'll be unable to meet these draft.
We've drawn a clean draft on you for the value of this sample shipment.
We've drawn on you for payment of the invoice amounting to $20,000.
The draft has been handed to the bank on clean collection.
You can draw on me just as if there were a letter of credit.
We're sending our draft through Bank of China for documentary collection.
We'll draw on you by our documentary draft at sight on collection basis.
We'll draw a sight bill in favour of the Export Bank Singapore.
We've already remitted the amount by cheque.
We enclose a cheque for RMB200.
Words and Phrases
discount 贴现
draft 汇票
Promisory Note 本票
cheque 支票
clean bill 光票
documentary bill 跟单汇票
Sight Bill 即期汇票
Time Bill 远期汇票
Usance Bill 远期汇票
Commercial Bill 商业汇票
Banker's Bill 商业汇票
Banker's Bill 银行汇票
Commercial Acceptance Bill 商业承兑汇票
Bankers' Acceptance Bill 银行承兑汇票
invoice 发票
Performer Invoice 形式发票
Sample Invoice 样品发票
Consignment Invoice 寄售发票
Recipe Invoice 收妥发票
Certified Invoice 证明发票
Manufacturers' Invoice 厂商发票
At sight 即期,见票即付
At...days (month)after sight 付款人见票后若干天(月)付款
At...days sight 付款人见票后若干天即付款
At...days after date 出票后若干天付款
At...days after B/L 提单签发后若干天付款
remittance 汇付
Mail transfer (M/T) 信汇
Demand Draft (D/D) 票汇
Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) 电汇
collection 托收
clean Bill for Collection 光票托收
Documentary Bill for Collection 跟单托收
Uniform Rules for Collection 《托收统一规则》
Collection Advice 托收委托书
Advice of Clean Bill for Collection 光票托收委托书
Collection Bill Purchased 托收出口押汇
Trust Receipt 信托收据
copy 副本
original 正本

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