The Lottery Does More Harm than Good

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People may be surprised at the amazing development of lottery when they thoroughly look into it. Is it a kind of capital in vestment or is there any deeper reason hidden behind? Those who buy lottery tickets may have different backgrounds while they share the same goal, hoping that the free pie will fall some day as long as they keep throwing the money in. Such attitude may gradually influence their personality and eventually form an opportunistic mentality.

Lottery, reflecting people's dream of being rich overnight,is always a controversial subject. Admittedly, it has made so great profits which our society may benefit from, but such profits could never compensate for the loss it costs.

It is commonly accepted that whether to buy lottery ticketsor not is just a personal affair. Actually, it isn't. We know that the real value of the tickets, we buy is no more than several pieces of 成人电影. According to the economics pattern, too fast circulation of currency may bring down the value of the money,especially when it is spent without any material production. The result is that our domestic financial condition will be out of control.

Lottery may help us gather the wealth of the whole society,but not in the proper way;it may donate a lot to the charities,but just a small part of what has gained. Hence, it is the thing we can make use of, but not be crazy of

Besides, even if you are the lucky guy,you won't be so happy as you've once expected. People around you may be green with envy; some may even hate you for your gaining the treasure effortlessly.


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