The Fallacy of Perfect Execution

The Fallacy of Perfect ExecutionDavid Wood Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN CREATE FLAWLESS CODE if you work hard enough, don’t be embarrassed. Many others have thought so, too. Unf...
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Planning for Reality

Planning for RealityCraig Letavec, PMP, PgMP, MSP Waynesville, Ohio, U.S. IT’S AMAZING HOW OFTEN SOFTWARE PROJECTS tend to fall into late, over-budget, off-quality situations. Even in highly touted so...
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IT Program Management: Shared Vision

IT Program Management: Shared VisionDavid Diaz Castillo, MBA, PMP Panama City, Panama ORGANIZATIONS OFTEN GROUP SEVERAL RELATED individual technology projects into a larger program. The strategy is to...
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Chart a Course for Change

Chart a Course for ChangeKathy MacDougall Erie, Colorado, U.S. NEW SOFTWARE CHANGES THE WAY IN WHICH PEOPLE WORK. This may be good for the organization, but the people who work there aren’t always rea...
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Meetings Don’t Write Code

Meetings Don’t Write CodeWilliam J. Mills Castro Valley, California, U.S. TOO OFTEN, people who could be doing something more productive are trapped in meetings—meetings that have wandered off their...
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To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be TrueHarry Tucker Matawan, New Jersey, U.S. ANY OF US WHO HAVE TRAVELED ON COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT remem- ber that during the safety demonstration we are told to put our oxygen masks o...
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iOS开发 - Xcode SVN提交字母示意

Xcode SVN提交实际开发中,提交代码时,左侧往往出现一些字母和符号,对于一些人来说比较困惑,不解其意,为了方面大家开发,抽空整理了一下 字母示意"M" = Locally modified //本地修改 "U" = Updated in repository //仓库中被更新 "A" = Locally added...
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Work in Cycles

Work in CyclesJames Leigh Toronto, Ontario, Canada oUR BoDIES ARE FUll oF nATURAl CyClES, and our productivity is no different. The human brain cannot focus on any single issue for more than a few ho...
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We Have Met the Enemy...and He Is Us

We Have Met the Enemy…and He Is UsBarbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. CARToonIST WAlT KEllEy, who inked the long-running comic strip Pogo, is famous for the quote, “We have met the enemy…...
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iOS开发 - 控制在生命周期内只运行一次

在app 中往往有的程序只需要运行一次即可,比如广告弹框等代码实现#define UD [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] if (![UD boolForKey:@"everLaunched"]) { [UD setBool:YES forKey:@"everLaunched"]; [UD setBool:YES for...
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The 60/60 Rule

The 60/60 RuleDavid Wood Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S. WE oFTEn PRETEnD that software development is the most important part of the software life cycle. Methodologies abound for development. Books, m...
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How Do You Define “Finished”?

How Do You Define “Finished”?Brian Sam-Bodden Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. IT IS hARD FoR A SoFTWARE DEvEloPMEnT TEAM To SUCCEED if there isn’t a clear definition of what success means. For developers, s...
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Keep Your Perspective

Keep Your PerspectiveJames Graham, PMP Ta’ l-Ibrag, Malta WhEn gAThERIng BUSInESS REqUIREMEnTS FRoM USERS, it is common to hear “the system is slow,” “the application is unreliable and crashes,” “it d...
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A Voice from the Other Side

A Voice from the Other SideMarty Skomal, MPA Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. WhIlE IT’S gREAT To hEAR FRoM DEvEloPERS and software project man- agers, you might find it equally advantageous to hear from the guy...
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Software Failure Is Organizational Failure

Software Failure Is Organizational FailureBrian Sletten Beverly Hills, California, U.S. WE AlWAyS BlAME DEvEloPERS when things go wrong with software proj- ects in an organization. When deadlines are...
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Value Results,Not Just Effort

Value Results,Not Just EffortVenkat Subramaniam Broomfield, Colorado, U.S. DEvEloPIng SoFTWARE TAKES A loT oF EFFoRT. However, if you hear someone brag, “I work on an application with over 3 million l...
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Developers Unite—PMOs Are Advancing

Developers Unite—PMOs Are AdvancingAngelo Valle Rio de Janeiro, Brazil IF yoU’RE A SoFTWARE DEvEloPER, you are probably convinced that a more responsive, adaptable framework is your best chance of pr...
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Estimate, Estimate, Estimate

Estimate, Estimate, EstimateRichard Sheridan Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S. So oFTEn In PRojECT MAnAgEMEnT, we get an estimate for a project at the beginning of the project (when we know the least) and the...
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The Missing Link

The Missing LinkPaul Waggoner, MBA, PMP, MCSE, CHP, CHSS Waukee, Iowa, U.S. SoFTWARE PRojECT MAnAgERS AgREE that one of their most difficult challenges is keeping team members properly engaged in the...
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Use a Wiki

Use a WikiAdrian Wible New York, New York, U.S. WIKIS ARE A gREAT MEChAnISM to centralize access to your project infor- mation. Hopefully, the wiki will be updated multiple times daily and will alway...
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