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       1.Tell me a little about yourself?
  I am holding a master degress in software science and had 2-year work experience in software development. I have used J2EE technology for 2 years,including Jsp,servlet,javabean,XML,EJB,I also used C language for half year and IBM mainframe technology half year and IBM mainframe technology half year.And the projects I participated in follow the Waterfall model lifecycle starting from design,then coding ,testing,maintenance.
  2.Describe a situation where you had to work under pressure,and explain how you handle it.
  Once when we did a mainframe project,our customer wanted to see a demo from our team before they signed the contract with our company.It is urgent,because our customer didn't give us enough time to do it. So all my team menbers had to work overtime,but we finished it punctually and perfectly . Our customer was satisfied with it.Actually,It is common to meet some deadlines or work under pressure in IT field.I am ok with it.
  3.What would your last employer tell me about your work performance?
  I am sure my last employer will praise my work performance,because he was reluctant to let me go when I told him I want to quit and study abroad,and he said I am welcome to come back when I finish study.
  4.What is your major weakness?
  I always want everything to be perfect.Sometimes,I am over-sensitive. When a design pattern or technical solution comes up during a meeting discussion,I am always the first one to test the feasibility.Some leader don't like such person because sometimes it is embarrassing when I prove it doesn't work while the leader still believe it is a perfect solution,But I think I did nothing wrong about it,it is good for the company.
  5.Why did you leave your last job?
  Although I did well in the last company,I always feel the theoretical study and actual practice are equally important and depend on each other.So,I decide to further study and actual practice are equally important and dependent on each other.So,I decide to further study to extend my theory in computer science.
  6.What are your strengths?
  What I am superior to others I believe is strong interest in software development I have.Many friends of mine working in IT field are holding bachelor degree or master degree and have worked for several years,but they don't have much interest in it,they only treat what they do everything a job,a means to survive,they don't have career plan at all. I am different. I like writing programs.I have set up my career goal long time ago.I will do my best to make it possible in the future.And I have worked hard towards this goal for several years.
  7.What are your future career plans?
  I would like to be a software engineer now.but my career goal is to be an excellent software architector in the future.I like writing programs. Software is a kind of art, although sometimes it drove me crazy,after I overcame the difficulties I feel I am useful,I will keep working in IT field.
  8.What are your salary expectations?
  I believe your company will set up reasonable salary for me according to my ability,so I don't worry about it at all.
  Between 7000 to 8000 monthly
  9. Why are you interested in this position?
  Your company specializes in providing technical solutions to customers and the last company I worked in also specializes in this field. I have relevant skills and experiences meeting your requirement.
  I am sure I can do it well.
  10.Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me?
  What is a typical workday like and what would I do?
  What is your expectation for me in this job?
  11.What J2EE design patterns have you used before?
  Command/Session Facade/Service Locator/Data Access Object/Business Delegate


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