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Writing(15 points)
B.Time limit:40 minutes
C.Word limit:no less than 150 words(not including the given opeing sentence)
D.Your composition should be based on the OUTLINE below and should start with the given opening sentence: Spring Festival, lunar New Year for Chinese, is the most important holiday in China.
E.Your composition must be written neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.
1.Preparations for the holiday
2.Traditional festival celebrations
3.How I spend Spring Festival

Spring Festival

Spring Festival,lunar New Year for Chinese,is the most important holiday in China.During a long time before it,Chinese have been preparing celebrate the festival.They posted a paper on the door which a character of foo was writen on conversely,and bought many things that no time or no money to buy in normal times.Of course,there must be a new scene in new year,they were all able to clean their house to build the tone of festival.

Spring Festival is the time for the members of the family take together.Traditionl festival celebrations is having supper together.After that ,they will have dumpling.The old man would take a coin in one of the dumpling.Who take it will be fortunate in the next year.Children play games in the open air and fire squibs. In the evening,everyone likes watching TV of the Spring Festival.

I've been enjoying Spring Festival since I was a little child.The Spring Festival means delicious foods,new clothes and can't be beaten by parents.I want be together with my family during these days and take me a holiday.Then work and study hard to welcome the next Spring Festival.