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  A. Study the following pie charts carefully and write an essay in about 200 words.

  B. Your essay should cover these three points:

  current fact about graduates who take jobs irrelevant to their majors

  possible reasons for the fact

  your suggestion for the problem

What have made the change

We can see the pie chart that present the percent of the graduates who take jobs in their majors or not.In 1991,about eighty-nine percent of the graduates  hold jobs in their majors.Four percent continued to study,and only seven percent got the jobs irrelevant to their majors. But in recent years especially in 2002,the percent of the graduates who take jobs irrelevant to their majors increased to thirty percent,there times than before.

Why can we see this fact?I concluded the reason would be the changing of education pattern.In the past,most of the college students' subjects were in major,the other was little,graduates held many knowledges about the field which they were major in.So they could be fit for their new job in major in a short time.But nowadays,the ability education becomes more and more important.
The all study time is not change,college students had to study more ability courses,the courses in majors would certainly decreased.Graduates learned less major knowledges than before,but they had more adaptability.They had a more chance to get a satisfied job.

I think it is not a bad fact.Oppositely,it may be good.We also need all-around people.