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Greetings from Beijing Cultural Relics International Travel Service Co., Ltd, China (BCRITS)!

Our company was established under the permission of National Tourism Administration of the P. R. C. with Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau as the supervising authority in 1991 and our LICENSE NO is L-BJ-GJ00052. BCRITS are mainly operating theme tours, e.g. family tours, student tours, Tibet tours, Culture tours and Sports tours. We have received hundreds of groups since our establishment more than ten years ago, which helped us accumulate very rich experiences in this regard.

Besides, BCRITS may provide good and experienced English-speaking tour guides to our guests and Spanish-speaking, French-speaking and Russian-speaking tour guides are also available if specifically required. With their high-quality services, BCRITS often get favorable comments from tourists from all over the world.

BCRITS are equipped with brand-new air-conditioned coaches ranging from 4-seat to 57-seat. Guests feel comfortable with them, especially when they have a long time ride.

We sincerely hope we have the chance to serve you. Any enquiry, please feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you in 24 hours (except weekends).

Please contact us:

E-mail: or
Beijing Cultural relics International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Add: Xinzhao offic Building, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

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Introduction 是外刊文章最难写的部分之一 ( 另外就是 Discussion) 。中文文章的缺陷就在于 Introduction 没有内涵,过于简单,没有真正体现论文的研究起初和创新要素。...
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