HardQuery Report: Live Help feature.

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HardQuery Report: Live Help feature.

What is most useful feature in NixNewNer? For me, the answer is InDate, the auto-updater for CBC. Of course, it will be enhanced in the HardQuery versions.
So, what is new in HardQuery? I have a half-done plan in the beginning of this year and it is made valid yesterday. Yeah, now a new stage has begun. The first interesting and useful feature is named Live Help.
For those Castalia users, it is common when you press certain Castalia shortcut and a bubble tip is displayed. I like this feature very much, but I don't know how to create a bubble window in .NET. Alternatively, I use the Doc Previewer form to do this task for CBC. All tips should be stored in some folder in HTML format, and loaded when a feature is activated.
Now a beta version is done but it does not look pretty (it works!!!). Wish I could soon find some beautiful path to finish this feature and give all of you a preview version.
Why this feature is useful? I think few of users (including me) has time to read a long enough manual to learn of all the features regularly. As a result, the tool should tell itself very well.

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