Benefits of Internet EDI

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Benefits of Internet EDI

Internet EDI permits thousands of companies worldwide to communicate and process secure business transactions. Secure electronic data transmission, especially over the Internet, allows organizations to conduct business much more quickly compared to paper transactions. For example, turn-around times of business transactions are decreased when conducted electronically. With AS1, data is transferred swiftly via e-mail. With AS2, data is transferred almost instantaneously because it uses direct HTTP transfers.

In comparison to a VAN or paper data exchange, Internet EDI offers many advantages:

- Improved business processes: Electronic communication eliminates mounds of paper, reducing transaction turnaround times and automating existing processes.
Offers near real-time transaction processing
Immediate transaction receipt acknowledgment
Up to 200 times faster and more dependable than bisync
- Speed and Quality: By using Internet EDI, versus a VAN or paper, business information is transmitted in real-time with receipt notification and acknowledgment. Improves both speed and quality of transmission.
- Ease of system integration: Inbound documents can be automatically routed to your internal systems via FTP, file copy, JMS (Java Message Service) or IBM Websphere? MQ (formerly MQ Series).
- Reduced costs: Internet EDI eliminates the high cost of VAN fees and paper (fax, mail, etc.) processes.
Leverages the free Internet instead of paying high VAN charges
Does not require expensive hardware like bisync
- Interoperability: Using an Internet EDI solution that supports the recognized AS1/AS2 standards provides interoperability between data transmissions; ensuring organizations can read each other's data.

Internet EDI vs. VAN EDI

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EDI的报文标准和代码标准  前面讲过了EDI的协议标准,具体到某个协议标准,里面会用有被称为文档的该EDI标准的报文标准,而每种报文标准...
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随着行业竞争形势的加剧,越来越多的企业要求在其供应商等合作伙伴采用EDI的方式来交换订单、物流、财务等交易数据,达到优化供应链的目的,包括:减少业务处理时间、避免人工错误、降低运营成本等。 由于汽车...
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Industry Leaders Using Internet EDI

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HELLA业务需求 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange),即电子数据交换,主要是为了实现两个企业之间的业务系统数据交换。举个栗子,公司A可以通过电子数据交换平台,向公司B...
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