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  "User interface"
  "Save configuration"
  "Reset to defaults"
  "Create a new user account."
  "Request new password via e-mail."
  "Email address"
  "RSS feed"
  "RSS feed"
  "Explanation or submission guidelines"
  "not verified"
  "Last updated"
  "Block title"
  "The title of the block as shown to the user."
  "Blue Lagoon (Default)"
  "Blue Lagoon (默认)"
  "Belgian Chocolate"
  "Belgian Chocolate"
  "Citrus Blast"
  "Citrus Blast"
  "Cold Day"
  "Cold Day"
  "Pink Plastic"
  "Pink Plastic"
  "Shiny Tomato"
  "Shiny Tomato"
  "Teal Top"
  "Teal Top"
  "Content types"
  "Home page"
  "File information"
  "Advanced options"
  "Release notes"
  "Display settings"
  "This action cannot be undone."
  "No log messages available."
  "- None -"
  "- 无 -"
  "The configuration options have been saved."
  "Help text"
  "Pages at a given level are ordered first by weight and then by title."
  "Add container"
  "Add category"
  "edit container"
  "No categories available."
  "‹ "
  "‹ "
  "Go to previous page"
  "Go to parent page"
  " ›"
  " ›"
  "Go to next page"
  "Taxonomy term"
  "Session opened for %name."
  "%name 的会话打开。"
  "Clear index"
  "General discussion"
  "edit forum"
  "Forum name"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the forum %name?"
  "确定要删除论坛 %name 吗?"
  "Advanced settings"
  "The username %name does not exist."
  "用户 %name 不存在。"
  "read more"
  "Update interval"
  "The fully-qualified URL of the feed."
  "RSS feed 的完整网址。"
  "Add forum"
  "Add term"
  "no screenshot"
  "Access log settings"
  "Enable access log"
  "Discard access logs older than"
  "Preview comment"
  "Advanced search"
  "You are not authorized to access this page."
  "Find content"
  "Database type"
  "Content type"
  "User ID"
  "用户 ID"
  "Sent email to %recipient"
  "寄送电子邮件给 %recipient"
  "Unable to send email to %recipient"
  "无法寄送电子邮件给 %recipient"
  "The subject of the message."
  "Are you sure you want to delete %title?"
  "确定想要删除 %title 吗?"
  "Save categories"
  "Parent item"
  "Add child page"
  "Printer-friendly version"
  "Content type for child pages"
  "Update options"
  "Remove from outline"
  "Unknown export format."
  "Last post"
  "Access denied"
  "Date format"
  "Add content"
  "Page title"
  "Add block"
  "1 hour"
 _plural "@count hours"
 [0] "1 小时"
 [1] "@count 小时"
  "1 day"
 _plural "@count days"
 [0] "1 天"
 [1] "@count 天"
  "Configuration saved."
  "Taxonomy terms"
  "Taxonomy terms"
  "Site name"
  "Site slogan"
  "Only site administrators can create new user accounts."
  "Not found"
  "Available updates"
  "Manual update check"
  "Check manually"
  "Up to date"
  "Update available"
  "Drupal core update status"
  "Out of date"
  "Left sidebar"
  "Right sidebar"
"Set this to <em>Yes</em> if you would like this category to be "
"selected by default."
  "You must enter a category."
  "Are you sure you want to delete %category?"
  "确定要删除 %category 吗?"
  "Category %category has been deleted."
  "分类 %category 已被删除。"
  "Your name"
  "Your e-mail address"
  "Send e-mail"
  "You must select a valid category."
  "You must enter a valid e-mail address."
  "[!category] !subject"
  "[!category] !subject"
  "Menu link"
  "Feed description"
  "Feed 描述"
  "Revision ID"
  "版本 ID"
  "Comment ID"
  "评论 ID"
  "Title field label"
  "Promoted to front page"
  "Sticky at top of lists"
  "URL alias"
  "Poll duration"
  "Poll choices"
  "Poll votes"
  "Selection options"
  "File ID"
  "File name"
  "File size"
  "Vocabulary ID"
  "Vocabulary name"
  "Term ID"
  "Role name"
  "E-mail address"
  "Last access"
  "Last login"
  "Time zone"
  "Field name"
  "Field type"
  "Global settings"
  "Widget type"
  "Set name"
  "Original image"
  "RSS - blogs"
  "RSS - 博客"
  "Search settings"
  "OPML feed"
  "Number of news items in block"
  "View this feed's recent news."
  "浏览此 feed 的最新文章。"
  "View this category's recent news."
  "Feed overview"
  "RSS Feed 总览"
  "Last update"
  "Next update"
  "%time left"
  "剩余 %time"
  "remove items"
  "update items"
  "Category overview"
  "The categories have been saved."
  "%age old"
  "早于 %age"
  "%ago ago"
  "%ago 之前"
  "Authored by"
  "The feed %feed has been updated."
  "已更新 RSS feed %feed。"
  "Feed %feed deleted."
  "删除了 RSS feed %feed。"
  "The feed %feed has been deleted."
  "删除了 RSS feed %feed。"
  "Feed %feed added."
  "增加了 RSS feed %feed。"
  "The feed %feed has been added."
  "增加了 RSS feed %feed。"
  "The news items from %site have been removed."
  "来自于 %site 的文章项目已被删除。"
  "This field is required."
  "Plain text"
  "Last reply"
  "Enter a valid username."
  "Add a role to the selected users"
  "Remove a role from the selected users"
  "Administer content"
  "New Zealand"
  "!time ago"
  "!time 之前"
  "Background color"
  "Text color"
  "User login"
  "Log in"
  "Updated URL for feed %title to %url."
  "将 RSS feed %title 的网址更新为 %url。"
  "Jump to the first comment of this posting."
  "Jump to the first new comment of this posting."
  "Add new comment"
  "Add a new comment to this page."
  "Share your thoughts and opinions related to this posting."
  "Not installed"
  "Minimum cache lifetime"
  "1 vote"
 _plural "@count votes"
 [0] "1 票"
 [1] "@count 票"
"@site is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank "
"you for your patience."
  "@site 正在维护,我们会很快回来,敬请期待。"
  "Default front page"
  "Top pages"
  "Text processing"
  "Maximum length"
  "Save changes"
  "access denied"
  "Recent comments"
  "Recent hits"
  "Set default"
  "IP Address"
  "IP 地址"
  "The comment and all its replies have been deleted."
  "Anonymous users"
  "Clear cache"
  "Visibility settings"
  "Term description"
  "Save settings"
  "Session closed for %name."
  "%name 的会话关闭。"
  "You have to specify a valid date."
  "Server settings"
  "The field %field is required."
  "必须填写 %field 字段。"
  "1 new"
 _plural "@count new"
 [0] "1 篇新文章"
 [1] "@count 篇新文章"
  "Default language"
  "American Samoa"
  "Antigua and Barbuda"
  "Bosnia and Herzegovina"
  "Bouvet Island"
  "Burkina Faso"
  "Cape Verde"
  "Cayman Islands"
  "Central African Republic"
  "Christmas Island"
  "Cocos (Keeling) Islands"
  "Cook Islands"
  "Costa Rica"
  "Czech Republic"
  "Dominican Republic"
  "El Salvador"
  "Equatorial Guinea"
  "Faroe Islands"
  "French Guiana"
  "French Polynesia"
  "Heard Island and McDonald Islands"
  "Marshall Islands"
  "Netherlands Antilles"
  "New Caledonia"
  "Norfolk Island"
  "North Korea"
  "Northern Mariana Islands"
  "Papua New Guinea"
  "Puerto Rico"
  "San Marino"
  "Saudi Arabia"
  "Sierra Leone"
  "Solomon Islands"
  "South Africa"
  "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands"
  "Sri Lanka"
  "Svalbard and Jan Mayen"
  "Trinidad and Tobago"
  "Turks and Caicos Islands"
  "United Arab Emirates"
  "United Kingdom"
  "United States"
  "United States Minor Outlying Islands"
  "Wallis and Futuna"
  "Table prefix"
  "Database username"
  "Database password"
  "Database name"
  "Add user"
  "Size of textfield"
  "Authoring information"
  "Authored on"
  "Leave blank for %anonymous."
  "%anonymous 请留空。"
"Enable or disable page caching for anonymous users and set CSS and JS "
"bandwidth optimization options."
  "Enabled languages"
"A valid e-mail address. All e-mails from the system will be sent to "
"this address. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be "
"used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain "
"news or notifications by e-mail."
"The e-mail address %email is already registered. <a "
"href=\"@password\">Have you forgotten your password?</a>"
"电子邮件地址 %email 已经注册过了。<a "
  "Import OPML"
  "Remove items"
  "OPML File"
  "OPML 文件"
  "Allowed HTML tags"
  "!title category latest items"
  "!title 分类的最新条目"
  "!title feed latest items"
  "!title 源最新条目"
  "The category %category has been updated."
  "已更新分类 %category。"
  "Category %category deleted."
  "已删除分类 %category。"
  "The category %category has been deleted."
  "分类 %category 已被删除。"
  "Category %category added."
  "增加类别 %category"
  "The category %category has been added."
  "增加了分类 %category。"
  "aggregator - @title"
  "聚合器 - @title"
  "1 item"
 _plural "@count items"
 [0] "1 个项目"
 [1] "@count 个项目"
  "Add menu"
  "‹ previous"
  "‹ 前一页"
  "next ›"
  "下一页 ›"
  "No items selected."
  "The update has been performed."
  "View user profile."
  "Titles only"
  "Full text"
  "This cannot be undone."
  "Upload picture"
  "Language file"
  "Average page generation time"
  "The changes have been saved."
  "Show only users where"
  "Member for"
  "@time ago"
  "@time 之前"
  "No users selected."
  "Detected malicious attempt to alter protected user fields."
  "Select all rows in this table"
  "Deselect all rows in this table"
  "Search results"
  "Your search yielded no results"
  "Please enter some keywords."
  "Front page"
  "Request new password"
  "Allowed values list"
  "Edit menu"
  "Delete menu"
  "Publishing options"
  "Create new revision"
  "Minimum height"
  "Minimum width"
  "Locale settings"
  "Configure block"
  "How many content items to display in \"day\" list."
  "在 \"每日\" 列表里要显示多少个内容项目。"
  "Select list"
  "Text field"
  "Configure permissions"
  "Existing system path"
  "Path alias"
"Specify an alternative path by which this data can be accessed. For "
"example, type \"about\" when writing an about page. Use a relative "
"path and don't add a trailing slash or the URL alias won't work."
"指定可访问此数据的另一个地址。比如:在编写 "
"\"关于\" 页面时,输入 "
  "Greater than"
  "Less than"
  "Log out"
  "Number of day's top views to display"
  "Number of all time views to display"
  "Number of most recent views to display"
  "The settings have not been saved because of the errors."
  "First day of week"
  "Autocomplete taxonomy"
  "Send yourself a copy."
  "Your message has been sent."
  "Create new account"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the block %name?"
  "确定要删除 %name 区块吗?"
  "The block %name has been removed."
  "已删除 %name 区块。"
  "list terms"
  "add terms"
  "Created new term %term."
  "建立了新的术语 %term。"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the term %title?"
  "确定要删除术语 %title 吗?"
  "Deleted term %name."
  "删除了术语 %name 。"
  "No statistics available."
  "Last run !time ago"
  "上一次执行是在 !time 以前"
  "Site information"
  "Enabled filters"
  "Older polls"
  "View the list of polls on this site."
  "Poll settings"
  "You must fill in at least two choices."
"This table lists all the recorded votes for this poll. If anonymous "
"users are allowed to vote, they will be identified by the IP address "
"of the computer they used when they voted."
"此表格列出所有的投票记录。如果匿名用户可以投票,则会记录他们在投票时所使用的电脑 "
"IP 位址。"
  "Cancel your vote"
  "View the current poll results."
"Deleting a term will delete all its children if there are any. This "
"action cannot be undone."
  "Parent term"
  "Parent terms"
"The feed from %site seems to be broken, due to an error \"%error\" on "
"line %line."
"由于第 %line 行的 \"%error\" 错误,%site 的 RSS feed "
"The feed from %site seems to be broken, because of error \"%error\" on "
"line %line."
"由于第 %line 行的 \"%error\" 错误,%site 的 RSS feed "
  "Revisions for %title"
  "%title 的修订版本"
  "!date by !username"
  "!username 于 !date"
  "current revision"
  "The specified passwords do not match."
  "No forums defined"
  "This topic has been moved"
  "Your settings have been saved."
  "Your vote was recorded."
"Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of "
"multiple choice questions."
  "Link color"
  "Date created"
  "Aland Islands"
  "Falkland Islands"
  "Saint Kitts and Nevis"
  "South Korea"
  "Saint Lucia"
  "Saint Helena"
  "Sao Tome and Principe"
  "French Southern Territories"
  "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines"
  "British Virgin Islands"
  "U.S. Virgin Islands"
  "%type settings"
  "%type 设置"
  "Not published"
  "Menu settings"
  "Color scheme"
  "@type: deleted %title."
  "@type:删除了 %title。"
  "Allowed file extensions"
  "New comments"
  "Redirect to URL"
  "The username %name has not been activated or is blocked."
  "用户名 %name 尚未激活或已被屏蔽。"
  "Login attempt failed for %user."
  "Revision of %title from %date"
  "%title 在 %date 的修订版本"
  "The username of the user to which you would like to assign ownership."
  "Manage the actions defined for your site."
  "Delete action"
  "The action has been successfully saved."
  "Deleted action %aid (%action)"
  "删除了动作 %aid (%action)"
  "Action '%action' added."
  "动作 '%action' 已被添加。"
  "Remove orphaned actions"
  "JPEG quality"
  "JPEG 压缩品质"
  "Delete comments"
  "not published"
  "Published comments"
  "!name field is required."
  "必须填写 !name。"
  "Comment settings"
  "not sticky"
  "not promoted"
  "You are here"
  "Default options"
  "Contact settings"
  "Reset password"
  "Temporary directory"
  "File upload error. Could not move uploaded file."
  "Default value"
  "The specified date is invalid."
  "Password strength:"
  "Passwords match:"
  "The name used to indicate anonymous users."
  "Alternate text"
  "Please wait..."
  "Not translated"
  "Go to first page"
  "Go to last page"
  "Go to page @number"
  "到第 @number 页"
  "Enter the terms you wish to search for."
  "Delete role"
  "Basic configuration"
  "List menus"
  "Customize menu"
  "British Indian Ocean Territory"
  "Western Sahara"
  "English name"
  "Native name"
  "Block description"
  "Form name"
"The title of the new field. The title will be shown to the user. An "
"example title is \"Favorite color\"."
"An optional explanation to go with the new field. The explanation will "
"be shown to the user."
  "Save field"
"Configure what block content appears in your site's sidebars and other "
  "Delete block"
  "Save blocks"
  "The block settings have been updated."
  "'%name' block"
  "'%name' 区块"
"Allow individual users to customize the visibility of this block in "
"their account settings."
  "Show block for specific roles"
"Show this block only for the selected role(s). If you select no roles, "
"the block will be visible to all users."
  "Show block on specific pages"
  "Save block"
  "The block configuration has been saved."
  "The block has been created."
  "Block body"
  "The content of the block as shown to the user."
  "Any customizations will be lost. This action cannot be undone."
  "Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu."
  "Add vocabulary"
  "edit vocabulary"
  "Created new vocabulary %name."
  "创建了新的术语表 %name。"
  "Updated vocabulary %name."
  "更新了术语表 %name。"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the vocabulary %title?"
  "确定要删除词汇表 %title 吗?"
"Deleting a vocabulary will delete all the terms in it. This action "
"cannot be undone."
  "Deleted vocabulary %name."
  "删除了术语表 %name 。"
  "Number of values"
  "Default time zone"
  "!title: !required"
  "Add another item"
  "Manage fields"
  "Add field"
  "Used in"
  "Add existing field"
"If you have any content left in this field, it will be lost. This "
"action cannot be undone."
  "Save field settings"
  "The update has encountered an error."
  "1 item successfully processed:"
 _plural "@count items successfully processed:"
 [0] "已成功处理 1 个项目:"
 [1] "已成功处理 @count 个项目:"
"The total number of digits to store in the database, including those "
"to the right of the decimal."
  "The number of digits to the right of the decimal."
  "Decimal marker"
  "The character users will input to mark the decimal point in forms."
  "Defines numeric field types."
"For a 'single on/off checkbox' widget, define the 'off' value first, "
"then the 'on' value in the <strong>Allowed values</strong> section. "
"Note that the checkbox will be labeled with the label of the 'on' "
  "Check boxes/radio buttons"
  "Single on/off checkbox"
"Defines selection, check box and radio button widgets for text and "
"numeric fields."
  "Text area (multiple rows)"
  "Defines simple text field types."
  "Enable clean URLs"
  "Theme-engine-specific settings"
  "@module module"
  "Incompatible with this version of PHP"
  "与这个版本的 PHP 不相容"
"This module requires PHP version @php_required and is incompatible "
"with PHP version !php_version."
"这个模块需要 PHP 版本 @php_required ,与目前的 "
"!php_version 版不相容。"
  "More information"
  "!title !required"
  "!title !required"
  "My blog"
  "Anonymous commenting"
  "Anonymous posters may not enter their contact information"
  "Anonymous posters may leave their contact information"
  "Anonymous posters must leave their contact information"
"The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown "
  "Your signature will be publicly displayed at the end of your comments."
  "Date - newest first"
  "Date - oldest first"
  "1 comment"
 _plural "@count comments"
 [0] "1 评论"
 [1] "@count 评论"
  "1 new comment"
 _plural "@count new comments"
 [0] "1 新评论"
 [1] "@count 新评论"
  "Save content type"
  "Show descriptions"
  "Language code"
  "Save role"
  "file system"
  "Menu link title"
"The menu system stores system paths only, but will use the URL alias "
"for display. %link_path has been stored as %normal_path"
"菜单系统仅储存系统路径,但在显示时会使用 URL "
"别名。%link_path 会以 %normal_path 来储存。"
"The path '@link_path' is either invalid or you do not have access to "
  "@link_path 无效,或者您没有访问权限。"
  "There was an error saving the menu link."
  "Menu name"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the custom menu %title?"
  "确定要删除自定义菜单 %title 吗?"
  "Number of users to display"
  "RSS - !title"
  "RSS - !title"
  "Edit container"
  "Last visit"
  "Hot topic threshold"
  "Topics per page"
  "Posts - most active first"
  "Posts - least active first"
  "URL path settings"
  "@user's picture"
  "Are you sure you want to revert to the revision from %revision-date?"
  "确定要恢复 %revision-date 的修订吗?"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the revision from %revision-date?"
  "确定要删除 %revision-date 的修订吗?"
  "Maximum upload size"
  "New forum topics"
  "@type: deleted %title revision %revision."
  "@type:删除了 %title 的修订版本 %revision。"
  "Page not found"
  "Language neutral"
  "More help"
  "Preview trimmed version"
  "Preview full version"
  "Account blocked"
  "The name %name is already taken."
  "昵称 %name 已被占用。"
  "OpenID redirect"
  "OpenID Login"
  "Delete OpenID"
  "Log in using OpenID"
  "Cancel OpenID login"
  "What is OpenID?"
  "OpenID login failed."
  "OpenID login cancelled."
  "Successfully added %identity"
  "成功加入 %identity"
  "Add an OpenID"
  "That OpenID is already in use on this site."
  "Are you sure you want to delete the OpenID %authname for %user?"
  "确定删除 %user 的OpenID %authname ?"
  "OpenID deleted."
  "edit menu"
  "« first"
  "« 第一页"
  "last »"
  "末页 »"
  "The directory %directory does not exist."
  "%directory 目录不存在。"
  "Defines a file field type."
  "Show only items where"
  "No comments available."
  "Rebuild permissions"
  "@type: updated %title."
  "@type:更新了 %title。"
  "@type: added %title."
  "@type:添加了 %title。"
  "Error saving user account."
  "Action %action has been unassigned."
  "已取消分配 %action 动作。"
  "Add role"
  "You must specify a valid role name."
  "The role has been added."
  "Path to custom logo"
  "Updated term %term."
  "更新了术语 %term。"
  "- Please choose -"
  "- 请选择 -"
  "- None selected -"
  "- 未选中 -"
  "Discard items older than"
  "@site_name - aggregated feeds in category @title"
  "@site_name - 以分类 @title 聚合的源"
  "@site_name - aggregated feeds"
  "@site_name - 聚合的源"
  "@site_name aggregator"
  "@site_name 聚合器"
  "!title feed"
  "!title 源"
  "The feed from %site seems to be broken, because of error \"%error\"."
  "由于 \"%error\" 错误, %site 的 RSS feed 似乎有错误。"
  "There is no new syndicated content from %site."
  "%site 没有新的内容。"
  "There is new syndicated content from %site."
  "%site 有新文章。"
  "The feed from %site seems to be broken, due to \"%error\"."
  "由于 \"%error\", %site 的 RSS feed 似乎有错误。"
  "Feed aggregator"
  "RSS 总计"
  "Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds)."
  "Account settings"
  "The content type %name has been deleted."
  "内容类型 %name 已删除。"
  "Deleted content type %name."
  "删除内容类型 %name。"
  "Enter your keywords"
  "Clean URLs"
  "My account"
  "Number of topics"
  "Active forum topics"
  "Read the latest forum topics."
  "HTTP authentication"
  "User activity"
"The category the new field should be part of. Categories are used to "
"group fields logically. An example category is \"Personal "
"新字段应属于的分类。分类是用来对字段进行分组。例如: "
  "The user must enter a value."
  "Visible in user registration form."
  "New feed items are automatically filed in the checked categories."
"A user is considered online for this long after they have last viewed "
"a page."
  "Maximum number of currently online users to display."
  "Book navigation"
  "Taxonomy vocabulary"
  "1 year"
 _plural "@count years"
 [0] "1 年"
 [1] "@count 年"
  "1 week"
 _plural "@count weeks"
 [0] "1 周"
 [1] "@count 周"
  "1 min"
 _plural "@count min"
 [0] "1 分钟"
 [1] "@count 分钟"
  "1 sec"
 _plural "@count sec"
 [0] "1 秒"
 [1] "@count 秒"
  "Found the @submit button"
  "找到 @submit 按钮"
  "Failed to set field @name to @value"
  "无法设置字段 @name 为 @value"
  "No temporary directories to remove."
"Run tests against Drupal core and your active modules. These tests "
"help assure that your site code is working as designed."
"再次运行测试 Drupal "
  "Palestinian Territory"
  "Send message"
  "Machine name"
  "Allow Upscaling"
  "Let scale make images larger than their original size"
  "Rotation angle"
"The number of degrees the image should be rotated. Positive numbers "
"are clockwise, negative are counter-clockwise."
"Randomize the rotation angle for each image. The angle specified above "
"is used as a maximum."
  "The file could not be created."
  "Password reset instructions mailed to %name at %email."
  "%name 的密码重置说明已发送至 %email。"
  "The e-mail address %mail is not valid."
  "电子邮件地址 %mail 不合法。"
  "authenticated user"
  "E-mail addresses to notify when updates are available"
"Whenever your site checks for available updates and finds new "
"releases, it can notify a list of users via e-mail. Put each address "
"on a separate line. If blank, no e-mails will be sent."
  "Check for updates"
  "All newer versions"
  "Only security updates"
  "%email is not a valid e-mail address."
  "%email 不是一个有效的电子邮件地址。"
  "%emails are not valid e-mail addresses."
  "%emails 不是有效的电子邮件地址。"
  "No update data available"
  "Not secure!"
  "Unsupported release"
  "Can not determine status"
  "(version @version available)"
  "(版本 @version 可用)"
  "See the available updates page for more information:"
  "New release(s) available for !site_name"
  "!site_name 可以使用的新版本"
"There is a security update available for your version of Drupal. To "
"ensure the security of your server, you should update immediately!"
"Your version of Drupal has been revoked and is no longer available for "
"download. Upgrading is strongly recommended!"
"您的Drupal "
"The installed version of at least one of your modules or themes has "
"been revoked and is no longer available for download. Upgrading or "
"disabling is strongly recommended!"
"Your version of Drupal is no longer supported. Upgrading is strongly "
"There are updates available for your version of Drupal. To ensure the "
"proper functioning of your site, you should update as soon as "
"See the <a href=\"@available_updates\">available updates</a> page for "
"more information."
"请参考<a "
  "Project not secure"
"This project has been labeled insecure by the Drupal security team, "
"and is no longer available for download. Immediately disabling "
"everything included by this project is strongly recommended!"
"这个项目已经被Drupal "
  "Project revoked"
"This project has been revoked, and is no longer available for "
"download. Disabling everything included by this project is strongly "
  "Project not supported"
"This project is no longer supported, and is no longer available for "
"download. Disabling everything included by this project is strongly "
  "No available releases found"
  "Release revoked"
"Your currently installed release has been revoked, and is no longer "
"available for download. Disabling everything included in this release "
"or upgrading is strongly recommended!"
  "Release not supported"
"Your currently installed release is now unsupported, and is no longer "
"available for download. Disabling everything included in this release "
"or upgrading is strongly recommended!"
  "Invalid info"
  "Security update required!"
  "Not supported!"
  "Recommended version:"
  "Security update:"
  "Latest version:"
  "Development version:"
  "Also available:"
  "Node count"
  "Field settings"
  "Skip to main content"
  "Edit forum"
  "Default order"
"This is the designated forum vocabulary. Some of the normal vocabulary "
"options have been removed."
  "Leave shadow copy"
"If you move this topic, you can leave a link in the old forum to the "
"new forum."
  "Container name"
  "forum container"
  "Created new @type %term."
  "建立新的 @type %term。"
  "The @type %term has been updated."
  "已更新 @type %term。"
  "Add new field"
  "Containing any of the words"
  "Containing the phrase"
  "Containing none of the words"
  "Only of the type(s)"
  "Content ranking"
"The following numbers control which properties the content search "
"should favor when ordering the results. Higher numbers mean more "
"influence, zero means the property is ignored. Changing these numbers "
"does not require the search index to be rebuilt. Changes take effect "
  "Keyword relevance"
  "Recently posted"
  "Number of comments"
  "Number of views"
  "Expand layout to include descriptions."
  "Hide descriptions"
  "Compress layout by hiding descriptions."
  "Color set"
  "Content ID"
  "Database host"
  "Maximum link text length"
"URLs longer than this number of characters will be truncated to "
"prevent long strings that break formatting. The link itself will be "
"retained; just the text portion of the link will be truncated."
  "Default picture"
"URL of picture to display for users with no custom picture selected. "
"Leave blank for none."
"If the amount of boxes above isn't enough, click here to add more "
  "Toggle display"
"If you don't have direct file access to the server, use this field to "
"upload your logo."
  "Configuration file"
  "Install profile"
  "%percentage of the site has been indexed."
  "File directory"
  "Default theme"
  "Web server"
  "There is 1 item left to index."
 _plural "There are @count items left to index."
 [0] "尚有 1 项目需要索引。"
 [1] "尚有 @count 项目需要索引。"
  "The content access permissions have been rebuilt."
  "sort by @s"
  "按 @s 排序"
"Sorry, unrecognized username or password. <a href=\"@password\">Have "
"you forgotten your password?</a>"
"很抱歉,用户账号错误,或您输入的密码错误。<a "
  "Publish content"
"Stack overflow: too many calls to actions_do(). Aborting to prevent "
"infinite recursion."
"堆栈溢出:向actions_do() "
  "Action %action saved."
  "动作“ %action”已经保存。"
"You may proceed to the <a href=\"@url\">Triggers</a> page to assign "
"these actions to system events."
"你可以到<a "
  "Manage actions"
  "Configure an advanced action"
  "Delete an action."
  "Remove orphans"
  "Unassign an action from a trigger."
  "Choose an advanced action"
  "Action type"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the action %action?"
  "确定要删除 %action 动作吗?"
  "Action %action was deleted"
  "%action 动作已被删除。"
  "Deleted orphaned action (%action)."
  "删除了孤立动作 %action 。"
  "Are you sure you want to unassign the action %title?"
  "确定要取消分配 %title 动作吗?"
  "You can assign it again later if you wish."
  "Choose an action"
  "The action you chose is already assigned to that trigger."
  "When cron runs"
  "cron 执行时间"
"The URL to which the user should be redirected. This can be an "
"internal URL like node/1234 or an external URL like http://drupal.org."
"要将用户重定向到哪个网址。它可以是一个内部网址,例如 "
"node/1234,也可以是一个外部网址,例如 "
  "When content is viewed by an authenticated user"
  "Display a message to the user"
  "Unpublish comment"
  "Unpublish comment containing keyword(s)"
  "Block current user"
  "Ban IP address of current user"
  "Set @type %title to published."
  "设定 @type %title 为已发表。"
  "Set @type %title to unpublished."
  "设定 @type %title 为未发表。"
  "Set @type %title to sticky."
  "将 @type %title 置顶。"
  "Set @type %title to unsticky."
  "将 @type %title 取消置顶。"
  "Promoted @type %title to front page."
  "推荐 @type %title 到首页"
  "Removed @type %title from front page."
  "从首页移除 @type %title。"
  "Saved @type %title"
  "已保存 @type %title"
  "Changed owner of @type %title to uid %name."
  "变更 @type %title 的作者为 uid %name。"
  "After saving a new comment"
  "After saving an updated comment"
  "After deleting a comment"
  "When a comment is being viewed by an authenticated user"
  "Unpublished comment %subject."
  "After a user has been deleted"
  "After a user has logged in"
  "After a user has logged out"
  "When a user's profile is being viewed"
  "Blocked user %name."
  "Banned IP address %ip"
  "禁止IP地址 %ip"
  "After saving a new term to the database"
  "After saving an updated term to the database"
  "After deleting a term"
"Enables actions to be fired on certain system events, such as when new "
"content is created."
  "1 read"
 _plural "@count reads"
 [0] "浏览 1 次"
 [1] "浏览 @count 次"
  "- Select -"
  "- 选择 -"
  "Enables the categorization of content."
  "Path prefix"
  "Delete contact"
"Optional auto-reply. Leave empty if you do not want to send the user "
"an auto-reply message."
  "%recipient is an invalid e-mail address."
  "%recipient 是无效的电子邮件地址。"
  "Up to date translation"
  "Outdated translation"
  "Some required modules must be enabled"
  "New posts"
  "File to import not found."
"The translation import failed, because the file %filename could not be "
  "翻译导入失败,因为无法读取文件 %filename 。"
"The translation file %filename contains an error: \" \" was "
"expected but not found on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 发生错误: 在第 %line 行找不到 "
"\" \"。"
"The translation file %filename contains an error: \" _plural\" was "
"expected but not found on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 发生错误: 在第 %line 行找不到 "
"\" _plural\"。"
  "The translation file %filename contains a syntax error on line %line."
  "翻译文件 %filename 在第 %line 行有语法错误。"
"The translation file %filename contains an error: \" \" is "
"unexpected on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 发生错误: 在第 %line 的 \" \" "
"The translation file %filename contains an error: \" []\" is "
"unexpected on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 发生错误: 在第 %line 的 \" []\" "
"The translation file %filename contains an error: \" \" is "
"unexpected on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 发生错误: 在第 %line 的 \" \" "
"The translation file %filename contains an error: there is an "
"unexpected string on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 出现错误:在第 %line "
  "The translation file %filename ended unexpectedly at line %line."
  "翻译文件 %filename 在 %line 行意外终止。"
  "Save translations"
  "Export template"
  "Create @name"
  "创建 @name"
  "The custom menu %title has been deleted."
  "自定义菜单 %title 已被删除。"
  "@type %title has been deleted."
  "@type %title 已被删除。"
  "Not enabled"
"Instructions to present to the user below this field on the editing "
"form.<br />Allowed HTML tags: @tags"
"显示在此字段编辑表单下面的操作指南。<br "
  "anonymous user"
  "@module (<span class=\"admin-disabled\">disabled</span>)"
  "@module (<span class=\"admin-disabled\">禁用</span>)"
  "@module (<span class=\"admin-enabled\">enabled</span>)"
  "@module (<span class=\"admin-enabled\">启用</span>)"
  "Web services"
  "Save permissions"
  "The e-mail address %email is already taken."
  "Error message"
  "Original text"
  "Delete content type"
  "Change book (update list of parents)"
  "create a new book"
  "edit permissions"
  "edit order and titles"
  "Manage your site's book outlines."
  "For security reasons, your upload has been renamed to %filename."
"基于安全考虑,您所上传的文件被系统改名为 %filename "
  "Installed version"
  "Recommended version"
  "Cron run successfully."
  "User account"
  "File download"
"Failed to upload the picture image; the %directory directory doesn't "
"exist or is not writable."
  "无法上传图片; %directory 目录不存在或者无法写入。"
  "The field has been updated."
  "1 month"
 _plural "@count months"
 [0] "1个月"
 [1] "@count 个月"
  "Save order"
  "List, edit, or add user roles."
  "edit role"
  "Custom format"
  "%name: illegal value."
  "Edit %title"
  "编辑 %title"
  "Drupal core"
  "Book navigation block display"
  "Password field is required."
  "Confirm password"
  "No content available."
  "Administration theme"
"Thank you for applying for an account. Your account is currently "
"pending approval by the site administrator.<br />In the meantime, a "
"welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail "
"感谢您的帐户申请。 "
"您的帐户目前在等待管理员审核。 <br /> "
  "Congo (Kinshasa)"
  "Congo (Brazzaville)"
  "Ivory Coast"
  "Hong Kong S.A.R., China"
  "Isle of Man"
  "Macao S.A.R., China"
  "Saint Pierre and Miquelon"
  "Run cron"
  "Warning message"
"Security warning: Couldn't write .htaccess file. Please create a "
".htaccess file in your %directory directory which contains the "
"following lines: <code>!htaccess</code>"
"安全警告:.htaccess "
"文件不可写。请在%directory目录创建一个包含<code>!htaccess</code>的.htaccess "
"The specified file %file could not be copied, because no file by that "
"name exists. Please check that you supplied the correct filename."
"指定的文件 %file "
"The specified file %file was not copied because it would overwrite "
  "不能复制指定的文件 %file ,因为这可能会覆盖它。"
"The file %file could not be saved, because it exceeds %maxsize, the "
"maximum allowed size for uploads."
"因为超过文件大小 %maxsize 上限所以 %file "
"The file %file could not be saved, because the upload did not "
  "The file %file could not be saved. An unknown error has occurred."
  "The specified file %name could not be uploaded."
  "The file's name is empty. Please give a name to the file."
  "Only files with the following extensions are allowed: %files-allowed."
  "The file is %filesize exceeding the maximum file size of %maxsize."
  "当前文件大小 %filesize 超过了限定的最大值 %maxsize."
  "The file is %filesize which would exceed your disk quota of %quota."
"文件大小是 %filesize,超过了你的软盘容量限制 "
  "Only JPEG, PNG and GIF images are allowed."
  "仅允许 JPEG,PNG 和 GIF 图像文件。"
"The image was resized to fit within the maximum allowed dimensions of "
"%dimensions pixels."
"图档已经重新缩小过,以符合所允许的最大尺寸: "
"%dimensions 像素。"
  "The image is too large; the maximum dimensions are %dimensions pixels."
  "图片太大,最大的尺寸是 %dimensions 像素!"
  "The image is too small; the minimum dimensions are %dimensions pixels."
  "图片太小,最小的尺寸是 %dimensions 像素!"
  "The file %path was not deleted, because it does not exist."
  "未删除文件 %path,因为它不存在。"
"Upload error. Could not move uploaded file %file to destination "
  "上传错误。不能移动已上传%file文件到 %destination。"
  "Add to book outline"
  "New set"
  "<strong>@language_name</strong> (source)"
  "<strong>@language_name</strong> (来源)"
  "add translation"
  "Translations of %title"
  "Manage tagging, categorization, and classification of your content."
  "Database port"
  "Re-index site"
  "Are you sure you want to re-index the site?"
  "No test results to display."
  "Save and continue"
"These options are only necessary for some sites. If you're not sure "
"what you should enter here, leave the default settings or check with "
"your hosting provider."
  "If your database is located on a different server, change this."
"If your database server is listening to a non-standard port, enter its "
  "Database port must be a number."
"Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, "
"hyphens, and underscores."
  "IP address"
  "Maximum height"
  "Maximum width"
  "Primary tabs"
  "Secondary tabs"
  "Enable or disable the display of certain page elements."
  "Add new content"
  "Maximum image resolution"
"An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site "
  "Illegal choice %choice in !name element."
  "在 !name 里有非法选择 %choice。"
  "First sidebar"
  "Status report"
  "Not writable"
  "Decimal point"
  "Book outline"
  "This will be the top-level page in this book."
  "Revision information"
  "Notify user of new account"
  "View comment"
  "Path to custom icon"
  "Current user"
  "You are not authorized to post comments."
  "The comment you are replying to does not exist."
  "This discussion is closed: you can't post new comments."
  "You are not authorized to view comments."
  "Are you sure you want to delete the comment %title?"
  "确定删除 %title 评论?"
"Any replies to this comment will be lost. This action cannot be "
  "Publish the selected comments"
  "Unpublish the selected comments"
  "Are you sure you want to delete these comments and all their children?"
  "You have to specify a valid author."
  "The name you used belongs to a registered user."
  "The e-mail address you specified is not valid."
"The URL of your homepage is not valid. Remember that it must be fully "
"qualified, i.e. of the form <code>http://example.com/directory</code>."
  "(No subject)"
  "Default image"
"This text will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the "
"image cannot be loaded."
  "Add feed"
  "List links"
  "MIME type"
  "File system"
  "@name's blog"
  "Enter your @s username."
  "输入您在 @s 的用户名。"
  "Posted in"
"Comment: unauthorized comment submitted or comment submitted to a "
"closed post %subject."
"评论:提交的未经认证的评论或提交到已关闭的主题 "
"%subject 的评论"
  "!name's blog"
  "All languages"
  "Search index"
  "The size of the file."
  "The MIME type of the file."
  "@type %title has been created."
  "@type %title 已创建。"
  "@type %title has been updated."
  "@type %title 已更新。"
  "The post could not be saved."
  "1 character"
 _plural "@count characters"
 [0] "1 个字符"
 [1] "@count 个字符"
  "Filter settings"
  "You do not have any administrative items."
"One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation. "
"Check the <a href=\"@status\">status report</a> for more information."
"你的 Drupal 系统检测到一个以上的问题,请浏览<a "
  "Help topics"
  "Help is available on the following items:"
  "No help is available for module %module."
  "模块 %module 无帮助信息。"
  "@module administration pages"
  "@module 管理页面"
  "Translate interface"
  "Add language"
  "Edit string"
  "Delete string"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the language %name?"
  "确定要删除语言 %name 吗?"
  "The language %locale has been removed."
  "语言 %locale 已经被删除。"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the string \"%source\"?"
  "确定删除字符串 \"%source\"?"
"Deleting the string will remove all translations of this string in all "
"languages. This action cannot be undone."
  "PHP extensions"
  "Comments per page"
  "Multilingual support"
  "Enabled, with translation"
  "Publish comment"
  "The file could not be uploaded."
"The selected image handling toolkit %toolkit can not correctly process "
  "%toolkit 无法对图片完成 %function 处理。"
"The directory %file is not protected from modifications and poses a "
"security risk. You must change the directory's permissions to be "
"non-writable. "
"目录 %file "
"未设置修改保护而造成安全隐患。您必须改变目录的权限为只读。 "
  "Administration pages"
  "Currently using !item !version"
  "当前使用 !item !version"
  "Created content type %type."
  "创建内容类型 %type 。"
  "User created with name %name and pass %pass"
  "通过用户名 %name 和密码 %pass 创建用户"
  "Created permissions: @perms"
  "创建权限: @perms"
  "Invalid permission %permission."
  "无效的权限 %permission 。"
  "Username field found."
  "Password field found."
  "!method @url returned @status (!length)."
  "!method @url 返回 @status(!length)。"
  "Valid HTML found on \"@path\""
  "在 \"@path\" 找到有效的 HTML"
  "Parsed page successfully."
  "Found the requested form fields at @path"
  "符合要求的表单域在 @path"
  "Did not find field by name @name"
  "没有找到 @name 字段文件"
  "Found field by id @id"
  "发现 id 文件 @id"
  "Did not find field by id @id"
  "没有发现象id 文件 @id"
  "HTTP response expected !code, actual !curl_code"
  "HTTP 预期响应 代码,实际 !curl_code"
  "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."
  "Run tests"
  "Clean test environment"
"Remove tables with the prefix \"simpletest\" and temporary directories "
"that are left over from tests that crashed. This is intended for "
"developers when creating tests."
"移除以 \"simpletest\" "
  "Clean environment"
  "No tests to display."
  "@pass, @fail, and @exception"
  "@pass, @fail, 和 @exception"
  "No test(s) selected."
  "Processing test @num of @max - %test."
  "处理测试 @num of @max - %test。"
  "@name: @summary"
  "@name: @summary"
  "Processed test @num of @max - %test."
  "处理测试 @num of @max - %test。"
  "1 pass"
 _plural "@count passes"
 [0] "1 个通过"
 [1] "@count 个通过"
  "1 fail"
 _plural "@count fails"
 [0] "1 个失败"
 [1] "@count 个失败"
  "1 exception"
 _plural "@count exceptions"
 [0] "1 个异常"
 [1] "@count 个异常"
  "PHP DOMDocument class"
  "PHP DOMDocument类"
  "Provides a framework for unit and functional testing."
  "Main menu"
  "User %name used one-time login link at time %timestamp."
  "用户 %name 于 %timestamp 使用了一次性链接登录。"
"Created a new user account for <a href=\"@url\">%name</a>. No e-mail "
"has been sent."
"已经为<a "
  "Registration successful. You are now logged in."
  "注册成功。 您现在已经登录。"
  "New user: %name (%email)."
  "Add link"
  "View comments"
  "Username or e-mail address"
  "%name: this field cannot hold more than @count values."
  "%name:此字段添加的值不能超过 @count 个。"
  "No fields available."
  "After saving new content"
  "After deleting content"
  "Vertical Tabs"
  "Not in book"
  "New book"
  "By @name on @date"
  "By @name 在 @date"
  "By @name"
  "按 @name"
  "Not in menu"
  "Alias: @alias"
  "No alias"
  "User autocomplete"
  "An error has occurred."
  "Please continue to <a href=\"@error_url\">the error page</a>"
  "请到<a href=\"@error_url\">错误页面</a>"
  "HTTP POST is required."
  "需要 HTTP POST"
  "Your page will be a part of the selected book."
  "0 sec"
  "0 秒"
  "Filter log messages"
  "You must select something to filter by."
  "New revision"
"To change the current user password, enter the new password in both "
"You have tried to use a one-time login link that has expired. Please "
"request a new one using the form below."
  "This login can be used only once."
  "The translation import of %filename failed."
  "导入 %filename 失败。"
  "More choices"
  "Provide a password for the new account in both fields."
  "The title of the comment."
  "Comment count"
  "The title of the node."
  "The date the node was posted."
  "Views today"
"Search for either of the two terms with uppercase <strong>OR</strong>. "
"For example, <strong>cats OR dogs</strong>."
"搜索两个关键词,使用大写的OR,例如<strong> cat OR "
  "PHP filter"
  "PHP 过滤器"
  "Language settings"
  "Attempting to re-run cron while it is already running."
  "Cron run completed."
  "Cron 运行完毕。"
  "HTTP request status"
  "HTTP 请求状态"
  "The maximum length of the field in characters."
  "Machine-readable name"
  "Already added languages"
  "Recent blog posts"
  "Who's new"
  "Language name"
  "Edit language"
  "list links"
  "Edit category"
  "The content type %name has been updated."
  "内容类型 %name 已更新。"
  "The content type %name has been added."
  "添加了内容类型 %name 。"
  "Contact form"
  "Drag to re-order"
"Changes made in this table will not be saved until the form is "
  "Blue Lagoon (default)"
  "Blue Lagoon (默认)"
  "The requested page could not be found."
  "The user account %id does not exist."
  "Attempted to cancel non-existing user account: %id."
  "Requirements problem"
  "Database configuration"
  "The type of database your @drupal data will be stored in."
  "用于 @drupal 数据储存的数据库类型。"
"The name of the database your @drupal data will be stored in. It must "
"exist on your server before @drupal can be installed."
"用于 @drupal "
"数据料储存的数据库名称。服务器上必须存在此数据库,才能继续安装 "
"If more than one application will be sharing this database, enter a "
"table prefix such as %prefix for your @drupal site here."
"如果有一个以上的应用程序要共享此数据库,请在此为你的 "
"@drupal 网站输入一个资料表前置字节(%prefix)。"
  "Select an installation profile"
  "Choose language"
  "Learn how to install Drupal in other languages"
  "No profiles available"
  "Drupal already installed"
"<ul><li>To start over, you must empty your existing "
"database.</li><li>To install to a different database, edit the "
"appropriate <em>settings.php</em> file in the <em>sites</em> "
"folder.</li><li>To upgrade an existing installation, proceed to the <a "
"href=\"@base-url/update.php\">update script</a>.</li><li>View your <a "
"href=\"@base-url\">existing site</a>.</li></ul>"
"<ul><li>在开始之前,你必须清空现有的数据库。</li><li>要安装到一个不同的数据库,请正确地编辑 "
"<em>sites</em> 资料夹里的 <em>settings.php</em> "
"文件。</li><li>要升级现有的安装,请执行<a "
"href=\"@base-url/update.php\">升级程序</a>。</li><li>浏览你<a "
  "Installing @drupal"
  "安装 @drupal"
  "The installation has encountered an error."
  "Configure site"
  "@drupal installation complete"
  "@drupal 安装完成"
  "Installed %module module."
  "成功安装 %module 模块。"
  "Choose profile"
  "Verify requirements"
  "Set up database"
  "Set up translations"
  "Install site"
  "Finish translations"
  "Site e-mail address"
"The <em>From</em> address in automated e-mails sent during "
"registration and new password requests, and other notifications. (Use "
"an address ending in your site's domain to help prevent this e-mail "
"being flagged as spam.)"
"By default, dates in this site will be displayed in the chosen time "
  "Update notifications"
  "Check for updates automatically"
  "Removed orphaned action '%action' from database."
  "从数据库中移除孤立动作 '%action'。"
  "Cron run exceeded the time limit and was aborted."
  "Cron运行超时, 已经被强制终止。"
  "1 byte"
 _plural "@count bytes"
 [0] "1 字节"
 [1] "@count 字节"
"!name cannot be longer than %max characters but is currently %length "
"characters long."
"!name 不能超过 %max 个字符,但现在已经 %length "
  "Illegal choice %choice in %name element."
  "GD2 image manipulation toolkit"
  "The GD toolkit is installed and working properly."
"Define the image quality for JPEG manipulations. Ranges from 0 to 100. "
"Higher values mean better image quality but bigger files."
"设定JPEG图像文件质量,从0 "
"The GD image toolkit requires that the GD module for PHP be installed "
"and configured properly. For more information see <a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP's image documentation</a>."
"GD 图片工具需要安装 PHP 的 GD "
"模块,并且正确地设置。更多信息,请参考 <a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP 的图片说明文件</a>。"
  "JPEG quality must be a number between 0 and 100."
  "JPEG 质量必须是0-100之间的数字"
  "Right to left"
  "Left to right"
  "Predefined language"
  "Custom language"
  "Add custom language"
  "Save language"
"<a href=\"@rfc4646\">RFC 4646</a> compliant language identifier. "
"Language codes typically use a country code, and optionally, a script "
"or regional variant name. <em>Examples: \"en\", \"en-US\" and "
"<a href=\"@rfc4646\">RFC "
"4646</a>兼容的语言识别码。语言码通常是国别码,另外,可能会有脚本及变量名。<em>比如:\"en\",\"en-US\" "
"和 \"zh-Hant\"。</em>"
  "Language name in English"
"Name of the language in English. Will be available for translation in "
"all languages."
  "Native language name"
  "Name of the language in the language being added."
  "Language domain"
  "Direction that text in this language is presented."
  "The language %language (%code) already exists."
  "语言 %language (%code) 已存在。"
  "Invalid language code."
"The language %language has been created and can now be used. More "
"information is available on the <a href=\"@locale-help\">help "
"已建立 %language 语系,可以使用了。更多信息可参考<a "
  "Domain and path prefix values should not be set at the same time."
  "The domain (%domain) is already tied to a language (%language)."
  "域名 (%domain) 已绑定语言 (%language)。"
  "Only the default language can have both the domain and prefix empty."
  "The prefix (%prefix) is already tied to a language (%language)."
  "前缀 (%prefix) 已绑定语言 (%language)。"
  "The English language cannot be deleted."
  "The default language cannot be deleted."
"Deleting a language will remove all interface translations associated "
"with it, and posts in this language will be set to be language "
"neutral. This action cannot be undone."
  "Language negotiation configuration saved."
  "English (built-in)"
  "English (英语,内建)"
  "String contains"
  "Leave blank to show all strings. The search is case sensitive."
  "English (provided by Drupal)"
  "英语 (由Drupal提供)"
  "Search in"
  "Both translated and untranslated strings"
  "Only translated strings"
  "Only untranslated strings"
  "Limit search to"
  "All text groups"
  "Languages not yet added"
  "Import translation"
  "A Gettext Portable Object (<em>.po</em>) file."
  "Gettext Portable Object(<em>.po</em>)文件"
  "Import into"
"Choose the language you want to add strings into. If you choose a "
"language which is not yet set up, it will be added."
  "Text group"
  "Imported translations will be added to this text group."
  "The language %language has been created."
  "创建了 %language 语言。"
  "Export translation"
"Select the language to export in Gettext Portable Object "
"(<em>.po</em>) format."
"Generate a Gettext Portable Object Template (<em>.pot</em>) file with "
"all strings from the Drupal locale database."
"从 "
  "String not found."
  "The submitted string contains disallowed HTML: %string"
  "字串包含不允许HTML标签: %string"
  "The string has been saved."
  "The string has been removed."
  "The language selected for import is not supported."
"The translation file %filename appears to have a missing or malformed "
  "翻译文件 %filename 头信息有误或缺失。"
"The translation was successfully imported. There are %number newly "
"created translated strings, %update strings were updated and %delete "
"strings were removed."
"翻译导入成功。共新建了 %number 条翻译字串,更新了 "
"%update 条字串并删除了 %delete 条字串。"
  "Importing interface translations"
  "Starting import"
  "Error importing interface translations"
"Attempted submission of a translation string with disallowed HTML: "
  "The %language language (%code) has been created."
  "创建了 %language 语言(%code)"
"Imported %file into %locale: %number new strings added, %update "
"updated and %delete removed."
"将 %file 导入到了 %locale:新添了 %number "
"个新字符串,更新了 %update 个字符串并删除了 %delete "
  "Exported %locale translation file: %filename."
  "导出了 %locale 翻译文件: %filename"
  "Exported translation file: %filename."
  "导出了翻译文件: %filename"
  "Updated JavaScript translation file for the language %language."
  "更新了 %language 语言的JavaScript翻译文件。"
  "Created JavaScript translation file for the language %language."
  "为 %language 语言创建了JavaScript翻译文件。"
"Removed JavaScript translation file for the language %language, "
"because no translations currently exist for that language."
"删除了 %language "
"An error occurred during creation of the JavaScript translation file "
"for the language %language."
  "为 %language 语言创建JavaScript翻译文件时出错。"
"One translation string was skipped because it contains disallowed "
 _plural ""
"@count translation strings were skipped because they contain "
"disallowed HTML."
 [0] "1个翻译字符串被剔除,因包含了不允许的HTML标签。"
 [1] "@count个翻译字符串被剔除,因包含了不允许的HTML标签。"
  "One translation file imported for the newly installed modules."
 _plural "@count translation files imported for the newly installed modules."
 [0] "导入了新安装模块的 1 个翻译文件。"
 [1] "导入了新安装模块的 @count 个翻译文件。"
  "One translation file imported for the enabled modules."
 _plural "@count translation files imported for the enabled modules."
 [0] "导入了已启用的模块的 1 个翻译文件。"
 [1] "导入了已启用的模块的 @count 个翻译文件。"
  "Old Slavonic"
  "Old Slavonic(旧斯洛文尼亚语)"
  "Scots Gaelic"
  "Scots Gaelic(苏格兰盖尔语)"
  "Hiri Motu"
  "Hiri Motu(希利摩陀语)"
  "North Ndebele"
  "North Ndebele(北恩德贝勒语)"
  "Norwegian Bokmål"
  "Norwegian Bokmål"
  "Norwegian Nynorsk"
  "Norwegian Nynorsk"
  "South Ndebele"
  "South Ndebele(南恩德贝勒语)"
  "Portuguese, Portugal"
  "Portuguese, Portugal(葡萄牙语, 葡萄牙)"
  "Portuguese, Brazil"
  "Portuguese, Brazil(葡萄牙语, 巴西)"
  "Northern Sami"
  "Northern Sami(北拉普兰语)"
  "Chinese, Simplified"
  "Chinese, Simplified(简体中文)"
  "Chinese, Traditional"
  "Chinese, Traditional(繁体中文)"
  "Error sending e-mail (from %from to %to)."
  "电子邮件发送错误(从 %from 寄到 %to)。"
  "sort ascending"
  "sort descending"
"Operations on Unicode strings are emulated on a best-effort basis. "
"Install the <a href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring extension</a> for improved "
"Unicode support."
"对于 Unicode 字串的处理采用最佳效用的基础。安装<a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring extension</a> 可以改进对于 Unicode "
"Multibyte string function overloading in PHP is active and must be "
"disabled. Check the php.ini <em>mbstring.func_overload</em> setting. "
"Please refer to the <a href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring documentation</a> "
"for more information."
"PHP 里的 Multibyte string function overloading "
"在启用状态,必须被关闭。请检查 php.ini 里的 "
"<em>mbstring.func_overload</em> 设置。请参考<a href=\"@url\">PHP "
"mbstring 说明文件</a>。"
"Multibyte string input conversion in PHP is active and must be "
"disabled. Check the php.ini <em>mbstring.encoding_translation</em> "
"setting. Please refer to the <a href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring "
"documentation</a> for more information."
"PHP 里的 Multibyte string input conversion "
"在启用状态,必须被关闭。请检查 php.ini 里的 "
"<em>mbstring.encoding_translation</em> 设置。请参考<a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring 说明文件</a>。"
"Multibyte string input conversion in PHP is active and must be "
"disabled. Check the php.ini <em>mbstring.http_input</em> setting. "
"Please refer to the <a href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring documentation</a> "
"for more information."
"PHP 里的 Multibyte string input conversion "
"在启用状态,必须被关闭。请检查 php.ini 里的 "
"<em>mbstring.http_input</em> 设置。请参考<a href=\"@url\">PHP "
"mbstring 说明文件</a>。"
"Multibyte string output conversion in PHP is active and must be "
"disabled. Check the php.ini <em>mbstring.http_output</em> setting. "
"Please refer to the <a href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring documentation</a> "
"for more information."
"PHP 里的 Multibyte string output conversion "
"在启用状态,必须被关闭。请检查 php.ini "
"里的<em>mbstring.http_output</em>设置。请参考<a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP mbstring 说明文件</a>。"
  "Standard PHP"
  "标准 PHP"
  "PHP Mbstring Extension"
  "PHP Mbstring 扩展"
  "Unicode library"
  "Unicode 库"
  "Could not convert XML encoding %s to UTF-8."
  "无法将 XML 编码 %s 转换为 UTF-8。"
"Unsupported encoding %s. Please install iconv, GNU recode or mbstring "
"for PHP."
"不支持编码 %s "
  "Parse error. Not well formed"
  "Parse error. Request not well formed."
  "Server error. Invalid XML-RPC. Request must be a methodCall."
  "服务器错误。无效的XML-RPC。请求必须是methodCall 。"
  "Server error. Requested method @methodname not specified."
  "服务器错误。未注明会话请求方式 @methodname。"
  "Server error. Wrong number of method parameters."
  "Server error. Invalid method parameters."
  "Server error. Requested function @method does not exist."
  "服务器错误。请求 @method 函数不存在"
  "Invalid syntax for system.multicall."
  "system.multicall 语法错误。"
  "Recursive calls to system.multicall are forbidden."
  "不允许对 system.multicall 的递归调用。"
  "Server error. Requested method @methodname signature not specified."
  "服务器错误。未注明会话请求方式 @methodname。"
  "The name of the feed (or the name of the website providing the feed)."
  "Categorize news items"
  "Are you sure you want to remove all items from the feed %feed?"
  "确定要从feed %feed 中移除所有条目?"
  "multiple selector"
"Thousands of sites (particularly news sites and blogs) publish their "
"latest headlines and posts in feeds, using a number of standardized "
"XML-based formats. Formats supported by the aggregator include <a "
"href=\"@rss\">RSS</a>, <a href=\"@rdf\">RDF</a>, and <a "
"成千上万的网站 (特别是新闻网站和博客) "
"以信息源的方式发布它们最新的头条新闻和文章,使用标准化的 "
"XML 格式。信息总计器所支持的格式包括<a "
"href=\"@rss\">RSS</a>、<a href=\"@rdf\">RDF</a>与<a "
"Current feeds are listed below, and <a href=\"@addfeed\">new feeds may "
"be added</a>. For each feed or feed category, the <em>latest "
"items</em> block may be enabled at the <a href=\"@block\">blocks "
"administration page</a>."
"下面列出现有的feed,同时<a "
"href=\"@addfeed\">可以加入新的项目</a>。对每个feed或者feed类别来说,可以在<a "
  "Add a feed in RSS, RDF or Atom format. A feed may only have one entry."
"Categories allow feed items from different feeds to be grouped "
"together. For example, several sport-related feeds may belong to a "
"category named <em>Sports</em>. Feed items may be grouped "
"automatically (by selecting a category when creating or editing a "
"feed) or manually (via the <em>Categorize</em> page available from "
"feed item listings). Each category provides its own feed page and "
"类别可以让不同的feed项目总成群组。比方说,几个与运动相关的feed可以属于一个叫作<em>运动</em>的类别。Feed也可以自动分组 "
"(在建立或编辑一个feed时替它选择一个类别) "
"或者手动地分组 "
"Configure which content your site aggregates from other sites, how "
"often it polls them, and how they're categorized."
  "Update items"
  "Edit feed"
  "No blocks in this region"
"The block %info was assigned to the invalid region %region and has "
"been disabled."
"区块 %info 被分配到无效的区域 %region "
"The changes to these blocks will not be saved until the <em>Save "
"blocks</em> button is clicked."
  "Post new blog entry."
  "You are not allowed to post a new blog entry."
  "You have not created any blog entries."
  "!author has not created any blog entries."
  "!author 没有创建日志..."
  "No blog entries have been created."
  "Blog entry"
  "View recent blog entries"
  "Read !username's latest blog entries."
  "!username's blog"
  "Read the latest blog entries."
"The content type for the %add-child link must be one of those selected "
"as an allowed book outline type."
"%add-child "
  "Save book pages"
"This book has been modified by another user, the changes could not be "
  "Title changed from %original to %current."
  "标题从 %original 变更为 %current."
  "Updated book %title."
  "更新了手册页 %title。"
  "book: updated %title."
  "手册: 更新了 %title."
  "Update book outline"
  "Remove from book outline"
  "No changes were made"
"The post has been added to the selected book. You may now position it "
"relative to other pages."
  "The book outline has been updated."
  "There was an error adding the post to the book."
"%title has associated child pages, which will be relocated "
"automatically to maintain their connection to the book. To recreate "
"the hierarchy (as it was before removing this page), %title may be "
"added again using the Outline tab, and each of its former child pages "
"will need to be relocated manually."
"%title "
"有关联的子页面,会自动重定位以保证它们与手册之间的联系。要重建层次关系(如同之前移除这个页面),可使用大纲标签再次添加 "
"%title ,之前的子页面都得手动重新进行定位。"
  "%title may be added to hierarchy again using the Outline tab."
  "可使用大纲标签再次将 %title 加入层次结构中。"
  "Are you sure you want to remove %title from the book hierarchy?"
  "确定要将 %title 从手册层次中删除?"
  "The post has been removed from the book."
  "Show a printer-friendly version of this book page and its sub-pages."
  "Show block on all pages"
  "Show block only on book pages"
"If <em>Show block on all pages</em> is selected, the block will "
"contain the automatically generated menus for all of the site's books. "
"If <em>Show block only on book pages</em> is selected, the block will "
"contain only the one menu corresponding to the current page's book. In "
"this case, if the current page is not in a book, no block will be "
"displayed. The <em>Page specific visibility settings</em> or other "
"visibility settings can be used in addition to selectively display "
"this block."
  "This is the top-level page in this book."
  "No book selected."
"The parent page in the book. The maximum depth for a book and all "
"child pages is !maxdepth. Some pages in the selected book may not be "
"available as parents if selecting them would exceed this limit."
"这份手册中的父页面。一份手册与所有子页面的最大深度为 "
"!maxdepth "
"%title is part of a book outline, and has associated child pages. If "
"you proceed with deletion, the child pages will be relocated "
"%title "
  "Re-order book pages and change titles"
  "Book page"
  "Base color"
  "Header top"
  "页首顶部(Header Top)"
  "Header bottom"
  "页首底部(Header bottom)"
"There is not enough memory available to PHP to change this theme's "
"color scheme. You need at least %size more. Check the <a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP documentation</a> for more information."
"PHP 没有足够的内存以更换主题的色系。你至少还需要 "
"%size。请参考<a href=\"@url\">PHP 说明文件</a>。"
  "Delete the selected comments"
  "Allows users to comment on and discuss published content."
  "Example: 'website feedback' or 'product information'."
  "范例: \"网站使用评论\" 或 \"产品信息\"。"
"When listing categories, those with lighter (smaller) weights get "
"listed before categories with heavier (larger) weights. Categories "
"with equal weights are sorted alphabetically."
"当列出分类时,数字较小的 (较轻的) "
"分类会列在上面,较大的 (较重的) "
"The contact form has not been configured. <a href=\"@add\">Add one or "
"more categories</a> to the form."
"尚未设置连络表单。请为这个表单<a "
  "Personal contact form"
"Create a system contact form and set up categories for the form to "
  "Edit contact category"
  "Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms."
  "Database logging"
  "View events that have recently been logged."
  "Top 'page not found' errors"
  "View 'page not found' errors (404s)."
  "Top 'access denied' errors"
  "View 'access denied' errors (403s)."
  "Logs and records system events to the database."
  "No roles may use this format"
  "Allowed HTML tags: @tags"
  "Anchors are used to make links to other pages."
"By default line break tags are automatically added, so use this tag to "
"add additional ones. Use of this tag is different because it is not "
"used with an open/close pair like all the others. Use the extra \" /\" "
"inside the tag to maintain XHTML 1.0 compatibility"
"在默认情况下,系统会自动加上换行符号,你可使用此标签以多增加一行。这个标签的用法跟其他 "
"标签不太一样,它不使用成对的开始/结束标记。另外,在标签内加上一个 "
"\"/\" ,则可兼容于 XHTML1.0。"
  "Text with <br />line break"
  "带有 <br /> 换行符的文本"
"By default paragraph tags are automatically added, so use this tag to "
"add additional ones."
  "Paragraph one."
  "Paragraph two."
  "Coded text used to show programming source code"
  "<abbr title=\"Abbreviation\">Abbrev.</abbr>"
  "<abbr title=\"英文缩写\">Abbrev.</abbr>"
  "<acronym title=\"Three-Letter Acronym\">TLA</acronym>"
  "<acronym title=\"Three-Letter Acronym\">TLA</acronym>"
  "Block quoted"
  "Quoted inline"
  "Table header"
  "Table cell"
  "Ordered list - use the &lt;li&gt; to begin each list item"
  "顺序列表- 使用 &lt;li&gt; 来开始每个项目"
  "First item"
  "Second item"
  "Unordered list - use the &lt;li&gt; to begin each list item"
  "无序列表 - 使用 &lt;li&gt; 开始每个项目"
"Definition lists are similar to other HTML lists. &lt;dl&gt; begins "
"the definition list, &lt;dt&gt; begins the definition term and "
"&lt;dd&gt; begins the definition description."
"定义列表类似于其他 HTML列表。&lt;dl&gt; "
"开始定义列表,&lt;dt&gt; 开始定义列表项,&lt;dd&gt; "
  "First term"
  "First definition"
  "Second term"
  "Second definition"
  "Subtitle three"
  "Subtitle four"
  "Subtitle five"
  "Subtitle six"
  "Tag Description"
  "You Type"
  "You Get"
  "No help provided for tag %tag."
  "目前没有标签 %tag 的说明。"
  "Quotation mark"
  "Character Description"
  "Lines and paragraphs break automatically."
"Lines and paragraphs are automatically recognized. The &lt;br /&gt; "
"line break, &lt;p&gt; paragraph and &lt;/p&gt; close paragraph tags "
"are inserted automatically. If paragraphs are not recognized simply "
"add a couple blank lines."
"行和段被自动识别。&lt;br /&gt; 分行、&lt;p&gt; "
"段落开始以及 &lt;/p&gt; "
  "Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically."
"Configure how content input by users is filtered, including allowed "
"HTML tags. Also allows enabling of module-provided filters."
  "Compose tips"
  "Short but meaningful name for this collection of threaded discussions."
  "Description and guidelines for discussions within this forum."
"Forums are displayed in ascending order by weight (forums with equal "
"weights are displayed alphabetically)."
"讨论版会按其顺序值由小 (轻) 到大 (重) "
  "Short but meaningful name for this collection of related forums."
  "Description and guidelines for forums within this container."
"Containers are displayed in ascending order by weight (containers with "
"equal weights are displayed alphabetically)."
"讨论区会按其顺序值由小 (轻) 到大 (重) "
"Deleting a forum or container will also delete its sub-forums, if any. "
"To delete posts in this forum, visit <a href=\"@content\">content "
"administration</a> first. This action cannot be undone."
"删除讨论版或讨论分区时,会同时删除其下的讨论版。如果要删除此讨论版里的文章,请到<a "
  "Default number of forum topics displayed per page."
  "Default display order for topics."
"Containers are usually placed at the top (root) level, but may also be "
"placed inside another container or forum."
"讨论分区通常是放在讨论版的上层 "
"Forums may be placed at the top (root) level, or inside another "
"container or forum."
"讨论版可以放在讨论版的上层 "
"For more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@forum\">Forum module</a>."
"更多信息,请参考<a "
  "Forum topic"
  "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum."
  "Manages the display of online help."
"This page provides an overview of available translatable strings. "
"Drupal displays translatable strings in text groups; modules may "
"define additional text groups containing other translatable strings. "
"Because text groups provide a method of grouping related strings, they "
"are often used to focus translation efforts on specific areas of the "
"Drupal interface."
"Note that the <em>.po</em> files within a translation package are "
"imported automatically (if available) when new modules or themes are "
"enabled, or as new languages are added. Since this page only allows "
"the import of one <em>.po</em> file at a time, it may be simpler to "
"download and extract a translation package into your Drupal "
"installation directory and <a href=\"@language-add\">add the "
"language</a> (which automatically imports all <em>.po</em> files "
"within the package). Translation packages are available for download "
"on the <a href=\"@translations\">Drupal translation page</a>."
"当启用新模块或新主题、或是增加新语系时,就会自动导入 "
".po 翻译档。因为此页面一次仅能导入一个 .po "
"档,所以下载并解压缩一个翻译包到你的 Drupal "
"网站里、并选择<a "
"href=\"@language-add\">新增语系</a>,会是一个比较简单的作法 "
"(这样可以自动导入所有该翻译包里的翻译档)。翻译包可以从 "
"<a href=\"@translations\">Drupal 翻译单元</a>下载。"
"This page exports the translated strings used by your site. An export "
"file may be in Gettext Portable Object (<em>.po</em>) form, which "
"includes both the original string and the translation (used to share "
"translations with others), or in Gettext Portable Object Template "
"(<em>.pot</em>) form, which includes the original strings only (used "
"to create new translations with a Gettext translation editor)."
"您可以在本页面导出可供翻译的Drupal字符串。导出文件有两种格式可供选则:一种是是Gettext "
"Portable "
"Object(<em>.po</em>)格式,包括原文及翻译字串,可用于共享翻译成果;另一种是Gettext "
"Portable Object "
  "Built-in interface"
"This account's default language for e-mails, and preferred language "
"for site presentation."
  "This account's default language for e-mails."
"A path alias set for a specific language will always be used when "
"displaying this page in that language, and takes precedence over path "
"aliases set for <em>All languages</em>."
"Enable multilingual support for this content type. If enabled, a "
"language selection field will be added to the editing form, allowing "
"you to select from one of the <a href=\"!languages\">enabled "
"languages</a>. If disabled, new posts are saved with the default "
"language. Existing content will not be affected by changing this "
"启用此内容类型的多语支持。如果启用了,语系选择字段会出现在编辑表单里,让你可以从<a "
  "Configure languages for content and the user interface."
  "Translate the built in interface and optionally other text."
"Adds language handling functionality and enables the translation of "
"the user interface to languages other than English."
  "Submission form settings"
  "This content type does not have a title field."
"The machine-readable name must contain only lowercase letters, "
"numbers, and underscores."
  "The human-readable name %name is already taken."
  "名称 %name 已被占用。"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the content type %type?"
  "确定要删除内容类型 %type?"
  "Added content type %name."
  "添加了内容类型 %name。"
  "Changed the content type of 1 post from %old-type to %type."
 _plural "Changed the content type of @count posts from %old-type to %type."
 [0] "变更一篇文章的文章类型,从 %old-type 变更为 %type."
 [1] ""
"变更 @count 篇文章的文章类型,从 %old-type 变更为 "
  "Are you sure you want to rebuild the permissions on site content?"
"This action rebuilds all permissions on site content, and may be a "
"lengthy process. This action cannot be undone."
  "An error occurred and processing did not complete."
"The trimmed version of your post shows what your post looks like when "
"promoted to the main page or when exported for syndication.<span "
"class=\"no-js\"> You can insert the delimiter \"&lt;!--break--&gt;\" "
"(without the quotes) to fine-tune where your post gets split.</span>"
"你的文章的摘要版本,会显示在网站首页或是 RSS "
"信息源里。<span class=\"no-js\">你可以插入 "
  "Copy of the revision from %date."
  "复制 %date 的修订版本。"
"@type %title has been reverted back to the revision from "
  "@type %title 已还原到 %revision-date 的版本。"
  "Revision from %revision-date of @type %title has been deleted."
  "@type %title 的修订版本 %revision-date 已被删除。"
  "@type: reverted %title revision %revision."
  "@type:%title 恢复为修订版本 %revision。"
  "The content access permissions need to be rebuilt."
"<strong>Configure your website</strong> Once logged in, visit the <a "
"href=\"@admin\">administration section</a>, where you can <a "
"href=\"@config\">customize and configure</a> all aspects of your "
"在登录之后<strong>配置网站</strong> ,访问<a "
"href=\"@admin\">管理版面</a>,你可以在此<a "
"<strong>Enable additional functionality</strong> Next, visit the <a "
"href=\"@modules\">module list</a> and enable features which suit your "
"specific needs. You can find additional modules in the <a "
"href=\"@download_modules\">Drupal modules download section</a>."
"<strong>启用额外功能</strong>接下来,请到<a "
"href=\"@modules\">模块列表</a>启用符合你的需求的模块。你能够在<a "
"<strong>Customize your website design</strong> To change the \"look "
"and feel\" of your website, visit the <a href=\"@themes\">themes "
"section</a>. You may choose from one of the included themes or "
"download additional themes from the <a "
"href=\"@download_themes\">Drupal themes download section</a>."
"<strong>定制站点外观</strong> "
"以便改变站点外观,访问<a "
"href=\"@themes\">主题版面</a>。你可以从表单中选择已有的主题,或者从<a "
  "Rebuilding content access permissions"
  "Content permissions have been rebuilt."
  "The content access permissions have not been properly rebuilt."
  "Add content type"
  "Revert to earlier revision"
  "Delete earlier revision"
  "Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages."
"To use OpenID you must first establish an identity on a public or "
"private OpenID server. If you do not have an OpenID and would like "
"one, look into one of the <a href=\"@openid-providers\">free public "
"providers</a>. You can find out more about OpenID at <a "
"href=\"@openid-net\">this website</a>."
"要使用OpenID,你必须在公共或私有的OpenID服务器上创建一个身份。如果你还没有OpenID并想获取一个,请访问<a "
"href=\"@openid-providers\">免费公共服务商</a>中的一个。更多有关OpenID的信息,请访问<a "
  "OpenID identities"
  "OpenID 认证"
  "Allows users to log into your site using OpenID."
  "The alias %alias is already in use in this language."
  "别名 %alias 在此语言中已被使用了。"
  "The alias has been saved."
  "Are you sure you want to delete path alias %title?"
  "确定要删除此路径别名 %title 吗?"
  "Filter aliases"
"Enter the path you wish to create the alias for, followed by the name "
"of the new alias."
  "URL aliases"
  "Change your site's URL paths by aliasing them."
  "Edit alias"
  "Delete alias"
  "Add alias"
  "Allows users to rename URLs."
"<a href=\"@drupal\">Drupal.org</a> offers <a "
"href=\"@php-snippets\">some example PHP snippets</a>, or you can "
"create your own with some PHP experience and knowledge of the Drupal "
"<a href=\"@drupal\">Drupal.org</a> 提供了一些<a "
  "You may post PHP code. You should include &lt;?php ?&gt; tags."
"您可以使用 PHP 程序代码。当然,您必须加上 &lt;?php "
"?&gt; 标签。"
  "Using custom PHP code"
"Custom PHP code may be embedded in some types of site content, "
"including posts and blocks. While embedding PHP code inside a post or "
"block is a powerful and flexible feature when used by a trusted user "
"with PHP experience, it is a significant and dangerous security risk "
"when used improperly. Even a small mistake when posting PHP code may "
"accidentally compromise your site."
"If you are unfamiliar with PHP, SQL, or Drupal, avoid using custom PHP "
"code within posts. Experimenting with PHP may corrupt your database, "
"render your site inoperable, or significantly compromise security."
"如果你不熟悉 PHP、SQL 或 "
"Drupal,请避免在文章里使用自定义的 PHP "
"程序代码。任意实验 PHP "
"Remember to double-check each line for syntax and logic errors "
"<strong>before</strong> saving."
  "Statements must be correctly terminated with semicolons."
"Global variables used within your PHP code retain their values after "
"your script executes."
"你的 PHP "
"<code>register_globals</code> is <strong>turned off</strong>. If you "
"need to use forms, understand and use the functions in <a "
"href=\"@formapi\">the Drupal Form API</a>."
"<code>register_globals</code> 已被 "
"<strong>禁用</strong>。如需要使用表单,请理解和使用 "
"<a href=\"@formapi\">Drupal Form API</a> 中的函数。"
"Use a <code>print</code> or <code>return</code> statement in your code "
"to output content."
"在程序代码里使用 <code>print</code> 或 <code>return</code> "
"Develop and test your PHP code using a separate test script and sample "
"database before deploying on a production site."
"在导入到正式网站之前,请使用一个独立的测试程序和范例数据库来开发并测试你的 "
"PHP 程序代码。"
"Consider including your custom PHP code within a site-specific module "
"or <code>template.php</code> file rather than embedding it directly "
"into a post or block."
"请考虑使用模块或 <code>template.php</code> 来运用你的 PHP "
"Be aware that the ability to embed PHP code within content is provided "
"by the PHP Filter module. If this module is disabled or deleted, then "
"blocks and posts with embedded PHP may display, rather than execute, "
"the PHP code."
"要小心使用 PHP 过滤模块所提供的在文章里箝入 PHP "
"A basic example: <em>Creating a \"Welcome\" block that greets visitors "
"with a simple message.</em>"
"简单示例:<em>创建一个 \"欢迎\" "
  "PHP evaluator"
  "PHP evaluator"
"Executes a piece of PHP code. The usage of this filter should be "
"restricted to administrators only!"
"执行一段 PHP "
  "Allows embedded PHP code/snippets to be evaluated."
  "Total votes: @votes"
  "投票统计: @votes"
  "Most recent poll"
"A <em>poll</em> is a question with a set of possible responses. A "
"<em>poll</em>, once created, automatically provides a simple running "
"count of the number of votes received for each response."
  "Poll status"
  "When a poll is closed, visitors can no longer vote for it."
  "After this period, the poll will be closed automatically."
  "Negative values are not allowed."
"Your vote could not be recorded because you did not select any of the "
  "Vote count"
  "Profile fields have been updated."
"No fields in this category. If this category remains empty when saved, "
"it will be removed."
"The name of the field. The form name is not shown to the user but used "
"internally in the HTML code and URLs.\n"
"Unless you know what you are doing, it is highly recommended that you "
"prefix the form name with <code>profile_</code> to avoid name clashes "
"with other fields. Spaces or any other special characters except dash "
"(-) and underscore (_) are not allowed. An example name is "
"\"profile_favorite_color\" or perhaps just \"profile_color\"."
"字段的名称。字段名称不会显示给用户看,而是用在 "
"HTML 程序代码和 URL "
"里。除非您知道您在做什么,否则我们强烈建议您使用 "
"<code>profile_</code> "
"作为字段名称的前导字,以避免与其他字段冲突。除了横线 "
"(-) 和底线 (_) "
"之外,空格或其他特殊字节是不被允许的。例如你可以使用 "
"\"profile_favorite_color\" 或 \"profile_color\" 作字段的名称。"
"A list of all options. Put each option on a separate line. Example "
"options are \"red\", \"blue\", \"green\", etc."
"所有选项的一个列表。每一行一个选项,比如选项为 "
"\"红\"、\"绿\"、\"蓝\" 等等。"
"Hidden profile field, only accessible by administrators, modules and "
  "Private field, content only available to privileged users."
"Public field, content shown on profile page but not used on member "
"list pages."
  "Public field, content shown on profile page and on member list pages."
"The weights define the order in which the form fields are shown. "
"Lighter fields \"float up\" towards the top of the category."
  "Form will auto-complete while user is typing."
"For security, auto-complete will be disabled if the user does not have "
"access to user profiles."
"The specified form name contains one or more illegal characters. "
"Spaces or any other special characters except dash (-) and underscore "
"(_) are not allowed."
  "The specified form name is reserved for use by Drupal."
  "你所输入的表单名称是 Drupal 的保留名称。"
  "The specified category name is reserved for use by Drupal."
  "所指定分类名称是 Drupal 的保留名称。"
  "The specified title is already in use."
  "The specified name is already in use."
  "A hidden field cannot be required."
  "A hidden field cannot be set to visible on the user registration form."
  "The field has been created."
  "Are you sure you want to delete the field %field?"
  "确定要删除字段 %field 吗?"
"This action cannot be undone. If users have entered values into this "
"field in their profile, these entries will also be deleted. If you "
"want to keep the user-entered data, instead of deleting the field you "
"may wish to <a href=\"@edit-field\">edit this field</a> and change it "
"to a hidden profile field so that it may only be accessed by "
"此动作无法恢复。如果用户曾经在他们个人信息的字段里填写了资料,这些资料也都会被删除。如果你想要保留用户输入的资料,你不应该删除该字段,而是应该 "
"<a href=\"@edit-field\">编辑此字段</a> "
  "The field %field has been deleted."
  "字段 %field 已经被删除。"
  "Profile field %field added under category %category."
  "个人信息字段 %field 已新增到分类 %category。"
  "Profile field %field deleted."
  "个人信息字段 %field 已经被删除。"
  "User list"
  "single-line textfield"
  "multi-line textfield"
  "list selection"
  "freeform list"
  "Author information"
  "Link to full user profile"
  "Profile fields to display"
"Select which profile fields you wish to display in the block. Only "
"fields designated as public in the <a href=\"@profile-admin\">profile "
"field configuration</a> are available."
"选择你想要在区块里显示的个人信息字段。只有在 <a "
"href=\"@profile-admin\">个人信息字段设置</a> "
  "View full user profile"
  "About %name"
  "关于 %name"
"Put each item on a separate line or separate them by commas. No HTML "
  "The value provided for %field is not a valid URL."
  "%field 的值不是一个正确的URL。"
  "Create customizable fields for your users."
  "Profile category autocomplete"
  "Edit field"
  "Delete field"
  "Profile autocomplete"
  "Supports configurable user profiles."
  "The index will be rebuilt."
  "Indexing status"
  "Indexing throttle"
  "Number of items to index per cron run"
"The maximum number of items indexed in each pass of a <a "
"href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance task</a>. If necessary, reduce the "
"number of items to prevent timeouts and memory errors while indexing."
"每次 <a href=\"@cron\">cron维护作业</a> "
  "Indexing settings"
"<p><em>Changing the settings below will cause the site index to be "
"rebuilt. The search index is not cleared but systematically updated to "
"reflect the new settings. Searching will continue to work but new "
"content won't be indexed until all existing content has been "
"re-indexed.</em></p><p><em>The default settings should be appropriate "
"for the majority of sites.</em></p>"
  "Minimum word length to index"
"The number of characters a word has to be to be indexed. A lower "
"setting means better search result ranking, but also a larger "
"database. Each search query must contain at least one keyword that is "
"this size (or longer)."
  "Simple CJK handling"
"Whether to apply a simple Chinese/Japanese/Korean tokenizer based on "
"overlapping sequences. Turn this off if you want to use an external "
"preprocessor for this instead. Does not affect other languages."
"The search engine maintains an index of words found in your site's "
"content. To build and maintain this index, a correctly configured <a "
"href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance task</a> is required. Indexing "
"behavior can be adjusted using the settings below."
"搜索引擎维护一组从您的网站内容中所找到的字组索引。为建置与更新此索引,正确的设置 "
"<a href=\"@cron\">cron 维护作业</a> "
  "Search form"
  "Top search phrases"
  "View most popular search phrases."
  "Enables site-wide keyword searching."
  "Total page generation time"
  "%time ms"
  "%time 毫秒"
  "Top pages in the past %interval"
  "在过去 %interval 的热门文章"
  "Top visitors in the past %interval"
  "在过去 %interval 的活跃用户"
  "Top referrers in the past %interval"
  "在过去 %interval 的主要外部来源"
  "Log each page access. Required for referrer statistics."
"Older access log entries (including referrer statistics) will be "
"automatically discarded. (Requires a correctly configured <a "
"href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance task</a>.)"
"老的访问日志条目(包含来源统计)会被自动抛弃(需要正确配置<a "
  "Content viewing counter settings"
  "Count content views"
  "Increment a counter each time content is viewed."
"Settings for the statistical information that Drupal will keep about "
"the site. See <a href=\"@statistics\">site statistics</a> for the "
"actual information."
"Drupal 会保存网站的统计信息的设置。请参考 <a "
"href=\"@statistics\">网站统计</a> 以了解实际的信息。"
  "This page displays the site's most recent hits."
"This page displays all external referrers, or external references to "
"your website."
"此页面显示所有的外部来源 "
"When you ban a visitor, you prevent the visitor's IP address from "
"accessing your site. Unlike blocking a user, banning a visitor works "
"even for anonymous users. This is most commonly used to block "
"resource-intensive bots or web crawlers."
"当你要封锁一个访客时,你可以锁定他的 IP "
  "Popular content"
  "How many content items to display in \"all time\" list."
  "在 \"总体\" 列表里要显示多少个内容项目。"
  "How many content items to display in \"recently viewed\" list."
  "在 \"最近浏览\" 列表里要显示多少个内容项目。"
  "All time:"
  "Last viewed:"
  "View pages that have recently been visited."
  "View pages that have been hit frequently."
  "Top visitors"
  "View visitors that hit many pages."
  "Top referrers"
  "View top referrers."
  "View access log."
  "Track page visits"
  "Logs access statistics for your site."
  "Logs and records system events to syslog."
  "User pictures in posts"
  "User pictures in comments"
  "Shortcut icon"
  "Logo image settings"
  "If toggled on, the following logo will be displayed."
  "Use the default logo"
  "Check here if you want the theme to use the logo supplied with it."
"The path to the file you would like to use as your logo file instead "
"of the default logo."
  "Upload logo image"
  "Shortcut icon settings"
"Your shortcut icon, or 'favicon', is displayed in the address bar and "
"bookmarks of most browsers."
  "Use the default shortcut icon."
  "Check here if you want the theme to use the default shortcut icon."
"The path to the image file you would like to use as your custom "
"shortcut icon."
  "Upload icon image"
"If you don't have direct file access to the server, use this field to "
"upload your shortcut icon."
  "@module (<span class=\"admin-missing\">missing</span>)"
  "@module (<span class=\"admin-missing\">不存在</span>)"
"The following modules will be completely uninstalled from your site, "
"and <em>all data from these modules will be lost</em>!"
  "Confirm uninstall"
  "Would you like to continue with uninstalling the above?"
  "No modules selected."
  "The selected modules have been uninstalled."
  "Default 403 (access denied) page"
  "Default 404 (not found) page"
  "Caches cleared."
  "Select an image processing toolkit"
  "Number of items in each feed"
  "Default number of items to include in each feed."
  "Feed content"
  "Titles plus teaser"
  "Global setting for the default display of content items in each feed."
  "Cron ran successfully."
  "Cron 执行成功。"
  "Cron run failed."
  "Cron 执行失败。"
  "No modules are available to uninstall."
"This theme requires PHP version @php_required and is incompatible with "
"PHP version !php_version."
"这个主题需要 PHP 版本 @php_required,与目前的  "
"!php_version 版不相容。"
"This page shows you all available administration tasks for each "
"These options control the default display settings for your entire "
"site, across all themes. Unless they have been overridden by a "
"specific theme, these settings will be used."
"The <em>Powered by Drupal</em> block is an optional link to the home "
"page of the Drupal project. While there is absolutely no requirement "
"that sites feature this link, it may be used to show support for "
"<em>Powered by Drupal</em> "
"区块是一个链接会Drupal.org主站的可选链接。您的网站没有推荐此链接的义务,但可以用来表示您对 "
"Drupal 的支持。"
"Here you can find a short overview of your site's parameters as well "
"as any problems detected with your installation. It may be useful to "
"copy and paste this information into support requests filed on "
"drupal.org's support forums and project issue queues."
"您可以在这里找到您 Drupal "
  "Powered by Drupal"
  "Powered by Drupal"
  "Could not delete temporary file \"%path\" during garbage collection"
  "无法在整理垃圾时删除暂时目录 \"%path\""
  "Compact mode"
  "Tell Drupal where to store uploaded files and how they are accessed."
  "Image toolkit"
"Choose which image toolkit to use if you have installed optional "
  "RSS publishing"
  "RSS 发布"
  "Date and time"
  "Date and time lookup"
  "Enable or disable clean URLs for your site."
  "Clean URL check"
"Get a status report about your site's operation and any detected "
  "-1 (Unlimited)"
  "-1 (无限)"
"Your PHP installation is too old. Drupal requires at least PHP "
  "您的PHP版本太老。Drupal需要至少PHP %version 以上版本。"
  "PHP register globals"
  "PHP register globals"
"<em>register_globals</em> is enabled. Drupal requires this "
"configuration directive to be disabled. Your site may not be secure "
"when <em>register_globals</em> is enabled. The PHP manual has "
"instructions for <a href=\"http://php.net/configuration.changes\">how "
"to change configuration settings</a>."
"启用了 <em>register_globals</em>。Drupal "
"需要禁用此设置。若启用 "
"<em>register_globals</em>,可能会造成站点的安全问题。PHP手册里有关于<a "
  "Enabled ('@value')"
  "启用 ('@value')"
  "PHP memory limit"
"Consider increasing your PHP memory limit to %memory_minimum_limit to "
"help prevent errors in the installation process."
"请考虑将您的PHP内存限制提升到 "
"Consider increasing your PHP memory limit to %memory_minimum_limit to "
"help prevent errors in the update process."
"请考虑将您的PHP内存限制提升到 "
"Depending on your configuration, Drupal can run with a %memory_limit "
"PHP memory limit. However, a %memory_minimum_limit PHP memory limit or "
"above is recommended, especially if your site uses additional custom "
"or contributed modules."
"根据您的设定,Drupal 可以在 %memory_limit PHP "
"内存限制下执行。然而建议您采用 %memory_minimum_limit "
"PHP "
"Increase the memory limit by editing the memory_limit parameter in the "
"file %configuration-file and then restart your web server (or contact "
"your system administrator or hosting provider for assistance)."
"编辑 %configuration-file "
"Contact your system administrator or hosting provider for assistance "
"with increasing your PHP memory limit."
"联络您的系统管理者或主机营运商,以协助您提升 PHP "
  "See the <a href=\"@url\">Drupal requirements</a> for more information."
"请参考 <a href=\"@url\">Drupal "
  "Not protected"
"The file %file is not protected from modifications and poses a "
"security risk. You must change the file's permissions to be "
"文件 %file "
"For more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@cron-handbook\">configuring cron jobs</a>."
"更多信息,请参考<a href=\"@cron-handbook\">设置 cron "
"jobs</a> 的在线说明。"
  "Cron has not run recently."
  "最近没有执行 cron。"
  "Cron maintenance tasks"
  "Cron 维护任务"
  "You can <a href=\"@cron\">run cron manually</a>."
  "你可以<a href=\"@cron\">手动执行 cron</a>。"
  "The directory %directory is not writable."
  "目录 %directory 不可写。"
"You may need to set the correct directory at the <a "
"href=\"@admin-file-system\">file system settings page</a> or change "
"the current directory's permissions so that it is writable."
"你需要在<a "
  "Writable (<em>public</em> download method)"
  "Writable (<em>private</em> download method)"
  "Database updates"
"Some modules have database schema updates to install. You should run "
"the <a href=\"@update\">database update script</a> immediately."
"某些模块要安装数据库架构更新。你应该立刻执行 <a "
"The update.php script is accessible to everyone without authentication "
"check, which is a security risk. You must change the "
"$update_free_access value in your settings.php back to FALSE."
"update.php "
"脚本可以被任何人不通过权限检验而存取,这是一个安全性问题。您必须修改 "
"settings.php 文件里的 $update_free_access 的值为 FALSE。"
  "Access to update.php"
  "存取 update.php"
  "Handles general site configuration for administrators."
  "Reset to alphabetical"
  "Terms are displayed in ascending order by weight."
  "Weight value must be numeric."
"Are you sure you want to reset the vocabulary %title to alphabetical "
  "确定要将术语表 %title 重置为按字母排序吗?"
"Resetting a vocabulary will discard all custom ordering and sort items "
  "Reset vocabulary %name to alphabetical order."
  "重设术语表 %name 为按字母顺序排列。"
"Translations of a piece of content are managed with translation sets. "
"Each translation set has one source post and any number of "
"translations in any of the <a href=\"!languages\">enabled "
"languages</a>. All translations are tracked to be up to date or "
"outdated based on whether the source post was modified significantly."
"内容的翻译可透过翻译组来管理。每一个翻译组有一篇原始文章和任意数量的<a "
  "Translation settings"
  "Flag translations as outdated"
"If you made a significant change, which means translations should be "
"updated, you can flag all translations of this post as outdated. This "
"will not change any other property of those posts, like whether they "
"are published or not."
  "This translation needs to be updated"
"When this option is checked, this translation needs to be updated "
"because the source post has changed. Uncheck when the translation is "
"up to date again."
  "Content translation"
  "Allows content to be translated into different languages."
  "Unknown release date"
  "Last checked: @time ago"
  "上次检测时间:@time 以前"
  "Last checked: never"
  "Includes: %includes"
  "Disabled modules"
  "Disabled themes"
"Select how frequently you want to automatically check for new releases "
"of your currently installed modules and themes."
  "E-mail notification threshold"
  "E-mail 通知门槛"
"You can choose to send e-mail only if a security update is available, "
"or to be notified about all newer versions. If there are updates "
"available of Drupal core or any of your installed modules and themes, "
"your site will always print a message on the <a "
"href=\"@status_report\">status report</a> page, and will also display "
"an error message on administration pages if there is a security "
"你可以选择只发送 E-mail "
"提示有安全性更新或任何核心程序、己安装模块及主题更新。同时会在网站的<a "
"Here you can find information about available updates for your "
"installed modules and themes. Note that each module or theme is part "
"of a \"project\", which may or may not have the same name, and might "
"include multiple modules or themes within it."
  "Module and theme update status"
"There are security updates available for one or more of your modules "
"or themes. To ensure the security of your server, you should update "
"There are updates available for one or more of your modules or themes. "
"To ensure the proper functioning of your site, you should update as "
"soon as possible."
"Get a status report about available updates for your installed modules "
"and themes."
  "Notify user when account is activated."
  "Notify user when account is blocked."
  "Picture guidelines"
"This text is displayed at the picture upload form in addition to the "
"default guidelines. It's useful for helping or instructing your users."
"The name for this role. Example: \"moderator\", \"editorial board\", "
"\"site architect\"."
"角色的名称。例如: "
  "The role has been renamed."
  "The role has been deleted."
  "E-mail new password"
  "Sorry, %name is not recognized as a user name or an e-mail address."
"很抱歉,%name "
  "Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address."
  "%name has been deleted."
  "%name 已被删除。"
  "You must enter a username."
  "The username cannot begin with a space."
  "The username cannot end with a space."
  "The username cannot contain multiple spaces in a row."
  "The username contains an illegal character."
  "The username %name is too long: it must be %max characters or less."
  "用户名 %name 过长;不能超过 %max 个字符。"
  "You must enter an e-mail address."
  "Who's online"
  "User list length"
  "Enter the password that accompanies your username."
  "Signature settings"
  "Delete picture"
  "Check this box to delete your current picture."
  "Unblock the selected users"
  "Block the selected users"
"This web page allows administrators to register new users. Users' "
"e-mail addresses and usernames must be unique."
"这个页面允许管理员添加新的用户. "
"Enter a simple pattern (\"*\" may be used as a wildcard match) to "
"search for a username or e-mail address. For example, one may search "
"for \"br\" and Drupal might return \"brian\", \"brad\", and "
"输入关键字 (可使用万用字节 \"*\" "
"),来搜索用户名称。例如,你可以搜索 "
"\"br\",就可以找到 \"brian\"、 \"brad\" 和 "
  "Deleted user: %name %email."
  "删除了用户:%name %email。"
  "Determine access to features by selecting permissions for roles."
  "Edit role"
  "Manages the user registration and login system."
  "Run the clean URL test"
"The title is used as a tool tip when the user hovers the mouse over "
"the image."
  "Progress indicator"
  "Bar with progress meter"
  "The file upload failed. %upload"
  "URL to file"
"An unrecoverable error occurred. The uploaded file likely exceeded the "
"maximum file size (@size) that this server supports."
  "Starting upload..."
  "Uploading... (@current of @total)"
  "上传中…(@total 中的 @current)"
"Your server is capable of displaying file upload progress, but does "
"not have the required libraries. It is recommended to install the <a "
"href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
"uploadprogress library</a> (preferred) or to install <a "
"你的服务器尚需必要的库以显示文件上传进度。推荐安装<a "
"href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL上传进度库</a>(首选)或安装<a "
"Your server is capable of displaying file upload progress using APC "
"RFC1867. Note that only one upload at a time is supported. It is "
"recommended to use the <a "
"href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
"uploadprogress library</a> if possible."
"你的服务器使用 APC RFC1867 "
"显示文件上传进度。注意它仅支持一次上传一个文件。如果可能,推荐使用<a "
"href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
"Your server is not capable of displaying file upload progress. File "
"upload progress requires PHP be run with mod_php and not as FastCGI."
"您的服务器没有显示文件上传进度的能力。文件上传进度要求 "
"PHP 以 mod_php 而不是 FastCGI 运行。"
"Your server is capable of displaying file upload progress through APC, "
"but it is not enabled. Add <code>apc.rfc1867 = 1</code> to your "
"php.ini configuration. Alternatively, it is recommended to use <a "
"href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
"uploadprogress</a>, which supports more than one simultaneous upload."
"您的服务器有通过APC的显示文件上传进度的能力,但它没有启用。将<code>apc.rfc1867 "
"= 1</code> 添加到你的 php.ini 配置。此外,建议使用<a "
"href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
"Enabled (<a "
"href=\"http://php.net/manual/en/apc.configuration.php#ini.apc.rfc1867\">APC "
"启用 (<a "
"href=\"http://php.net/manual/en/apc.configuration.php#ini.apc.rfc1867\">APC "
"Enabled (<a href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
"启用(<a href=\"http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress\">PECL "
  "Upload progress"
  "@size KB"
  "@size KB"
  "@size MB"
  "@size MB"
  "@size GB"
  "@size GB"
  "@size TB"
  "@size TB"
  "@size PB"
  "@size PB"
  "@size EB"
  "@size EB"
  "@size ZB"
  "@size ZB"
  "@size YB"
  "@size YB"
  "All messages"
  "Text format"
  "No new posts"
  "Sticky topic"
  "URL path"
  "URL 路径"
"The translation file %filename contains an error: \"msgctxt\" is "
"unexpected on line %line."
"翻译文件 %filename 包含一个错误: 在 %line 行的 "
"\"msgctxt\" 是不可预期的。"
  "The name of the site."
  "Region settings"
  "Format string"
  "Are you sure you want to remove the format %format?"
  "确定要删除该格式 %format 吗?"
  "Removed date format %format."
  "删除日期格式 %format。"
  "Add format"
  "Allow users to add additional date formats."
  "Delete date format"
  "Allow users to delete a configured date format."
  "Configure date formats for each locale"
  "Content type name"
  "manage fields"
  "@field_name (Locked)"
  "@field_name (被锁定)"
  "- Select a field type -"
  "- 选择一个字段类型 -"
  "- Select a widget -"
  "- 选择一个控件 -"
  "Type of data to store."
  "Form element to edit the data."
  "- Select an existing field -"
  "- 选择一个现有字段 -"
  "Field to share"
  "Add new field: you need to provide a label."
  "Add new field: you need to provide a field name."
  "Add new field: you need to select a field type."
  "Add new field: you need to select a widget."
  "Add new field: invalid widget."
  "Add existing field: you need to provide a label."
  "Add existing field: you need to select a field."
  "Add existing field: you need to select a widget."
  "Add existing field: invalid widget."
  "@type: @field (@label)"
  "@type: @field (@label)"
  "The field %field is locked and cannot be edited."
  "字段 %field 被锁定不能编辑。"
  "Maximum number of values users can enter for this field."
"'Unlimited' will provide an 'Add more' button so the users can add as "
"many values as they like."
  "%name must be an integer."
  "%name must be a positive integer."
  "%name must be a number."
  "Only numbers are allowed in %field."
  "Regional settings"
  "Page top"
  "Page bottom"
  "Hello <strong>@username</strong>"
  "你好 <strong>@username</strong>"
  "Show shortcuts"
  "width @width"
  "宽度 @width"
  "height @height"
  "高度 @height"
  "upscaling allowed"
  "random between -@degrees&deg and @degrees&deg"
  "介于 -@degrees&deg和@degrees&deg之间的随机数"
  "Sidebar first"
  "Database is encoded in UTF-8"
"Drupal could not determine the encoding of the database was set to "
  "PostgreSQL has initialized itself."
  "Created role of name: @name, id: @rid"
  "创建角色的名字: @name, id: @rid"
  "User %name successfully logged in."
  "用户 %name 成功登录"
  "Raw \"@raw\" found"
  "Raw \"@raw\" 发现"
  "Raw \"@raw\" not found"
  "Raw \"@raw\" 没有发现"
  "\"@text\" found"
  "\"@text\" 已找到"
  "\"@text\" not found"
  "\"@text\" 未找到"
  "Pattern \"@pattern\" found"
  "模式 \"@pattern\" 发现"
  "Pattern \"@pattern\" not found"
  "模式 \"@pattern\" 没有发现"
  "Checkbox field @id is checked."
  "复选框 @id 已被选中。"
  "Checkbox field @id is not checked."
  "复选框 @id 没有选中。"
  "Verbose message"
"Select the test(s) or test group(s) you would like to run, and click "
"<em>Run tests</em>."
  "All (@count)"
  "Pass (@count)"
  "Fail (@count)"
  "Return to list"
  "Clear results after each complete test suite run"
  "Provide verbose information when running tests"
"The verbose data will be printed along with the standard assertions "
"and is useful for debugging. The verbose data will be erased between "
"each test suite run. The verbose data output is very detailed and "
"should only be used when debugging."
"HTTP auth settings to be used by the SimpleTest browser during "
"testing. Useful when the site requires basic HTTP authentication."
"测试过程中,HTTP认证设置被 SimpleTest "
  "@pass, @fail, @exception, and @debug"
  "@pass, @fail, @exception, 和 @debug"
  "The test run did not successfully finish."
"Clear results is disabled and the test results table will not be "
  "No leftover tables to remove."
  "1 debug message"
 _plural "@count debug messages"
 [0] "1 条调试消息"
 [1] "@count 条调试消息"
  "Removed 1 test result."
 _plural "Removed @count test results."
 [0] "移除 1 个测试结果。"
 [1] "移除 @count 测试结果。"
  "Removed 1 leftover table."
 _plural "Removed @count leftover tables."
 [0] "删除1个剩余表。"
 [1] "删除 @count 个剩余表。"
  "Removed 1 temporary directory."
 _plural "Removed @count temporary directories."
 [0] "删除1个临时目录。"
 [1] "删除 @count 个临时目录。"
  "Test result"
  "View result of tests."
  "Comment permalink"
  "!site_name blogs"
  "!site_name 博客"
  "Search block"
  "Edit style"
  "Delete style"
  "Check for updates of disabled modules and themes"
  "This permission is inherited from the authenticated user role."
  "Highlighted content"
  "Submitted by !username on !datetime"
  "!username  !datetime 发布"
  "Administer forums"
  "Cancel account"
  "Secondary menu"
  "Administrator role"
  "No revision"
  "@number comments per page"
  "每页 @number 条评论"
  "Requires a title"
  "Private files"
  "Not restricted"
  "Other blocks"
  "The unique ID of the comment."
  "The IP address of the computer the comment was posted from."
  "The name left by the comment author."
  "The email address left by the comment author."
  "The home page URL left by the comment author."
  "The formatted content of the comment itself."
  "The URL of the comment."
  "Edit URL"
  "The URL of the comment's edit page."
  "The date the comment was posted."
  "The comment's parent, if comment threading is active."
  "The node the comment was posted to."
  "The author of the comment, if they were logged in."
  "The number of comments posted on a node."
  "New comment count"
"The number of comments posted on a node since the reader last viewed "
  "The unique ID of the node's latest revision."
  "Translation set ID"
  "翻译设置 ID"
"The unique ID of the original-language version of this node, if one "
  "The type of the node."
  "The human-readable name of the node type."
  "The language the node is written in."
  "The URL of the node."
  "The URL of the node's edit page."
  "Date changed"
  "The date the node was most recently updated."
  "The author of the node."
  "Poll winner"
  "The winning poll answer."
  "Poll winner votes"
  "The number of votes received by the winning poll answer."
  "Poll winner percent"
  "The percentage of votes received by the winning poll answer."
  "The number of visitors who have read the node."
  "The number of visitors who have read the node today."
  "Last view"
  "The date on which a visitor last read the node."
  "The slogan of the site."
  "The administrative email address for the site."
  "The URL of the site's front page."
  "Login page"
  "The URL of the site's login page."
  "The unique ID of the uploaded file."
  "The name of the file on disk."
  "The web-accessible URL for the file."
  "The date the file was most recently changed."
  "The user who originally uploaded the file."
  "The unique ID of the taxonomy term."
  "The name of the taxonomy term."
  "The optional description of the taxonomy term."
  "The number of nodes tagged with the taxonomy term."
  "The URL of the taxonomy term."
  "The vocabulary the taxonomy term belongs to."
  "The parent term of the taxonomy term, if one exists."
  "The unique ID of the taxonomy vocabulary."
  "The name of the taxonomy vocabulary."
  "The optional description of the taxonomy vocabulary."
"The number of nodes tagged with terms belonging to the taxonomy "
  "Term count"
  "The number of terms belonging to the taxonomy vocabulary."
  "The unique ID of the user account."
  "The login name of the user account."
  "The email address of the user account."
  "The URL of the account profile page."
  "The date the user last logged in to the site."
  "The date the user account was created."
  "Your OpenID"
  "您的 OpenID"
  "This OpenID will be attached to your account after registration."
  "此 OpenID 将在注册后挂接到您的账号。"
  "Main page content"
  "You are not allowed to access this page."
  "Authorize file system changes"
  "It appears you have reached this page in error."
  "Cron could not run because an invalid key was used."
  "Cron could not run because the site is in maintenance mode."
  "Default country"
"Check the error messages and <a href=\"!url\">proceed with the "
  "检查错误信息并<a href=\"!url\">进行安装</a>。"
"In your %settings_file file you have configured @drupal to use a "
"%driver server, however your PHP installation currently does not "
"support this database type."
"你在你的 %settings_file 里设置 @drupal 使用了一个 %driver "
  "Sorry, you must select a language to continue the installation."
"We were unable to find any installation profiles. Installation "
"profiles tell us what modules to enable and what schema to install in "
"the database. A profile is necessary to continue with the installation "
  "Sorry, the profile you have chosen cannot be loaded."
"All necessary changes to %dir and %file have been made, so you should "
"remove write permissions to them now in order to avoid security risks. "
"If you are unsure how to do so, consult the <a "
"href=\"@handbook_url\">online handbook</a>."
"所有对于 %dir 和 %file "
"的必要更改已经完成,现在应当移除其可写权限以避免安全隐患。若不确定该如何操作,可以参阅<a "
  "Congratulations, you installed @drupal!"
  "恭喜,你安装了 @drupal!"
"Review the messages above before visiting <a href=\"@url\">your new "
"访问<a "
  "<a href=\"@url\">Visit your new site</a>."
  "<a href=\"@url\">访问新网站</a>"
  "Settings file"
  "The settings file does not exist."
"The @drupal installer requires that you create a settings file as part "
"of the installation process. Copy the %default_file file to %file. "
"More details about installing Drupal are available in <a "
"@drupal "
"安装器需要你创建一个设置文件作为安装过程的一部分。复制 "
"%default_file 文件到 %file "
"。关于安装Drupal的更多细节可以参考<a href=\" "
"@install_txt \">INSTALL.txt</a>。"
  "The %file file exists."
  "%file 文件已经存在。"
  "The settings file is not writable."
"The @drupal installer requires write permissions to %file during the "
"installation process. If you are unsure how to grant file permissions, "
"consult the <a href=\"@handbook_url\">online handbook</a>."
"在安装过程中,@drupal安撞期需要对%file的写入权限。如果你不能确定如何赋予文件权限,那么请查询<a "
"href=\"@handbook_url\">online handbook</a>。"
"Automated e-mails, such as registration information, will be sent from "
"this address. Use an address ending in your site's domain to help "
"prevent these e-mails from being flagged as spam."
  "Site maintenance account"
  "Select the default country for the site."
  "Receive e-mail notifications"
"The system will notify you when updates and important security "
"releases are available for installed components. Anonymous information "
"about your site is sent to <a href=\"@drupal\">Drupal.org</a>."
"当更新与重要的安全发布可用时,系统将通知您。您站点的匿名信息将发送到<a "
  "No pending updates."
  "1 pending update"
 _plural "@count pending updates"
 [0] "1 项待处理更新"
 [1] "@count 项待处理的更新"
"An error occurred while handling the request: The server received "
"invalid input."
  "处理这个请求时发生错误: 服务器收到无效的输入。"
  "Invalid form POST data."
  "Unable to continue, no available methods of file transfer"
"WARNING: You are not using an encrypted connection, so your password "
"will be sent in plain text. <a href=\"@https-link\">Learn more</a>."
"<strong>警告</strong>:您未使用加密连接,因此您的密码将以明文发送。<a "
  "To continue, provide your server connection details"
  "Connection method"
  "Enter connection settings"
  "@backend connection settings"
  "@backend 连接设置"
  "Change connection type"
  "Error, this type of connection protocol (%backend) does not exist."
  "出错了,不存在此类型的连接协议 (%backend)。"
  "No active batch."
  "Site under maintenance"
  "Archivers can only operate on local files: %file not supported"
"不能对文件:%file "
"The file could not be uploaded, because the destination %destination "
"is invalid."
  "无法上传文件,目标目录 %destination 无效。"
"The file %source could not be uploaded because a file by that name "
"already exists in the destination %directory."
"无法上传文件 %source 因为在目标目录 %directory "
"The file's name exceeds the 240 characters limit. Please rename the "
"file and try again."
  "文件名超出了 240 字符的限制。请重命名文件再试。"
"%path is a directory and cannot be removed using "
  "%path 为目录,不能使用 file_unmanaged_delete() 移除。"
  "The file %path is not of a recognized type so it was not deleted."
  "文件 %path 的类型未知,因此未删除它。"
  "The file permissions could not be set on %uri."
  "无法设置 %uri 的文件权限。"
  "Completed @current of @total."
  "完成 @current / @total。"
"Failed to run all tasks against the database server. The task %task "
"wasn't found."
"无法对数据库服务器执行全部任务,任务 %task "
  "Failed to modify %settings. Verify the file permissions."
  "Failed to open %settings. Verify the file permissions."
  "Required modules"
  "Required modules not found."
"The following modules are required but were not found. Move them into "
"the appropriate modules subdirectory, such as "
"<em>sites/all/modules</em>. Missing modules: !modules"
"以下所需的模块没有找到,将它们移动到适当的模块子目录,例如<em>sites/all/modules</em>。不存在模块: "
  "%module module uninstalled."
  "%module 模块已卸载。"
  "Saint Barthélemy"
  "Saint Martin (French part)"
  "Use the default site language (@language_name)."
"The translation file %filepath contains an error: the plural formula "
"could not be parsed."
"翻译文件 %filepath "
  "No strings available."
  "@count disallowed HTML string(s) in %file"
  "在 %file中有 @count 个不准许的HTML字符串"
  "JavaScript translation file %file.js was lost."
  "JavaScript翻译文件 %file.js 已经丢失。"
"Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem "
  "Class %class does not implement interface %interface"
  "类 %class 没有实现接口 %interface"
  "(active tab)"
  "Operating in maintenance mode. <a href=\"@url\">Go online.</a>"
  "在维护模式下操作。<a href=\"@url\">这就上线</a>"
  "Operating in maintenance mode."
  "%module module enabled."
  "%module 模块已启用。"
  "%module module disabled."
  "%module 模块禁用。"
  "Status message"
  "Subscribe to @feed-title"
  "Theme key \"@key\" not found."
  "主题关键字 \"@key\" 未找到。"
  "Unable to determine the type of the source directory."
  "Cannot determine the type of project."
"Fatal error in update, cowardly refusing to wipe out the install "
  "File Transfer failed, reason: !reason"
  "Unable to create %directory due to the following: %reason"
"Drupal could not be correctly setup with the existing database. Revise "
"any errors."
  "An AJAX HTTP error occurred."
  "发生一个AJAX HTTP错误。"
  "HTTP Result Code: !status"
  "An AJAX HTTP request terminated abnormally."
  "一个AJAX HTTP请求异常终止。"
  "Debugging information follows."
  "Path: !uri"
  "StatusText: !statusText"
  "状态文本: !statusText"
  "ResponseText: !responseText"
  "响应文本: !responseText"
  "ReadyState: !readyState"
  "准备状态: !readyState"
  "No feeds available. <a href=\"@link\">Add feed</a>."
  "没有可用的源。<a href=\"@link\">添加源</a>"
  "No categories available. <a href=\"@link\">Add category</a>."
  "没有可用的类别。<a href=\"@link\">添加类别</a>"
"The length of time between feed updates. Requires a correctly "
"configured <a href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance task</a>."
"源更新频率。需要正确配置<a "
  "News items in block"
"Drupal can make a block with the most recent news items of this feed. "
"You can <a href=\"@block-admin\">configure blocks</a> to be displayed "
"in the sidebar of your page. This setting lets you configure the "
"number of news items to show in this feed's block. If you choose '0' "
"this feed's block will be disabled."
"Drupal可以在区块中显示此源的最新新闻条目。你可以<a "
"href=\"@block-admin\">配置区块</a>在页面边栏中进行显示。此设置可让你配置在源区块中显示的新闻条目数量。如果你选择 "
"'0' 则此源区块将被禁用。"
"The URL %url is invalid. Enter a fully-qualified URL, such as "
"URL "
  "A feed named %feed already exists. Enter a unique title."
  "A feed with this URL %url already exists. Enter a unique URL."
"此链接 %url "
  "Upload an OPML file containing a list of feeds to be imported."
  "OPML Remote URL"
"Enter the URL of an OPML file. This file will be downloaded and "
"processed only once on submission of the form."
"Drupal can make a block with the most recent news items of a feed. You "
"can <a href=\"@block-admin\">configure blocks</a> to be displayed in "
"the sidebar of your page. This setting lets you configure the number "
"of news items to show in a feed's block. If you choose '0' these "
"feeds' blocks will be disabled."
"Drupal可以生成源的最新新闻条目的区块。你可以<a "
"href=\"@block-admin\">配置区块</a>以显示在页面的边栏中。此设置让你可以配置源区块中显示的新闻条目数量。如果你选择 "
"'0' 则会禁用此区块。"
  "You must <em>either</em> upload a file or enter a URL."
  "This URL is not valid."
  "No new feed has been added."
  "The URL %url is invalid."
  "URL %url无效。"
  "A feed named %title already exists."
  "A feed with the URL %url already exists."
"Fetchers download data from an external source. Choose a fetcher "
"suitable for the external source you would like to download from."
"Parsers transform downloaded data into standard structures. Choose a "
"parser suitable for the type of feeds you would like to aggregate."
"Processors act on parsed feed data, for example they store feed items. "
"Choose the processors suitable for your task."
  "For most aggregation tasks, the default settings are fine."
  "A category named %category already exists. Enter a unique title."
"名称为 %category "
  "Default fetcher"
  "Downloads data from a URL using Drupal's HTTP request handler."
  "Default parser"
  "Parses RSS, Atom and RDF feeds."
  "解析RSS, Atom和RDF源"
  "Default processor"
  "Creates lightweight records from feed items."
  "Default processor settings"
  "Number of items shown in listing pages"
"Requires a correctly configured <a href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance "
  "需要正确配置<a href=\"@cron\">cron维护任务</a>。"
  "Select categories using"
"For a small number of categories, checkboxes are easier to use, while "
"a multiple selector works well with large numbers of categories."
  "Length of trimmed description"
"The maximum number of characters used in the trimmed version of "
"The Aggregator module is an on-site syndicator and news reader that "
"gathers and displays fresh content from RSS-, RDF-, and Atom-based "
"feeds made available across the web. Thousands of sites (particularly "
"news sites and blogs) publish their latest headlines in feeds, using a "
"number of standardized XML-based formats. For more information, see "
"the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@aggregator-module\">Aggregator module</a>."
"Aggregator(聚合器)模块是站点上的一个聚合器及新闻阅读器,可以收集并显示基于RSS、RDF及Atom的源的内容,在整个站点内都可以使用。成千上万的站点(特别是新闻站点和博客)都在源中以各种标准化的基于XML的格式发布其最新的文章条目。更多信息,查看<a "
  "Viewing feeds"
"Feeds contain published content, and may be grouped in categories, "
"generally by topic. Users view feed content in the <a "
"href=\"@aggregator\">main aggregator display</a>, or by <a "
"href=\"@aggregator-sources\">their source</a> (usually via an RSS feed "
"reader). The most recent content in a feed or category can be "
"displayed as a block through the <a href=\"@admin-block\">Blocks "
"administration page</a>."
"源包含了发布的内容,可能以分类进行组织,通常是以主题进行分类。用户可以在<a "
"href=\"@aggregator\">源聚合</a>页面或通过<a "
"href=\"@aggregator-sources\">它们的源</a>(通常通过一个RSS源阅读器)进行查看。一个源或分类的最新内容可以通过<a "
  "Adding, editing, and deleting feeds"
"Administrators can add, edit, and delete feeds, and choose how often "
"to check each feed for newly updated items on the <a "
"href=\"@feededit\">Feed aggregator administration page</a>."
"管理员可以添加、编辑及删除源,还可以在<a "
  "OPML integration"
"A <a href=\"@aggregator-opml\">machine-readable OPML file</a> of all "
"feeds is available. OPML is an XML-based file format used to share "
"outline-structured information such as a list of RSS feeds. Feeds can "
"also be <a href=\"@import-opml\">imported via an OPML file</a>."
"可以为所有的源生成一个<a "
"href=\"@aggregator-opml\">OPML</a>文件。OPML基于XML文档格式,可用于大纲结构比如RSS源列表的信息的分享。也可以通过<a "
  "Configuring cron"
"A correctly configured <a href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance task</a> is "
"required to update feeds automatically."
"要自动更新源需要正确配置的<a "
"<acronym title=\"Outline Processor Markup Language\">OPML</acronym> is "
"an XML format used to exchange multiple feeds between aggregators. A "
"single OPML document may contain a collection of many feeds. Drupal "
"can parse such a file and import all feeds at once, saving you the "
"effort of adding them manually. You may either upload a local file "
"from your computer or enter a URL where Drupal can download it."
"<acronym title=\"Outline Processor Markup "
  "Administer news feeds"
  "View news feeds"
"Configure the behavior of the feed aggregator, including when to "
"discard feed items and how to present feed items and categories."
"Override the default title for the block. Use <em>!placeholder</em> to "
"display no title, or leave blank to use the default block title."
  "Specify in which themes and regions this block is displayed."
  "All pages except those listed"
  "Only the listed pages"
"Specify pages by using their paths. Enter one path per line. The '*' "
"character is a wildcard. Example paths are %blog for the blog page and "
"%blog-wildcard for every personal blog. %front is the front page."
"通过页面路径指定页面。每行一个路径。'*' "
  "Pages on which this PHP code returns <code>TRUE</code> (experts only)"
  "Pages or PHP code"
"If the PHP option is chosen, enter PHP code between %php. Note that "
"executing incorrect PHP code can break your Drupal site."
  "Customizable per user"
  "Not customizable"
  "Customizable, visible by default"
  "Customizable, hidden by default"
  "Ensure that each block description is unique."
"The Block module allows you to create boxes of content, which are "
"rendered into an area, or region, of one or more pages of a website. "
"The core Seven administration theme, for example, implements the "
"regions \"Content\", \"Help\", \"Dashboard main\", and \"Dashboard "
"sidebar\", and a block may appear in any one of these regions. The <a "
"href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a> provides a "
"drag-and-drop interface for assigning a block to a region, and for "
"controlling the order of blocks within regions. For more information, "
"see the online handbook entry for <a href=\"@block\">Block module</a>."
"Block(区块)模块让你可以创建内容的盒状容器,这样你可以将内容放置在一个或多个页面的某个区域中。核心的Seven管理主题,例如,使用了区域 "
"\"Content\"、\"Help\"、\"Dashboard main\" 及 \"Dashboard "
"sidebar\",区块就可以在其中一个区域进行显示。<a "
"href=\"@blocks\">区块管理</a>页面提供了可区块可拖曳到区域的方式,可用来控制在区域中区块的顺序。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Positioning content"
"When working with blocks, remember that all themes do <em>not</em> "
"implement the same regions, or display regions in the same way. Blocks "
"are positioned on a per-theme basis. Users with the <em>Administer "
"blocks</em> permission can disable blocks. Disabled blocks are listed "
"on the <a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>, but are not "
"displayed in any region."
"当使用区块时,记住不是所有的主题实现的区域都一样,或会以同样的方式显示区域。区块会基于不同的主题而有不同的变化。具有<em>管理区块</em>权限的用户可以禁用区块。禁用的区块会列在<a "
  "Controlling visibility"
"Blocks can be configured to be visible only on certain pages, only to "
"users of certain roles, or only on pages displaying certain <a "
"href=\"@content-type\">content types</a>. Administrators can also "
"allow specific blocks to be enabled or disabled by users when they "
"edit their <a href=\"@user\">My account</a> page. Some dynamic blocks, "
"such as those generated by modules, will be displayed only on certain "
"区块可以设置成特定页面上可见、特定角色用户可见,或特定<a "
"href=\"@content-type\">内容类型</a>的页面上可见。管理员也可以允许用户启用或禁用特定的区块,比如用户在编辑其<a "
  "Creating custom blocks"
"Users with the <em>Administer blocks</em> permission can <a "
"href=\"@block-add\">add custom blocks</a>, which are then listed on "
"the <a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>. Once created, "
"custom blocks behave just like default and module-generated blocks."
"具有<em>管理区块</em>权限的用户可以<a "
"href=\"@block-add\">添加自定义区块</a>,添加的区块也会列在<a "
"This page provides a drag-and-drop interface for assigning a block to "
"a region, and for controlling the order of blocks within regions. "
"Since not all themes implement the same regions, or display regions in "
"the same way, blocks are positioned on a per-theme basis. Remember "
"that your changes will not be saved until you click the <em>Save "
"blocks</em> button at the bottom of the page. Click the "
"<em>configure</em> link next to each block to configure its specific "
"title and visibility settings."
  "Demonstrate block regions (@theme)"
  "Administer blocks"
"A brief description of your block. Used on the <a "
"href=\"@overview\">Blocks administration page</a>."
"您的区块的简介。用在<a "
  "Personalize blocks"
"Blocks consist of content or information that complements the main "
"content of the page. Enable or disable optional blocks using the "
"checkboxes below."
  "Cache blocks"
"Block caching is inactive because you have enabled modules defining "
"content access restrictions."
"Controls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with. Blocks "
"are boxes of content rendered into an area, or region, of a web page."
  "Restricted to certain pages"
  "The block cannot be placed in this region."
  "Use for multi-user blogs. Every user gets a personal blog."
  "Single-user blogs"
"Each user's blog entries are automatically displayed with a link to "
"the user's main blog page. You can create as many single-user blogs as "
"you have site users with permission to create blog content."
  "Multi-user blogs"
"Blog entries from each single-user blog are also aggregated into one "
"central multi-user blog, which displays the blog content of all users "
"in a single listing."
"There is an optional <em>Blogs</em> menu item added to the Navigation "
"menu, which displays all blogs available on your site, and a <em>My "
"blog</em> item displaying the current user's blog entries."
"The Blog module also creates a default <em>Recent blog posts</em> "
"block that may be enabled at the <a href=\"@blocks\">blocks "
"administration page</a>."
"博客模块默认还会创建一个<em>最新日志</em>区块,可以在<a "
  "Create new blog entry"
  "Enables multi-user blogs."
  "No books available."
  "Content types allowed in book outlines"
  "Users with the %outline-perm permission can add all content types."
"具有 %outline-perm "
  "Administer book outlines"
"The Book module is used for creating structured, multi-page content, "
"such as site resource guides, manuals, and wikis. It allows you to "
"create content that has chapters, sections, subsections, or any "
"similarly-tiered structure. For more information, see the online "
"handbook entry for <a href=\"@book\">Book module</a>."
"Book(手册)模块用于创建结构化多页面的内容,比如站点资源指南、手册及wiki等。它让你可以创建具有章节小节或其他类似结构的内容。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Adding and managing book content"
"You can assign separate permissions for <em>creating</em>, "
"<em>editing</em>, and <em>deleting</em> book content, as well as "
"<em>adding content to books</em>, and <em>creating new books</em>. "
"Users with the <em>Administer book outlines</em> permission can add "
"<em>any</em> type of content to a book by selecting the appropriate "
"book outline while editing the content. They can also view a list of "
"all books, and edit and rearrange section titles on the <a "
"href=\"@admin-book\">Book administration page</a>."
"你可以对<em>创建</em>、<em>编辑</em>、<em>删除</em>以及<em>在手册中添加内容</em>、<em>创建新手册</em>分配不同的权限。具有<em>管理手册大纲</em>权限的用户通过在编辑内容时选择合适的手册大纲在手册中添加<em>任意</em>类型的内容。他们也可以查看所有手册的列表,并在<a "
"Book pages have a default book-specific navigation block. This "
"navigation block contains links that lead to the previous and next "
"pages in the book, and to the level above the current page in the "
"book's structure. This block can be enabled on the <a "
"href='@admin-block'>Blocks administration page</a>. For book pages to "
"show up in the book navigation, they must be added to a book outline."
"手册页有默认的手册导航区块。此区块包含了手册中上一页下一页以及当前页面的上级页面的链接。此区块可以在<a "
"Books can be created collaboratively, as they allow users with "
"appropriate permissions to add pages into existing books, and add "
"those pages to a custom table of contents menu."
  "Printing books"
"Users with the <em>View printer-friendly books</em> permission can "
"select the <em>printer-friendly version</em> link visible at the "
"bottom of a book page's content to generate a printer-friendly display "
"of the page and all of its subsections."
"The book module offers a means to organize a collection of related "
"content pages, collectively known as a book. When viewed, this content "
"automatically displays links to adjacent book pages, providing a "
"simple navigation system for creating and reviewing structured "
"The outline feature allows you to include pages in the <a "
"href=\"@book\">Book hierarchy</a>, as well as move them within the "
"hierarchy or to <a href=\"@book-admin\">reorder an entire book</a>."
"大纲特性让你可以讲页面包含到<a "
"href=\"@book\">手册层次</a>中,以及在层次结构中进行移动或<a "
  "Create new books"
  "Add content and child pages to books"
  "View printer-friendly books"
"View a book page and all of its sub-pages as a single document for "
"ease of printing. Can be performance heavy."
"<em>Books</em> have a built-in hierarchical navigation. Use for "
"handbooks or tutorials."
  "Allows users to create and organize related content in an outline."
"The Color module allows users with the <em>Administer site "
"configuration</em> permission to quickly and easily change the color "
"scheme of themes that have been built to be compatible with it. For "
"more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@color\">Color module</a>."
"Color(颜色)模块让具有<em>管理站点配置</em>权限的用户可以简便地更改兼容主题的配色方案。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Changing colors"
"Using the Color module allows you to easily change the color of links, "
"backgrounds, text, and other theme elements. To change the color "
"settings for a compatible theme, select the <em>Settings</em> link for "
"your theme on the <a href='@configure'>Themes administration page</a>. "
"If you don't see a color picker on that page, then your theme is not "
"compatible with the color module. If you are sure that the theme does "
"indeed support the color module, but the color picker does not appear, "
"then <a href='@troubleshoot'>follow these troubleshooting "
"使用颜色模块可以让你很方便地更改链接、背景、文本以及其他主题元素的颜色。要更改兼容主题的颜色设置,选择<a "
"href='@configure'>主题管理</a>上你的主题的<em>设置</em>链接。如果在那个页面上你没有看到拾色器,那么你的主题应该不兼容颜色主题。如果你确定主题确实支持颜色模块,但是拾色器确实没有显示,那么请<a "
"The Color module saves a modified copy of the theme's specified "
"stylesheets in the files directory. This means that if you make any "
"manual changes to your theme's stylesheet, <em>you must save your "
"color settings again, even if they haven't changed</em>. This step is "
"required because the module stylesheets (in the files directory) need "
"to be recreated to include your changes."
"The GD library for PHP is enabled, but was compiled without PNG "
"support. Check the <a href=\"@url\">PHP image documentation</a> for "
"information on how to correct this."
"PHP中的GD库已启用,但未用PNG支持进行编译。关于如何修正此问题的更多信息请查看<a "
"The GD library for PHP is missing or outdated. Check the <a "
"href=\"@url\">PHP image documentation</a> for information on how to "
"correct this."
"为安装PHP的GD库或已过期。如何进行修正请查看<a "
  "Allows administrators to change the color scheme of compatible themes."
  "Select one or more comments to perform the update on."
"There do not appear to be any comments to delete, or your selected "
"comment was deleted by another administrator."
  "Deleted @count comments."
  "Deleted comment @cid and its replies."
  "Comment approved."
  "Tokens for comments posted on the site."
"The Comment module allows users to comment on site content, set "
"commenting defaults and permissions, and moderate comments. For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@comment\">Comment module</a>."
"Comment(评论)模块让用户可以对站点进行评论,设置评论默认方式及权限,以及批准评论。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Default and custom settings"
"Each <a href='@content-type'>content type</a> can have its own default "
"comment settings configured as: <em>Open</em> to allow new comments, "
"<em>Hidden</em> to hide existing comments and prevent new comments, or "
"<em>Closed</em> to view existing comments, but prevent new comments. "
"These defaults will apply to all new content created (changes to the "
"settings on existing content must be done manually). Other comment "
"settings can also be customized per content type, and can be "
"overridden for any given item of content. When a comment has no "
"replies, it remains editable by its author, as long as the author has "
"a user account and is logged in."
"每种<a "
  "Full comment"
  "Unapproved comments (@count)"
  "Administer comments and comment settings"
  "Edit own comments"
  "Number of recent comments"
  "Show comment replies in a threaded list."
  "Default comment setting for new content"
  "Allow comment title"
  "Show reply form on the same page as comments"
  "Users with the \"Post comments\" permission can post comments."
  "Users cannot post comments, but existing comments will be displayed."
  "Comments are hidden from view."
  "Users cannot post comments."
"Your comment has been queued for review by site administrators and "
"will be published after approval."
  "Your comment has been posted."
"<a href=\"@login\">Log in</a> or <a href=\"@register\">register</a> to "
"post comments"
"<a href=\"@login\">登录</a>或<a "
  "<a href=\"@login\">Log in</a> to post comments"
  "<a href=\"@login\">登录</a>以发表评论"
  "Flat list"
  "Threaded list"
  "Save comment"
"The comment will be unpublished if it contains any of the phrases "
"above. Use a case-sensitive, comma-separated list of phrases. Example: "
"funny, bungee jumping, \"Company, Inc.\""
"若评论中包含以上任意关键词则不会进行发表。使用区分大小写、逗号分隔的短语列表。例如,影帝,天朝 "
"幼儿园,\"Company, Inc.\""
  "Published comment %subject."
  "已发表评论 %subject。"
  "Saved comment %title"
  "已保存评论 %title"
  "List and edit site comments and the comment approval queue."
  "Unapproved comments"
"Example: 'webmaster@example.com' or "
"'sales@example.com,support@example.com' . To specify multiple "
"recipients, separate each e-mail address with a comma."
"示例:'webmaster@example.com' 或 "
  "Category %category has been saved."
  "类别 %category 已经保存。"
"You cannot send more than %limit messages in @interval. Try again "
"系统设定 @interval 内最多发送 %limit "
  "Contact @username"
  "%sender-name (@sender-from) sent an e-mail regarding %category."
  "%sender-name (@sender-from) 对 %category 发送了封邮件。"
  "%sender-name (@sender-from) sent %recipient-name an e-mail."
  "%sender-name (@sender-from) 给 %recipient-name 发送了封邮件。"
"The Contact module allows visitors to contact site administrators and "
"other users. Users specify a subject, write their message, and can "
"have a copy of their message sent to their own e-mail address. For "
"more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@contact\">Contact module</a>."
"Contact(联络表)模块让访客可以联络站点管理员和其他用户。用户指定一个主题,编写消息,在发送的时候也可以给自己发送一份副本。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "User contact forms"
"Site users can be contacted with a user contact form that keeps their "
"e-mail address private. Users may enable or disable their personal "
"contact forms by editing their <em>My account</em> page. If enabled, a "
"<em>Contact</em> tab leads to a personal contact form displayed on "
"their user profile. Site administrators are still able to use the "
"contact form, even if has been disabled. The <em>Contact</em> tab is "
"not shown when you view your own profile."
  "Site-wide contact forms"
"The <a href=\"@contact\">Contact page</a> provides a simple form for "
"users with the <em>Use the site-wide contact form</em> permission to "
"send comments, feedback, or other requests. You can create categories "
"for directing the contact form messages to a set of defined "
"recipients. Common categories for a business site, for example, might "
"include \"Website feedback\" (messages are forwarded to website "
"administrators) and \"Product information\" (messages are forwarded to "
"members of the sales department). E-mail addresses defined within a "
"category are not displayed publicly."
"<a "
"href=\"@contact\">联络表</a>为具有<em>使用站点联络表</em>权限的用户提供了一个简单的表单,可以发送评论,反馈以及其他请求。你可以为联络表创建分类并制定一系列的收件人。比如对于通常的商业站点,可能包含 "
"\"站点反馈\"(消息会发给站点管理员)以及 "
"When the site-wide contact form is enabled, a link in the main "
"<em>Navigation</em> menu is created, but the link is disabled by "
"default. This menu link can be enabled on the <a href='@menu'>Menus "
"administration page</a>."
"当启用了站点联络表,就会在主<em>导航</em>菜单中创建一个链接,但是此链接默认是禁用的。此菜单链接可以在<a "
"If you would like additional text to appear on the site-wide or "
"personal contact page, use a block. You can create and edit blocks on "
"the <a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>."
"如果想在站点及个人联络表上显示额外的文本,可以使用区块。可以在<a "
"Add one or more categories on this page to set up your site-wide <a "
"href=\"@form\">contact form</a>."
"在此页面上添加一个或多个分类,用来设置站点的<a "
"A <em>Contact</em> menu item (disabled by default) is added to the "
"Navigation menu, which you can modify on the <a "
"href=\"@menu-settings\">Menus administration page</a>."
"<em>联络表</em>菜单项目(默认禁用)会添加到导航菜单中,可以在<a "
"If you would like additional text to appear on the site-wide contact "
"page, use a block. You can create and edit blocks on the <a "
"href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>."
"如果你希望在站点联络表上显示额外的文本,可以使用区块。可以在<a "
  "Administer contact forms and contact form settings"
  "Use the site-wide contact form"
  "Use users' personal contact forms"
"!sender-name (!sender-url) sent a message using the contact form at "
"!sender-name (!sender-url) 使用 !form-url "
  "[!site-name] !subject"
  "[!site-name] !subject"
"!sender-name (!sender-url) has sent you a message via your contact "
"form (!form-url) at !site-name."
"!sender-name (!sender-url) 通过你在 !site-name "
"If you don't want to receive such e-mails, you can change your "
"settings at !recipient-edit-url."
"若不想收到这个邮件,你可以在 !recipient-edit-url "
"Allow other users to contact you via a <a href=\"@url\">personal "
"contact form</a> which keeps your e-mail address hidden. Note that "
"some privileged users such as site administrators are still able to "
"contact you even if you choose to disable this feature."
"允许其他用户通过<a "
  "Enable the personal contact form by default for new users."
  "Changing this setting will not affect existing users."
"The Contextual links module displays links related to regions of pages "
"on your site to users with <em>access contextual links</em> "
"permission. For more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@contextual\">Contextual links module</a>."
"上下文链接模块为有<em>访问上下文链接</em>权限的用户提供一个与你站点上页面的区域相关的链接。获得更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Displaying contextual links"
"Contextual links are supplied by modules, to give you quick access to "
"tasks associated with regions of pages on your site. For instance, if "
"you have a custom menu block displayed in a sidebar of your site, the "
"Blocks and Menus modules will supply links to configure the block and "
"edit the menu. The Contextual links module collects these links into a "
"list for display by your theme, and also adds JavaScript code to the "
"page to hide the links initially, and display them when your mouse "
"hovers over the block."
  "Use contextual links"
  "Use contextual links to perform actions related to elements on a page."
  "Contextual links"
"Provides contextual links to perform actions related to elements on a "
  "Tracking user activity"
"By enabling blocks such as <em>Who's online</em> and <em>Who's "
"new</em>, site users can track who is logged in and new user signups "
"at a centralized location."
"通过启用如 <em>在线用户</em> 和 <em>新进用户</em> "
  "Tracking content activity"
"By enabling blocks such as <em>Recent blog posts</em>, <em>New forum "
"topics</em> and <em>Recent comments</em>, site users can view newly "
"added site content at a glance."
  "View the administrative dashboard"
"This dashboard region is empty. Click <em>Customize dashboard</em> to "
"add blocks to it."
"Provides a dashboard page in the administrative interface for "
"organizing administrative tasks and tracking information within your "
  "Customize dashboard"
  "Clear log messages"
  "This will permanently remove the log messages from the database."
  "Database log cleared."
"The Database logging module logs system events in the Drupal database. "
"For more information, see the online handbook entry for the <a "
"href=\"@dblog\">Database logging module</a>."
"Database "
"logging(数据库日志)模块在Drupal的数据库中记录系统事件。更多信息,查看<a "
"href=\"@dblog\">Database logging模块</a>的在线手册条目。"
  "Monitoring your site"
  "Debugging site problems"
  "Field validation errors"
  "Attempt to create a field with a name longer than 32 characters: %name"
  "Attempt to create field name %name which already exists and is active."
  "试图创建的字段名称 %name 已经存在且激活。"
"Attempt to create field name %name which already exists, although it "
"is inactive."
  "试图创建的字段名称 %name 已经存在,但未启用。"
"Attempt to create field name %name which is reserved by entity type "
  "试图创建的字段名称 %name 是 %type 类型的保留项目。"
  "Attempt to create a field of unknown type %type."
  "试图创建一个未知类型 %type 的字段。"
  "Attempt to create a field with unknown storage type %type."
  "试图创建一个未知存储类型 %type 的字段。"
  "Attempt to create an instance of field @field_name without a bundle."
  "试图创建一个没有绑定的字段实例 @field_name 。"
  "Enabling field types"
"The Field module provides the infrastructure for fields and field "
"attachment; the field types and input widgets themselves are provided "
"by additional modules. Some of the modules are required; the optional "
"modules can be enabled from the <a href=\"@modules\">Modules "
"administration page</a>. Drupal core includes the following field type "
"modules: Number (required), Text (required), List (required), Taxonomy "
"(optional), Image (optional), and File (optional); the required "
"Options module provides input widgets for other field modules. "
"Additional fields and widgets may be provided by contributed modules, "
"which you can find in the <a href=\"@contrib\">contributed module "
"section of Drupal.org</a>. Currently enabled field and input widget "
"字段模块为字段和字段附件提供基本结构;字段类型和输入控件由附加模块提供。部分模块为必须;可惜模块可以在<a "
"href=\"@modules\">模块管理页面</a>启用。Drupal核心包括下来字段类型模块:数字(必须)、文本(必须)、List(必须)、分类(可选)、图像(可选)和文件(可选);必须的选项模块为其他字段模块提供输入控件。贡献模块可能提供附加的字段和控件,你可以在<a "
  "Managing field data storage"
"Developers of field modules can either use the default <a "
"href=\"@sql-store\">Field SQL storage module</a> to store data for "
"their fields, or a contributed or custom module developed using the <a "
"href=\"@storage-api\">field storage API</a>."
"字段模块的开发人员可以使用默认的<a "
"href=\"@sql-store\">字段SQL存储模块</a>来为其字段存储数据,或使用用<a "
"The Field SQL storage module stores field data in the database. It is "
"the default field storage module; other field storage mechanisms may "
"be available as contributed modules. See the <a "
"href=\"@field-help\">Field module help page</a> for more information "
"about fields."
"Field SQL "
"storage(字段SQL存储)模块在数据库中存储字段数据,它是默认的字段存储模块;其他的字段存储模块可以使用第三方的模块。更多关于字段的信息请查看<a "
  "Default SQL storage"
  "Stores fields in the local SQL database, using per-field tables."
  "使用 per-field 表把字段存储入本地SQL数据库。"
  "Field SQL storage"
  "Stores field data in an SQL database."
"The List module defines various fields for storing a list of items, "
"for use with the Field module. Usually these items are entered through "
"a select list, checkboxes, or radio buttons. See the <a "
"href=\"@field-help\">Field module help page</a> for more information "
"about fields."
"List(列表)模块通过使用Field(字段)模块为保存的一系列项目指定不同的字段。通常这些项目是通过选择列表,复选框或单选按钮进行选择输入的。有关字段的更多信息请查看<a "
  "This field stores simple on/off or yes/no options."
  "此字段保存简单的 开/关 或 是/否 选项。"
  "List (text)"
"The 'checkboxes/radio buttons' widget will display checkboxes if the "
"<em>Number of values</em> option is greater than 1 for this field, "
"otherwise radios will be displayed."
  "Allowed HTML tags in labels: @tags"
  "标签中允许的HTML标记: @tags"
"The value of this field is being determined by the %function function "
"and may not be changed."
  "此字段中的值由 %function 函数决定并可能不会更改。"
  "Allowed values list: each key must be a valid integer or decimal."
"Allowed values list: each key must be a string at most 255 characters "
"允许的值列表:每个键都须为字符串并少于 255 "
  "Allowed values list: keys must be integers."
  "Defines list field types. Use with Options to create selection lists."
"The Number module defines various numeric field types for the Field "
"module. Numbers can be in integer, decimal, or floating-point form, "
"and they can be formatted when displayed. Number fields can be limited "
"to a specific set of input values or to a range of values. See the <a "
"href=\"@field-help\">Field module help page</a> for more information "
"about fields."
"Number(数字)模块为Field字段模块指定了各种数字类型的字段。数字可以是整型的、十进制的、或者浮点数类型的,它们在进行显示时可以被格式化。数字字段可以设置为某一特定数值范围内的值。更多信息请查看<a "
  "This field stores a number in the database as an integer."
  "This field stores a number in the database in a fixed decimal format."
  "This field stores a number in the database in a floating point format."
"The minimum value that should be allowed in this field. Leave blank "
"for no minimum."
"The maximum value that should be allowed in this field. Leave blank "
"for no maximum."
"Define a string that should be prefixed to the value, like '$ ' or "
"'&euro; '. Leave blank for none. Separate singular and plural values "
"with a pipe ('pound|pounds')."
"定义一个字符串作为值的前缀,例如 '$' 或 "
  "Only numbers and the decimal separator (@separator) allowed in %field."
  "%field 中只允许输入数字和小数符号(@separator)。"
"The Options module defines checkbox, selection, and other input "
"widgets for the Field module. See the <a href=\"@field-help\">Field "
"module help page</a> for more information about fields."
"Options(选项)模块为Field字段模块指定复选框、选择列表以及其他输入挂件。更多信息请查看<a "
"The Text module defines various text field types for the Field module. "
"A text field may contain plain text only, or optionally, may use "
"Drupal's <a href='@filter-help'>text filters</a> to securely manage "
"HTML output. Text input fields may be either a single line (text "
"field), multiple lines (text area), or for greater input control, a "
"select box, checkbox, or radio buttons. If desired, the field can be "
"validated, so that it is limited to a set of allowed values. See the "
"<a href='@field-help'>Field module help page</a> for more information "
"about fields."
"Text(文本)模块为字段模块指定了各种文本类型的字段。一个文本字段可以只包含纯文本,或者通过Drupal的<a "
"href='@filter-help'>输入格式过滤</a>来安全的管理HTML的输出。输入格式字段可能为一行文本(文本字段)或多行(文本域),或者更多的输入控制,选择框、复选框或单选按钮。如有需要,字段可验证其有效性,这样就可以限制允许的值的范围。关于字段的更多信息请查看<a "
  "This field stores varchar text in the database."
  "Long text"
  "This field stores long text in the database."
  "Long text and summary"
"This field stores long text in the database along with optional "
"summary text."
  "Filtered text (user selects text format)"
  "Summary input"
"This allows authors to input an explicit summary, to be displayed "
"instead of the automatically trimmed text when using the \"Summary or "
"trimmed\" display type."
"这使作者可以输入一个显式摘要,当在显示类型中使用 "
"\"总结摘要\" "
  "%name: the text may not be longer than %max characters."
  "%name:文本不能多于 %max 个字符。"
  "%name: the summary may not be longer than %max characters."
  "%name:摘要不能多于 %max 个字符。"
  "Summary or trimmed"
  "Text area with a summary"
  "Leave blank to use trimmed value of full text as the summary."
  "Hide summary"
  "Edit summary"
"%field (@field_name) field requires the %widget_type widget provided "
"by %widget_module module"
"%field(@field_name)字段需要由 %widget_module 模块提供的 "
"%widget_type 控件。"
"Inactive fields are not shown unless their providing modules are "
"enabled. The following fields are not enabled: !list"
  "Edit field settings."
  "Change widget type."
  "Edit instance settings."
  "Delete instance."
  "The field %label cannot be added because it is locked."
  "字段 %label 不能被添加因为它已被锁定。"
  "There was a problem creating field instance %label: @message."
  "创建字段实例 %label 遇到问题:@message 。"
"There are no fields yet added. You can add new fields on the <a "
"href=\"@link\">Manage fields</a> page."
"目前没有值得被添加。你可以在<a "
"These settings apply to the %field field everywhere it is used. These "
"settings impact the way that data is stored in the database and cannot "
"be changed once data has been created."
"这些设置作用与 %field "
  "%field has no field settings."
  "%field 没有字段设置。"
  "Updated field %label field settings."
  "已更新字段 %label 的字段设置。"
  "Attempt to update field %label failed: %message."
  "视图更新字段 %label 失败:%message 。"
  "Change widget"
"The type of form element you would like to present to the user when "
"creating this field in the %type type."
"当用户在 %type "
  "Changed the widget for field %label."
  "已更改字段 %label 的控件。"
  "There was a problem changing the widget for field %label."
  "更改字段 %label 的控件时遇到一个问题。"
  "This field is <strong>locked</strong> and cannot be deleted."
  "The field %field has been deleted from the %type content type."
  "此字段 %field 已从 %type 内容类型中删除。"
  "There was a problem removing the %field from the %type content type."
  "从 %type 内容类型中移除 %field 遇到一个问题。"
"These settings apply only to the %field field when used in the %type "
  "这些设置只对 %type 类型中使用的 %field 字段起作用。"
  "Required field"
"These settings apply to the %field field everywhere it is used. "
"Because the field already has data, some settings can no longer be "
"这些设置作用于 %field "
  "These settings apply to the %field field everywhere it is used."
  "这些设置作用于 %field 字段所被使用的任何地方。"
  "%field field settings"
  "%field 字段设置"
  "The default value for this field, used when creating new content."
  "Saved %label configuration."
  "已保存 %label 配置。"
  "This list shows all fields currently in use for easy reference."
  "Save and add fields"
  "Field list"
  "Manage display"
  "Field UI"
  "This field stores the ID of a file as an integer value."
  "Enable <em>Display</em> field"
"The display option allows users to choose if a file should be shown "
"when viewing the content."
  "Files displayed by default"
  "This setting only has an effect if the display option is enabled."
  "Upload destination"
"Select where the final files should be stored. Private file storage "
"has significantly more overhead than public files, but allows "
"restricted access to files within this field."
"Optional subdirectory within the upload destination where files will "
"be stored. Do not include preceding or trailing slashes."
"Enter a value like \"512\" (bytes), \"80 KB\" (kilobytes) or \"50 MB\" "
"(megabytes) in order to restrict the allowed file size. If left empty "
"the file sizes will be limited only by PHP's maximum post and file "
"upload sizes (current limit <strong>%limit</strong>)."
"输入如“512”(字节)、“80KB”(千字节)或“50MB”(兆)以限制允许文件的尺寸。如果留空则使用PHP的最大发表和文件上传尺寸限制(当前限制为 "
  "Enable <em>Description</em> field"
"The description field allows users to enter a description about the "
"uploaded file."
"The \"!name\" option must contain a valid value. You may either leave "
"the text field empty or enter a string like \"512\" (bytes), \"80 KB\" "
"(kilobytes) or \"50 MB\" (megabytes)."
"The list of allowed extensions is not valid, be sure to exclude "
"leading dots and to separate extensions with a comma or space."
  "Generic file"
  "Table of files"
  "Add a new file"
  "Include file in display"
  "The description may be used as the label of the link to the file."
  "Files must be less than !size."
  "文件必须小于 !size。"
  "Allowed file types: !extensions."
  "Images must be exactly !size pixels."
  "图片必须正好 !size 像素大小。"
  "Images must be between !min and !max pixels."
  "图片必须大于 !min 像素,小于 !max 像素。"
  "Images must be larger than !min pixels."
  "图片必须大于 !min 像素。"
  "Images must be smaller than !max pixels."
  "图片必须小于 !max 像素。"
"The File module defines a <em>File</em> field type for the Field "
"module, which lets you manage and validate uploaded files attached to "
"content on your site (see the <a href=\"@field-help\">Field module "
"help page</a> for more information about fields). For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a href=\"@file\">File "
"文件(File)模块为字段模块定义<em>文件</em>字段类型,让你管理并验证添加到站点内容里的上传文件(查看<a "
"href=\"@field-help\">字段模块帮助页面</a>获得关于字段的更多信息)。获得更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Attaching files to content"
"The File module allows users to attach files to content (e.g., PDF "
"files, spreadsheets, etc.), when a <em>File</em> field is added to a "
"given content type using the <a href=\"@fieldui-help\">Field UI "
"module</a>. You can add validation options to your File field, such as "
"specifying a maximum file size and allowed file extensions."
"当使用<a "
  "Managing attachment display"
"When you attach a file to content, you can specify whether it is "
"<em>listed</em> or not. Listed files are displayed automatically in a "
"section at the bottom of your content; non-listed files are available "
"for embedding in your content, but are not included in the list at the "
  "Managing file locations"
"When you create a File field, you can specify a directory where the "
"files will be stored, which can be within either the <em>public</em> "
"or <em>private</em> files directory. Files in the public directory can "
"be accessed directly through the web server; when public files are "
"listed, direct links to the files are used, and anyone who knows a "
"file's URL can download the file. Files in the private directory are "
"not accessible directly through the web server; when private files are "
"listed, the links are Drupal path requests. This adds to server load "
"and download time, since Drupal must start up and resolve the path for "
"each file download request, but allows for access restrictions."
"An unrecoverable error occurred. Use of this form has expired. Try "
"reloading the page and submitting again."
  "The file referenced by the !name field does not exist."
  "引用 !name 字段的文件不存在。"
  "The file in the !name field was unable to be uploaded."
  "不能上传 !name 字段的文件。"
"The upload directory %directory for the file field !name could not be "
"created or is not accessible. A newly uploaded file could not be saved "
"in this directory as a consequence, and the upload was canceled."
"文件字段 !name 的上传目录 %directory "
"Your server is not capable of displaying file upload progress. File "
"upload progress requires an Apache server running PHP with mod_php."
  "All roles may use this format"
  "The text format ordering has been saved."
  "Add text format"
  "All roles for this text format must be enabled and cannot be changed."
  "Filter processing order"
  "Text format names must be unique. A format named %name already exists."
  "输入格式名必须唯一。名为 %name 的格式已存在。"
  "Added text format %format."
  "添加了输入格式 %format。"
  "The text format %format has been updated."
  "输入格式 %format 已被更新..."
  "Text formats"
"The Filter module allows administrators to configure text formats. A "
"text format defines the HTML tags, codes, and other input allowed in "
"content and comments, and is a key feature in guarding against "
"potentially damaging input from malicious users. For more information, "
"see the online handbook entry for <a href=\"@filter\">Filter "
"Filter(过滤器)模块让管理员可以对文本格式进行配置。文本格式指定了内容及评论中允许使用的HTML标签、代码以及其他输入方式,这也是防止恶意用户通过输入方式潜在危害的关键特性。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Applying filters to text"
"Each text format uses filters to manipulate text, and most formats "
"apply several different filters to text in a specific order. Each "
"filter is designed for a specific purpose, and generally either adds, "
"removes, or transforms elements within user-entered text before it is "
"displayed. A filter does not change the actual content, but instead, "
"modifies it temporarily before it is displayed. One filter may remove "
"unapproved HTML tags, while another automatically adds HTML to make "
"URLs display as clickable links."
  "Defining text formats"
"One format is included by default: <em>Plain text</em> (which removes "
"all HTML tags). Additional formats may be created by your installation "
"profile when you install Drupal, and more can be created by an "
"administrator on the <a href=\"@text-formats\">Text formats page</a>."
"默认包含的一个格式为<em>纯文本</em>(会移除所有的HTML标签)。在你安装Drupal时会由配置文档创建额外的输入格式,之后也可以通过<a "
  "Choosing a text format"
"A text format contains filters that change the user input, for example "
"stripping out malicious HTML or making URLs clickable. Filters are "
"executed from top to bottom and the order is important, since one "
"filter may prevent another filter from doing its job. For example, "
"when URLs are converted into links before disallowed HTML tags are "
"removed, all links may be removed. When this happens, the order of "
"filters may need to be re-arranged."
"Warning: This permission may have security implications depending on "
"how the text format is configured."
  "Use the !text_format text format"
  "More information about text formats"
  "Limit allowed HTML tags"
"Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e. <code>&lt;br&gt;</code> and "
"将换行符号转换为 "
  "Convert URLs into links"
  "Correct faulty and chopped off HTML"
  "Display any HTML as plain text"
"A list of HTML tags that can be used. JavaScript event attributes, "
"JavaScript URLs, and CSS are always stripped."
  "Display basic HTML help in long filter tips"
  "Add rel=\"nofollow\" to all links"
"This site allows HTML content. While learning all of HTML may feel "
"intimidating, learning how to use a very small number of the most "
"basic HTML \"tags\" is very easy. This table provides examples for "
"each tag that is enabled on this site."
"For more information see W3C's <a href=\"@html-specifications\">HTML "
"Specifications</a> or use your favorite search engine to find other "
"sites that explain HTML."
"更多信息请查看W3C的<a "
  "Most unusual characters can be directly entered without any problems."
"If you do encounter problems, try using HTML character entities. A "
"common example looks like &amp;amp; for an ampersand &amp; character. "
"For a full list of entities see HTML's <a "
"href=\"@html-entities\">entities</a> page. Some of the available "
"characters include:"
"若你确实有问题,那么试试看HTML字符条目吧。一个比较常见的例子如&amp;amp;,&amp;符号。要查看这些符号的详细列表可以查看HTML的<a "
  "No HTML tags allowed."
  "Filters content in preparation for display."
  "By !author @time ago"
  "!author 于 @time 之前"
  "The forum %term and all sub-forums have been deleted."
  "论坛 %term 及其所有子论坛已被删除。"
  "The number of replies a topic must have to be considered \"hot\"."
"No containers or forums available. <a href=\"@container\">Add "
"container</a> or <a href=\"@forum\">Add forum</a>."
"无可用分区或论坛...<a "
"href=\"@container\">添加分区</a>或<a "
  "forum: deleted %term and all its sub-forums."
  "论坛:删除了 %term 及其所有子论坛。"
"The Forum module lets you create threaded discussion forums with "
"functionality similar to other message board systems. Forums are "
"useful because they allow community members to discuss topics with one "
"another while ensuring those conversations are archived for later "
"reference. In a forum, users post topics and threads in nested "
"hierarchies, allowing discussions to be categorized and grouped. The "
"forum hierarchy consists of:"
  "Optional containers (for example, <em>Support</em>), which can hold:"
  "Forums (for example, <em>Installing Drupal</em>), which can hold:"
"Forum topics submitted by users (for example, <em>How to start a "
"Drupal 6 Multisite</em>), which start discussions and are starting "
"points for:"
"用户提交的论坛话题(比如,<em>如何使用Drupal "
"Threaded comments submitted by users (for example, <em>You have these "
  "Setting up forum structure"
"Visit the <a href=\"@forums\">Forums page</a> to set up containers and "
"forums to hold your discussion topics."
"访问<a "
  "Starting a discussion"
"The <a href=\"@create-topic\">Forum topic</a> link on the <a "
"href=\"@content-add\">Add new content</a> page creates the first post "
"of a new threaded discussion, or thread."
"在<a href=\"@content-add\">添加内容</a>页面上的<a "
"Enabling the Forum module provides a default <em>Forums</em> menu item "
"in the navigation menu that links to the <a href=\"@forums\">Forums "
"启用论坛模块之后会在导航菜单中提供一个默认的<em>论坛</em>菜单项目链接到<a "
  "Moving forum topics"
"A forum topic (and all of its comments) may be moved between forums by "
"selecting a different forum while editing a forum topic. When moving a "
"forum topic between forums, the <em>Leave shadow copy</em> option "
"creates a link in the original forum pointing to the new location."
  "Locking and disabling comments"
"Selecting <em>Closed</em> under <em>Comment settings</em> while "
"editing a forum topic will lock (prevent new comments on) the thread. "
"Selecting <em>Hidden</em> under <em>Comment settings</em> while "
"editing a forum topic will hide all existing comments on the thread, "
"and prevent new ones."
  "Forums contain forum topics. Use containers to group related forums."
  "Use containers to group related forums."
  "A forum holds related forum topics."
"Adjust the display of your forum topics. Organize the forums on the <a "
"href=\"@forum-structure\">forum structure page</a>."
"调整论坛主题的显示,在<a "
  "Add new @node_type"
  "<a href=\"@login\">Log in</a> to post new content in the forum."
  "<a href=\"@login\">登录</a>以在论坛中发布内容。"
"The item %forum is a forum container, not a forum. Select one of the "
"forums below instead."
"项目 %forum "
  "A <em>forum topic</em> starts a new discussion thread within a forum."
  "Control forum hierarchy settings."
  "Forum navigation vocabulary"
  "Provides discussion forums."
  "Follow these steps to set up and start using your website:"
"<strong>Start posting content</strong> Finally, you can <a "
"href=\"@content\">add new content</a> for your website."
"<strong>开始发布内容</strong> "
"最后,就可以开始在站点上<a "
"For more information, refer to the specific topics listed in the next "
"section or to the <a href=\"@handbook\">online Drupal handbooks</a>. "
"You may also post at the <a href=\"@forum\">Drupal forum</a> or view "
"the wide range of <a href=\"@support\">other support options</a> "
"更多信息,请参考<a "
"href=\"@handbook\">Drupal在线手册</a>或相关的主题列表。你可以在<a "
"href=\"@forum\">Drupal论坛</a>发帖或查看可用的<a "
"The Help module provides <a href=\"@help-page\">Help reference "
"pages</a> and context-sensitive advice to guide you through the use "
"and configuration of modules. It is a starting point for the online <a "
"href=\"@handbook\">Drupal handbooks</a>. The handbooks contain more "
"extensive and up-to-date information, are annotated with "
"user-contributed comments, and serve as the definitive reference point "
"for all Drupal documentation. For more information, see the online "
"handbook entry for the <a href=\"@help\">Help module</a>."
"Help(帮助)模块提供了<a "
"href=\"@help-page\">帮助参考</a>页面及模块使用和配置方面的使用指南。可以从在线的<a "
"href=\"@handbook\">Drupal手册</a>开始。这个手册包含了更广泛更新的信息,用户用评论进行注释注解,可以作为Druapl最完整正确且最可靠的参考。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Providing a help reference"
"The Help module displays explanations for using each module listed on "
"the main <a href=\"@help\">Help reference page</a>."
"在主<a "
  "Providing context-sensitive help"
"The Help module displays context-sensitive advice and explanations on "
"various pages."
  "Edit %name style"
  "编辑 %name 样式"
"This image style is currently being provided by a module. Click the "
"\"Override defaults\" button to change its settings."
  "Image style name"
"This image style is being provided by %module module and may not be "
  "这个图像样式由 %module 模块提供不能被重命名。"
"The name is used in URLs for generated images. Use only lowercase "
"alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), and hyphens (-)."
  "Select a new effect"
  "Override defaults"
  "Update style"
  "Select an effect to add."
  "The image effect was successfully applied."
"The %style style has been overridden, allowing you to change its "
  "%style 样式已被覆写,你可以更改它的设置,"
  "Style name"
  "Create new style"
  "Style %name was created."
  "样式 %name 已创建。"
  "The image style name %name is already in use."
  "此图像样式名称 %name 已被使用。"
"Please only use lowercase alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), "
"and hyphens (-) for style names."
  "No replacement, just delete"
  "Replacement style"
  "Optionally select a style before deleting %style"
  "可以在删除 %style 之前选择一个替换样式"
"If this style is in use on the site, you may select another style to "
"replace it. All images that have been generated for this style will be "
"permanently deleted."
  "Style %name was deleted."
  "样式 %name 已被删除。"
  "Revert the %style style?"
  "恢复 %style 样式?"
"Reverting this style will delete the customized settings and restore "
"the defaults provided by the @module module."
"恢复此样式将会删除自定义设置并重置为由 @module "
  "Edit %label effect"
  "编辑 %label 效果"
  "Add %label effect"
  "添加 %label 效果"
  "Update effect"
  "Add effect"
"Are you sure you want to delete the @effect effect from the %style "
  "你确定要从 %style 样式中删除 @effect 效果吗?"
  "The image effect %name has been deleted."
  "图像效果 %name 已被删除。"
  "!name must be an integer."
  "!name 必须为一个整数。"
  "!name must be a positive integer."
  "!name 必须为一个正整数。"
  "!name must be a hexadecimal color value."
  "!name 必须为一个十六进制的颜色值。"
  "Width and height can not both be blank."
  "The part of the image that will be retained during the crop."
"The background color to use for exposed areas of the image. Use "
"web-style hex colors (#FFFFFF for white, #000000 for black). Leave "
"blank for transparency on image types that support it."
  "There are currently no styles. <a href=\"!url\">Add a new one</a>."
  "当前没有样式。<a href=\"!url\">添加一个新样式</a>。"
"There are currently no effects in this style. Add one by selecting an "
"option below."
  "view actual size"
  "Sample original image"
  "Sample modified image"
"Resizing will make images an exact set of dimensions. This may cause "
"images to be stretched or shrunk disproportionately."
"Scaling will maintain the aspect-ratio of the original image. If only "
"a single dimension is specified, the other dimension will be "
  "Scale and crop"
"Scale and crop will maintain the aspect-ratio of the original image, "
"then crop the larger dimension. This is most useful for creating "
"perfectly square thumbnails without stretching the image."
"Cropping will remove portions of an image to make it the specified "
  "Desaturate converts an image to grayscale."
"Rotating an image may cause the dimensions of an image to increase to "
"fit the diagonal."
"Image resize failed using the %toolkit toolkit on %path (%mimetype, "
"使用 %path 的 %toolkit "
"Image scale failed using the %toolkit toolkit on %path (%mimetype, "
"使用 %path 的 %toolkit "
"Image crop failed using the %toolkit toolkit on %path (%mimetype, "
"使用 %path 的 %toolkit "
"Image scale and crop failed using the %toolkit toolkit on %path "
"(%mimetype, %dimensions)"
"使用 %path 的 %toolkit "
"Image desaturate failed using the %toolkit toolkit on %path "
"(%mimetype, %dimensions)"
"使用 %path 的 %toolkit "
"Image rotate failed using the %toolkit toolkit on %path (%mimetype, "
"使用 %path 的 %toolkit "
  "This field stores the ID of an image file as an integer value."
  "If no image is uploaded, this image will be shown on display."
"The maximum allowed image size expressed as WIDTHxHEIGHT (e.g. "
"640x480). Leave blank for no restriction. If a larger image is "
"uploaded, it will be resized to reflect the given width and height. "
"Resizing images on upload will cause the loss of <a "
"href=\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchangeable_image_file_format\">EXIF "
"data</a> in the image."
"允许的最大图片宽x高的尺寸(例如:640x480)。留空则不限制。如果超过此尺寸的图片被上传,它将被缩放到给定的宽和高。改变尺寸可能会丢失图片的<a "
  "Minimum image resolution"
"The minimum allowed image size expressed as WIDTHxHEIGHT (e.g. "
"640x480). Leave blank for no restriction. If a smaller image is "
"uploaded, it will be rejected."
  "Enable <em>Alt</em> field"
"The alt attribute may be used by search engines, screen readers, and "
"when the image cannot be loaded."
  "Enable <em>Title</em> field"
"The title attribute is used as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over "
"the image."
  "Height and width values must be numeric."
  "Both a height and width value must be specified in the !name field."
  "!name 字段中的高度和宽度值必须指定。"
  "Preview image style"
  "no preview"
  "The preview image will be shown while editing the content."
"The Image module allows you to manipulate images on your website. It "
"exposes a setting for using the <em>Image toolkit</em>, allows you to "
"configure <em>Image styles</em> that can be used for resizing or "
"adjusting images on display, and provides an <em>Image</em> field for "
"attaching images to content. For more information, see the online "
"handbook entry for <a href=\"@image\">Image module</a>."
"图像模块允许你处理站点上的图片。它提供了一个使用<em>图片工具包</em>的设置,允许你配置可用于改变尺寸或调整显示图片的<em>图像样式</em>,并为内容提供一个附加图片的<em>图片</em>字段,进入<a "
  "Manipulating images"
"With the Image module you can scale, crop, resize, rotate and "
"desaturate images without affecting the original image using <a "
"href=\"@image\">image styles</a>. When you change an image style, the "
"module automatically refreshes all created images. Every image style "
"must have a name, which will be used in the URL of the generated "
"images. There are two common approaches to naming image styles (which "
"you use will depend on how the image style is being applied):"
"使用图像模块的<a "
  "Based on where it will be used: eg. <em>profile-picture</em>"
  "Describing its appearance: eg. <em>square-85x85</em>"
  "Attaching images to content as fields"
"Image module also allows you to attach images to content as fields. To "
"add an image field to a <a href='@content-type'>content type</a>, go "
"to the content type's <em>manage fields</em> page, and add a new field "
"of type <em>Image</em>. Attaching images to content this way allows "
"image styles to be applied and maintained, and also allows you more "
"flexibility when theming."
"图像模块也允许你把图片作为字段附加到内容里。要添加一个图片字段到一个<a "
"Image styles commonly provide thumbnail sizes by scaling and cropping "
"images, but can also add various effects before an image is displayed. "
"When an image is displayed with a style, a new file is created and the "
"original image is left unchanged."
  "Administer image styles"
"Create and modify styles for generating image modifications such as "
  "No defined styles"
  "Image generation in progress. Try again shortly."
  "Error generating image."
  "Unable to generate the derived image located at %path."
  "无法生成位于 %path 的衍生图片。"
  "Failed to create style directory: %directory"
  "创建样式目录:%directory 失败"
"Cached image file %destination already exists. There may be an issue "
"with your rewrite configuration."
"缓存图片文件 %destination "
  "Generate image style"
  "Image styles"
"Configure styles that can be used for resizing or adjusting images on "
  "List the current image styles on the site."
  "Add style"
  "Add a new image style."
  "Configure an image style."
  "Delete an image style."
  "Revert style"
  "Revert an image style."
  "Edit image effect"
  "Delete image effect"
  "Add image effect"
  "Add a new effect to a style."
  "Provides image manipulation tools."
"Use the <em>Custom language</em> section below if your desired "
"language does not appear in this list."
  "Path prefix language code"
"Language code or other custom text to use as a path prefix for URL "
"language detection, if your <em>Detection and selection</em> settings "
"use URL path prefixes. For the default language, this value may be "
"left blank. <strong>Modifying this value may break existing URLs. Use "
"with caution in a production environment.</strong> Example: Specifying "
"\"deutsch\" as the path prefix code for German results in URLs like "
"语言代码或其他自定义字串,如果<em>检测及选择</em>设置中使用了URL路径前缀,则用作URL语言检测的路径前缀。对于默认语言这个值可能留空。<strong>修改这个值会导致已有路径失效,正式网站使用时需谨慎对待。</strong>比如:指定 "
"\"deutsch\" 作为德文网站的路径前缀时,网址会以类似 "
"\"example.com/deutsch/contact\" 的路径格式呈现。"
  "Detection method"
  "Part of the URL that determines language"
"<em>Path prefix</em>: URLs like http://example.com/de/contact set "
"language to German (de). <em>Domain</em>: URLs like "
"http://de.example.com/contact set the language to German. "
"<strong>Warning: Changing this setting may break incoming URLs. Use "
"with caution on a production site.</strong>"
"<em>路径前缀</em>:类似 http://example.com/de/contact "
"的路径地址会将语言设置成德语(de)。<em>域名</em>:类似 "
"http://de.example.com/contact "
  "Request/session parameter"
"Name of the request/session parameter used to determine the desired "
  "Filter translatable strings"
  "Date type"
"Are you sure you want to reset the date formats for %language to the "
"global defaults?"
  "确定要将 %language 的日期格式重置为全局默认格式?"
"Resetting will remove all localized date formats for this language. "
"This action cannot be undone."
"The Locale module allows your Drupal site to be presented in languages "
"other than the default English, and to be multilingual. The Locale "
"module works by maintaining a database of translations, and examining "
"text as it is about to be displayed. When a translation of the text is "
"available in the language to be displayed, the translation is "
"displayed rather than the original text. When a translation is "
"unavailable, the original text is displayed, and then stored for "
"review by a translator. For more information, see the online handbook "
"entry for <a href=\"@locale\">Locale module</a>."
"Locale(本地化)模块让你的Drupal站点可以除了默认的英文外使用其他的语言进行显示,也就是多语言化。本地化模块通过维护一个翻译的数据库,检查即将进行显示的文本进行运作。当有可用的文本翻译时则会显示翻译文本而不是源文本。如果无可用的翻译文本,则显示源文本,然后会保存以供以后翻译人员的查看。更多信息,查看<a "
  "Translating interface text"
  "Translations of text in the Drupal interface may be provided by:"
"Translating within your site, using the Locale module's integrated <a "
"href='@translate'>translation interface</a>."
"在站点内翻译,使用本地化模块内置的<a "
"Importing files from a set of existing translations, known as a "
"translation package. A translation package enables the display of a "
"specific version of Drupal in a specific language, and contains files "
"in the Gettext Portable Object (<em>.po</em>) format. Although not all "
"languages are available for every version of Drupal, translation "
"packages for many languages are available for download from the <a "
"href=\"@translations\">Drupal translations page</a>."
"导入一套已有的翻译文件,也就是所谓的翻译包。一个翻译包可以让特定版本的Drupal以特定的语言进行展示,包含了Gettext "
"Portable "
"Object(<em>.po</em>)格式的文件。尽管不是所有版本的Drupal都有可用的翻译包,但是很多语言还是可以在<a "
"If an existing translation package does not meet your needs, the "
"Gettext Portable Object (<em>.po</em>) files within a package may be "
"modified, or new <em>.po</em> files may be created, using a desktop "
"Gettext editor. The Locale module's <a href='@import'>import</a> "
"feature allows the translated strings from a new or modified "
"<em>.po</em> file to be added to your site. The Locale module's <a "
"href='@export'>export</a> feature generates files from your site's "
"translated strings, that can either be shared with others or edited "
"offline by a Gettext translation editor."
"如果现有的翻译包不能满足你的要求,可以修改翻译包中的Gettext "
"Portable "
"Object(<em>.po</em>)文件,或者使用桌面Gettext编辑器创建新的<em>.po</em>文件。本地化模块可以<a "
"href='@import'>导入</a>新的或者修改过的<em>.po</em>文件至你的站点。本地化模块的<a "
  "Configuring a multilingual site"
"Language negotiation allows your site to automatically change language "
"based on the domain or path used for each request. Users may "
"(optionally) select their preferred language on their <em>My "
"account</em> page, and your site can be configured to honor a web "
"browser's preferred language settings. Site content can be translated "
"using the <a href='@content-help'>Content translation module</a>."
"语言协商让你的站点可以根据域名或路径为每个请求自动指定显示的语言。用户可以(可选)在<em>我的帐户</em>页面上选择他们的首选语言,你的站点也可以设置成按照用户浏览器的语言设置进行语言转换。站点内容可以使用<a "
"With multiple languages enabled, interface text can be translated, "
"registered users may select their preferred language, and authors can "
"assign a specific language to content. <a "
"href=\"@translations\">Download contributed translations</a> from "
"通过启用多语言,界面文本就可以进行翻译,注册用户可以选择他们的首选语言,作者也可以指定一个特定的语言进行内容发布。可以从Drupal.org网站<a "
"Add a language to be supported by your site. If your desired language "
"is not available in the <em>Language name</em> drop-down, click "
"<em>Custom language</em> and provide a language code and other details "
"manually. When providing a language code manually, be sure to enter a "
"standardized language code, since this code may be used by browsers to "
"determine an appropriate display language."
"Determine the language from a request/session parameter. Example: "
"\"http://example.com?language=de\" sets language to German based on "
"the use of \"de\" within the \"language\" parameter."
"从一个请求/会话参数确定使用的语言。比如:根据 "
"\"language\" 参数,\"http://example.com?language=de\" "
"See the <a href=\"@languages\">Languages page</a> for more information "
"on adding support for additional languages."
"关于添加额外语言支持的更多信息查看<a "
"This page imports the translated strings contained in an individual "
"Gettext Portable Object (<em>.po</em>) file. Normally distributed as "
"part of a translation package (each translation package may contain "
"several <em>.po</em> files), a <em>.po</em> file may need to be "
"imported after offline editing in a Gettext translation editor. "
"Importing an individual <em>.po</em> file may be a lengthy process."
"此页面从一个Gettext Portable "
"This page allows a translator to search for specific translated and "
"untranslated strings, and is used when creating or editing "
"translations. (Note: For translation tasks involving many strings, it "
"may be more convenient to <a href=\"@export\">export</a> strings for "
"offline editing in a desktop Gettext translation editor.) Searches may "
"be limited to strings found within a specific text group or in a "
"specific language."
"翻译人员可以在此页面上搜索特定的翻译及未翻译的字符串,用于创建或编辑翻译。(注意:对于涉及很多字符串的翻译任务,可能还是<a "
  "Administer languages"
  "Translate interface texts"
"Order of language detection methods for content. If a version of "
"content is available in the detected language, it will be displayed."
"Order of language detection methods for user interface text. If a "
"translation of user interface text is available in the detected "
"language, it will be displayed."
  "Determine the language from the URL (Path prefix or domain)."
  "Determine the language from a request/session parameter."
  "Follow the user's language preference."
  "Determine the language from the browser's language settings."
  "Language switcher (@type)"
  "Detection and selection"
  "URL language detection configuration"
  "Session language detection configuration"
  "Localize date formats"
  "Reset date formats"
  "Reset localized date formats to global defaults"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
msgctxt "Long month name"
  "add link"
  "There are no menu links yet. <a href=\"@link\">Add link</a>."
  "目前还没有菜单链接。<a href=\"@link\">添加链接</a>。"
  "The text to be used for this link in the menu."
"The path for this menu link. This can be an internal Drupal path such "
"as %add-node or an external URL such as %drupal. Enter %front to link "
"to the front page."
"此菜单链接的路径。可以是 Drupal 的内部路径,如 "
"%add-node,或者外部 URL,如 %drupal。输入 %front "
  "Menu links that are not enabled will not be listed in any menu."
  "Show as expanded"
"If selected and this menu link has children, the menu will always "
"appear expanded."
  "Parent link"
"The maximum depth for a link and all its children is fixed at "
"!maxdepth. Some menu links may not be available as parents if "
"selecting them would exceed this limit."
"链接及其子项的最大深度为 "
"Optional. In the menu, the heavier links will sink and the lighter "
"links will be positioned nearer the top."
  "Are you sure you want to delete the custom menu link %item?"
  "你确定删除自定义菜单链接 %item 吗?"
  "The menu link %title has been deleted."
  "菜单链接 %title 已删除。"
  "Are you sure you want to reset the link %item to its default values?"
  "你确定重置链接 %item 为它的默认值吗?"
  "The menu link was reset to its default settings."
  "No Main links"
  "Source for the Main links"
"Select what should be displayed as the Main links (typically at the "
"top of the page)."
  "选择主导航显示的菜单 (通常位于页面顶部)。"
  "No Secondary links"
  "Source for the Secondary links"
"Select the source for the Secondary links. An advanced option allows "
"you to use the same source for both Main links (currently %main) and "
"Secondary links: if your source menu has two levels of hierarchy, the "
"top level menu links will appear in the Main links, and the children "
"of the active link will appear in the Secondary links."
"选择二级导航的来源。高级选项允许你给主导航 "
"(当前为 %main) "
  "Deleted custom menu %title and all its menu links."
  "已删除自定义菜单 %title 及其所有菜单链接。"
  "Deleted menu link %title."
  "已删除菜单链接 %title。"
"<strong>Warning:</strong> There is currently 1 menu link in %title. It "
"will be deleted (system-defined items will be reset)."
 _plural ""
"<strong>Warning:</strong> There are currently @count menu links in "
"%title. They will be deleted (system-defined links will be reset)."
 [0] ""
"<strong>警告:</strong>%title 中现有 1 "
 [1] ""
"<strong>警告:</strong>%title 中现有 @count "
  "Managing menus"
"Users with the <em>Administer menus and menu items</em> permission can "
"add, edit and delete custom menus on the <a href=\"@menu\">Menus "
"administration page</a>. Custom menus can be special site menus, menus "
"of external links, or any combination of internal and external links. "
"You may create an unlimited number of additional menus, each of which "
"will automatically have an associated block. By selecting <em>list "
"links</em>, you can add, edit, or delete links for a given menu. The "
"links listing page provides a drag-and-drop interface for controlling "
"the order of links, and creating a hierarchy within the menu."
"有<em>管理菜单和菜单项</em> 权限的用户可以在<a "
  "Displaying menus"
"After you have created a menu, you must enable and position the "
"associated block on the <a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration "
"在建立一个菜单后,你必须在<a "
"You can enable the newly-created block for this menu on the <a "
"href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>."
"你可以在<a "
"Each menu has a corresponding block that is managed on the <a "
"href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>."
"每一个菜单都有一个相应区块,该区块在<a "
  "Administer menus and menu items"
  "Provide a menu link"
"Menu links with smaller weights are displayed before links with larger "
  "Available menus"
  "The menus available to place links in for this content type."
  "Default parent item"
"Choose the menu item to be the default parent for a new link in the "
"content authoring form."
"Add new menus to your site, edit existing menus, and rename and "
"reorganize menu links."
  "Parent menu items"
  "Edit menu link"
  "Reset menu link"
  "Delete menu link"
"The <em>Navigation</em> menu contains links intended for site "
"visitors. Links are added to the <em>Navigation</em> menu "
"automatically by some modules."
"The <em>User</em> menu contains links related to the user's account, "
"as well as the 'Log out' link."
  "The <em>Management</em> menu contains links for administrative tasks."
"The <em>Main</em> menu is used on many sites to show the major "
"sections of the site, often in a top navigation bar."
  "manage display"
  "No content types available. <a href=\"@link\">Add content type</a>."
  "无可用的内容类型...<a href=\"@link\">添加内容类型</a>。"
"The human-readable name of this content type. This text will be "
"displayed as part of the list on the <em>Add new content</em> page. It "
"is recommended that this name begin with a capital letter and contain "
"only letters, numbers, and spaces. This name must be unique."
"Describe this content type. The text will be displayed on the <em>Add "
"new content</em> page."
  "Preview before submitting"
"This text will be displayed at the top of the page when creating or "
"editing content of this type."
"Users with the <em>Administer content</em> permission will be able to "
"override these options."
  "Display author and date information."
  "Author username and publish date will be displayed."
  "Invalid machine-readable name. Enter a name other than %invalid."
  "机读名称非法。输入有别于 %invalid 的名称。"
"%type is used by 1 piece of content on your site. If you remove this "
"content type, you will not be able to edit the %type content and it "
"may not display correctly."
 _plural ""
"%type is used by @count pieces of content on your site. If you remove "
"%type, you will not be able to edit the %type content and it may not "
"display correctly."
 [0] ""
"%type 被用于站点上 1 "
"块内容。若删除此类容类型,将无法编辑 %type "
 [1] ""
"%type 被用于站点上 @count "
"块内容。若删除此类容类型,将无法编辑 %type "
  "Publish selected content"
  "Unpublish selected content"
  "Promote selected content to front page"
  "Demote selected content from front page"
  "Make selected content sticky"
  "Make selected content not sticky"
  "Delete selected content"
  "Deleted @count posts."
  "删除了 @count 篇文章。"
  "Are you sure you want to delete this item?"
 _plural "Are you sure you want to delete these items?"
 [0] "确定要删除此项目?"
 [1] "确定要删除这些项目?"
  "<em>Edit @type</em> @title"
  "<em>编辑 @type</em> @title"
"You have not created any content types yet. Go to the <a "
"href=\"@create-content\">content type creation page</a> to add a new "
"content type."
"你尚未创建过内容类型。转到<a "
  "Revision log message"
"Provide an explanation of the changes you are making. This will help "
"other authors understand your motivations."
  "Tokens related to individual content items, or \"nodes\"."
  "有关单独的内容项目或 \"节点\" 的标识符。"
  "The unique ID of the content item, or \"node\"."
  "内容项目或 \"节点\" 的唯一ID。"
  "The main body text of the node."
  "The summary of the node's main body text."
"The content access permissions need to be rebuilt. <a "
"href=\"@node_access_rebuild\">Rebuild permissions</a>."
"内容访问权限需要重建。<a "
"The Node module manages the creation, editing, deletion, settings, and "
"display of the main site content. Content items managed by the Node "
"module are typically displayed as pages on your site, and include a "
"title, some meta-data (author, creation time, content type, etc.), and "
"optional fields containing text or other data (fields are managed by "
"the <a href=\"@field\">Field module</a>). For more information, see "
"the online handbook entry for <a href=\"@node\">Node module</a>."
"Node(节点)模块管理主站点内容的创建、编辑、删除、设置以及显示。由节点模块管理的内容项目通常是以站点页面显示,包含一个标题,一些元数据(作者、创建时间、内容类型等),包含文本或其他数据(由<a "
"href=\"@field\">Filed模块</a>管理的字段)的可选字段。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Creating content"
"When new content is created, the Node module records basic information "
"about the content, including the author, date of creation, and the <a "
"href=\"@content-type\">Content type</a>. It also manages the "
"<em>publishing options</em>, which define whether or not the content "
"is published, promoted to the front page of the site, and/or sticky at "
"the top of content lists. Default settings can be configured for each "
"<a href=\"@content-type\">type of content</a> on your site."
"当内容被创建时,节点模块记录内容的基本信息,包括作者、创建日期以及<a "
"href=\"@content-type\">内容类型</a>。其同样也管理<em>发布选项</em>,用来指定哪些是发布的内容哪些是未发布的,是否推荐到首页,及/或在内容列表中置顶。默认设置可以在每个<a "
  "Creating custom content types"
"The Node module gives users with the <em>Administer content types</em> "
"permission the ability to <a href=\"@content-new\">create new content "
"types</a> in addition to the default ones already configured. Creating "
"custom content types allows you the flexibility to add <a "
"href=\"@field\">fields</a> and configure default settings that suit "
"the differing needs of various site content."
"节点模块让具有<em>管理内容类型</em>权限的用户可以<a "
"href=\"@content-new\">创建内容类型</a>。创建自动以内容类型让你可以在添加<a "
  "Administering content"
"The <a href=\"@content\">Content administration page</a> allows you to "
"review and bulk manage your site content."
"<a "
  "Creating revisions"
"The Node module also enables you to create multiple versions of any "
"content, and revert to older versions using the <em>Revision "
"information</em> settings."
  "User permissions"
"The Node module makes a number of permissions available for each "
"content type, which can be set by role on the <a "
"href=\"@permissions\">permissions page</a>."
"节点模块在每种内容类型上都有很多权限控制,可以在<a "
"Individual content types can have different fields, behaviors, and "
"permissions assigned to them."
"Content items can be displayed using different view modes: Teaser, "
"Full content, Print, RSS, etc. <em>Teaser</em> is a short format that "
"is typically used in lists of multiple content items. <em>Full "
"content</em> is typically used when the content is displayed on its "
"own page."
"Here, you can define which fields are shown and hidden when %type "
"content is displayed in each view mode, and define how the fields are "
"displayed in each view mode."
"Revisions allow you to track differences between multiple versions of "
"your content, and revert back to older versions."
  "Full content"
  "Search result"
"The content on this page has either been modified by another user, or "
"you have already submitted modifications using this form. As a result, "
"your changes cannot be saved."
  "Administer content types"
"Warning: Give to trusted roles only; this permission has security "
  "View published content"
  "Access the content overview page"
  "Bypass content access control"
  "View content revisions"
  "Revert content revisions"
  "Delete content revisions"
  "View own unpublished content"
  "Content is sticky at top of lists"
  "Content is promoted to the front page"
  "Recent content"
  "Number of recent content items to display"
  "Show block for specific content types"
"Show this block only on pages that display content of the given "
"type(s). If you select no types, there will be no type-specific "
  "Welcome to @site-name"
  "欢迎光临 @site-name"
  "No front page content has been created yet."
  "Unpublish content"
  "Make content sticky"
  "Make content unsticky"
  "Promote content to front page"
  "Remove content from front page"
  "Change the author of content"
  "Save content"
  "Unpublish content containing keyword(s)"
"The content will be unpublished if it contains any of the phrases "
"above. Use a case-sensitive, comma-separated list of phrases. Example: "
"funny, bungee jumping, \"Company, Inc.\""
"若内容包含以上任意短语都将被取消发布。短语区分大小写,以英文半角逗号分隔。例如,影帝, "
"天朝 幼儿园, \"Company, Inc.\""
"If the site is experiencing problems with permissions to content, you "
"may have to rebuild the permissions cache. Rebuilding will remove all "
"privileges to content and replace them with permissions based on the "
"current modules and settings. Rebuilding may take some time if there "
"is a lot of content or complex permission settings. After rebuilding "
"has completed, content will automatically use the new permissions."
  "Node Access Permissions"
  "One permission in use"
 _plural "@count permissions in use"
 [0] "使用了 1 个权限"
 [1] "使用了 @count 个权限"
  "Find and manage content."
"Manage content types, including default status, front page promotion, "
"comment settings, etc."
  "Edit content type"
  "Don't display post information"
"This site supports <a href=\"@openid-net\">OpenID</a>, a secure way to "
"log in to many websites using a single username and password. OpenID "
"can reduce the necessity of managing many usernames and passwords for "
"many websites."
"此站点支持<a "
"If you already have an OpenID, enter the URL to your OpenID server "
"below (e.g. myusername.openidprovider.com). Next time you log in, you "
"will be able to use this URL instead of a regular username and "
"password. You can have multiple OpenID servers if you like; just keep "
"adding them here."
"如果你已经有一个OpenID了,在下面输入你的OpenID服务器的URL(比如 "
"The OpenID module allows users to log in using the OpenID single sign "
"on service. <a href=\"@openid-net\">OpenID</a> is a secure method for "
"logging into many websites with a single username and password. It "
"does not require special software, and it does not share passwords "
"with any site to which it is associated, including the site being "
"logged into. The main benefit to users is that they can have a single "
"password that they can use on many websites. This means they can "
"easily update their single password from a centralized location, "
"rather than having to change dozens of passwords individually. For "
"more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@handbook\">OpenID module</a>."
"OpenID模块让用户可以使用OpenID登录站点。<a "
"href=\"@openid-net\">OpenID</a>是使用单一用户名和密码登录多个站点的安全方式。它无需特殊的软件,也不需要在任何站点上上分享密码,包括那些已经登录的站点。主要的好处就是用户可以使用单一的密码就可以登录很多站点了。这就意味着你只要更新一次密码,而不需要为各个站点单独地更新密码了。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Logging in with OpenID"
"To log in using OpenID, a user must already have an OpenID account. "
"Users can then create site accounts using their OpenID, assign one or "
"more OpenIDs to an existing account, and log in using an OpenID. This "
"lowers the barrier to registration, which helps increase the user "
"base, and offers convenience and security to the users. Because OpenID "
"cannot guarantee a user is legitimate, email verification is still "
"necessary. When logging in, users are presented with the option of "
"entering their OpenID URL, which will look like "
"<em>myusername.openidprovider.com</em>. The site then communicates "
"with the OpenID server, asking it to verify the identity of the user. "
"If the user is logged into their OpenID server, the server "
"communicates back to your site, verifying the user. If they are not "
"logged in, the OpenID server will ask the user for their password. At "
"no point does the site being logged into record the user's OpenID "
  "Once you have verified your e-mail address, you may log in via OpenID."
"Sorry, that is not a valid OpenID. Ensure you have spelled your ID "
"Complete the registration by filling out the form below. If you "
"already have an account, you can <a href=\"@login\">log in</a> now and "
"add your OpenID under \"My account\"."
"通过填写下列表单完成注册。如果你已经有了帐户,可以直接<a "
"Account registration using the information provided by your OpenID "
"provider failed due to the reasons listed below. Complete the "
"registration by filling out the form below. If you already have an "
"account, you can <a href=\"@login\">log in</a> now and add your OpenID "
"under \"My account\"."
"使用你的OpenID提供商提供的信息进行帐户注册失败,可能是由于以下原因。通过填写下表完成注册。如果已经有一个帐户,可以进行<a "
"href=\"@login\">登录</a>然后在 \"我的帐户\" "
"The Overlay module makes the administration pages on your site display "
"in a JavaScript overlay of the page you were viewing when you clicked "
"the administrative link, instead of replacing the page in your browser "
"window. Use the close link on the overlay to return to the page you "
"were viewing when you clicked the link. For more information, see the "
"online handbook entry for <a href=\"@overlay\">Overlay module</a>."
"Overlay模块让你在当前页面点击管理项目链接时把站点的管理页面显示在一个JavaScript浮动层里,而不替换你浏览器窗口中的页面。使用浮动层上的关闭链接返回到你点击链接时正在查看的页面。获得更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Access the administrative overlay"
  "View administrative pages in the overlay."
  "Displays the Drupal administration interface in an overlay."
  "@title dialog"
  "@title 对话框"
"Specify the existing path you wish to alias. For example: node/28, "
"forum/1, taxonomy/term/1."
"The Path module allows you to specify an alias, or custom URL, for any "
"existing internal system path. Aliases should not be confused with URL "
"redirects, which allow you to forward a changed or inactive URL to a "
"new URL. In addition to making URLs more readable, aliases also help "
"search engines index content more effectively. Multiple aliases may be "
"used for a single internal system path. To automate the aliasing of "
"paths, you can install the contributed module <a "
"href=\"@pathauto\">Pathauto</a>. For more information, see the online "
"handbook entry for the <a href=\"@path\">Path module</a>."
"Path(路径)模块让你可以为系统内部已有的路径地址指定一个别名,或自定义URL链接地址。别名不要和URL转发混淆,后者是将更改过的或不活跃的URL转发到一个新的URL地址上。除了让URL链接的可读性更高,别名还有助于搜索引擎更有效地索引站点内容。在一个内部系统路径上可以使用多个别名。要使路径别名自动化,可以安装第三方的模块<a "
"href=\"@pathauto\">Pathauto</a>。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Creating aliases"
"Users with sufficient <a href=\"@permissions\">permissions</a> can "
"create aliases under the <em>URL path settings</em> section when they "
"create or edit content. Some examples of aliases are: "
"具有相应<a "
"href=\"@permissions\">权限</a>的用户可以在创建或编辑内容时,选择<em>URL路径设置</em>单元来创建别名。一些别名的示例: "
  "<em>member/jane-smith</em> aliased to internal path <em>user/123</em>"
  "可以为 <em>user/123</em> 指定别名 <em>member/jane-smith</em>"
  "<em>about-us/team</em> aliased to internal path <em>node/456</em>"
  "可以为 <em>node/456</em> 指定别名 <em>about-us/team</em>"
  "Managing aliases"
"The Path module provides a way to search and view a <a "
"href=\"@aliases\">list of all aliases</a> that are in use on your "
"website. Aliases can be added, edited and deleted through this list."
"路径模块提供了搜索及查看站点上使用的<a "
"An alias defines a different name for an existing URL path - for "
"example, the alias 'about' for the URL path 'node/1'. A URL path can "
"have multiple aliases."
"通过使用别名为已有的链接地址指定不同的名称 - "
"比如,别名 'about' 对应于链接地址 "
  "Administer URL aliases"
  "Create and edit URL aliases"
  "The alias is already in use."
"Optionally specify an alternative URL by which this term can be "
"accessed. Use a relative path and don't add a trailing slash or the "
"URL alias won't work."
  "Enabling execution of PHP in text fields"
"The PHP filter module allows users with the proper permissions to "
"include custom PHP code that will get executed when pages of your site "
"are processed. While this is a powerful and flexible feature if used "
"by a trusted user with PHP experience, it is a significant and "
"dangerous security risk in the hands of a malicious or inexperienced "
"user. Even a trusted user may accidentally compromise the site by "
"entering malformed or incorrect PHP code. Only the most trusted users "
"should be granted permission to use the PHP filter, and all PHP code "
"added through the PHP filter should be carefully examined before use. "
"<a href=\"@php-snippets\">Example PHP snippets</a> can be found on "
"PHP过滤器使具有适当权限的用户可以添加PHP代码,在站点处理页面时执行。对于受信任的具有PHP经验的用户来说是非常有用及灵活的工具,但是对于那些恶意的或没有经验的用户来说将会引起非常重大和危险的安全隐患。即使是有经验的用户也可能不小心输错PHP代码而危及站点。对于那些最受信任的用户,才给予PHP过滤器的使用权限,所有通过PHP过滤器添加的PHP代码都应当在使用之前进行仔细的检验。可以在Drupal.org找到一些<a "
  "Use PHP for settings"
"<p>Add a custom block to your site, named \"Welcome\" . With its text "
"format set to \"PHP code\" (or another format supporting PHP input), "
"add the following in the Block body:</p>\n"
"print t('Welcome visitor! Thank you for visiting.');\n"
"<p>在站点上添加一个自定义区块,命名为 "
"\"欢迎\"。将输入格式设置为 "
"print t('欢迎光临!非常感谢您的访问!');\n"
"<p>To display the name of a registered user, use this instead:</p>\n"
"global $user;\n"
"if ($user->uid) {\n"
"  print t('Welcome @name! Thank you for visiting.', array('@name' => "
"else {\n"
"  print t('Welcome visitor! Thank you for visiting.');\n"
"global $user;\n"
"if ($user->uid) {\n"
"  print t('@name,欢迎光临!感谢您的访问!', "
"array('@name' => format_username($user)));\n"
"else {\n"
"  print t('欢迎光临!感谢您的访问!');\n"
"The PHP module has been disabled. Any existing content that was using "
"the PHP filter will now be visible in plain text. This might pose a "
"security risk by exposing sensitive information, if any, used in the "
"PHP code."
"The Poll module can be used to create simple surveys or questionnaires "
"that display cumulative results. A poll is a good way to receive "
"feedback from site users and community members. For more information, "
"see the online handbook entry for the <a href=\"@poll\">Poll "
"Poll(投票)模块可以用来创建简单的调查或有相关累计结果的问题。投票是从站点用户及会员那里收集站点反馈的一种非常有效的方式。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Creating a poll"
"Users can create a poll by clicking on Poll on the <a "
"href=\"@add-content\">Add new content</a> page, and entering the "
"question being posed, the answer choices, and beginning vote counts "
"for each choice. The status (closed or active) and duration (length of "
"time the poll remains active for new votes) can also be specified."
"用户可以在<a "
  "Viewing polls"
"You can visit the <a href=\"@poll\">Polls</a> page to view all current "
"polls, or alternately enable the <em>Most recent poll</em> block on "
"the <a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>. To vote in or "
"view the results of a specific poll, you can click on the poll itself."
"你可以访问<a "
"href=\"@poll\">投票</a>页面查看当前所有的投票,也可以在<a "
  "Vote on polls"
  "Cancel and change own votes"
  "Your vote was cancelled."
"To enable browsing this field by value, enter a title for the "
"resulting page. The word <code>%value</code> will be substituted with "
"the corresponding value. An example page title is \"People whose "
"favorite color is %value\" . This is only applicable for a public "
"要启用以值查看字段,为结果页面输入一个标题。<code>%value</code>会被相应的值所代替,比如一个标题为 "
"\"人们最喜欢的颜色是 %value\" "
"To enable browsing this field by value, enter a title for the "
"resulting page. An example page title is \"People who are employed\" . "
"This is only applicable for a public field."
"要启用以值查看字段,为结果页面输入一个标题。比如一个标题为 "
"\"聘用的人员\" 的页面。只可用于一个公共字段。"
"The Profile module allows site administrators to define custom fields "
"(such as country, full name, or age) for user profiles, which are then "
"displayed in the <a href=\"@user\">My Account</a> section. This "
"permits users of a site to share more information about themselves, "
"and can help community-based sites organize users around specific "
"information. For more information, see the online handbook entry for "
"<a href=\"@profile\">Profile module</a>."
"Profile(用户文档)模块让站点管理员可以为用户文档指定自定义的字段(比如城市,全名或者年龄等),这些字段也都会显示在<a "
"href=\"@user\">我的帐户</a>单元上。这使得站点用户可以分享更多的个人信息,帮助社区模式的站点通过特定的信息组织用户。更多信息,查看<a "
  "Adding fields to the default profile"
"To provide the ability for users to enter more information about "
"themselves, the Profile module allows additional fields to be added to "
"the default user profile. Examples of common additions would be "
"<em>Location</em>, <em>Company</em>, <em>Age</em>, or <em>About "
  "User information pages"
"The Profile module enables links to see further information about site "
"users. You can view both a main <a href=\"@profile\">User list "
"page</a>, and more specified pages by clicking on linked fields in any "
"profile. For example, the <a href=\"@profile-country\">People who live "
"in Canada</a> listing on Drupal.org displays all users who have "
"entered <em>Canada</em> in the <em>Country</em> field on their user "
"用户文档模块提供了很多查看站点用户信息的链接,你可以在主要的<a "
"href=\"@profile\">用户列表</a>页面,或者在文档的特定页面上点击字段链接进行查看。比如,Drupal.org的<a "
  "Author information block"
"The <em>Author information block</em> is a default block created by "
"the Profile module that can be enabled on the <a "
"href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>. It shows visitors of "
"your website information about the author of the page they are "
"<em>作者信息区块</em>是由用户文档模块创建的默认区块,可以在<a "
"This page displays a list of the existing custom profile fields to be "
"displayed on a user's <em>My account</em> page. To provide structure, "
"similar or related fields may be placed inside a category. To add a "
"new category (or edit an existing one), edit a profile field and "
"provide a new category name."
"Enriches your content with metadata to let other applications (e.g. "
"search engines, aggregators) better understand its relationships and "
  "The active search modules have been changed."
"You must include at least one positive keyword with 1 character or "
 _plural ""
"You must include at least one positive keyword with @count characters "
"or more."
 [0] "关键词至少包含 1 个字符以上。"
 [1] "关键词至少包含 @count 个字符以上。"
  "Searched %type for %keys."
  "以 %keys 搜索 %type。"
"The Search module provides the ability to index and search for content "
"by exact keywords, and for users by username or e-mail. For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@search-module\">Search module</a>."
"Search(搜索)模块提供了对特定关键字索引及搜索内容的功能,以及通过用户名及邮件搜索用户。更多信息,查看<a "
  "Searching content and users"
"Users with <em>Use search</em> permission can use the search block and "
"<a href=\"@search\">Search page</a>. Users with the <em>View published "
"content</em> permission can search for content containing exact "
"keywords. Users with the <em>View user profiles</em> permission can "
"search for users containing the keyword anywhere in the user name, and "
"users with the <em>Administer users</em> permission can search for "
"users by email address. Additionally, users with <em>Use advanced "
"search</em> permission can find content using more complex search "
"methods and filtering by choosing the <em>Advanced search</em> option "
"on the <a href=\"@search\">Search page</a>."
"具有<em>使用搜索</em>权限的用户可以使用搜索区块及<a "
"href=\"@search\">搜索</a>页面。具有<em>查看已发布内容</em>权限的用户可以搜索包含特定关键字的内容。具有<em>查看用户文档</em>权限的用户可以包含某关键字的用户名,具有<em>管理用户</em>权限的用户还可以通过邮件地址搜索用户。另外,具有<em>使用高级搜索</em>权限的用户可以在<a "
  "Indexing content with cron"
  "Configuring search settings"
"Indexing behavior can be adjusted using the <a "
"href=\"@searchsettings\">Search settings page</a>. Users with "
"<em>Administer search</em> permission can control settings such as the "
"<em>Number of items to index per cron run</em>, <em>Indexing "
"settings</em> (word length), <em>Active search modules</em>, and "
"<em>Content ranking</em>, which lets you adjust the priority in which "
"indexed content is returned in results."
"索引行为可以在<a "
"The Search module includes a default <em>Search form</em> block, which "
"can be enabled and configured on the <a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks "
"administration page</a>. The block is available to users with the "
"<em>Search content</em> permission."
"搜索模块包含了一个默认的<em>搜索表单</em>区块,可以在<a "
  "Extending Search module"
"By default, the Search module only supports exact keyword matching in "
"content searches. You can modify this behavior by installing a "
"language-specific stemming module for your language (such as <a "
"href=\"http://drupal.org/project/porterstemmer\">Porter Stemmer</a> "
"for American English), which allows words such as walk, walking, and "
"walked to be matched in the Search module. Another approach is to use "
"a third-party search technology with stemming or partial word matching "
"features built in, such as <a "
"href=\"http://drupal.org/project/apachesolr\">Apache Solr</a> or <a "
"href=\"http://drupal.org/project/sphinx\">Sphinx</a>. These and other "
"<a href=\"@contrib-search\">search-related contributed modules</a> can "
"be downloaded by visiting Drupal.org."
"默认情况下,搜索模块只支持匹配特定关键字的内容搜索。你可以安装特定语言的语言词干模块(比如用于美语的<a "
"href=\"http://drupal.org/project/porterstemmer\">Porter "
"Stemmer</a>模块),可以让你在搜索引擎中匹配如walk、walking和walked之类的词。另外一种方式是使用第三方的带有词干及部分关键词配配技术的搜索引擎,比如<a "
"href=\"http://drupal.org/project/apachesolr\">Apache Solr</a>或<a "
"href=\"http://drupal.org/project/sphinx\">Sphinx</a>。可以访问Drupal.org下载这些及其他的<a "
"<li>Check if your spelling is correct.</li>\n"
"<li>Remove quotes around phrases to search for each word individually. "
"<em>bike shed</em> will often show more results than <em>&quot;bike "
"<li>Consider loosening your query with <em>OR</em>. <em>bike OR "
"shed</em> will often show more results than <em>bike shed</em>.</li>\n"
"<li>去除关键词的引号进行单个字词的搜索。<em>bike "
"shed</em> 的搜索结果比 <em>&quot;bike shed&quot;</em> "
"<li>使用 <em>OR</em> 放宽查询条件。<em>bike OR shed</em> "
"显示的结果通常比 <em>bike shed</em>多。</li>\n"
  "Administer search"
  "Use search"
  "Use advanced search"
  "Configure relevance settings for search and other indexing options."
  "Choose a set of shortcuts to use"
  "Choose a set of shortcuts for this user"
"You are now using the new %set_name shortcut set. You can edit it from "
"this page or <a href=\"@switch-url\">switch back to a different "
"你当前正在使用新的 %set_name "
"快捷方式组。你可以在此页面或<a "
"%user is now using a new shortcut set called %set_name. You can edit "
"it from this page."
"%user 正在使用名为 %set_name "
  "You are now using the %set_name shortcut set."
  "你现在正在使用 %set_name 快捷方式组。"
  "%user is now using the %set_name shortcut set."
  "%user 正在使用 %set_name 快捷方式组。"
  "Change set"
  "The shortcut set has been updated."
  "Add new shortcut"
  "Editing @shortcut"
  "正在编辑 @shortcut"
  "The name of the shortcut."
  "The path to the shortcut."
  "The link must correspond to a valid path on the site."
  "The shortcut %link has been updated."
  "快捷方式 %link 已更新。"
  "Added a shortcut for %title."
  "Are you sure you want to delete the shortcut %title?"
  "The shortcut %title has been deleted."
  "快捷方式 %title 已被删除。"
  "Unable to add a shortcut for %title."
  "未能添加 %title 快捷方式。"
  "Adding and removing shortcuts"
  "Displaying shortcuts"
"You can display your shortcuts by enabling the Shortcuts block on the "
"<a href=\"@blocks\">Blocks administration page</a>. Certain "
"administrative modules also display your shortcuts; for example, the "
"core <a href=\"@toolbar-help\">Toolbar module</a> displays them near "
"the top of the page, along with an <em>Edit shortcuts</em> link."
"通过在<a "
"href=\"@blocks\">区块管理</a>页面上启用快捷方式区块来显示你的快捷方式。特定的管理模块也会显示其快捷方式;比如,核心的<a "
  "Administer shortcuts"
  "@shortcut_set shortcuts"
  "@shortcut_set 快捷方式"
  "Add to %shortcut_set shortcuts"
  "添加到 %shortcut_set 快捷方式"
  "Add to shortcuts"
  "Remove from %shortcut_set shortcuts"
  "从 %shortcut_set 快捷方式中删除"
  "Remove from shortcuts"
  "Edit shortcuts"
  "Add shortcut"
  "Edit shortcut"
  "Delete shortcut"
  "Allows users to manage customizable lists of shortcut links."
  "Value @value is TRUE."
  "值 @value 为真。"
  "Value @value is FALSE."
  "值 @value 为假。"
  "Value @value is NULL."
  "值 @value 为空。"
  "Value @value is not NULL."
  "值 @value 不为空。"
  "Value @first is equal to value @second."
  "值 @first 等于值 @second。"
  "Value @first is not equal to value @second."
  "值 @first 不等于值 @second。"
  "Value @first is identical to value @second."
  "值 @first 等价于值 @second。"
  "Value @first is not identical to value @second."
  "值 @first 不等价于值 @second。"
  "The test did not complete due to a fatal error."
  "Link with label %label found."
  "已找到标签为 %label 的链接。"
  "Link with label %label not found."
  "标签为 %label 的链接未找到。"
  "Link containing href %href found."
  "包含href %href 的链接已找到。"
  "No link containing href %href found."
  "包含href %href 的链接未找到。"
  "Clicked link %label (@url_target) from @url_before"
  "点击了 @url_before 的链接 %label (@url_target)"
  "Option @option for field @id is selected."
  "选中字段 @id 的选项 @option。"
  "Option @option for field @id is not selected."
  "未选中字段 @id 的选项 @option。"
"By default SimpleTest will clear the results after they have been "
"viewed on the results page, but in some cases it may be useful to "
"leave the results in the database. The results can then be viewed at "
"<em>admin/config/development/testing/[test_id]</em>. The test ID can "
"be found in the database, simpletest table, or kept track of when "
"viewing the results the first time. Additionally, some modules may "
"provide more analysis or features that require this setting to be "
"默认情况下在浏览过结果页面后简单测试的结果将被清除,但有时将结果保留在数据库中还是有些用处的。结果可以在 "
"<em>admin/config/development/testing/[test_id]</em> "
  "GSS negotiate"
  "Any safe"
"The Testing module provides a framework for running automated unit "
"tests. It can be used to verify a working state of Drupal before and "
"after any code changes, or as a means for developers to write and "
"execute tests for their modules. For more information, see the online "
"handbook entry for <a href=\"@simpletest\">Testing module</a>."
"Testing(测试)模块提供了自动化的单元测试的框架。可以用来验证代码更改之后Drupal站点的工作状况,或用于站点开发,编写及执行模块的测试。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Running tests"
"Visit the <a href=\"@admin-simpletest\">Testing page</a> to display a "
"list of available tests. For comprehensive testing, select "
"<em>all</em> tests, or individually select tests for more targeted "
"testing. Note that it might take several minutes for all tests to "
"complete. For more information on creating and modifying your own "
"tests, see the <a href=\"@simpletest-api\">Testing API "
"Documentation</a> in the Drupal handbook."
"访问<a "
"href=\"@admin-simpletest\">测试</a>页面,有一系列可用的测试。对于综合测试,选择<em>所有</em>测试,更具目标化的测试可以单独选中进行测试。注意全部测试完成可能需要花费一些时间。更多关于创建及修改自己的测试方面的信息,请查看Drupal手册中的<a "
"href=\"@simpletest-api\">Testing API </a>文档。"
"After the tests run, a message will be displayed next to each test "
"group indicating whether tests within it passed, failed, or had "
"exceptions. A pass means that the test returned the expected results, "
"while fail means that it did not. An exception normally indicates an "
"error outside of the test, such as a PHP warning or notice. If there "
"were failures or exceptions, the results will be expanded to show "
"details, and the tests that had failures or exceptions will be "
"indicated in red or pink rows. You can then use these results to "
"refine your code and tests, until all tests pass."
  "Administer tests"
  "The test run finished in @elapsed."
  "测试于 @elapsed 后结束。"
"Use the <em>Clean environment</em> button to clean-up temporary files "
"and tables."
"The testing framework requires the PHP <a "
"href=\"@open_basedir-url\">open_basedir</a> restriction to be "
"disabled. Check your webserver configuration or contact your web host."
"测试框架需要禁用PHP的<a "
"The testing framework could not be installed because the PHP <a "
"href=\"@curl_url\">cURL</a> library is not available."
"测试框架未能安装因为PHP的<a "
"The testing framework could not be installed because the PHP <a "
"href=\"@hash_url\">hash</a> extension is disabled."
"测试框架未能安装因为PHP的<a "
  "PHP open_basedir restriction"
  "PHP open_basedir限制"
  "unblock IP address"
  "block IP address"
"The Statistics module shows you how often a given page is viewed, who "
"viewed it, the previous page the user visited (referrer URL), and when "
"it was viewed. These statistics are useful in determining how users "
"are visiting and navigating your site. For more information, see the "
"online handbook entry for the <a href=\"@statistics\">Statistics "
"Statistics(统计)模块显示页面的访问频率、访客、访客上一次访问的页面(引用的链接),以及页面被浏览的时间。这些统计信息有助于确定访客是如何访问及在站点中导航的。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Managing logs"
"To enable collection of statistics, the <em>Enable access log</em> "
"checkbox on the <a href=\"@statistics-settings\">Statistics settings "
"page</a> must be checked. The <em>Discard access logs older than</em> "
"setting on the settings page specifies the length of time entries are "
"kept in the log before they are deleted. This setting requires a "
"correctly configured <a href=\"@cron\">cron maintenance task</a> to "
"要启用统计数据的收集,必须勾选<a "
"href=\"@statistics-settings\">统计设置</a>页面上的<em>启用日志访问</em>上的复选框。设置页面上的<em>丢弃以下时间的日志</em>用于指定日至条目在删除之前保留的时间。这个设置需要运行<a "
  "Viewing site usage"
"The Statistics module can help you break down details about your users "
"and how they are using the site. The module offers four reports:"
"<a href=\"@recent-hits\">Recent hits</a> displays information about "
"the latest activity on your site, including the URL and title of the "
"page that was accessed, the user name (if available) and the IP "
"address of the viewer."
"<a "
"<a href=\"@top-referrers\">Top referrers</a> displays where visitors "
"came from (referrer URL)."
"<a "
"<a href=\"@top-pages\">Top pages</a> displays a list of pages ordered "
"by how often they were viewed."
"<a "
"<a href=\"@top-visitors\">Top visitors</a> shows you the most active "
"visitors for your site and allows you to ban abusive visitors."
"<a "
  "Displaying popular content"
"The module includes a <em>Popular content</em> block that displays the "
"most viewed pages today and for all time, and the last content viewed. "
"To use the block, enable <em>Count content views</em> on the <a "
"href=\"@statistics-settings\">statistics settings page</a>, and then "
"you can enable and configure the block on the <a "
"href=\"@blocks\">blocks administration page</a>."
"此模块包含了一个<em>热门内容</em>区块,用来显示今日及站点运行以来访问次数最多的页面,以及最后访问的内容。要使用这个区块,在<a "
"href=\"@statistics-settings\">统计设置</a>页面启用<em>内容访问计数</em>,然后在<a "
  "Page view counter"
"The Statistics module includes a counter for each page that increases "
"whenever the page is viewed. To use the counter, enable <em>Count "
"content views</em> on the <a href=\"@statistics-settings\">statistics "
"settings page</a>, and set the necessary <a "
"href=\"@permissions\">permissions</a> (<em>View content hits</em>) so "
"that the counter is visible to the users."
"统计模块包含了一个页面访问的计数器。要使用这个计数器,在<a "
"href=\"@statistics-settings\">统计设置</a>页面启用<em>内容访问计数</em>,并设定必要的<a "
  "Administer statistics"
  "View content access statistics"
  "View content hits"
  "Control details about what and how your site logs access statistics."
"The Syslog module logs events by sending messages to the logging "
"facility of your web server's operating system. Syslog is an operating "
"system administrative logging tool that provides valuable information "
"for use in system management and security auditing. Most suited to "
"medium and large sites, Syslog provides filtering tools that allow "
"messages to be routed by type and severity. For more information, see "
"the online handbook entry for <a href='@syslog'>Syslog module</a> and "
"PHP's <a href='@php_openlog'>openlog</a> and <a "
"href='@php_syslog'>syslog</a> functions."
"Syslog(系统日志)模块通过向web服务器操作系统发送日志来记录站点事务。系统日志是一个操作系统的管理化日志工具,可以提供各种有用的系统管理及安全审核方面的信息。相当适合中型及大型的站点,系统日志模块还提供了过滤工具,可以通过类型及严重程度对消息进行过滤。更多信息,请查看<a "
"href='@syslog'>Syslog模块</a>在线手册条目及PHP的<a "
"href='@php_openlog'>openlog</a>和<a "
  "Logging for UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X"
  "UNIX, Linux和Mac OS X的日志记录"
"On UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X, the file <em>/etc/syslog.conf</em> "
"defines the routing configuration. Messages can be flagged with the "
"codes <code>LOG_LOCAL0</code> through <code>LOG_LOCAL7</code>. For "
"information on Syslog facilities, severity levels, and how to set up "
"<em>syslog.conf</em>, see the <em>syslog.conf</em> manual page on your "
"command line."
"在UNIX,Linux及Mac OS X系统中,文件 <em>/etc/syslog.conf</em> "
"指定了日志配置。消息会以通过 <code>LOG_LOCAL0</code> 至 "
"<code>LOG_LOCAL7</code> "
  "Logging for Microsoft Windows"
  "Microsoft Windows的日志记录"
"On Microsoft Windows, messages are always sent to the Event Log using "
"the code <code>LOG_USER</code>."
"为微软Windows系统上,消息总是使用代码 "
"<code>LOG_USER</code> 放松到系统事务日志中。"
  "Syslog facility"
"Depending on the system configuration, Syslog and other logging tools "
"use this code to identify or filter messages from within the entire "
"system log."
"The image %file could not be rotated because the imagerotate() "
"function is not available in this PHP installation."
"图像 %file "
"The image %file could not be desaturated because the imagefilter() "
"function is not available in this PHP installation."
"图像 %file "
  "Screenshot for !theme theme"
  "!theme 主题的屏幕截图"
  "Settings for !theme theme"
  "!theme 主题设置"
  "Disable !theme theme"
  "禁用 !theme 主题"
  "Set !theme as default theme"
  "将 !theme 设为默认主题"
  "Enable !theme theme"
  "启用 !theme 主题"
  "Enable and set default"
  "Enable !theme as default theme"
  "启用 !theme 并设为默认主题"
  "default theme"
"Choose \"Default theme\" to always use the same theme as the rest of "
"the site."
"选择 \"默认主题\" "
  "Use the administration theme when editing or creating content"
  "The %theme theme has been enabled."
  "%theme 主题已启用。"
  "The %theme theme was not found."
  "%theme 主题未找到。"
  "%theme is the default theme and cannot be disabled."
  "%theme 是默认主题,不能禁用。"
  "The %theme theme has been disabled."
  "%theme 主题已被禁用。"
"Please note that the administration theme is still set to the "
"%admin_theme theme; consequently, the theme on this page remains "
"unchanged. All non-administrative sections of the site, however, will "
"show the selected %selected_theme theme by default."
"请注意管理化主题依旧设置为 %admin_theme "
"theme;因此此页面上的主题未更改。然而站点上其他非管理化的部分依然会按照默认以 "
"%selected_theme 主题进行显示。"
  "%theme is now the default theme."
  "%theme 现在是默认主题了。"
  "User verification status in comments"
"These settings only exist for the themes based on the %engine theme "
  "基于 %engine 主题引擎这些主题的设置才可用。"
  "The logo could not be uploaded."
  "The favicon could not be uploaded."
  "The custom logo path is invalid."
  "The custom favicon path is invalid."
"@module (<span class=\"admin-missing\">incompatible with</span> "
"version @version)"
"@module(<span class=\"admin-missing\">不兼容</span>版本 "
"This version is not compatible with Drupal !core_version and should be "
  "此版本与Drupal !core_version不兼容应当予以替换。"
  "Would you like to continue with the above?"
  "Enter a valid IP address."
  "This IP address is already blocked."
  "You may not block your own IP address."
  "The IP address %ip has been blocked."
  "IP地址 %ip 已被屏蔽。"
  "Are you sure you want to delete %ip?"
  "您确定要删除 %ip 吗?"
  "The IP address %ip was deleted."
  "IP地址 %ip 已被删除。"
  "How this is used depends on your site's theme."
  "Number of posts on front page"
"The maximum number of posts displayed on overview pages such as the "
"front page."
"This page is displayed when the requested document is denied to the "
"current user. Leave blank to display a generic \"access denied\" page."
"如果当前用户无权访问所请求的文档,将显示此页面。如果不确定请留空显示通用的 "
"\"拒绝访问\" 页面。"
"This page is displayed when no other content matches the requested "
"document. Leave blank to display a generic \"page not found\" page."
"如果所请求的文档无法找到匹配项,将显示此页面。如果不确定请留空以显示通用的 "
"\"页面未找到\" 页面。"
  "Errors and warnings"
  "Clear all caches"
"<strong class=\"error\">Set up the <a href=\"!file-system\">public "
"files directory</a> to make these optimizations available.</strong>"
"<strong class=\"error\">设置<a "
  "Bandwidth optimization"
  "Compress cached pages."
  "Public file system path"
"A local file system path where public files will be stored. This "
"directory must exist and be writable by Drupal. This directory must be "
"relative to the Drupal installation directory and be accessible over "
"the web."
  "Private file system path"
"A local file system path where temporary files will be stored. This "
"directory should not be accessible over the web."
  "Default download method"
"This setting is used as the preferred download method. The use of "
"public files is more efficient, but does not provide any access "
"No image toolkits were detected. Drupal includes support for <a "
"href='!gd-link'>PHP's built-in image processing functions</a> but they "
"were not detected on this system. You should consult your system "
"administrator to have them enabled, or try using a third party "
"未检测到图像工具包。Drupal支持<a "
  "Description of your site, included in each feed."
  "Time zones"
  "Users may set their own time zone."
  "Remind users at login if their time zone is not set."
  "Only applied if users may set their own time zone."
  "Time zone for new users"
  "Default time zone."
  "Empty time zone."
  "Users may set their own time zone at registration."
  "No date types available. <a href=\"@link\">Add date type</a>."
"没有可用的日期格式。 <a "
  "Add date type"
"The date type must contain only alphanumeric characters and "
  "This date type already exists. Enter a unique type."
  "New date type added successfully."
  "Put site into maintenance mode"
  "Maintenance mode message"
  "Message to show visitors when the site is in maintenance mode."
"Use URLs like <code>example.com/user</code> instead of "
"以类似 <code>example.com/user</code> 的链接地址替换类似 "
"<code>example.com/?q=user</code> 的使用。"
  "Requires: !module-list"
  "Required by: !module-list"
  "支持: !module-list"
  "Are you sure you want to remove the date type %type?"
  "确定要移除日期类型 %type?"
  "Removed date type %type."
  "移除日期类型 %type"
"No custom date formats available. <a href=\"@link\">Add date "
"无可用自定义日期格式...<a "
  "Displayed as"
  "Displayed as %date"
  "显示为 %date"
"A user-defined date format. See the <a href=\"@url\">PHP manual</a> "
"for available options."
"用户指定的日期格式。更多选项请查看<a "
  "Save format"
  "This format already exists. Enter a unique format string."
  "Custom date format updated."
  "Custom date format added."
  "Available actions:"
  "Create an advanced action"
"A unique label for this advanced action. This label will be displayed "
"in the interface of modules that integrate with actions, such as "
"Trigger module."
  "Deleted %ip"
  "已删除 %ip"
  "Enabled theme"
 _plural "Enabled themes"
 [0] "启用的主题"
 [1] "启用的主题"
  "Disabled theme"
 _plural "Disabled themes"
 [0] "禁用的主题"
 [1] "禁用的主题"
  "You must enable the @required module to install @module."
 _plural "You must enable the @required modules to install @module."
 [0] "必须启用 @required 模块以安装 @module。"
 [1] "必须启用 @required 模块以安装 @module。"
  "Tokens for site-wide settings and other global information."
  "Tokens related to times and dates."
  "Tokens related to uploaded files."
  "URL (brief)"
  "The URL of the site's front page without the protocol."
  "Short format"
  "A date in 'short' format. (%date)"
  "Medium format"
  "A date in 'medium' format. (%date)"
  "Long format"
  "A date in 'long' format. (%date)"
  "A date in a custom format. See !php-date for details."
  "the PHP documentation"
  "Raw timestamp"
  "A date in UNIX timestamp format (%date)"
"The System module is integral to the site, and provides basic but "
"extensible functionality for use by other modules and themes. Some "
"integral elements of Drupal are contained in and managed by the System "
"module, including caching, enabling and disabling modules and themes, "
"preparing and displaying the administrative page, and configuring "
"fundamental site settings. A number of key system maintenance "
"operations are also part of the System module. For more information, "
"see the online handbook entry for <a href=\"@system\">System "
"System(系统)模块就是站点的整体,提供了基本但可以通过其他的模块及主题进行功能的扩展。Drupal的一些内在元素是包含于系统模块之中的,并由其进行管理,包括了如缓存、启用禁用模块及主题、准备和显示管理化页面、以及站点基础配置等。很多关键的系统维护操作也是系统模块的一部分。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Managing modules"
"The System module allows users with the appropriate permissions to "
"enable and disable modules on the <a href=\"@modules\">Modules "
"administration page</a>. Drupal comes with a number of core modules, "
"and each module provides a discrete set of features and may be enabled "
"or disabled depending on the needs of the site. Many additional "
"modules contributed by members of the Drupal community are available "
"for download at the <a href=\"@drupal-modules\">Drupal.org module "
"系统模块让有足够权限的用户可以启用及禁用<a "
"href=\"@modules\">模块管理</a>页面上的模块。Druapl内置了一些核心模块,每个模块都提供了不同的功能并可以根据站点的使用需求进行启用或禁用。可以在<a "
  "Managing themes"
"The System module allows users with the appropriate permissions to "
"enable and disable themes on the <a href=\"@themes\">Appearance "
"administration page</a>. Themes determine the design and presentation "
"of your site. Drupal comes packaged with several core themes, and "
"additional contributed themes are available at the <a "
"href=\"@drupal-themes\">Drupal.org theme page</a>."
"系统模块让有足够权限的用户可以在<a "
"href=\"@themes\">外观主题</a>页面启用或禁用主题。主题决定了站点的设计及感官。Drupal内置了几款核心主题,其他的主题可以在<a "
  "Managing caching"
"The System module allows users with the appropriate permissions to "
"manage caching on the <a href='@cache-settings'>Performance settings "
"page</a>. Drupal has a robust caching system that allows the efficient "
"re-use of previously-constructed web pages and web page components. "
"Pages requested by anonymous users are stored in a compressed format; "
"depending on your site configuration and the amount of your web "
"traffic tied to anonymous visitors, the caching system may "
"significantly increase the speed of your site."
"系统模块让有足够权限的用户可以在<a "
  "Performing system maintenance"
  "Configuring basic site settings"
"The System module also handles basic configuration options for your "
"site, including <a href=\"@date-time-settings\">Date and time "
"settings</a>, <a href=\"@file-system\">File system settings</a>, <a "
"href=\"@clean-url\">Clean URL support</a>, <a href=\"@site-info\">Site "
"name and other information</a>, and a <a "
"href=\"@maintenance-mode\">Maintenance mode</a> for taking your site "
"temporarily offline."
"系统模块处理站点一系列基础的配置,包括<a "
"href=\"@date-time-settings\">日期和时间</a>、<a "
"href=\"@file-system\">文件系统</a>、<a "
"href=\"@clean-url\">简洁链接</a>、<a "
"href=\"@site-info\">站点名称及其他信息</a>,以及站点临时离线的<a "
  "Configuring actions"
"Actions are individual tasks that the system can do, such as "
"unpublishing a piece of content or banning a user. Modules, such as "
"the <a href=\"@trigger-help\">Trigger module</a>, can fire these "
"actions when certain system events happen; for example, when a new "
"post is added or when a user logs in. Modules may also provide "
"additional actions. Visit the <a href=\"@actions\">Actions page</a> to "
"configure actions."
"动作都是一些系统上一些单独的人物,比如取消发布内容或禁止某个用户。比如<a "
"href=\"@trigger-help\">触发器模块</a>可以在特定的系统事件发生时引发这些动作,比如,当发表一篇文章或当某个用户登录时。模块也可能提供额外的动作。访问<a "
"Set and configure the default theme for your website.  Alternative <a "
"href=\"@themes\">themes</a> are available."
"设置及配置你的站点的默认主题。也可以用其他的<a "
"Download additional <a href=\"@modules\">contributed modules</a> to "
"extend Drupal's functionality."
"下载其他的<a "
"Regularly review and install <a href=\"@updates\">available "
"updates</a> to maintain a secure and current site. Always run the <a "
"href=\"@update-php\">update script</a> each time a module is updated."
"定期检查和安装<a "
"href=\"@updates\">可用更新</a>以保证站点的安全与稳定。一旦有模块更新记得运行<a "
"Regularly review <a href=\"@updates\">available updates</a> to "
"maintain a secure and current site. Always run the <a "
"href=\"@update-php\">update script</a> each time a module is updated."
"定期检查<a "
"href=\"@updates\">可用更新</a>以保证站点安全和功能更新。每次模块更新过后记得运行<a "
"Regularly review available updates to maintain a secure and current "
"site. Always run the <a href=\"@update-php\">update script</a> each "
"time a module is updated. Enable the Update manager module to update "
"and install modules and themes."
"定期检查可用更新以保证站点的安全性及功能更新。每当模块更新后记得运行<a "
"If you are upgrading to a newer version of Drupal or upgrading "
"contributed modules or themes, you may need to run the <a "
"href=\"@update-php\">update script</a>."
"如果你升级了新版本的Drupal或升级了模块及主题,你需要运行<a "
"There are two types of actions: simple and advanced. Simple actions do "
"not require any additional configuration, and are listed here "
"automatically. Advanced actions need to be created and configured "
"before they can be used, because they have options that need to be "
"specified; for example, sending an e-mail to a specified address, or "
"unpublishing content containing certain words. To create an advanced "
"action, select the action from the drop-down list in the advanced "
"action section below and click the <em>Create</em> button."
"An advanced action offers additional configuration options which may "
"be filled out below. Changing the <em>Description</em> field is "
"recommended, in order to better identify the precise action taking "
"place. This description will be displayed in modules such as the "
"Trigger module when assigning actions to system events, so it is best "
"if it is as descriptive as possible (for example, \"Send e-mail to "
"Moderation Team\" rather than simply \"Send e-mail\")."
  "Administer modules"
  "Administer site configuration"
  "Administer themes"
  "Administer actions"
  "Use the administration pages and help"
  "Use the site in maintenance mode"
  "View site reports"
  "Block IP addresses"
  "Public files"
  "Public local files served by the webserver."
  "Private local files served by Drupal."
  "私人本地文件送达 Drupal。"
  "Temporary files"
  "Temporary local files for upload and previews."
  "Update modules"
  "Update themes"
"Your password is not saved in the database and is only used to "
"establish a connection."
"The connection will be created between your web server and the machine "
"hosting the web server files. In the vast majority of cases, this will "
"be the same machine, and \"localhost\" is correct."
"该连接将建立在您的网络服务器和承载网络服务器文件的主机机器之间。在绝大多数情况下,这将是同一台机器,而 "
"\"localhost\" 是正确的。"
  "Configure your <a href=\"@user-edit\">account time zone setting</a>."
  "配置您的<a href=\"@user-edit\">帐户时区设置</a>。"
"Select the desired local time and time zone. Dates and times "
"throughout this site will be displayed using this time zone."
"Your time zone setting will be automatically detected if possible. "
"Confirm the selection and click save."
  "System help"
  "The directory %directory does not exist and could not be created."
  "目录 %directory 不存在因为未能创建。"
"The directory %directory exists but is not writable and could not be "
"made writable."
  "目录 %directory 已存在但不可写也不能设置成可写。"
"The email address to which the message should be sent OR enter "
"[node:author:mail], [comment:author:mail], etc. if you would like to "
"send an e-mail to the author of the original post."
"若想发送邮件给原始文章的作者,可用此邮件地址发送或输入 "
"[node:author:mail]、[comment:author:mail] 等。"
"The message that should be sent. You may include placeholders like "
"[node:title], [user:name], and [comment:body] to represent data that "
"will be different each time message is sent. Not all placeholders will "
"be available in all contexts."
"此消息将被发送。你可以包含如 [node:title]、[user:name] "
"和 [comment:body] "
"The message to be displayed to the current user. You may include "
"placeholders like [node:title], [user:name], and [comment:body] to "
"represent data that will be different each time message is sent. Not "
"all placeholders will be available in all contexts."
"显示给当前用户的消息。可以包含如 "
"[node:title]、[user:name] 及 [comment:body] "
  "@zone: @date"
  "Powered by <a href=\"@poweredby\">Drupal</a>"
  "Powered by <a href=\"@poweredby\">Drupal</a>"
  "AHAH callback"
  "AHAH callback"
  "Administer blocks, content types, menus, etc."
  "Select and configure your theme"
  "Enable theme"
  "Disable theme"
  "Set default theme"
  "Configure default and theme specific settings."
  "IP address blocking"
  "Manage blocked IP addresses."
  "Delete IP address"
  "Media tools."
  "Tools related to web services."
"Configure the site description, the number of items per feed and "
"whether feeds should be titles/teasers/full-text."
  "Development tools."
  "Maintenance mode"
  "Take the site offline for maintenance or bring it back online."
  "Logging and errors"
"Settings for logging and alerts modules. Various modules can route "
"Drupal's system events to different destinations, such as syslog, "
"database, email, etc."
  "Regional and language"
  "Regional settings, localization and translation."
  "Settings for the site's default time zone and country."
  "Configure display formats for date and time."
  "Add new date type."
  "Delete date type"
  "Allow users to delete a configured date type."
  "Configure display format strings for date and time."
  "Edit date format"
  "Allow users to edit a configured date format."
  "Search and metadata"
  "Local site search, metadata and SEO."
  "General system related configuration."
  "Tools that enhance the user interface."
  "Content workflow, editorial workflow tools."
  "Content authoring"
  "Settings related to formatting and authoring content."
"The host !host is no longer blocked because it is not a valid IP "
  "主机 !host 未再被阻止因其IP地址不合法。"
  "Inserted into {role_permission} the permissions for role ID !id"
  "为角色ID !id 插入 {role_permission} 权限"
"Aggressive caching was disabled and replaced with normal caching. Read "
"the page caching section in default.settings.php for more information "
"on how to enable similar functionality."
"激进缓存已禁用并以普通缓存所替换。关于启用类似功能的更多信息请阅读 "
"default.settings.php 中的页面缓存环节。"
  "%profile_name (%profile-%version)"
  "%profile_name (%profile-%version)"
  "more information"
"The phpinfo() function has been disabled for security reasons. To see "
"your server's phpinfo() information, change your PHP settings or "
"contact your server administrator. For more information, <a "
"href=\"@phpinfo\">Enabling and disabling phpinfo()</a> handbook page."
"因安全原因 phpinfo() 函数已被禁用。要查看服务器的 "
"phpinfo() "
"信息,请更改PHP设置或联系你的服务器管理员。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "To run cron from outside the site, go to <a href=\"!cron\">!cron</a>"
  "要站外运行cron,访问 <a href=\"!cron\">!cron</a>"
"An automated attempt to create this directory failed, possibly due to "
"a permissions problem. To proceed with the installation, either create "
"the directory and modify its permissions manually or ensure that the "
"installer has the permissions to create it automatically. For more "
"information, see INSTALL.txt or the <a href=\"@handbook_url\">online "
"自动创建此目录失败,可能是因为权限原因。要继续进行安装,要么手动创建此目录并修改其权限要么确定安装程序有足够权限可以自动进行创建。更多信息请查看 "
"INSTALL.txt 或 <a href=\"@handbook_url\">在线手册</a>。"
  "Your configuration has been saved."
  "No vocabularies available. <a href=\"@link\">Add vocabulary</a>."
  "没有可用的词汇表。<a href=\"@link\">添加词汇表</a>。"
  "No terms available. <a href=\"@link\">Add term</a>."
  "没有可用的词汇. <a href=\"@link\">添加词汇</a>."
  "There is currently no content classified with this term."
  "Tokens related to taxonomy terms."
  "Tokens related to taxonomy vocabularies."
"The Taxonomy module allows you to classify the content of your "
"website. To classify content, you define <em>vocabularies</em> that "
"contain related <em>terms</em>, and then assign the vocabularies to "
"content types. For more information, see the online handbook entry for "
"the <a href=\"@taxonomy\">Taxonomy module</a>."
"Taxonomy(分类)模块用来对站点的内容进行归类。要对内容进行归类,就需要指定包含相关<em>术语</em>的<em>词汇表</em>,然后将这些词汇表指定到内容类型上。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Creating vocabularies"
"Users with sufficient <a href=\"@perm\">permissions</a> can create "
"<em>vocabularies</em> and <em>terms</em> through the <a "
"href=\"@taxo\">Taxonomy page</a>. The page listing the terms provides "
"a drag-and-drop interface for controlling the order of the terms and "
"sub-terms within a vocabulary, in a hierarchical fashion. A "
"<em>controlled vocabulary</em> classifying music by genre with terms "
"and sub-terms could look as follows:"
"具有足够<a href=\"@perm\">权限</a>的用户可以在<a "
  "<em>vocabulary</em>: Music"
  "<em>term</em>: Jazz"
  "<em>sub-term</em>: Swing"
  "<em>sub-term</em>: Fusion"
  "<em>term</em>: Rock"
  "<em>sub-term</em>: Country rock"
  "<em>子术语</em>:Country rock"
  "<em>sub-term</em>: Hard rock"
  "<em>子术语</em>:Hard rock"
"You can assign a sub-term to multiple parent terms. For example, "
"<em>fusion</em> can be assigned to both <em>rock</em> and "
"Terms in a <em>free-tagging vocabulary</em> can be built gradually as "
"you create or edit content. This is often done used for blogs or photo "
"management applications."
  "Assigning vocabularies to content types"
"Before you can use a new vocabulary to classify your content, a new "
"Taxonomy term field must be added to a <a href=\"@ctedit\">content "
"type</a> on its <em>manage fields</em> page. When adding a taxonomy "
"field, you choose a <em>widget</em> to use to enter the taxonomy "
"information on the content editing page: a select list, checkboxes, "
"radio buttons, or an auto-complete field (to build a free-tagging "
"vocabulary). After choosing the field type and widget, on the "
"subsequent <em>field settings</em> page you can choose the desired "
"vocabulary, whether one or multiple terms can be chosen from the "
"vocabulary, and other settings. The same vocabulary can be added to "
"multiple content types, by using the \"Add existing field\" section on "
"the manage fields page."
"在使用词汇表对内容进行归类前,新的分类词汇必须通过该<a "
  "Classifying content"
"After the vocabulary is assigned to the content type, you can start "
"classifying content. The field with terms will appear on the content "
"editing screen when you edit or <a href=\"@addnode\">add new "
"在词汇表分配到内容类型上后,你就可以开始对内容进行分类了。在内容编辑或<a "
  "Viewing listings and RSS feeds by term"
"Each taxonomy term automatically provides a page listing content that "
"has its classification, and a corresponding RSS feed. For example, if "
"the taxonomy term <em>country rock</em> has the ID 123 (you can see "
"this by looking at the URL when hovering on the linked term, which you "
"can click to navigate to the listing page), then you will find this "
"list at the path <em>taxonomy/term/123</em>. The RSS feed will use the "
"path <em>taxonomy/term/123/feed</em> (the RSS icon for this term's "
"listing will automatically display in your browser's address bar when "
"viewing the listing page)."
"每个分类术语都会自动提供其归类的页面列表及相应的RSS源。比如,如果术语<em>country "
"rock</em>的ID是123(当把鼠标放在那个术语的页面列表的链接地址上就可以在状态栏上看到这个数字),通过路径 "
"<em>taxonomy/term/123</em> "
"就可以看到页面的列表。RSS源则会使用 "
  "Extending Taxonomy module"
"There are <a href=\"@taxcontrib\">many contributed modules</a> that "
"extend the behavior of the Taxonomy module for both display and "
"organization of terms."
"别忘了还有很多用户贡献的<a "
"Taxonomy is for categorizing content. Terms are grouped into "
"vocabularies. For example, a vocabulary called \"Fruit\" would contain "
"the terms \"Apple\" and \"Banana\"."
"分类用于内容的分类。术语由词汇表进行组织。比如,一个叫做 "
"\"水果\" 的词汇表可能会包含术语 \"苹果\" 和 "
"You can reorganize the terms in %capital_name using their "
"drag-and-drop handles, and group terms under a parent term by sliding "
"them under and to the right of the parent."
"%capital_name contains terms grouped under parent terms. You can "
"reorganize the terms in %capital_name using their drag-and-drop "
"%capital_name contains terms with multiple parents. Drag and drop of "
"terms with multiple parents is not supported, but you can re-enable "
"drag-and-drop support by editing each term to include only a single "
  "Administer vocabularies and terms"
  "Edit terms in %vocabulary"
  "管理 %vocabulary 中的术语"
  "Delete terms from %vocabulary"
  "删除 %vocabulary 中的术语"
  "Taxonomy term page"
  "Term reference"
  "This field stores a reference to a taxonomy term."
  "Autocomplete term widget (tagging)"
  "The vocabulary which supplies the options for this field."
"The Toolbar module displays links to top-level administration menu "
"items and links from other modules at the top of the screen. For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@toolbar\">Toolbar module</a>."
"Toolbar(工具条)模块显示顶级管理菜单项目及其他模块管理首页的链接。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Displaying administrative links"
  "Use the administration toolbar"
  "Toggle drawer visibility"
"Provides a toolbar that shows the top-level administration menu items "
"and links from other modules."
"The Tracker module displays the most recently added and updated "
"content on your site, and allows you to follow new content created by "
"each user. This module has no configuration options. For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@tracker\">Tracker module</a>."
"Tracker(跟踪器)模块显示站点上最近添加的或上传的内容,允许你跟踪每个用户发布的新内容。这个模块无配置选项。更多信息,请查看<a "
"The Tracker module adds a new menu item to the Navigation menu, called "
"<em>Recent content</em>. You can configure menu items via the <a "
"href=\"@menus\">Menus administration page</a>."
"跟踪器模块在导航菜单添加了一个新的菜单项目,叫做<em>最新内容</em>。可以在<a "
  "Tracking new and updated site content"
"The <a href='@recent'>Recent content</a> page shows new and updated "
"content in reverse chronological order, listing the content type, "
"title, author's name, number of comments, and time of last update. "
"Content is considered updated when changes occur in the text, or when "
"new comments are added. The <em>My recent content</em> tab limits the "
"list to the currently logged-in user."
"<a "
  "Tracking user-specific content"
"To follow a specific user's new and updated content, select the "
"<em>Track</em> tab from the user's profile page."
  "All recent content"
  "My recent content"
  "Track content"
  "Enables tracking of recent content for users."
"The Content translation module allows content to be translated into "
"different languages. Working with the <a href=\"@locale\">Locale "
"module</a> (which manages enabled languages and provides translation "
"for the site interface), the Content translation module is key to "
"creating and maintaining translated site content. For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@translation\">Content translation module</a>."
"Content "
"translation(内容翻译)模块使得内容可以被翻译成不同的语言。与<a "
"href=\"@locale\">Locale模块</a>(管理启用的语言并提供站点界面的翻译)一起,内容翻译模块是创建及维护翻译站点内容翻译的关键。更多信息,请查看<a "
"href=\"@translation\">Content "
  "Configuring content types for translation"
"To configure a particular content type for translation, visit the <a "
"href=\"@content-types\">Content types</a> page, and click the "
"<em>edit</em> link for the content type. In the <em>Publishing "
"options</em> section, select <em>Enabled, with translation</em> under "
"<em>Multilingual support</em>."
"要配置翻译的特定内容类型,访问<a "
  "Assigning a language to content"
"Use the <em>Language</em> drop down to select the appropriate language "
"when creating or editing content."
  "Translating content"
"Users with the <em>translate content</em> permission can translate "
"content, if the content type has been configured to allow "
"translations. To translate content, select the <em>Translation</em> "
"tab when viewing the content, select the language for which you wish "
"to provide content, and then enter the content."
  "Maintaining translations"
"If editing content in one language requires that translated versions "
"also be updated to reflect the change, use the <em>Flag translations "
"as outdated</em> check box to mark the translations as outdated and in "
"need of revision. Individual translations may also be marked for "
"revision by selecting the <em>This translation needs to be "
"updated</em> check box on the translation editing form."
  "Translate content"
  "There is already a translation in this language."
  "Trigger: !description"
  "触发器: !description"
"No actions available for this trigger. <a href=\"@link\">Add "
  "此触发器无可用动作...<a href=\"@link\">添加动作</a>。"
  "Missing/undefined save action (%save_aid) for %aid action."
  "为 %aid 动作 不存在/未定义 保存动作(%save_aid)。"
"The %label action has been appended, which is required to save the "
"property change."
  "已添加动作 %label,属性更改需要进行保存。"
  "The %label action was moved to save the property change."
"Triggers are events on your site, such as new content being added or a "
"user logging in. The Trigger module associates these triggers with "
"actions (functional tasks), such as unpublishing content containing "
"certain keywords or e-mailing an administrator. The <a "
"href=\"@url\">Actions settings page</a> contains a list of existing "
"actions and provides the ability to create and configure advanced "
"actions (actions requiring configuration, such as an e-mail address or "
"a list of banned words)."
"触发器是站点上发生的一些事件,比如新内容的添加或用户的登录。触发器模块将动作(功能化任务)与这些触发器结合起来,比如取消包含某关键字内容的发布或给管理员发邮件。<a "
"The Trigger module provides the ability to cause <em>actions</em> to "
"run when certain <em>triggers</em> take place on your site. Triggers "
"are events, such as new content being added to your site or a user "
"logging in, and actions are tasks, such as unpublishing content or "
"e-mailing an administrator. For more information, see the online "
"handbook entry for <a href=\"@trigger\">Trigger module</a>."
"Trigger(触发器)模块提供了站点特定事件发生时可以引起的<em>动作</em>。触发器都是一些事件,比如站点有新内容发布或有用户登录;动作都是一些任务,比如取消发布内容或给管理员发邮件。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Configuring triggers and actions"
"The combination of actions and triggers can perform many useful tasks, "
"such as e-mailing an administrator if a user account is deleted, or "
"automatically unpublishing comments that contain certain words. To set "
"up a trigger/action combination, first visit the <a "
"href=\"@actions-page\">Actions configuration page</a>, where you can "
"either verify that the action you want is already listed, or create a "
"new <em>advanced</em> action. You will need to set up an advanced "
"action if there are configuration options in your trigger/action "
"combination, such as specifying an e-mail address or a list of banned "
"words. After configuring or verifying your action, visit the <a "
"href=\"@triggers-page\">Triggers configuration page</a> and choose the "
"appropriate tab (Comment, Taxonomy, etc.), where you can assign the "
"action to run when the trigger event occurs."
"组合的动作及触发器可以执行很多有用的人物,比如当用户帐户删除时给管理员发邮件,或包含某关键字时自动取消评论的发布。要设置触发器/动作的一个组合,首先访问<a "
"href=\"@actions-page\">动作配置</a>页面,那里你可以验证哪些你需要的动作已经列出来了,或者创建一个<em>高级</em>动作。如果在你的触发器/动作组合中有配置选项则你需要设置一个高级动作,比如指定一个电子邮件地址或屏蔽的关键字列表。在配置好或验证好你的动作之后,访问<a "
  "When either saving new content or updating existing content"
  "After saving updated content"
  "When either saving a new comment or updating an existing comment"
  "After creating a new user account"
  "After updating a user account"
  "Configure when to execute actions."
  "Installing updates"
  "Preparing to update your site"
  "Installing %project"
  "Preparing to install"
  "Error installing / updating"
  "Installed %project_name successfully"
"Update was completed successfully. Your site has been taken out of "
"maintenance mode."
  "Update was completed successfully."
  "Update failed! See the log below for more information."
"Update failed! See the log below for more information. Your site is "
"still in maintenance mode."
"Installation was completed successfully. Your site has been taken out "
"of maintenance mode."
  "Installation was completed successfully."
  "Installation failed! See the log below for more information."
"Installation failed! See the log below for more information. Your site "
"is still in maintenance mode."
  "Failed to get available update data."
  "No available update data"
  "Checking available update data"
  "Trying to check available update data ..."
  "Error checking available update data."
  "Checking available update data ..."
  "Checked available update data for %title."
  "检查 %title 的可用更新数据"
  "Failed to check available update data for %title."
  "检查 %title 的可用更新数据失败"
  "An error occurred trying to get available update data."
  "Checked available update data for one project."
 _plural "Checked available update data for @count projects."
 [0] "检查1个项目的可用更新。"
 [1] "检查@count个项目的可用更新。"
  "Failed to get available update data for one project."
 _plural "Failed to get available update data for @count projects."
 [0] "检查1个项目的可用更新失败。"
 [1] "检查@count个项目的可用更新失败。"
  "There was a problem getting update information. Try again later."
  "(Release notes)"
"This update is a major version update which means that it may not be "
"backwards compatible with your currently running version.  It is "
"recommended that you read the release notes and proceed at your own "
  "(Security update)"
  "All of your projects are up to date."
  "Download these updates"
  "Manual updates required"
  "Updates of Drupal core are not supported at this time."
  "You must select at least one project to update."
  "Downloading updates"
  "Preparing to download selected updates"
  "Downloading updates failed:"
  "Updates downloaded successfully."
  "Fatal error trying to download."
"Back up your database and site before you continue. <a "
"href=\"@backup_url\">Learn how</a>."
"继续进行前请备份你的数据库和站点。<a "
  "Perform updates with site in maintenance mode (strongly recommended)"
  "Install from a URL"
  "For example: %url"
  "例如: %url"
  "Upload a module or theme archive to install"
  "For example: %filename from your local computer"
  "例如: %filename 来自您本地的计算机"
  "You must either provide a URL or upload an archive file to install."
  "The provided URL is invalid."
  "Unable to retrieve Drupal project from %url."
  "无法从 %url 获取Drupal项目。"
  "Provided archive contains no files."
  "Unable to determine %project name."
  "%project is already installed."
  "Cannot extract %file, not a valid archive."
  "无法解压缩 %file, 不是有效的压缩包。"
  "Downloading %project"
  "Failed to download %project from %url"
  "从 %url 下载 %project 失败"
  "Enabled: %includes"
  "启用: %includes"
  "Disabled: %disabled"
  "禁用: %disabled"
  "%base_theme (!base_label)"
  "%base_theme (!base_label)"
  "Depends on: !basethemes"
  "依赖: !basethemes"
  "Required by: %subthemes"
  "需要: %subthemes"
"The Update manager module periodically checks for new versions of your "
"site's software (including contributed modules and themes), and alerts "
"administrators to available updates. In order to provide update "
"information, anonymous usage statistics are sent to Drupal.org. If "
"desired, you may disable the Update manager module from the <a "
"href='@modules'>Module administration page</a>. For more information, "
"see the online handbook entry for <a href='@update'>Update manager "
"Update "
"manager(更新管理器)模块定期检查站点软件(包含第三方的主题和模块)的更新,提醒管理员有可用的更新。为了提供更新信息,匿名的使用统计数据会发送到Drupal.org。如有需要,你也可以在<a "
"href='@modules'>模块管理</a>页面禁用更新管理器模块。更多信息,请查看<a "
"href='@update'>Update manager模块</a>的在线手册条目。"
"The Update manager also allows administrators to update and install "
"modules and themes through the administration interface."
  "Checking for available updates"
"A report of <a href=\"@update-report\">available updates</a> will "
"alert you when new releases are available for download. You may "
"configure options for the frequency for checking updates (which are "
"performed during <a href=\"@cron\">cron</a> runs) and e-mail "
"notifications at the <a href=\"@update-settings\">Update manager "
"settings</a>  page."
"<a "
"href=\"@update-report\">可用更新</a>报告会提示你有可用的更新可以下载了。你可以在<a "
"href=\"@update-settings\">更新管理设置</a>页面配置检查更新的频率(当<a "
  "Performing updates through the user interface"
"The Update manager module allows administrators to perform updates "
"directly through the administration interface. At the top of the <a "
"href=\"@modules_page\">modules</a> and <a "
"href=\"@themes_page\">themes</a> pages you will see a link to update "
"to new releases. This will direct you to the <a "
"href=\"@update-page\">update page</a> where you see a listing of all "
"the missing updates and confirm which ones you want to upgrade. From "
"there, you are prompted for your FTP/SSH password, which then "
"transfers the files into your Drupal installation, overwriting your "
"old files. More detailed instructions can be found in the <a "
"href=\"@update\">online handbook</a>."
"管理员可以通过管理化的界面直接使用更新管理器进行更新。在<a "
"href=\"@modules_page\">功能模块</a>和<a "
"href=\"@themes_page\">外观主题</a>页面的顶部你会看到新版本的更新的链接。此链接直接导向<a "
"href=\"@update-page\">更新</a>页面,在那个页面你可以看到所有尚未执行的更新并确认哪些你需要进行更新。在那里,你可以输入你的FTP/SSH密码,然后会将更新文件传输到你的Drupal安装目录中以覆盖旧的文件。更详细的操作指示可以在<a "
  "Installing new modules and themes through the user interface"
"You can also install new modules and themes in the same fashion, "
"through the <a href=\"@install\">install page</a>, or by clicking the "
"<em>Install new module/theme</em> link at the top of the <a "
"href=\"@modules_page\">modules</a> and <a "
"href=\"@themes_page\">themes</a> pages. In this case, you are prompted "
"to provide either the URL to the download, or to upload a packaged "
"release file from your local computer."
"同样我们也可以通过相同的方式,通过<a "
"href=\"@install\">安装</a>页面或点击<a "
"href=\"@modules_page\">功能模块</a>和<a "
"No update information available. <a href=\"@run_cron\">Run cron</a> or "
"<a href=\"@check_manually\">check manually</a>."
"没有可用的更新信息。 <a href=\"@run_cron\">运行Cron</a> "
"或 <a href=\"@check_manually\">手动检查</a>。"
"You can automatically install your missing updates using the Update "
"Your site is currently configured to send these emails when any "
"updates are available. To get notified only for security updates, "
"Your site is currently configured to send these emails only when "
"security updates are available. To get notified for any available "
"updates, !url."
"The installed version of at least one of your modules or themes is no "
"longer supported. Upgrading or disabling is strongly recommended. See "
"the project homepage for more details."
"There was a problem checking <a href=\"@update-report\">available "
"updates</a> for Drupal."
"检查Drupal的<a "
"There was a problem checking <a href=\"@update-report\">available "
"updates</a> for your modules or themes."
"检查模块或主题<a "
"See the <a href=\"@available_updates\">available updates</a> page for "
"more information and to install your missing updates."
"请在<a href=\"@available_updates\">可用更新</a> "
  "Ready to update"
  "Update manager"
"Checks for available updates, and can securely install or update "
"modules and themes via a web interface."
  "No people available."
"This role will be automatically assigned new permissions whenever a "
"module is enabled. Changing this setting will not affect existing "
  "Registration and cancellation"
  "Who can register accounts?"
  "Administrators only"
  "Visitors, but administrator approval is required"
  "Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account."
"New users will be required to validate their e-mail address prior to "
"logging into the site, and will be assigned a system-generated "
"password. With this setting disabled, users will be logged in "
"immediately upon registering, and may select their own passwords "
"during registration."
  "When cancelling a user account"
"Users with the %select-cancel-method or %administer-users <a "
"href=\"@permissions-url\">permissions</a> can override this default "
"有%select-cancel-method或%administer-users<a "
  "Select method for cancelling account"
  "Administer users"
  "Enable signatures."
  "The directory %directory does not exist or is not writable."
  "Enable user pictures."
  "Picture directory"
  "Picture display style"
"The style selected will be used on display, while the original image "
"is retained. Styles may be configured in the <a href=\"!url\">Image "
"styles</a> administration area."
"选择用于显示的样式,同时保留原始图片。样式可以在<a "
  "Picture upload dimensions"
  "Picture upload file size"
  "Welcome (new user created by administrator)"
"Edit the welcome e-mail messages sent to new member accounts created "
"by an administrator."
  "Welcome (awaiting approval)"
"Edit the welcome e-mail messages sent to new members upon registering, "
"when administrative approval is required."
  "Welcome (no approval required)"
"Edit the welcome e-mail messages sent to new members upon registering, "
"when no administrator approval is required."
  "Password recovery"
  "Edit the e-mail messages sent to users who request a new password."
  "Account activation"
"Enable and edit e-mail messages sent to users upon account activation "
"(when an administrator activates an account of a user who has already "
"registered, on a site where administrative approval is required)."
"Enable and edit e-mail messages sent to users when their accounts are "
  "Account cancellation confirmation"
"Edit the e-mail messages sent to users when they attempt to cancel "
"their accounts."
  "Account canceled"
"Enable and edit e-mail messages sent to users when their accounts are "
  "Notify user when account is canceled."
  "The role name %name already exists. Choose another role name."
"You are logged in as %user. <a href=\"!user_edit\">Change your "
  "你已作为%user登录。<a href=\"!user_edit\">更改密码</a>。"
"Another user (%other_user) is already logged into the site on this "
"computer, but you tried to use a one-time link for user "
"%resetting_user. Please <a href=\"!logout\">logout</a> and try using "
"the link again."
"其他用户(%other_user)在此计算机上已登录到本站点,但你正尝试使用%resetting_user的一次性链接。请<a "
  "The one-time login link you clicked is invalid."
"You have just used your one-time login link. It is no longer necessary "
"to use this link to log in. Please change your password."
"<p>This is a one-time login for %user_name and will expire on "
"%expiration_date.</p><p>Click on this button to log in to the site and "
"change your password.</p>"
"<p>这是 %user_name 的一次性登录,将于 %expiration_date "
"You have tried to use a one-time login link that has either been used "
"or is no longer valid. Please request a new one using the form below."
  "When cancelling your account"
  "When cancelling the account"
  "Require e-mail confirmation to cancel account."
"When enabled, the user must confirm the account cancellation via "
"When enabled, the user will receive an e-mail notification after the "
"account has been cancelled."
  "Are you sure you want to cancel your account?"
  "Are you sure you want to cancel the account %name?"
  "你确定要取消此账户 %name 吗?"
  "Select the method to cancel the account above."
"A confirmation request to cancel your account has been sent to your "
"e-mail address."
"Your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to log in. "
"All of your content will remain attributed to your user name."
"Your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to log in. "
"All of your content will be hidden from everyone but administrators."
"Your account will be removed and all account information deleted. All "
"of your content will be assigned to the %anonymous-name user."
"Your account will be removed and all account information deleted. All "
"of your content will also be deleted."
"You have tried to use an account cancellation link that has expired. "
"Please request a new one using the form below."
  "Sent account cancellation request to %name %email."
  "发送账户取消请求给%name %email。"
  "Tokens related to individual user accounts."
  "Tokens related to the currently logged in user."
"The User module allows users to register, log in, and log out. It also "
"allows users with proper permissions to manage user roles (used to "
"classify users) and permissions associated with those roles. For more "
"information, see the online handbook entry for <a href=\"@user\">User "
"用户模块允许用户注册、登录和登出。它也允许有相应权限的用户管理用户角色(用于用户分类)和执行他们的角色相关权限的操作。获得更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Creating and managing users"
"The User module allows users with the appropriate <a "
"href=\"@permissions\">permissions</a> to create user accounts through "
"the <a href=\"@people\">People administration page</a>, where they can "
"also assign users to one or more roles, and block or delete user "
"accounts. If allowed, users without accounts (anonymous users) can "
"create their own accounts on the <a href=\"@register\">Create new "
"account</a> page."
"用户模块允许有相应<a "
"href=\"@permissions\">权限</a>的用户通过<a "
"href=\"@people\">用户管理页面</a>创建用户账户,在这他们也可以指定给用户一个或多个角色,并阻止或删除用户账户。如果允许,没有账户的用户(匿名用户)可以在<a "
  "User roles and permissions"
"<em>Roles</em> are used to group and classify users; each user can be "
"assigned one or more roles. By default there are two roles: "
"<em>anonymous user</em> (users that are not logged in) and "
"<em>authenticated user</em> (users that are registered and logged in). "
"Depending on choices you made when you installed Drupal, the "
"installation process may have defined more roles, and you can create "
"additional custom roles on the <a href=\"@roles\">Roles page</a>. "
"After creating roles, you can set permissions for each role on the <a "
"href=\"@permissions_user\">Permissions page</a>. Granting a permission "
"allows users who have been assigned a particular role to perform an "
"action on the site, such as viewing a particular type of content, "
"editing or creating content, administering settings for a particular "
"module, or using a particular function of the site (such as search)."
"<em>角色</em>用来组织及分类用户;每个用户都可以分配到一个或多个角色上。默认情况下有两种角色:<em>匿名用户</em>(未登录的用户)及<em>认证用户</em>(注册用户并且登录)。根据你所安装的Drupal的选项,安装步骤中可能会指定更多更多的角色,你也可以在<a "
"href=\"@roles\">角色</a>创建自定义的角色。在角色创建完成后,你可以在<a "
"The <a href=\"@accounts\">Account settings page</a> allows you to "
"manage settings for the displayed name of the anonymous user role, "
"personal contact forms, user registration, and account cancellation. "
"On this page you can also manage settings for account personalization "
"(including signatures and user pictures), and adapt the text for the "
"e-mail messages that are sent automatically during the user "
"registration process."
"<a "
  "By default, Drupal comes with two user roles:"
"Anonymous user: this role is used for users that don't have a user "
"account or that are not authenticated."
"Authenticated user: this role is automatically granted to all logged "
"in users."
"This form lets administrators add, edit, and arrange fields for "
"storing user data."
"This form lets administrators configure how fields should be displayed "
"when rendering a user profile page."
  "User module timezone form element."
  "User module history view element."
  "Administer permissions"
  "View user profiles"
  "Change own username"
  "Cancel own user account"
"Note: content may be kept, unpublished, deleted or transferred to the "
"%anonymous-name user depending on the configured <a "
"href=\"@user-settings-url\">user settings</a>."
"注意:根据<a "
  "Select method for cancelling own account"
"Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, "
"hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores."
  "The signature is too long: it must be %max characters or less."
"Sorry, too many failed login attempts from your IP address. This IP "
"address is temporarily blocked. Try again later or <a "
"href=\"@url\">request a new password</a>."
"抱歉,你的IP地址多次尝试登录是吧。此IP地址已被暂时阻止。请稍后再试或<a "
  "Cancelling account"
  "Cancelling user account"
  "%name has been disabled."
  "%name 已被禁用。"
  "Account details for [user:name] at [site:name]"
  "An administrator created an account for you at [site:name]"
  "一个站点管理员为您在 [site:name] 上创建了一个账户"
"Account details for [user:name] at [site:name] (pending admin "
  "[site:name] 上的 [user:name] 账户详情(等待管理员审核)"
"Thank you for registering at [site:name]. Your application for an "
"account is currently pending approval. Once it has been approved, you "
"will receive another e-mail containing information about how to log "
"in, set your password, and other details.\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"--  [site:name] 管理团队"
"[user:name] has applied for an account.\n"
  "Replacement login information for [user:name] at [site:name]"
  "[site:name] 上的 [user:name] 重置登录信息"
  "Account details for [user:name] at [site:name] (approved)"
  "[site:name] 上的 [user:name] 账户详情(已批准)"
  "Account details for [user:name] at [site:name] (blocked)"
  "[site:name] 上的 [user:name] 账户详情(被阻止)"
  "Account cancellation request for [user:name] at [site:name]"
  "[site:name] 上的 [user:name] 账户取消请求"
  "Account details for [user:name] at [site:name] (canceled)"
  "[site:name] 上的 [user:name] 账户详情(已取消)"
  "Cancel the selected user accounts"
  "The user account %name cannot be cancelled."
  "用户账户 %name 不能被取消。"
  "When cancelling these accounts"
  "Are you sure you want to cancel these user accounts?"
  "Cancel accounts"
  "To make your password stronger:"
  "Make it at least 6 characters"
  "Add lowercase letters"
  "Add uppercase letters"
  "Add numbers"
  "Add punctuation"
  "Make it different from your username"
  "Blocked user: %name %email."
  "There is currently 1 user online."
 _plural "There are currently @count users online."
 [0] "当前有1个用户在线。"
 [1] "当前有@count个用户在线。"
"Sorry, there has been more than one failed login attempt for this "
"account. It is temporarily blocked. Try again later or <a "
"href=\"@url\">request a new password</a>."
 _plural ""
"Sorry, there have been more than @count failed login attempts for this "
"account. It is temporarily blocked. Try again later or <a "
"href=\"@url\">request a new password</a>."
 [0] ""
"抱歉,此账户已有超过1次的登录失败。它已被暂时阻止。请稍后再试或<a "
 [1] ""
"抱歉,此账户已有超过@count次的登录失败。它已被暂时阻止。请稍后再试或<a "
  "Find and manage people interacting with your site."
  "Confirm account cancellation"
  "User passwords rehashed to improve security"
  "Migrated user time zones"
  "Start with only a few modules enabled."
  "Basic page"
"Use <em>basic pages</em> for your static content, such as an 'About "
"us' page."
  "Use tags to group articles on similar topics into categories."
  "Enter a comma-separated list of words to describe your content."
  "Install with commonly used features pre-configured."
  "Content width"
  "Fluid width"
  "Fixed width"
"Specify whether the content will wrap to a fixed width or will fluidly "
"expand to the width of the browser window."
"A multi-column theme which can be configured to modify colors and "
"switch between fixed and fluid width layouts."
  "A simple one-column, tableless, fluid width administration theme."
"This theme demonstrates Drupal's default HTML markup and CSS styles. "
"To learn how to build your own theme and override Drupal's default "
"code, see the <a href=\"http://drupal.org/theme-guide\">Theming "
"这个主题演示Drupal默认的HTML标记和CSS样式。要学习如何建立您自己的主题以及如何覆盖Drupal默认的代码,查看<a "
  "Image style"
"1 pending update (@number_applied to be applied, @number_incompatible "
 _plural ""
"@count pending updates (@number_applied to be applied, "
"@number_incompatible skipped)"
 [0] ""
"1 项待处理的更新(@number_applied "
"项将被应用,@number_incompatible 项将被忽略)"
 [1] ""
"@count 项待处理的更新(@number_applied "
"项将被应用,@number_incompatible 项将被忽略)"
"The Blog module allows registered users to maintain an online journal, "
"or <em>blog</em>. Blogs are made up of individual <em>blog "
"entries</em>. By default, the blog entries are displayed by creation "
"time in descending order, with comments enabled, and are promoted to "
"the site's front page. For more information, see the online handbook "
"entry for <a href='@blog'>Blog module</a>."
"Blog(博客)模块让注册用户可以使用一个在线的日志,或<em>博客</em>。博客由单独的<em>日志</em>组成。默认情况下,日志文章按生成时间降序排列,启用评论,并且会推荐到首页。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Author textfield"
  "Subject textfield"
  "A contact form with category %category already exists."
  "分类 %category 联络表已存在。"
  "Hello !recipient-name,"
  "你好 !recipient-name"
"Attempt to create an instance of a field @field_name that doesn't "
"exist or is currently inactive."
"视图创建一个不存在或当前未启用的字段 @field_name "
"Attempt to create an instance of field @field_name on bundle @bundle "
"that already has an instance of that field."
"在字段 @field_name 已有一个实例的情况下试图在绑定的 "
"@bundle 上再创建一个实例。"
  "Field API to add fields to entities like nodes and users."
  "Field API可以在类似节点及用户的实体上添加字段"
  "Overview of fields on all entity types."
  "Configuring text formats"
"Configure text formats on the <a href=\"@formats\">Text formats "
"page</a>. <strong>Improper text format configuration is a security "
"risk</strong>. To ensure security, untrusted users should only have "
"access to text formats that restrict them to either plain text or a "
"safe set of HTML tags, since certain HTML tags can allow embedding "
"malicious links or scripts in text. More trusted registered users may "
"be granted permission to use less restrictive text formats in order to "
"create rich content."
"在<a "
"Users with access to more than one text format can use the <em>Text "
"format</em> fieldset to choose between available text formats when "
"creating or editing multi-line content. Administrators can define the "
"text formats available to each user role, and control the order of "
"formats listed in the <em>Text format</em> fieldset on the <a "
"href=\"@text-formats\">Text formats page</a>."
"在创建和编辑多行内容时可使用多种输入法的用户可以使用<em>输入格式</em>字段组来进行输入格式的切换。管理员可以为每个用户角色指定可用的输入格式,并控制在<a "
"Text formats define the HTML tags, code, and other formatting that can "
"be used when entering text. <strong>Improper text format configuration "
"is a security risk</strong>. Learn more on the <a "
"href=\"@filterhelp\">Filter module help page</a>."
"输入格式指定了HTML标签、代码及其他可用于输入文本的格式化的方法。<strong>不正确配置输入格式会引起安全危害</strong>。更多信息请查看<a "
  "Show more content"
"The testing framework requires the DOMDocument class to be available. "
"Check the configure command at the <a href=\"@link-phpinfo\">PHP info "
"测试框架需要可用的DOMDocument类。可在<a "
  "Error messages to display"
"It is recommended that sites running on production environments do not "
"display any errors."
  "Cannot open %file_path"
  "不能打开 %file_path"
  "Term name textfield"
  "Term description textarea"
"Password reset instructions will be mailed to %email. You must log out "
"to use the password reset link in the e-mail."
"密码重设指示将被发送到 "
"Enter your current password to change the %mail or %pass. "
  "输入您当前的密码以修改 %mail或 %pass。!request_new"
  "Current password"
"Your current password is missing or incorrect; it's required to change "
"the %name."
  "你当前的密码丢失或不正确,要求更改 %name。"
"A welcome message with further instructions has been e-mailed to the "
"new user <a href=\"@url\">%name</a>."
"已向新用户 <a href=\"@url\">%name</a> "
"A welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your "
"e-mail address."
  "Configure user accounts."
"Configure default behavior of users, including registration "
"requirements, e-mails, fields, and user pictures."
  "%module module installed."
  "%module 模块已安装。"
  "Table %name already exists."
  "表 %name 已经存在。"
  "Cannot rename %table to %table_new: table %table doesn't exist."
  "无法将 %table 重命名为 %table_new: 表 %table 不存在。"
  "Cannot rename %table to %table_new: table %table_new already exists."
"无法将 %table 重命名为 %table_new: 表 %table_new "
  "Cannot add field %table.%field: table doesn't exist."
  "无法添加字段 %table.%field: 表 %table 不存在。"
  "Cannot add field %table.%field: field already exists."
  "无法添加字段 %table.%field: 字段 %field 已经存在。"
  "Cannot set default value of field %table.%field: field doesn't exist."
"无法为字段 %table.%field 设置默认值: 字段 %field "
"Cannot remove default value of field %table.%field: field doesn't "
"无法删除字段 %table.%field 的默认值: 字段 %field "
  "Cannot add primary key to table %table: table doesn't exist."
  "无法为表 %table 添加主键: 表 %table 不存在。"
  "Cannot add primary key to table %table: primary key already exists."
  "无法为表 %table 添加主键: 主键已存在。"
  "Cannot add unique key %name to table %table: table doesn't exist."
  "未能在表 %table 上添加唯一键 %name:表不存在。"
"Cannot add unique key %name to table %table: unique key already "
  "未能在表 %table 上添加唯一键 %name:唯一键已存在。"
  "Cannot add index %name to table %table: table doesn't exist."
  "未能在表 %table 上添加索引 %name:表不存在。"
  "Cannot add index %name to table %table: index already exists."
  "未能在表 %table 上添加索引 %name:索引已存在。"
"Cannot change the definition of field %table.%name: field doesn't "
  "未能更改字段 %table.%name 的定义:表不存在。"
"Cannot rename field %table.%name to %name_new: target field already "
"未能将字段 %table.%name 重命名为 "
  "Use this page to create a new custom block."
  "Number of recent blog posts to display"
  "@node_type comment"
  "@node_type 评论"
  "Edit comment %comment"
  "编辑评论 %comment"
"The Field UI module provides an administrative user interface (UI) for "
"attaching and managing fields. Fields can be defined at the "
"content-type level for content items and comments, at the vocabulary "
"level for taxonomy terms, and at the site level for user accounts. "
"Other modules may also enable fields to be defined for their data. "
"Field types (text, image, number, etc.) are defined by modules, and "
"collected and managed by the <a href=\"@field\">Field module</a>. For "
"more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@field_ui\" target=\"_blank\">Field UI module</a>."
"Field "
"UI(字段界面)模块提供了管理化的用户界面,用于附加及管理字段。字段可以为内容项目及评论以内容类型级别进行指定,为分类术语以词汇表级别机型指定,以及为用户以站点级别进行指定。其他的模块也可能会为其数据指定字段。字段类型(文本、图像、数字等等)是由模块进行指定,由<a "
"href=\"@field\">Field模块</a>进行收集和管理。更多信息,请查看<a "
"href=\"@field_ui\" target=\"_blank\">Field "
  "Planning fields"
  "What the field will be called"
"A field has a <em>label</em> (the name displayed in the user "
"interface) and a <em>machine name</em> (the name used internally). The "
"label can be changed after you create the field, if needed, but the "
"machine name cannot be changed after you have created the field."
  "What type of data the field will store"
"Each field can store one type of data (text, number, file, etc.). When "
"you define a field, you choose a particular <em>field type</em>, which "
"corresponds to the type of data you want to store. The field type "
"cannot be changed after you have created the field."
  "How the data will be input and displayed"
  "How many values the field will store"
"You can store one value, a specific maximum number of values, or an "
"unlimited number of values in each field. For example, an employee "
"identification number field might store a single number, whereas a "
"phone number field might store multiple phone numbers. This setting "
"can be changed after you have created the field, but if you reduce the "
"maximum number of values, you may lose information."
  "Reusing fields"
"Once you have defined a field, you can reuse it. For example, if you "
"define a custom image field for one content type, and you need to have "
"an image field with the same parameters on another content type, you "
"can add the same field to the second content type, in the <em>Add "
"existing field</em> area of the user interface. You could also add "
"this field to a taxonomy vocabulary, comments, user accounts, etc."
"Some settings of a reused field are unique to each use of the field; "
"others are shared across all places you use the field. For example, "
"the label of a text field is unique to each use, while the setting for "
"the number of values is shared."
"There are two main reasons for reusing fields. First, reusing fields "
"can save you time over defining new fields. Second, reusing fields "
"also allows you to display, filter, group, and sort content together "
"by field across content types. For example, the contributed Views "
"module allows you to create lists and tables of content. So if you use "
"the same field on multiple content types, you can create a View "
"containing all of those content types together displaying that field, "
"sorted by that field, and/or filtered by that field."
  "Fields on content items"
"Fields on content items are defined at the content-type level, on the "
"<em>Manage fields</em> tab of the content type edit page (which you "
"can reach from the <a href=\"@types\">Content types page</a>). When "
"you define a field for a content type, each content item of that type "
"will have that field added to it. Some fields, such as the Title and "
"Body, are provided for you when you create a content type, or are "
"provided on content types created by your installation profile."
"在内容项目上指定的字段是内容类型级别的,在内容类型编辑页面(访问<a "
  "Fields on taxonomy terms"
"Fields on taxonomy terms are defined at the taxonomy vocabulary level, "
"on the <em>Manage fields</em> tab of the vocabulary edit page (which "
"you can reach from the <a href=\"@taxonomy\">Taxonomy page</a>). When "
"you define a field for a vocabulary, each term in that vocabulary will "
"have that field added to it. For example, you could define an image "
"field for a vocabulary to store an icon with each term."
"为分类术语指定的字段是分类词汇表级别的,显示在词汇表编辑页面(访问<a "
  "Fields on user accounts"
"Fields on user accounts are defined on a site-wide basis on the <a "
"href=\"@fields\">Manage fields tab</a> of the <a "
"href=\"@accounts\">Account settings</a> page. When you define a field "
"for user accounts, each user account will have that field added to it. "
"For example, you could add a long text field to allow users to include "
"a biography."
"用户帐户上的字段是站点级别的,显示在<a "
"href=\"@accounts\">帐户设置</a>页面的<a "
  "Fields on comments"
"Fields on comments are defined at the content-type level, on the "
"<em>Comment fields</em> tab of the content type edit page (which you "
"can reach from the <a href=\"@types\">Content types page</a>). When "
"you add a field for comments, each comment on a content item of that "
"type will have that field added to it. For example, you could add a "
"website field to the comments on forum posts, to allow forum "
"commenters to add a link to their website."
"评论上的字段是内容类型级别的,显示在内容类型编辑页面(访问<a "
  "Administer text formats and filters"
  "@type language detection"
"Strings in the uploaded file replace existing ones, new ones are "
"added. The plural format is updated."
"Existing strings and the plural format are kept, only new strings are "
"Define how to decide which language is used to display page elements "
"(primarily text provided by Drupal and modules, such as field labels "
"and help text). This decision is made by evaluating a series of "
"detection methods for languages; the first detection method that gets "
"a result will determine which language is used for that type of text. "
"Define the order of evaluation of language detection methods on this "
  "User interface text"
  "Use the detected interface language."
  "Add new %type"
"The new set is created by copying items from your default shortcut "
  "The new set is created by copying items from the %default set."
  "过复制 %default 组项目创建新快捷方式组。"
  "You are currently using the %set-name shortcut set."
  "你当前正在使用 %set-name 快捷方式组。"
  "edit set name"
  "delete set"
  "Create new set"
"The %set_name shortcut set has been created. You can edit it from this "
"已创建 %set_name "
  "Updated set name to %set-name."
  "组名已更新为 %set-name。"
"If you have chosen this shortcut set as the default for some or all "
"users, they may also be affected by deleting it."
  "Are you sure you want to delete the shortcut set %title?"
  "确定要删除快捷方式组 %title?"
  "The shortcut set %title has been deleted."
  "快捷方式组 %title 已被删除。"
  "1 user has chosen or been assigned to this shortcut set."
 _plural "@count users have chosen or been assigned to this shortcut set."
 [0] "1 个用户选择了或分配到此快捷方式组。"
 [1] "@count 个用户选择了或分配到此快捷方式组。"
"The Shortcut module allows users to create sets of <em>shortcut</em> "
"links to commonly-visited pages of the site. Shortcuts are contained "
"within <em>sets</em>. Each user with <em>Select any shortcut set</em> "
"permission can select a shortcut set created by anyone at the site. "
"For more information, see the online handbook entry for <a "
"href=\"@shortcut\">Shortcut module</a>."
"Shortcut(快捷方式)模块让用户可以创建站点经常使用的页面的<em>快捷方式</em>组。快捷方式是包含在<em>组</em>里的。具有<em>选择任意快捷方式组</em>权限的用户可以选择站点上其他人创建的快捷方式。更多信息,请查看<a "
  "Administering shortcuts"
"Users with the <em>Administer shortcuts</em> permission can manage "
"shortcut sets and edit the shortcuts within sets from the <a "
"href=\"@shortcuts\">Shortcuts administration page</a>."
"具有<em>管理快捷方式</em>权限的用户可以在<a "
  "Choosing shortcut sets"
"Users with permission to switch shortcut sets can choose a shortcut "
"set to use from the Shortcuts tab of their user account page."
"The Shortcut module creates an add/remove link for each page on your "
"site; the link lets you add or remove the current page from the "
"currently-enabled set of shortcuts (if your theme displays it and you "
"have permission to edit your shortcut set). The core Seven "
"administration theme displays this link next to the page title, as a "
"small + or - sign. If you click on the + sign, you will add that page "
"to your preferred set of shortcuts. If the page is already part of "
"your shortcut set, the link will be a - sign, and will allow you to "
"remove the current page from your shortcut set."
"Shortcut "
"(快捷方式)模块可以在你站点的页面上创建添加/删除的链接;这个链接使你可以将当前页面添加到你当前启用的快捷方式组(如果你的主题能够显示并你有编辑快捷方式组的权限)中。核心的 "
"'Seven' "
"管理主题在页面标题旁显示那个链接,以小小的 + 或 "
"- 符号显示。如果链接以 + "
"符号显示,你可以将页面添加到首选的快捷方式组中。如果那个页面已经是快捷方式了,那么那个链接会以 "
"- "
"Define which shortcut set you are using on the <a "
"href=\"@shortcut-link\">Shortcuts tab</a> of your account page."
"指定在<a "
  "Edit current shortcut set"
"Editing the current shortcut set will affect other users if that set "
"has been assigned to or selected by other users. Granting \"Select any "
"shortcut set\" permission along with this permission will grant "
"permission to edit any shortcut set."
  "Select any shortcut set"
"From all shortcut sets, select one to be own active set. Without this "
"permission, an administrator selects shortcut sets for users."
  "Add and modify shortcut sets."
  "Add shortcut set"
  "Edit set name"
  "Delete shortcut set"
  "@remote could not be saved to @path."
  "@remote 不能保存到 @path。"
"Drupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list "
"(see the <a href=\"@system_requirements\">system requirements page</a> "
"for more information):"
"Drupal安装需要启用以下的PHP扩展(更多信息参见<a "
  "Database support"
"Your web server does not appear to support any common PDO database "
"extensions. Check with your hosting provider to see if they support "
"PDO (PHP Data Objects) and offer any databases that <a "
"href=\"@drupal-databases\">Drupal supports</a>."
"你的web服务器好像不支持PDO数据库扩展。咨询你的主机服务提供商是否启用了PDO(PHP数据对象)支持以提供<a "
  "Footer first column"
  "Footer second column"
  "Footer third column"
  "Footer fourth column"
  "theme() may not be called until all modules are loaded."
  "只有在所有模块都加载后才能调用 theme()。"
  "GD library PNG support"
  "The date the comment was most recently updated."
  "Comment posted: %subject."
  "On value"
  "If left empty, \"1\" will be used."
  "如留空,将使用 \"1\"。"
  "Off value"
  "If left empty, \"0\" will be used."
  "如留空,将使用 \"0\"。"
"This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient "
"permissions to edit it."
  "Select a forum."
"The GD Library for PHP is enabled, but was compiled without support "
"for functions used by the rotate and desaturate effects. It was "
"probably compiled using the official GD libraries from "
"http://www.libgd.org instead of the GD library bundled with PHP. You "
"should recompile PHP --with-gd using the bundled GD library. See <a "
"href=\"http://www.php.net/manual/book.image.php\">the PHP manual</a>."
"PHP的GD库已启用,但是编译时未添加用于旋转和去色效果的函数支持。有可能是因为使用了 "
"http://www.libgd.org "
"的官方GD库进行编译而非PHP捆绑的GD库。你需要使用捆绑的GD库重新编译PHP "
"--with-gd。更多信息请查看<a "
  "GD library rotate and desaturate effects"
"View, edit and delete all content regardless of permission "
"You must validate your email address for this account before logging "
"in via OpenID."
  "The HTML ID %id is unique."
  "HTML ID %id 是唯一的。"
  "Syslog format"
"Specify the format of the syslog entry. Available variables are: "
"<dl><dt><code>!base_url</code></dt><dd>Base URL of the "
"site.</dd><dt><code>!timestamp</code></dt><dd>Unix timestamp of the "
"log entry.</dd><dt><code>!type</code></dt><dd>The category to which "
"this message belongs.</dd><dt><code>!ip</code></dt><dd>IP address of "
"the user triggering the "
"message.</dd><dt><code>!request_uri</code></dt><dd>The requested "
"URI.</dd><dt><code>!referer</code></dt><dd>HTTP Referer if "
"available.</dd><dt><code>!uid</code></dt><dd>User "
"ID.</dd><dt><code>!link</code></dt><dd>A link to associate with the "
"message.</dd><dt><code>!message</code></dt><dd>The message to store in "
"the log.</dd></dl>"
"External resources can be optimized automatically, which can reduce "
"both the size and number of requests made to your website."
  "A date in 'time-since' format. (%date)"
  "'开始' 格式日期。(%date)"
  "The location of the file relative to Drupal root."
  "HTTP error @errorcode occurred when trying to fetch @remote."
  "尝试获取 @remote 时发生HTTP错误 @errorcode。"
"Your system or network configuration does not allow Drupal to access "
"web pages, resulting in reduced functionality. This could be due to "
"your webserver configuration or PHP settings, and should be resolved "
"in order to download information about available updates, fetch "
"aggregator feeds, sign in via OpenID, or use other network-dependent "
"services. If you are certain that Drupal can access web pages but you "
"are still seeing this message, you may add "
"<code>$conf['drupal_http_request_fails'] = FALSE;</code> to the bottom "
"of your settings.php file."
"根据你的系统或网络设置Drupal不能读取网页,造成功能缺失。可能是web服务器配置或PHP设置引起的,可用更新、获取更新源、使用OpenID登录或使用其他网络服务的下载信息都需要解决这个问题。若确定Drupal可正常读取网页但仍然出现此消息,你可以在你的 "
"settings.php 文件底部添加 "
"<code>$conf['drupal_http_request_fails'] = FALSE;</code>。"
"A translation of %title in %language already exists, a new %type will "
"be created instead of a translation."
"%language 的 %title 翻译已存在,新  %type "
  "Your modules have been downloaded and updated."
  "<a href=\"@update\">Run database updates</a>"
  "<a href=\"@update\">运行数据库更新</a>"
  "@name <em>(locked)</em>"
  "@name <em>(锁定)</em>"
  "Are you sure you want to delete the role %name ?"
  "确定要删除角色 %name?"
"Permissions let you control what users can do and see on your site. "
"You can define a specific set of permissions for each role. (See the "
"<a href=\"@role\">Roles</a> page to create a role). Two important "
"roles to consider are Authenticated Users and Administrators. Any "
"permissions granted to the Authenticated Users role will be given to "
"any user who can log into your site. You can make any role the "
"Administrator role for the site, meaning this will be granted all new "
"permissions automatically. You can do this on the <a "
"href=\"@settings\">User Settings</a> page. You should be careful to "
"ensure that only trusted users are given this access and level of "
"control of your site."
"权限让你可以控制用户能在站点上干些啥看些啥。你可以为每个角色指定一套权限(访问<a "
"href=\"@role\">角色</a>页面进行角色创建)。两个比较重要的角色就是认证用户和管理员了。任何赋予到认证用户角色上的权限都会自动分配给登录到站点的用户上。也可以作为管理员角色进行登录,会自动获得所有的新的权限。你可以在<a "
"Roles allow you to fine tune the security and administration of "
"Drupal. A role defines a group of users that have certain privileges "
"as defined on the <a href=\"@permissions\">permissions page</a>. "
"Examples of roles include: anonymous user, authenticated user, "
"moderator, administrator and so on. In this area you will define the "
"names and order of the roles on your site. It is recommended to order "
"your roles from least permissive (anonymous user) to most permissive "
"(administrator). To delete a role choose \"edit role\"."
"角色让你可以对Drupal的安装和管理进行精细的调整。一个角色即一组在<a "
"href=\"@permissions\">权限页面</a>上设置有特定权限的用户。比如角色可以有:匿名用户、认证用户、批复员、管理员等等。这里你可以指定站点上角色的名称及排序。推荐角色排序为由最少权限(匿名用户)向最多权限(管理员)。要删除一个角色选择 "
"Use <em>articles</em> for time-sensitive content like news, press "
"releases or blog posts."
  "Swiss German"
"The selected file %filename cannot be uploaded. Only files with the "
"following extensions are allowed: %extensions."
  "Cache pages for anonymous users"
  "A flexible, recolorable theme with many regions."
  "Sidebar second"
  "Triptych first"
  "Triptych middle"
  "Triptych last"
  "Main background"
  "Sidebar background"
  "Sidebar borders"
  "Footer background"
  "%field may only contain characters a-z, underscores, or hyphens."
  "%field 只能包含a-z字母,下划线,或者连字符。"
  "%field cannot contain any markup."
  "No URL aliases available. <a href=\"@link\">Add URL alias</a>."
  "没有可用的URL别名。<a href=\"@link\">添加URL别名</a>"
"To provide keyword searching, the search engine maintains an index of "
"words found in the content and its fields, along with text added to "
"your content by other modules (such as comments from the core Comment "
"module, and taxonomy terms from the core Taxonomy module). To build "
"and maintain this index, a correctly configured <a href=\"@cron\">cron "
"maintenance task</a> is required. Users with <em>Administer "
"search</em> permission can further configure the cron settings on the "
"<a href=\"@searchsettings\">Search settings page</a>."
"为了提供关键字的搜索,搜索引擎在内容和域中维护着一些单词的索引,同时有文本加入到您的其他模块的内容(如从核心评论模块来的评论,从核心分类模块来的分类术语)。为了建立和维护这个索引,正确配置<a "
"href=\"@cron\">维护任务计划</a> "
"是必需的。用户使用<em>管理搜索</em> "
"权限可以配置更多的计划任务设置在<a "
"Show related projects"
  "Content reindexing"
"Content-related actions on your site (creating, editing, or deleting "
"content and comments) automatically cause affected content items to be "
"marked for indexing or reindexing at the next cron run. When content "
"is marked for reindexing, the previous content remains in the index "
"until cron runs, at which time it is replaced by the new content. "
"Unlike content-related actions, actions related to the structure of "
"your site do not cause affected content to be marked for reindexing. "
"Examples of structure-related actions that affect content include "
"deleting or editing taxonomy terms, enabling or disabling modules that "
"add text to content (such as Taxonomy, Comment, and field-providing "
"modules), and modifying the fields or display parameters of your "
"content types. If you take one of these actions and you want to ensure "
"that the search index is updated to reflect your changed site "
"structure, you can mark all content for reindexing by clicking the "
"\"Re-index site\" button on the <a href=\"@searchsettings\">Search "
"settings page</a>. If you have a lot of content on your site, it may "
"take several cron runs for the content to be reindexed."
"在您的网站内容相关行为(创建,编辑,或删除内容和评论)将自动地导致受影响内容项目在下一次的计划任务中标志为索引或重索引。当内容被标志为重索引,先前的内容依然在索引里面直至计划任务运行。此时将会被新的内容所覆盖。不像内容相关行为,行为关系到您的网站结构将不会导致被标志为重索引。关于结构相关行为将会影响包括删除或编辑分类术语,启用或禁用添加内容到模块(如分类,评论,域提供模块),以及修改域或在内容类型中显示参数的例子。如果您 "
"作出一个或几个这样的行为,您想确定搜索索引已被更新,足以影响到您的网站结构,您可以在<a "
"href=\"@searchsettings\">搜索设置页面</a>,通过点击“重索引网站”按钮标志所有的内容为内容为重索引。 "
"Cached pages will not be re-created until at least this much time has "
  "Expiration of cached pages"
  "The maximum time an external cache can use an old version of a page."
"These options control the display settings for the %name theme. When "
"your site is displayed using this theme, these settings will be used."
"这些选项控制 %name "
  "Administer software updates"
"Enter a valid email address or use a token e-mail address such as "
"输入一个有效的email地址或者使用一个象征的e-mail地址,如 "
"%author 。"
  "@required_name (Missing)"
  "@required_name (已丢失)"
  "@required_name (Version @compatibility required)"
  "@required_name (需要兼容版本 @compatibility)"
  "@name requires at least PHP @version."
  "@name 需要PHP版本至少为 @version"
  "Unresolved dependency"
  "@name requires this module."
  "@name 需要这个模块"
"@name requires this module and version. Currently using @required_name "
"version @version"
"@name 需要这个模块和版本。 当前使用 @required_name "
  "Site details"
  "Title and slogan"
  "Can't handle more than one field storage engine"
  "Field storage engine not found."
  "For this query an entity type must be specified."
  "Entity %entity has no base table."
  "实体 %entity 没有基本表"
  "Do not know how to order on @key for @entity_type"
"The database table prefix you have entered, %prefix, is invalid. The "
"table prefix can only contain alphanumeric characters, periods, or "
"你输入的数据库表前缀 %prefix 无效。 "
  "Default settings file"
  "The default settings file does not exist."
"The @drupal installer requires that the %default-file file not be "
"modified in any way from the original download."
"@drupal 安装要求 %default-file "
  "Re-order rows by numerical weight instead of dragging."
  "Show row weights"
  "Hide row weights"
"Attempt to create an instance of field @field_name without an entity "
"Attempt to create an instance of field @field_name on forbidden entity "
"type @entity_type."
  "%name: the value may be no less than %min."
  "%name: 数值可能不小于 %min."
  "%name: the value may be no greater than %max."
  "%name: 数值可能不大于 %max."
  "No fields have been defined yet."
  "Weight for new field"
  "Weight for added field"
  "Custom display settings"
  "Use custom display settings for the following view modes"
"The %view_mode mode now uses custom display settings. You might want "
"to <a href=\"@url\">configure them</a>."
"这个%view_mode模式现在使用自定义显示设置. 你可以<a "
  "User interface for the Field API."
  "Field API的用户界面"
"Separate extensions with a space or comma and do not include the "
"leading dot."
  "Delete an existing effect from a style."
  "Node module element"
  "Close overlay"
  "Poll module settings"
  "Poll vote"
  "Poll results"
  "The new set name is required."
  "The shortcut set %name already exists. Choose another name."
  "快捷键 %name已存在。请选择其他名字。"
  "1 e-mail was sent during this test."
 _plural "@count e-mails were sent during this test."
 [0] "一封邮件已经发送"
 [1] "@count 封邮件已经发送"
  "Blocked IP addresses"
  "阻止的 IP 地址"
"IP addresses listed here are blocked from your site. Blocked addresses "
"are completely forbidden from accessing the site and instead see a "
"brief message explaining the situation."
"Available variables are: [site:name], [site:url], [user:name], "
"[user:mail], [site:login-url], [site:url-brief], [user:edit-url], "
"[user:one-time-login-url], [user:cancel-url]."
"可用的变量有:[site:name], [site:url], [user:name], "
"[user:mail], [site:login-url], [site:url-brief], [user:edit-url], "
"[user:one-time-login-url], [user:cancel-url]。"
  "not yet assigned"
  "not yet created"
"Thank you for registering at [site:name]. You may now log in by "
"clicking this link or copying and pasting it to your browser:\n"
"This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page "
"where you can set your password.\n"
"After setting your password, you will be able to log in at "
"[site:login-url] in the future using:\n"
"username: [user:name]\n"
"password: Your password\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"感谢您注册 [site:name]. "
"用户名: [user:name]\r\n"
"密码: 您的密码\r\n"
"--  [site:name] 团队"
"A site administrator at [site:name] has created an account for you. "
"You may now log in by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to "
"your browser:\n"
"This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page "
"where you can set your password.\n"
"After setting your password, you will be able to log in at "
"[site:login-url] in the future using:\n"
"username: [user:name]\n"
"password: Your password\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"用户名: [user:name]\r\n"
"密码: 你的密码\r\n"
"--  [site:name]工作组"
"A request to reset the password for your account has been made at "
"You may now log in by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to "
"your browser:\n"
"This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page "
"where you can set your password. It expires after one day and nothing "
"will happen if it's not used.\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"--  [site:name] 工作组"
"Your account on [site:name] has been blocked.\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"--  [site:name] 工作组"
"A request to cancel your account has been made at [site:name].\n"
"You may now cancel your account on [site:url-brief] by clicking this "
"link or copying and pasting it into your browser:\n"
"NOTE: The cancellation of your account is not reversible.\n"
"This link expires in one day and nothing will happen if it is not "
"--  [site:name] team"
"--  [site:name]工作组"
"Your account on [site:name] has been canceled.\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"-- [site:name]工作组"
"The ability to send users their passwords in plain text has been "
"removed in Drupal 7. Your existing email templates have been modified "
"to remove it. You should <a href=\"@template-url\">review these "
"templates</a> to make sure they read properly."
"在Drupal7,向用户发送纯文本的密码的功能已被删除。您现有的电子邮件模板已被相应的做了修改。您应该<a "
  "None (original image)"
  "The URL of the account edit page."
"Nonce from @endpoint rejected because it is not correctly formatted, "
"nonce: @nonce."
  "来之 @endpoint 的 @nonce 格式错误。"
"Nonce received from @endpoint is out of range (time difference: "
"@intervals). Check possible clock skew."
  "Nonce replay attempt blocked from @ip, nonce: @nonce."
  "来自 @ip 的 @nonce 的回复被拒绝。"
  "Comment display"
  "New field name"
  "Error opening socket @socket"
  "错误:打开嵌套字 @socket"
  "delivery callback not found"
  "callback %callback not found: %q."
  "找不到 %callback 回调函数: %q."
"The specified file %file could not be copied, because the destination "
"is invalid. More information is available in the system log."
"无法复制指定的文件 %file ,因为目标是无效的。 "
"The specified file %file could not be copied, because the destination "
"directory is not properly configured. This may be caused by a problem "
"with file or directory permissions. More information is available in "
"the system log."
"无法复制指定的文件 %file "
",因为目标目录没有被正确配置。这可能是由于文件或目录的权限问题。 "
"The file %file could not be copied because a file by that name already "
"exists in the destination directory."
"无法复制指定的文件 %file "
"The specified file %file could not be moved, because the destination "
"is invalid. More information is available in the system log."
"由于目标文件夹无效,此文件 %file 不能被移动, "
"The specified file %file could not be deleted, because it is not a "
"valid URI. More information is available in the system log."
"由于其不是一个有效的URI(统一资源标识符:Uniform "
"Resource Identifier), 文件 %file 不能被删除。 "
"The data could not be saved, because the destination is invalid. More "
"information is available in the system log."
"File %file (%realpath) could not be copied, because the destination "
"%destination is invalid. This is often caused by improper use of "
"file_copy() or a missing stream wrapper."
"文件 %file (%realpath) 无法复制, 因为目标地址 %destination "
"不正确. 这通常是由于 file_copy() "
  "File %file (%realpath) could not be copied because it does not exist."
  "文件 %file (%realpath) 无法复制,因为他不存在。"
"File %file could not be copied because a file by that name already "
"exists in the destination directory (%directory)"
"文件 %file "
  "File %file could not be copied because it would overwrite itself."
  "文件 %file 无法复制,因为他将会覆盖它自己。"
  "The specified file %file could not be copied to %destination."
"File %file (%realpath) could not be moved, because the destination "
"%destination is invalid. This may be caused by improper use of "
"file_move() or a missing stream wrapper."
"文件%file (%realpath)无法移动,因为目标地址 %destination "
"不正确。这可能是因为 file_move() "
"File %file (%realpath) could not be deleted because it is not a valid "
"URI. This may be caused by improper use of file_delete() or a missing "
"stream wrapper."
"文件%file (%realpath) "
"The data could not be saved because the destination %destination is "
"invalid. This may be caused by improper use of file_save_data() or a "
"missing stream wrapper."
"数据无法保存,因为目标地址 %destination "
"不正确。这可能是因为file_save_data() "
"Your PHP configuration only supports a single database type, so it has "
"been automatically selected."
"Failed to connect to your database server. The server reports the "
"following message: %error.<ul><li>Is the database server "
"running?</li><li>Does the database exist, and have you entered the "
"correct database name?</li><li>Have you entered the correct username "
"and password?</li><li>Have you entered the correct database "
"连接数据库服务器失败。服务器报告下面的消息: "
"The version of PHP you are using has known issues with PostgreSQL. You "
"need to upgrade PHP to 5.2.11, 5.3.1 or greater."
  "Exit block region demonstration"
  "Customizing the dashboard requires the !permission-name permission."
  "Configure available dashboard blocks"
  "Configure which blocks can be shown on the dashboard."
  "Database log messages to keep"
  "Recent log messages"
  "Thousand marker"
  "Display prefix and suffix."
  "Display with prefix and suffix."
  "- Select a value -"
  "- 选择一个值 -"
  "Trim length"
  "No field is displayed."
  "No field is hidden."
  "Format settings:"
  "Missing text format: %format."
  "Link image to"
  "Image style: @style"
  "Linked to content"
  "Linked to file"
  "Shown when hovering over the menu link."
"The menu module allows on-the-fly creation of menu links in the "
"content authoring forms. To configure these settings for a particular "
"content type, visit the <a href=\"@content-types\">Content types</a> "
"page, click the <em>edit</em> link for the content type, and go to the "
"<em>Menu settings</em> section."
"菜单模块允许在内容创作表单中动态创建菜单链接。修改特定内容类型的设置,访问<a "
  "Undefined language (@langcode)"
  "未指定语言 (@langcode)"
  "Administrative overlay"
  "Use the overlay for administrative pages."
  "Show administrative pages on top of the page you started from."
  "A <a href=\"@php-code\">PHP code</a> text format has been created."
"一个 <a href=\"@php-code\">PHP 代码</a> "
  "Choose which search modules are active from the available modules."
  "Default search module"
  "Choose which search module is the default."
  "Your default search module is not selected as an active module."
  "Search is currently disabled."
  "... !excerpt ... !excerpt ..."
  "... !excerpt ... !excerpt ..."
  "Syslog identity"
  "Syslog 特征"
  "Error pages"
  "The path '%path' is either invalid or you do not have access to it."
  "路径 '%path' 无效或者你无权访问它。"
  "Last run: %cron-last ago."
  "上次运行: %cron-last 前。"
  "Run cron every"
"When enabled, only users with the \"Use the site in maintenance mode\" "
"<a href=\"@permissions-url\">permission</a> are able to access your "
"site to perform maintenance; all other visitors see the maintenance "
"mode message configured below. Authorized users can log in directly "
"via the <a href=\"@user-login\">user login</a> page."
"当启用时,只有具有 \"使用站点在维护模式\" <a "
"href=\"@permissions-url\">权限</a> "
"的用户可以访问你的站点进行维护工作; "
"所有其他访客只能看到下面配置的维护模式消息。特许用户可以在 "
"<a href=\"@user-login\">用户登录</a> 页面登录。"
"Change site name, e-mail address, slogan, default front page, and "
"number of posts per page, error pages."
  "Manage automatic site maintenance tasks."
  "Weight for added term"
"Subdirectory in the file upload directory where pictures will be "
  "Pictures larger than this will be scaled down to this size."
"Maximum allowed file size for uploaded pictures. Upload size is "
"normally limited only by the PHP maximum post and file upload "
"settings, and images are automatically scaled down to the dimensions "
"specified above."
"Your virtual face or picture. Pictures larger than @dimensions pixels "
"will be scaled down."
"Your account at [site:name] has been activated.\n"
"You may now log in by clicking this link or copying and pasting it "
"into your browser:\n"
"This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page "
"where you can set your password.\n"
"After setting your password, you will be able to log in at "
"[site:login-url] in the future using:\n"
"username: [user:name]\n"
"password: Your password\n"
"--  [site:name] team"
"用户名: [user:name]\r\n"
"密码: 你的密码\r\n"
"--  [site:name]工作组"
  "Upload an image to go with this article."
"Minimal profile for running tests. Includes absolutely required "
"modules only."
  "The settings file is writable."
  "The settings file is owned by the web server."
"The @drupal installer failed to create a settings file with proper "
"file ownership. Log on to your web server, remove the existing %file "
"file, and create a new one by copying the %default_file file to %file. "
"More details about installing Drupal are available in <a "
"href=\"@install_txt\">INSTALL.txt</a>. If you have problems with the "
"file permissions on your server, consult the <a "
"href=\"@handbook_url\">online handbook</a>."
"@drupal "
"安装失败,没有权限创建设置文件。请登录你的服务器,删除已存在的 "
"%file 文件然后通过复制 %default_file 创建一个新文件 "
"%file。更详细的Drupal安装说明在 <a "
"href=\"@install_txt\">INSTALL.txt</a>。如果你有问题关于服务器文件权限,请参阅 "
"<a href=\"@handbook_url\">在线手册</a>。"
  "Invalid merge query: no conditions"
  "无效的合并查询: 无条件"
  "Weight for @block block"
  "Region for @block block"
  "Comment approval"
  "Post comments"
  "Skip comment approval"
  "View and customize your dashboard."
  "Customize your dashboard."
  "This function can only be used to delete fields without data"
  "Are you sure you want to disable the text format %format?"
"Disabled text formats are completely removed from the administrative "
"interface, and any content stored with that format will not be "
"displayed. This action cannot be undone."
  "Disabled text format %format."
  "Text Formats"
  "Disable text format"
  "Hot topic, new comments"
  "Hot topic"
  "Normal topic"
  "Closed topic"
  "Reference for usage, configuration, and modules."
  "and where %property is %value"
  "where %property is %value"
  "and where"
  "Current URL is @url."
  "Page title @actual is equal to @expected."
  "HTTP response not expected !code, actual !curl_code"
  "Configure @module permissions"
  "配置 @module 权限"
  "Select and configure your themes."
  "Administer settings."
  "View reports, updates, and errors."
  "Stores temporary data for system_update_7061."
  "Administrative toolbar"
  "Install new module or theme"
  "Install new module"
  "Install new theme"
  "%property is %value"
  "%property 是 %value"
  "Manage user accounts, roles, and permissions."
"Renamed the 'post comments without approval' permission to 'skip "
"comment approval'."
  "%type: !message in %function (line %line of %file)."
  "%type: !message 在 %function (行 %line 在 %file)."
  "Update @title"
  "更新 @title"
"A unique machine-readable name. Can only contain lowercase letters, "
"numbers, and underscores."
  "The machine-readable name must contain unique characters."
"The machine-readable name must contain only lowercase letters, "
"numbers, and hyphens."
  "The machine-readable name is already in use. It must be unique."
  "English, British"
  "Haitian Creole"
  "Portuguese, International"
  "Weight for @title"
  "Weight for row @number"
  "Parent for @title"
  "New field label"
  "Parent for new field"
  "Type of new field"
  "Widget for new field"
  "Existing field label"
  "Parent for existing field"
  "Existing field to share"
  "Label display for @title"
  "Formatter for @title"
  "Parents for @title"
  "Visibility for @title"
"There is data for this field in the database. The field settings can "
"no longer be changed."
  "Weight for new file"
  "Choose a file"
  "Weight for new effect"
  "@title language provider"
  "@title 语言提供者"
  "Enable @title menu link"
  "激活 @title 菜单链接"
"A unique machine-readable name for this content type. It must only "
"contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. This name will be "
"used for constructing the URL of the %node-add page, in which "
"underscores will be converted into hyphens."
  "Choice label"
  "New choice label"
  "Vote count for choice @label"
  "Vote count for new choice"
  "Weight for choice @label"
  "Weight for new choice"
  "Category for @title"
  "Active modules"
  "@original_title (@parent_title)"
  "@original_title (@parent_title)"
"Your PHP installation is too old. Drupal requires at least PHP 5.2.5, "
"or PHP @version with the htmlspecialchars security patch backported."
  "List of trigger actions when !description"
"The database version %version is less than the minimum required "
"version %minimum_version."
  "数据库版本 %version 低于最低要求版本 %minimum_version。"
  "!theme (default theme)"
  "!theme (默认主题)"
  "!theme (administration theme)"
  "!theme (管理主题)"
  "Add other blocks"
  "URL fallback"
  "Use an already detected language for URLs if none is found."
  "%type_name: Create new content"
  "%type_name: 创建新内容"
  "%type_name: Edit own content"
  "%type_name: 编辑自己内容"
  "%type_name: Edit any content"
  "%type_name: 编辑任何内容"
  "%type_name: Delete own content"
  "%type_name: 删除自己内容"
  "%type_name: Delete any content"
  "%type_name: 删除任何内容"
"If you have problems accessing administrative pages on this site, "
"disable the overlay on your profile page."
  "Dismiss this message."
  "Options for the administrative overlay"
  "Next steps"
"File %file could not be copied, because the destination directory "
"%destination is not configured correctly."
"文件 %file 无法复制, 因为目标地址 %destination "
  "@driver_name settings"
  "@driver_name 设置"
  "MySQL, MariaDB, or equivalent"
  "Database file"
"The absolute path to the file where @drupal data will be stored. This "
"must be writable by the web server and should exist outside of the web "
"文件绝对路径的 @drupal "
  "The directory you specified is not writable by the web server."
  "Autocomplete popup"
  "Searching for matches..."
  "No fields are present yet."
msgctxt "Font weight"
  "Read more<span class=\"element-invisible\"> about @title</span>"
  "查看更多<span class=\"element-invisible\"> about @title</span>"
"Optionally specify an alternative URL by which this content can be "
"accessed. For example, type \"about\" when writing an about page. Use "
"a relative path and don't add a trailing slash or the URL alias won't "
"The PHP filter module adds a PHP filter to your site, for use with <a "
"href=\"@filter\">text formats</a>. This filter adds the ability to "
"execute PHP code in any text field that uses a text format (such as "
"the body of a content item or the text of a comment). <a "
"href=\"@php-net\">PHP</a> is a general-purpose scripting language "
"widely-used for web development, and is the language with which Drupal "
"has been developed. For more information, see the online handbook "
"entry for the <a href=\"@php\">PHP filter module</a>."
"PHP 过滤模块添加一个PHP过滤器在你的站点,被用在 <a "
"href=\"@filter\">文本格式</a> "
"里。这个过滤器添加可执行的 PHP "
"代码在任何使用本文格式文本字段里 "
"(比如内容条目的正文或者一个评论的内容)。<a "
"href=\"@php-net\">PHP</a> "
"是一种被广泛使用于WEB开发的多用途脚本语言。更多信息请查看在线手册 "
"<a href=\"@php\">PHP过滤模块</a> 相关内容。"
  "The number of votes that have been cast on a poll."
  "The length of time the poll is set to run."
  "Uninstall @module module"
  "卸载 @module 模块"
  "Aggregate and compress CSS files."
  "Aggregate JavaScript files."
  "合并 JavaScript 文件。"
"To uninstall @module, the following module must be uninstalled first: "
 _plural ""
"To uninstall @module, the following modules must be uninstalled first: "
 [0] ""
"要卸载 @module,必须先卸载下面的模块: "
 [1] ""
"要卸载 @module,必须先卸载下面的模块: "
  "Enable newly added modules"
  "Enable newly added themes"
"The uninstall process removes all data related to a module. To "
"uninstall a module, you must first disable it on the main <a "
"href=\"@modules\">Modules page</a>."
"卸载进程会移除某个模块有关的所有数据。要卸载一个模块,你必须首先在<a "
  "View the administration theme"
  "Database system"
  "Database system version"
  "Hide shortcuts"
  "Indexed %count content items for tracking."
  "Release notes for @project_title"
  "The role settings have been updated."
  "Disable the account and keep its content."
  "Disable the account and unpublish its content."
"Delete the account and make its content belong to the %anonymous-name "
  "Delete the account and its content."
  "Display on user registration form."
  "This is compulsory for 'required' fields."
  "Drupal system listing compatible test"
  "Support module for testing the drupal_system_listing function."
  "Drupal system listing incompatible test"
  "@count orphaned actions (%orphans) exist in the actions table. !link"
  "@count 孤立动作 (%orphans) 存在于动作表格中. !link"
  "Deleted 1 comment."
 _plural "Deleted @count comments."
 [0] "删除了1条评论。"
 [1] "删除了@count条评论。"
  "Deleted 1 post."
 _plural "Deleted @count posts."
 [0] "删除了1个帖子."
 [1] "删除了@count个帖子。"
"The %setting setting is currently set to '%current_value', but needs "
"to be '%needed_value'. Change this by running the following query: "
"%setting 设置当前被设定为 '%current_value', "
"但其应该被设定为 '%needed_value',请通过运行 !query "
  "List (integer)"
  "List (float)"
"The label is optional: if a line contains a single string, it will be "
"used as key and label."
"此标签为可选项: "
  "Allowed values list: invalid input."
"Failed to connect to the server. The server reports the following "
"message: !message For more help installing or updating code on your "
"server, see the <a href=\"@handbook_url\">handbook</a>."
"连接服务器失败。服务器返回信息:“!message”。可查阅<a "
  "Unable to parse info file: %info_file."
  "无法解析info文件: %info_file。"
  "The info file (%info_file) does not define a 'name' attribute."
"You can find <a href=\"@module_url\">modules</a> and <a "
"href=\"@theme_url\">themes</a> on <a "
"href=\"@drupal_org_url\">drupal.org</a>. The following file extensions "
"are supported: %extensions."
"在<a href=\"@drupal_org_url\">drupal.org</a>,你能找到<a "
"href=\"@module_url\">模块</a>和<a "
"href=\"@theme_url\">设计主题</a> on "
"Your server does not support updating modules and themes from this "
"interface. Instead, update modules and themes by uploading the new "
"versions directly to the server, as described in the <a "
"你的服务器不支持从这个接口更新模块和主题。你可以直接把新的模块和主题上传到服务器,具体参照<a "
"Your server does not support installing modules and themes from this "
"interface. Instead, install modules and themes by uploading them "
"directly to the server, as described in the <a "
"你的服务器不支持从这个接口安装模块和主题。你可以直接把新的模块和主题上传到服务器,具体参照<a "
  "%archive_file does not contain any .info files."
  "%archive_file 中没有包含任何.info文件。"
  "Administer content and comments."
  "Comment fields"
  "%name must be a valid hexadecimal CSS color value."
  "%name 必须是一个有效的十六进制CSS颜色值。"
  "Changes to the style have been saved."
  "(Machine name: @type)"
  "(机器名: @type)"
  "Not optimized"
  "OpenID Math library"
  "Unknown field: @field_name"
  "未知的字段: @field_name"
  "Enabled modules: %modules"
  "File %file could not be copied because it does not exist."
  "无法复制文件 %file, 因其不存在."
  "Field type(s) in use - see !link"
  "正在使用的字段类型 - 参见 !link"
  "Fields type(s) in use"
  "The requested page \"@path\" could not be found."
  "无法找到请求的页面 \"@path\" 。"
  "No shortcuts available. <a href=\"@link\">Add a shortcut</a>."
  "无快捷方式。<a href=\"@link\">添加快捷方式</a>。"
  "Leave this blank to delete both the existing username and password."
  "To change the password, enter the new password here."
  "The clean URL test passed."
  "简洁链接(clean URL)测试通过。"
  "User name and password"

Drupal7 forms_api_reference翻译 + Demo

(元素)Elements 属性名通常需要创建这个表单元素时定义。默认值是属性名称旁边的括号中表示,如果它们存在。 actions 描述:一个包装元素,去组合一个或多个button按钮在表单中。使...
  • Bresponse
  • Bresponse
  • 2011年10月27日 13:56
  • 2415

为 Drupal 7 构建一个新主题

主题解释了 Drupal 网站的用户界面 (UI)。虽然主题结构并没有明显的变化,但 Drupal 版本 7 配备了一个新的主题实现方法。本文演示了如何创建一个新的 Drupal 7 主题。 D...
  • railsbug
  • railsbug
  • 2014年06月06日 13:59
  • 1016

Drupal 7 数据库 操作(很好,很犀利)

Drupal 7 使用 PDO 连接数据库,鉴于 PHP 6将把 PDO 做为默认数据库连接方式,这是必须的选择。实际上,Drupal 7之前的数据库抽象层,和 PDO 的某些理念一致,用相同的方法操...
  • wjc19911118
  • wjc19911118
  • 2012年06月29日 11:49
  • 8717


转自:http://www.drupalmodule.cn/%E6%96%B0%E6%89%8B%E6%8C%87%E5%8D%97/drupal-%E5%AE%89%E8%A3%85.html ...
  • u011944761
  • u011944761
  • 2015年03月01日 13:12
  • 374


在drupal建站中,所见即所得编辑器提供了友好的界面,也提高开发效率,而CKEditor是一款很不错的编辑器,定制性相当高,在这推荐给大家。 CKEditor和其他模块(IMCE)搭配下在文字排...
  • chenjintaoxp
  • chenjintaoxp
  • 2014年10月21日 21:18
  • 1451

drupal7 如何自定义内容部链接,并预留hook接口(自定义视图字段比较有用)

$links = array(); //获取系统菜单,所有权限都默认进行了验证 $links['case-edit']=menu_get_item('node/'.$row->nid...
  • wjc19911118
  • wjc19911118
  • 2014年07月11日 15:23
  • 1439


模板语言和主题引擎 用Drupal的行话来说,主题就是一组负责你站点外观的文件。你可以从http://drupal.org/project/Themes下载第3方主题,或者你可以自己动手创建一个主题...
  • wjc19911118
  • wjc19911118
  • 2012年07月16日 17:40
  • 12089

drupal7 创建form表单 并重定向提交路径同时使用get方式传递(drupal 简洁url)传参实例演示

1、 指定创建form的函数,并传递参数 $formhtml = drupal_render(drupal_get_form('create_form', 'get_name',a,b,c)); ...
  • wjc19911118
  • wjc19911118
  • 2012年10月31日 10:43
  • 3143

Drupal 7 模块开发 建立

为Drupal 7建立一个简单的模块
  • stevenhzhang
  • stevenhzhang
  • 2014年09月29日 05:08
  • 1451

Drupal 7: 如何定制首页主内容区域

Drupal默认情况下是类博客的风格。两边是一个可定制的区块,上面是Header,下面是Footer以及划分开的Footer列。 最重要的部分是中间的主内容区域,以时间顺序显示所有发布的网站内容节点。...
  • iefreer
  • iefreer
  • 2011年05月19日 00:50
  • 4567