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1   ... times+形容词(副词)比较级+than...

eg:This hall is five timesbigger than our classroom. 这个大厅比我们的教室大五倍。(是我们教室的六倍大)

eg:The car runs twice fasterthan that truck. 这辆轿车的速度比那辆卡车快两倍。(是那辆卡车的三倍快)

2   ... timesas+形容词(或much)或副词原级+as...

eg:The big box is four timesas heavy as the small one. 大箱子是小箱子的四倍重。

eg:Asia is four times aslarge as Europe. 亚洲的面积是欧洲的四倍。

eg:Ten is twice as much asfive. 十是五的两倍。

eg:The plane flew ten timesas high as the kite. 那架飞机飞行高度是那个风筝的十倍。(高出九倍)

3   ... times+the+名词(size, height, weight, length, width)+of

eg:Your playground is 900metres wide, three times the size of ours. 你们操场有900米宽, 是我们的三倍。

eg:This street is four timesthe length of that one. 这条大街是那条街的四倍长。

eg:This big tree is fourtimes the height of that small one. 这棵大树的高度是那棵小树的四倍。(比那棵小树高三倍)

也可译成: The height of the big tree is four times that of that small one.

4   ... times+more+名词(可数/不可数)+than...

eg:There are four times morebooks in our library than in yours. 我们图书馆藏书(数量)是你们图书馆的四倍。(多三倍)

eg:We have produced twicemore grain this year than we did last year. 我们今年生产的粮食比去年增长一倍。(是去年的两倍)

 ... times +as many(或much)+名词+其它……

eg:There is three times asmuch water in this pot as in that one. 这个壶里的水(量)是那个壶里的三倍。

eg:There are five times as manystudents as we expected. 到的人是我们预计的五倍。

 ... times+up on(或over)+被比对象,表示“增加……倍”

eg:The grain output in thatvillage was twice over that of 1978. 那个村的粮食产量比一九七八年的增加了两倍。

7   ... times+that of+被比对象,表示“是……倍”

eg:In this workshop, the outputof July was 3. 5 times that of January. 这个车间七月份的产量是元月份的三点五倍。

8   ... times what从句,表示“A是B的···倍”

eg:The price of the meat istwice what it was last year. 肉价是去年的两倍。

9   ... by  ...times,表示“A比B快、大或多几倍”

eg:His speed is faster thanmine by four times.


10  ... times comparedwith ,表示“被比较对象(相比B,A多了几倍)”

eg:The number of the studentsin our school has increased four times compared with 1980. 我们学校的学生人数比1980年增加了4倍。

11  ... times that of 被比较对象,表示“A是B的几倍”

eg:In this workshop the outputof July was three times that of January.


二、... %(percent, percent)+up on+被比对象

eg:Altogether, more than 70percent of the surface of our planet is covered by water.


eg:Our factory's output ofTV sets in 1998 was 400% up compared with 1980. 1998年我们工厂电视机的产量与1980年相比增长 400%。

eg:The industrial output of lastyear in our factory was 250% up on that of 2000. 我们工厂去年的工业产量比2000年增加了 250%。(或增加两倍半)


eg:The box is one-third bigger than that one. 这个盒子比那个盒子大三分之一。


1  double作形容词表示“两倍的”

eg:The production is nowdouble what it was ten years ago. 现在的产量是十年前的两倍。

2  double作动词表示“是……的两倍”

eg:The output has been doubledin the past five years. 过去五年中产量翻了一番。

五、用 half(一半),again (一倍),twofold(两部分的,双重的),double (两倍),triple (三倍),fourfold (四倍)等词表示倍数

eg:My command of English is not half so good as yours. 我英语掌握得还不及你的一半儿好。

eg:My Aunt is as old again as Iam. 我姑姑的年龄比我大一倍。

eg:The price of TVs are twofolddown over these years. 近几年来,电视机的价格下降了两倍

eg:The top-brand clothes areoften sold as double the normal price here. 这里名牌衣服的售价经常比正常的售价高一倍。

eg:The new work proceduretripled the output. 新工艺使产量增加两倍。

eg:The output of grain increasedfourfold. 粮食产量增加了三倍。


主语+谓语+...+ as +形容词(副词) + again + as   

eg:Nine is as much again as three. 九是三的倍数。

主语+谓语+ to +数词,表示“增加到......数”

eg: The number of students in our school has increased to 2001. 我们学校的学生数已增加到两千零一人。


eg:The cost of the paper has reduced by 4%. 报纸的成本已减低了百分之四。


I’ve paid five times the usual price for the stamp.  我出了5倍于往常的价格买这枚邮票。  

The average income of the staff has been increased by 50 percent compared with last year.  


I am more than twice as old as he.     我的年龄是他的两倍还不止。 

I've seen this film twice.      这部影片我已经看过两次了。  

He studies more than three times as hard as I.       他用功的程度是我的三倍还不止。 

I have five times the number of Tom's books.    我有五倍于汤姆的书。 

He has collected more than three times as many stamps as I (have).  他收集的邮票是我的三倍还不止。 

He had classed the White Mouse as of no account, and it paid twenty times as much as the Transcontinental and also had paid on acceptance. 


A penny, worth fifty times as much as a sovereign, was something to retain and treasure. 


It discharges three times as much water as the St. Lawrnce.它流出的水量有圣罗伦斯河的三倍那么多。 

the chimp has five times as much brain as the elephant.   黑猩猩的大脑是大象大脑的5倍 

Five times as much, as many, or as large.   五倍的五倍数量或大小的 

It could cost up to five times as much as a similar Li Ning product.  可能是一对李宁牌同类产品价格的五倍之多。 

So in proportion to its body size, the chimp has four times as much brain as the elephant-more brain for less body. 


As we discussed last time, this means that it will cost us three times as much as before. 


One study found that an SUV will release about two times as much carbon dioxide as a car over the life of the vehicle. 


You could be doing three times as much business as you are now. 




1. 一米是一英尺的三倍多。

2. 现在我们家乡学校的数量比解放前增加了四倍。

3. 北京有我家乡城市的十个那么大。

4. 这个房子是那个房子的两倍大。

5. 早稻产量比去年提高百分之二十五。

B)根据第一句, 完成第二、三句, 每空填一词, 使句意不变。

1.This river is three times as wide as that one.

This river is __________ times the __________ of that one.

This river is __________ __________ than that one.

2.The meeting room is three times bigger than our office.

The meeting room is __________ times as __________ as our office.

The meeting room is __________ times the __________ of our office.

3.The new building is five times the height of the old one.

The new building is __________ times as __________ as the old one.

The new building is __________ times __________ than the old one.

C) 单项选择

1. (2002 上海春) Americans eat ________ vegetables per person today as they did in1910.

    A. more than twice      B. as twice as many 

    C. twice as many as     D. more than twice as many

2. (1998 上海) Paper produced every year is _______ the world's production of vehicles.

    A. the three weight of         B. three times the weight of 

    C. as three times heavy as     D. three times as heavier as

3. (1994上海)With the help of the German experts, the factory produced ______ cars in 1993 as the year before.

    A. as twice many     B. as many twice 

    C. twice as many     D. twice many as

4. (MET 1992)This ship measures ________ that one.

    A. as twice as long    B. as twice long as 

    C. twice long as       D. twice as long as 

5. (MET 1990)After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _______ tractors in 1988 as the year before.

    A. as twice many   B. as many as 

    C. as twice as many   D. twice as many


A)1. A metre is 3 timesmore than(... is 3 times the length of)a foot.

2.There are now five times as many schools in my hometown as before liberation.

3.Beijing is ten times as big as(nine times larger than /ten times the sizeof)my hometown.

4.This house is twice as large as that one.

5.The output of early rice is 25% the height of last year's.

B)1. three, width; twicewider

2.three, big; three, size

3.five, high; four, higher

C) 1-5 DBCDD




补格助词[に] [に]接在表示场所的体言后,表示存在的场所,意为“在”。 例: 病院は銀行のとなりにあります。/医院在银行旁边。 テヷブルの上に果物があります。/在桌上有水果。 [に]接在...
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一、反意疑问句 反意疑问句又叫附加疑问句,它表示提问人的看法,没有把握,需要对方证实。主要有两部分组成:陈述部分+疑问部分。两部分的人称时态应保持一致。陈述部分和疑问部分要么前肯后否,要么前否后肯。...
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一、as作连词的用法   1. as...as的用法   as...as意为"和……一样",表示同级的比较。使用时要注意第一个as为副词,第二个as为连词。其基本结构为:as+ adj./...
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任何一个有效的机器学习算法都要有其归纳偏好,否则他将被假设空间中看似在训练集上等效的假设所迷惑。 “奥卡姆剃刀”是一种常用的、自然科学研究中最基本的原则,他能引导算法确立较好的偏好,他的思想是,若有...
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正则表达式,又称正规表示法、常规表示法(英语:Regular Expression,在代码中常简写为regex、regexp或RE),计算机科学的一个概念。正则表达式使用单个字符串来描述、匹配一系...
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