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This page collects hardware-related notes about Android on OMAP3EVM. It also contains information regarding features, limitations and other board-specific topics relevant to Android

You can get information regarding OMAP3EVM here:


Board Revisions Tested

  • Generation I.CPU board: rev. B; Main board: rev. D; MDC board: rev. B
  • Generation II.CPU board: rev. C; Main board: rev. G; no MDC required for this generation of Main board

Bootloader information

We recommend to use uboot from TI PSP SDK release

You can get pre-built stuff here:

Booting Android sample


Board features/devices supported:

  • Serial
  • NAND flash
  • MMC
  • Ethernet
  • keypad
  • LCD
  • Touchscreen
  • Audio
  • USB OTG port (Host mode)

On-board keys mapping in Android

The onboard key are mapped in the following way (from the upper left corner to the lower right by the rows):

Menu Back Up Home Explorer
Volume Up Left Center Right Search
Volume Down Soft Left Down Soft Right Power

Using Multimedia Daughter Card (MDC) in Android (Relevant for Generation I EVMs)


Using DVI output instead of on-board LCD

If you need external display you need to enable additional kernel parameters:

  • omapdss.def_disp=dvi - this specifies to use DVI output instead on-board screen
  • omapfb.mode=dvi:720x480MR-16@60 - this specifies the resolution for external display

or (in older versions of u-Boot)

  • omap-dss.def_disp=dvi - this specifies to use DVI output instead on-board screen
  • omapfb.video_mode=720x480MR-16@60 - this specifies the resolution for external display

Here 720x480MR-16@60 is example value which means:

  • resolution - 720x480
  • M - always present
  • R - reduced blinking
  • 16 - 16 bits = 65,536 colours
  • @60 - 60 Hz

For more detailed info see modedb Documentation


Using TV output (S-Video) instead of on-board LCD

It is similar to usage of DVI output. If you want to use S-Video - make sure the cable is connected to EVM S-Video Output connector (not to confuse with Input!!!).

Pass following parameters in the command line:

  • omapdss.def_disp="tv"
  • omapfb.mode="tv:ntsc"

or (in older versions of u-Boot)

  • omap-dss.def_disp="tv"
  • omapfb.video_mode="tv:ntsc" or "tv:pal"


Known issues, limitations

RTC does not work on Rev D board, you can find more details here: Latest EVM does not have this limitation.

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