leetcode #78 in cpp

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Given a set of distinct integers, nums, return all possible subsets.


  • Elements in a subset must be in non-descending order.
  • The solution set must not contain duplicate subsets.

For example,
If nums = [1,2,3], a solution is:


As long as we know how to find combination of certain length( in #77), this question would be very easy. Simply loop for every possible length, and in each loop we find all combinations of this length. 


class Solution {
    vector<vector<int>> subsets(vector<int>& nums) {
        vector<vector<int>> res; 
        sort(nums.begin(), nums.end());//sort to avoid duplicates
        res.push_back(vector<int>());//empty set 
        //find the combinations of length need starting from num[i]
        for(int need = 1;need <= nums.size(); need ++){//for each length 
            for(int i = 0; i < nums.size(); i ++)//start from each position to find combination
                find_subsets(i, need - 1, vector<int>(),nums, res);
        return res;
    void find_subsets(int start_ind, int need, vector<int> member,vector<int> &nums, vector<vector<int>> &res){
        //need does not include num[start_ind]
        if(need > nums.size() - 1 - start_ind) return;//if need > num between [start .....num.size() - 1], we could not do it. //Say need = 4 and the num[start position + 1....end] = [2,3] this could only provide 2 numbers < 4. We could terminate it 
        if(need == 0){
        for(int i = start_ind + 1; i < nums.size(); i ++)
            find_subsets(i, need - 1, member, nums, res);


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