components and building system in RDK for TI 8168

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    one pre-built static library: SCD algorithm.

    one algorithm with source files: SWOSD algorithm.

    one link with soure: algLink,

    one link with same source code on M3: IPCFrameIn,

    Building: building links-> linking with bios, static library and TI utilities such XDC lib.


    links: IPCFrameIn, IPCFrameOut, IPCBitsIn, IPCBitOut, capture, NF, DEI, merge, dup, mosaic, capture, display, encode, decode.

    utility library, contains source code such as memory allocation, mapping.

    system components: many, most important is syslink.

    Building: compile links->linking with bios.


    links:IPCFrameIn, IPCFrameOut, IPCBitsIn, IPCBitOut, MCFW components.

    utility library, this is the ARM version,

    system components: it have ARM version of syslink, which contains two version: kernel mode and user mode.

    Building: compile links->linking all.


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