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That’s true, having a good command of English is vitally significant and profound. Here I would like to give all my friends

and students some advice for the future IETLS spoken English learning in terms of the experience I got from being a teacher

and being interpreter for government as well as embassies. Being an interpreter is by no means easy, which needs to have a

good command of listening, understanding or decoding and speaking. As soon as I hear the original voice from the speaker,

meanwhile, I will decode or understand it by dividing the content of the voice into different segments, and use my short-term

memory and if possible ,note-taking, to deliver the interpretation in the process of consecutive or simultaneous cases. Now ,

I would like to tell you how to speak good English, not only for IETLS but also in life.


   As we all know there are three stages in the oral text of IELTS, and use 3-D methods to practice and conquer. 3-D methods

for IELTS Spoken English ----(Dialogue, Description , and Discussion)



Stage one: Dialogue


Having authentic and polished oral English is every learner’s dream, however, many of my students who spent a lot of years,

money and efforts to speak this language well but failed to be able to communicate and speak out, the reason to which might

be mainly confidence and methods. I notice that many students do well in speaking when conducting a prepared speech or

presentation in class. But speaking English fluently is not just about making presentations and giving speeches. It is about

expressing your ideas and insight on the most mundane of things around you. I still remember when I first landed on the soil

of Beijing 7 years ago; I could not communicate with my friends and even felt uneasy when going out with them because I did

not have the confidence to start a conversation with my Mandarin or English. It’s the same to the English learners who have

no courage to start a topic and face an awkward silence after the initial greeting was given because they don't know what to

talk about and are not confident of putting something across correctly, thus the interview for the text comes to end. The

ability to make dialogues is very important in every text and even social communication. Topics for casual conversation, even

in the IELTS text could include the hometown, weather, education, music, current affairs; hobbies, travel, etc. In the

preparation of the exam , you can go to English Corner or find some friends to practice your English with, mind you, please

read up on your area of interest and try framing sentences expressing your opinions. Talk about it with someone close to you

or someone’s English level is higher than yours, so you can check for your language accuracy and fluency. Also, you’d

better to grasp regularly used ways of small talk, and you will be able to initiate speaking more confidently. If you can

break this barrier and speak out with passion and confidence, you can take your first step into the realm of English speaking

and become a excellent speaker in the first step of successful English.



Stage two: Description


In stage two of the text, there are mainly five areas, namely people, object , place/building , experience, entertainment or

mass communication. In this area, you are going to use your creativity, imagination and innovation to describe, to speak out

of your heart and soul. I strongly recommend my students to use the whole sentence with interesting ideas. Remember, in IELTS

spoken text , the interviewer are expecting the answers with creativity and interesting, of course honesty is the best

policy. Take a topic of person for example, if I let you to describe your teacher’s appearance, to which answer, most of

students might say : she is very pretty, sexy, beautiful , attractive, even delicious etc. All those adjective are

meaningless, for they just serve one purpose, that is “good looking”, and the interviewer wants to know nothing more than

the way of teacher looks like in details, to which the noun takes function. So , we should say which part of the appearance

is pretty, sexy or attractive. Put the very noun after the adjective, that is to say , my teacher has a good looking, for

she, well, has pretty eyes, pointed nose , sexy lips , rosy cheeks and attractive personality. If you want to describe a girl

’s beauty, you can put it that “ nobody can compare her beauty in my heart and soul” instead of simply saying “she is

beautiful”. In all, in part two of the text, every sentence you make up must be in accordance with your reality and

imagination. If you are hardly to speak out a word about the topic , just make up some , in IELTS, we are not going to be

true always. Adding up some flavor and appetizer to your reality will be of help ,even the best bet. Keep taking, keep

nodding , keep smiling and eye contact and confident even though you are telling a “white lie”. Remember , do not go too

far! Part two is important , for the relevant part three is coming after that. Whenever you get the chance , describe the

thing around you , your home , your family , your computer, something like that. You can also get the topics from my Blog and

51ielts. Using the TSE method I teach you to practice until you are ale to blurt out naturally.


Stage three: Discussion


I always enlighten my students that your language ability and academic achievements are very imperative and important, but

the most important of all, it’s your eloquence to communicate in the personal relationships. Elite may not have eloquence,

but an eloquent person must be an elite. So the best way to drill your speaking abilities is to discuss. When I was a junior,

I always raised discussions with my classmate in my dorm, questions like “environmental protection, cohabitation, 2008

Olympics, postgraduate exams and so on. After everyone aired his opinions, then we conducted discussion to argue, to express

ideas to convince the other. And I gradually build up on my own repertoire of conversational topics and start using them

whenever I get a chance; subsequently I have good command of English, and won a lot of awards in English speech contest and

debate. Hence, it’s also effective for you, my beloved friends or students, to have a try to use your language to discuss.

Topics can be related to part two of the interview(like a place with a lot of water or a place you can listen to music), how

do Chinese people to protect the water resource and do you think it is beneficial for children to learn piano, etc. There are

more helpful topics that you can get from 51ielts or my Blog (http://blog.sina.com.cn/wuhuidong) If you do want to learn

something well, you are supposed to have confidence and passion. I love playing piano , basketball and learning as well as

being a teacher, to which I devote my whole interest , confidence and passion no matter how many mistakes I will encounter,

how helpless , how hopeless and how far away for me to reach my final goal. I will never stop fighting for the betterment and

improvement of myself and to be an all-grounded person equipped with knowledge and clear mindset. And that is why I hope all

of you can be confident and passionate for what you have done and what you will be doing.

   Finally, I want to say to my students and English lovers. Try to be confident and passionate in the journey of study and

life, all you need is a will to learn and the initiative to begin. That done, it is simply a matter of time and effort!




    方法:3D学习法(Dialogue, Descrpiton and Discuss),技巧:TSE(Topic , supporting and example)这些我在博客都提过,很多雅

思考生在考试前狂背范文, 背了40篇,考试紧张过度,忘记了39篇,只剩下第一篇能记住,最后没法取得高分,而且语言不是背出来的,要运





Part two:

第二部分考试是至关重要,因为它的成绩直接影响到你的第三部分,如果你答的好,PART THREE问的问题就会少,反之,考官除了会问他准备


,50秒内把话题用TSE讲完,part three考官只问了两到三个问题。









把红色字体的变形题用TSE换, 跟随其后的就是第三部分。



Part two: A teenager (重点考题)

     T:Teenagers are the future of our country, and I happen to meet one who left me the most unforgettable memory.  He is

my roommate when I was at school, named Ken. I can not say he is that kind of person who can attracts me at the very first

sight by the appearance, but his optimistic attitude towards life and the common ground we share do matter.

     S:Actually he is the one who very patient and considerate to his friends and studying..

     We share a lot in common. We both like playing basketball, for YaoMing and Shark are our favorite idol. Every game they

play must be our cup of tea.

Sometimes we like going to concert to listen to the music. How comfortable and relaxed the life would be if I am with him.

     Ken is not only a good friend of mine but also a hardworking person. He makes everything done well ,such as  planting

flowers, laundering clothes, and cleaning in order to let us live in a most wonderful, cozy place on earth.

     E: What impresses me most is that he likes encouraging people like me who feel discouraged when facing troubles. Her

word “tomorrow is another day” always lingering in my mind and burying in my heart.  In my mind, he is the perfect teenager

that I have ever seen in my life.

        We spend a lot of happy moment together. Even though now we are apart for the time being, our hearts and soul are

still tightly connected. Thank you.


Part three:
What's the difference between children and teenagers?
How is the life of  teenagers today different to what it was 20 or 30 years ago?
Would you say life for teenagers today is better than it was several decades ago?
What do teenagers think about old people?
What do you think about the so-called 'generation gap'?


A visitor to you home
When you travel to another city, do you prefer to stay in a hotel or with friends?

In China, when people visit other people in their homes, do they usually bring a gift?
Are people in your country very hospitable to guests?
What kinds of things do foreigners need to pay attention to when they travel in your country?
If you were visiting another country, what do you think would be the biggest problem(s) you would have?


Someone you would like to spend time with
What kind of people do you like to be friends with?
What kind of people don't you like to be with?
Compare the things you do with your family with the things you do with your friends.
Do you think people can make real friendships on the internet?
Compare the friendships that people have at work with the friendships people have at school.

An old person you respect
Who do old people today live longer than in the past?
what are the good advantages of being a eldly?
What are the jobs that suitable for the old but not for the young?


A person who is good at his/her job
Do you thinks schools and universities have a responsibility to prepare students for work?
In high school in China, are there many opportunities for you to gain practical work experience? What about in university?
What is the usual retirement age for people in China?
If someone who is older than the retirement age wants to and is able to continue working, is he or she allowed to do that?
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring young people and of hiring older people for work?

A school friend
Do you think friends are important?
Do you think it's easier to make friends today than it used to be?
Why do some people choose to make friends on the internet?
What are the qualities of a good friend?

A good advice you received(这个考题是不常见的考题,思路与下面的收到的信一样,这个信里就是一个有用的意见,谁给的,当然是人,

What is more acceptable , your friend’s advice or your parents’?
What advice you will give to your friends?
Do you think teachers should give students personal advice or just academic advice?
Have you ever received advice from a trained person?
What personal qualities do you think these professional advice givers should have?


An important letter that you received.
Do you often write letters to your family and relatives?
Do people today write letters by hand as much as they used to do many years ago?
What is the value of reading letters that famous people in history have written?
Is the handwriting of children today as good as it was many years ago?



Object:  物品题以前考的很多的是电脑,手机,动物等,现在考的最多应该是电器(出电脑外的),无论是哪个题,都必须与人联系在一起,




 An electrical appliance (最重点考题)

T: I can not live without the useful equipments I am having, one of which I am in favor of is my little beauty, AIGO, a mp4


S: let alone to say the magnificent appearance with white color and tiny shape, it’s usage that enriches my life. Well ,like

other MP4s, it’s capacity is big enough to hold thousands of songs and hundreds of movies altogether. What is more important

, an it can broadcast the radio and TV program alive, which are mainly about , the up to date news , fashion , sports and

education, keeping me informed all the time.

E: wherever I go , on the street , subway or the bus,  I will never let the time wasted and bring her with me , by whom I can

enjoy my favorite games, like basketball in the Olympics and listen to English program and watch movies to relax myself.

I love this newly-created electronic application, not only because it can accompany me, but also it can enrich my life.

Part three:
What kinds of electrical appliances are most used in daily life?
Do you think we can now live without electrical appliances? What's your opinion of this? Is that a good situation?
Do you think science and technology will one day completely eliminate traditional technology and equipment?
Do you think people rely too much on machines nowadays?
What are the advantages that we get from using modern home and office equipment?
What do you think is the most useful thing that man has ever invented?


An interesting animal
What animals are most common where you live (or, in your country)?
Compare the usage of animals nowadays and in the past?
Do you think there are more problems of feeding on animals in rural area than in the urban?
What are the main obstable of raising animals in city?
Do people in China still use animals for work?
Do people today treat animals the same as they used to do, several decades ago?
Do you think it's suitable to keep pets in the city or is it more suitable to have a pet only if you live in the countryside?


A gift you gave to another person(这个礼物就是上面的动物)
On what occasions do people give gifts to others?
When do children receive presents in China?
What kinds of gifts do children in China usually get?
Do you think toys have any educational value?


A photo ( 与动物一起拍)
Why do people take photos?
What is the function of the photo in newspaper?
What is the effect of photo on our life in the future?
How has modern science and technology changed photography?
Do many Chinese people visit photograph exhibitions?







则全都可以转,同学们可以通过在这个地方发生了什么事,when, what ,why ,who 等等感受如何,产生了什么的回忆和影响来入手,用TSE背


(变型:tourist attraction , a happy experience , a city you have visited, a place with a lot of water, a place you have

worked or studied before 等等)


a place with a lot of water

 T:The best answer to this topic might be the Fragrant Hill Park, where I left the unforgettable memory. This park is not

only famous for the red leaves , but also for the music fountains.
     It has become another symbol for the Beijing city and attracts crowds of tourists.

S:The most appealing thing is the music of the fountain. The water is able to dance in accordance with the lyric, tune and

melody of the music played by people in the controlled room.

Also, you can watch movies at night from water. The mixture of water sound and the film one teaches everyone’s heart.

People like going there from time to time. Old people like going there for relax and movies, youngster for taking photos,

even some Children for playing with water.  All of those want to enjoy the magnificent scenery and nature in front of the

music fountains.

I have been there once, and the breath-taking moments last till now whenever I see the photo I took there, I wish I could go

there someday in the future.


 A happy experience in your life:(这个地方你是不是工作和学习过? 这个经历有没有改变你?这个地点可不可以是名胜呢?是不是去过


     T: Experiences shape and enrich our lives , most of which are happy , though some are sad. Here , I want to share with

you my happy experience when I was a volunteer at the English Association (EA) at my university,  which I have left the

unforgettable memory in my whole life.

S:  The mission of EA is to help all those people who are willing to learn English to welcome 2008 Olympics in every local

community. All students who joined in this organization are the English lovers and volunteers. And I happened to be one of

them, and my mission is to promote the popularity of English in every part of China. 

E: I still remember my first volunteering experience was to give English lessons to residents from a local community. You

know, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is being held; many people want to share the joyful moment, the culture with the foreign

visitor by learning English. I went to the community every weekend, to teach them the simple English and provide them with

English materials for the game. At first I taught them like “welcome to China, I hope you enjoy your stay here, may I help

you” . For all those people are in advanced age, some of whom even have memory disability, those simple greeting expression

are not easy for them to learn. 

However, what impresses me was they had never given up. They practice with passion and patience. I love this experience, for

it offers me the good chance to help people, to get in touch with the society, to contribute our effort for the country and

to learn something that’s not written on the text book.


What facilities do you think a good school should have?
In general, what do you think are the factors that influence a person's working (or studying) conditions?
Do you prefer to study at school or at home?
In the future, what changes do you think we will see in schools?
Do you think being a housewife should be considered to be 'work'?

A place with a lot of water
Why people like going to place with water

what kind of activities are available there?
water pollution...what should the government do...?
Do you think it's important to try to save (conserve) water?
Do you think people use more water today than they did before?
What are the reasons for water shortages in (parts of ) China?


A tourist attraction
How many kinds of tour in China?
what is your favorite?
what can be brought about by tour?
Would you like to live or study at a popular tourist destination?
What are the good and bad effects of tourism for a country?
Do you think it is necessary to take steps to protect tourist sites from being damaged by tourists?

An organization( a happy experience , a journey)
What would you prefer to work in, a big organization or a small one?
Do you think the size of an organization can give that organization any advantages?


An enjoyable event
What are the relationships between age and happiness?  Nowadays , people are not happy as they used to be , why?
Are the things (or, the events) that make people happy today the same as several decades ago?
Do you think money makes people happy?
Do you think people mostly remember sad events or happy events? (Why?)
Do you think there is any relationship between government and the happiness of the citizens?


A recent change in your life
Do you think experiencing change is good for children?
How can people make changes to (improvements to) their everyday lives?

a city you visited
What kind of people do you think would like to live in big cities?
Do you prefer living in a city or a small town?
Why are people migrating from the rural to the urban areas of China?
What's the advantage for a family to live in a big city?
What are some of the (serious) problems associated with living in big cities?



(媒体题考得也很多,法律让很多同学头疼,电影更不知所云,比如8月30日在北京两个考点都考到的题目, 要同学们描述一本书,我在课堂讲





T:   I have been so fortunate that I have watch many Hollywood Blockbusters in my life and one that fascinates me most I

think must be the Forrest Gump.

S:  The great success contributed to this film , I think , it love, hope ,compassion and responsibility that manifested. Tom

hanks plays a role of lower IQ man and be bullied by his peers and segregated from society.

However, no matter how hopeless and helpless, how many times he was laughed at and bullied by his friends, he never stop

trying to perfect himself and pursues his dream.

Forrest Gump set up a very good example for all of us to learn from, especially for his love for the one he loves,  the dream

he is longing for , and the responsibility for the country and compassion for the poor. Also, his mother’s word “life is

like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you are going to get” still linger in my mind for it really gives me the

inspiration to appreciate life instead of complaining it.

I love this film , and always share the enjoyment with my friends while watching it.


TV program
what kind of TV program are popular with adults?
what kind of TV program are popular with children?
How do (or can) TV programs influence children?
Do you think parents should supervise what their children watch on TV?
Compare the TV program nowadays and in the past?
How has television affected (or, changed) society?

What are th pros and cons of using Internet?
Do old people access (= go onto = use) the internet very much?
Do you think it is useful to encourage old people to use the internet?
What are purpose of various kinds of people in using Internet?
Is the internet used much in schools or colleges/universities?
Do you think it is good to download the movies and songs from Internet,why?
What is your idea of On line shopping?

In their free time, do families in China go out much together?


Some interesting news
Do people in China like reading the newspaper (= newspapers)?
Do people in China prefer to read about local news, national news or international news?
Do many people get their news from the internet?
How are modern news media and the old forms of news media different? (Compare them)
Would you say the quality of news reporting is the same on TV, in newspapers and on the internet? (Compare them)
How do you think the future will develop - do you think people will more and more use the internet for getting their news or

will they continue to read newspapers? (Compare them)
How do you think a newspaper could increase its readership?
What personal qualities (and skills) do you think a journalist needs to have?
How do you think journalist (or, reporters) can (or do) influence people? 


a film you watched recently
what kind of movies do Chinese people like ?
what are the criterior of a good movie?
What are some of the benefits from watching foreign films?
Do you think (watching) films have (has) any educational benefits?
Are people attracted (or influenced) by advertisements (or previews) for new films?
What are the differences between documentary films and films purely for entertainment?

a magazine you like to read
what is more popular, newpaper or magazine?
What are the main differences between news magazines and newspapers?
Some people say we can't believe everything we read in newspapers and news magazines. What do you think?
What do people in China prefer to read, magazines or newspapers?


A good law in China
How do people in your country feel about the police?
Which job would most people prefer - to be a policeman/woman or a lawyer? (Why?)
What do you think is the importance of having a system of laws?
How successful do you think the laws are in your country? (successful in achieving the aim of the laws)


A show/performance you watched
what are the benefits of watching performance and art activity?

What is the value of children learning to perform, such as learning to dance?
Are traditional art forms performed very much in China? (Give examples)


A book you recently read

Should children read more books or watch more TVs?
What kind of books do children like reading?
What are the benefits of reading for children?
How should parents encourage children to read more books?
Do you think people's reading habits have changed at all in the past few decades?


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