How to let your shareware soft abroad

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          How to let your shareware soft abroad
by yiboo , Feb.20,2002.
  Now,in the software field,there are a lot of people who are busying for the shareware soft,and also a lot of good shareware was success,like the famous ACDsee,Winzip,Winamp,Gozilla! and so on.In China,there are also a lot of people,a lot of shareware soft,but we know,  few ones get their pay from their good soft .So fewer and fewer maturely and well-know soft published or famous in the world.Why is this?
   One reason is because in china most of soft develeper make the shareware or freeware soft is only for study or show themself,they don't treate the shareware a business plan.So, thers is no register system (include payment,register code or servers web site),also have no payment from their soft,the customs also can't get the advance version or servers.
   The another reason is that the payment way and the customs' consciousness to pay for the shareware do not come into being.So it's not easy for one custom to remit money  for a shareware register.Contrastively ,in abroad, the users can easyly pay for in a minute online by the visa or master card like choose a usual commodity, and the register charge is also more high.A good programmer can make live with that.For exmaple, the famous download soft can get $220,000 from their soft.It have developed to a small software company which is contribute to the shareware soft
  But that's not mean no chance.You can also sell your software like them,let your proud soft go abroad to earn the dollar!.
   What we should do ?
1)Designing a new product.Ask yourself what you can create a soft that would be of real value to people, so much value that if someone else created the product, you would buy it yourself. If your product isn’t very attractive to end users, you will be fighting an uphill battle no matter how much marketing effort you put into it. If you don’t have a product that you’d be happy to sell to your own family members, you won’t have the right atti-tude towards selling it. Selling isn’t manipulative when you think you are doing people a favor by convincing them to buy. That kind of selling can really motivate you. If you have a product you aren’t proud of, then you’ll feel manipu-lative when you try to sell it, thinking you have to trick people into buying it. Selling becomes much easier when you really believe in the benefits of your product.
  So #1 is to take the time to create a product you honestly believe will benefit people. You can’t shortcut this step,if you don’t believe in your product, you will subconsciously limit your success on some level. you also don't forget to add the register system for your soft.
2) Design your own website from the visitor’s perspective, and understand that the purpose of your site is to sell, sell, sell. Visitors should be able to reach your order form from any page of your site with just one click. Make a site that you’d be proud of. If your site wouldn’t impress you, then keep working on it until it does. Periodically visit your site and ask what you’d think of it if you’d never seen it before. Be totally honest, and use those impressions to create your web site to-do list. If you have trouble being objective, then enlist the help of a friend who can. This is the window of your product to the world.You should buy some a approachable domain name and a fast severs for all the world(always for the American and European ).
3) Find a good  credit card gathering agent company  to recieved the money  for you .They will get the users money  from their credit card  then  send the money to you every month and pick-up some commission.Like:
You can send hundreds of register code to these company let them mail that to your custom or you do with the order form yourself ,as you wish.
4)Advertisement.Advertisement is so important in the modern time.If you want your software to be well-now,     

the good quality and servers is of course necessary,but the well advertisement  is more useful.
  First , you should upload your soft to some large download site,like:WWW.DOWNLOAD.COM ;  WWW.HOTFILES.COM ;    WWW.SOFTSEEK.COM ;    WWW.WINFILES.COM ;    WWW.SIMTEL.NET ;   WWW.TUCOWS.COM ;
They  always have a grade for all the soft ,you should try for a good grade there like 5 stars or 5 cattle.
   Second ,you update  your website to the search engine.The key  is to choose your key word for your soft.
   Besides , you can exchange the links with some website ,or do some advertisement in big website like yahoo,aol(it's more expensive)
 OK, the last thing is collecting the information back from your customs and prepare for the next sell. Of cause , you can do nothing but waiting for your  $.
  Do your software and earn your own for your deserve!




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