Ubuntu 16.04 U盘制作

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Select file

Select the ISO file that you want to use in the Win32 Disk Imager window. Click on the symbol, and get the file selector (in the right bottom corner). The default is to show image (IMG) files. ISO files are a special kind of 'synthetic image files'. They will be displayed when you select all kinds of files *.* (at 2).


Check device and Write

You can tick the box at the MD5 hash and check that it matches the value from Ubuntuhashes (instead of using md5summer).


Check very carefully, that the device (F: in the picture) is really the USB pendrive, that you want to use. The best method is to have only the intended target USB drive connected to avoid the risk to overwrite a USB hard disk drive with all the family pictures and video clips !!!


When you are sure, you can click on the Write button to start the process.


Confirm overwrite alias Final Warning


Progress view

This demo uses a Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4 GB as target drive. It is slow (5 MB/s) but reliable for booting. A USB 3 pendrive in a USB 2 port can be 6 times faster due to faster flash memory. See this link.


Work done :-) Remember to eject the pendrive safely

It is important to flush the buffers, to finish writing before pulling the pendrive. This is done with 'Eject safely'. It is also done at a correct shutdown or reboot.

Good luck and welcome to the linux world!


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