Bolster their spirits,distracted themselves.

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Bolster their spirits(变得更快乐)
distracted themselves.(不去想一些不愉快的事情;放松)

A Christmas Carol——2、The first of the three spirits

When Scrooge woke up,it was very dark in the room.He heard the church clock start striking,and liste...
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ural 1210. Kind Spirits

给出图,每一层有好几个点,求从0层到最高层的最短路。 开始没多想,直接拿最短路写的,建图稍显麻烦,不过还好啦。1A了。后来想起来党姐说DP可以做,想了想,这不就类似数字三角形嘛,用DP也过了,DP真短...

A Christmas Carol——4、The last of the spirits

'The third spirit will come at midnight.'Scrooge suddenly remembered the words of Jacob Marley's gho...
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Will NoSQL Databases Live Up to Their Promise

Nosql是否能实现它的承诺         一些收集大量非结构化数据的组织正投身于非结构化数据库,通常被称作Nosql数据库。 一些组织大量收集顾客、科学、销售以及其他数据为了以后的分析。通常,...

tn nike pas cher and they are the same age fellow worthy of their admiration

some of whom represent their own business. Meanwhile, the reporter received a China Soong Ching Ling...

Employees Earning More Than Their Managers --- 找出比经理工资高的员工


WORDS AND THEIR STORIES - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing(披着羊皮的狼)

Last week, I explained some English expressions about clothes.  Everything I told you was true.  I...
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textons,the elements of texture perception and their interactions_julesz


Release ‘open’ data from their PDF prisons using tabulizer

(This article was first published on rOpenSci Blog, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Share...
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