PL/SQL Developer 7.0.2 来了

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PL/SQL Developer 7.0.2 来了

Enhancements in PL/SQL Developer 7.0.2
- Delete Program in Program Window now asks for confirmation
- Text Importer could generate field names like "FIELD__TYPE_"
- Text Importer: added 'End at line-end' preference to allow importing
  records with a different number of fields per line
- Diagram Window fixes and enhancements:
  > "Save as image" and "Copy as image" added
  > Bug fixed with printing/save/copy when scrolled
  > Bug fixed with printing/save/copy which could clip lines at the right
  > Fixed some moving/aligning issues
- Fixed some Query Builder issues selecting fields
- Query Builder did not allow sorting of fields, now possible in "parts"
- Added a warning for actions on an incomplete result set in a SQL Window
- Fixed some multi-monitor issues:
  > Position of Splash screen / progress dialog
  > Position of message boxes
  > Restoring main window on a specific monitor
  > Windows created on secondary monitor would be positioned wrong
- Logon History could get reduced
- Saving in Unix format could use CR line separator in some editors
- Saving (recovery) files would scroll cursor into view
- Not all key definitions would work in all editors
- Added a "file dialog details view" preference
- Command Window: SET SQLPROMPT added (same as SET PROMPT) with case
  sensitive [params]
- Macro Library improvements:
  > Fixed bug pasting from one macro to another
  > Selections can now be moved up/down
  > Removed FF items
- XML Editor could have initialization problem caused by registry write
- HTML Help improvements:
  > Improved detection of description
  > Improved support for Oracle 10 html files
  > Store HTML Document directory
  > Remember selected books after a new build
  > Books were not sorted
  > Search now for separate words (google style)
- Command Window with formatted output did not handle output with linebreaks
  very well
- Save Layout didn't work properly for Text/ODBC-Importer
- Compare User and Compare Data could be slow saving large results from
- Compare User Objects would sometimes not see dropped columns
- Stack dump would display type specification instead of type body
- View DDL did not include UNDER <Superview> clause
- Large Data Editor was not always accessible in SQL Window with multiple
  result sets
- Substitution variable escape (&&) did not work if no other substitution
  variables were present
- Object View DDL could include column aliases
- Empty line could appear for cache clause in Table DDL
- Compare Table Data tool did not always include time fraction of date
- Refactoring Rename function could not rename exceptions
- Refactoring Rename function would also rename parameter names in
  procedure/function calls
- Hour Glass is now displayed when connecting to the database
- Locating text in a source from within Find Database Objects would not
  always find the first occurrence
- SQL Window Single Record view mode preserved with a single result set
- User Definition Editor did not always set Password expire state correctly
- New preference: Files > Format > "Export to Excel with SQL statement"
- Added OnTemplate in Plug-In interface
- Desktop popup extended with some items from the File menu
- Improved auto detection of number/string in Text importer (multiple dots)
- Setting the hot track color to the editor background color would hide all
  highlighted text
- Clicking on the status line in a SQL Window for a cursor result set would
  clear the results
- Clearing results in SQL Window will now set focus to Editor
- Bookmark list is now immediately updated when closing a window with
- Editor column selection did not work correctly if first visible line was
- SQL Window popup menu item "Clear results" was missing for commands
  without a result set
- When printing with header, a long filename would not always fit
- Text Importer now uses field types from Oracle if possible
- Command Window could not handle REM-- as comment
- Support added for Oracle10g alternate quoting (e.g. Q'[Don't care]') for
  syntax highlighting, PL/SQL Beautifier and Code Contents
- Substitution variables could not parse lists that span multiple lines
- The correct preference set would not always be calculated if not connected


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