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First, this is hardly about antiwar sentiments.
Private Elliot was for the war.
Personally, I was against it. Then I was for it.
Then I was against it again. But that's just me.
I'm a flip-flopper.
But whether one is for or against the occupation,
and let's assume, judging from your tie, one is,
that does not exempt the military from
a duty to be honest with its soldiers.
Private Elliot was told he'd serve a year.
He was told he wouldn't see combat.
Okay, unexpected stuff happens.
He did see combat. Fine.
But he was sent into combat with insufficient backup.
He was sent in to perform duties
for which he was never, ever trained.
He wasn't given the most basic of equipment.
And then after his tour of duty was finally up,
they wouldn't let him leave.
He never assumed those risks by enlisting.
Over-extended, under-equipped,
non-trained. He never signed up for that.
And now he's dead.
And aside from his sister, nobody seems to care.
We talk about honoring the troops.
How about we honor them by
giving a damn when they're killed?
Our kids are dying over there.
And this country, the people, the media,
we all chug along like nothing is wrong.
We'll spend a month obsessing about Terry Schiavo,
but dare we show a body of a fallen soldier?
The most watched cable news station
will spend an hour a night
on a missing girl in Aruba.
But God forbid we pay any attention
when kids like private Elliot, killed in action...
- You're off the point.
- I'm not off the point.
We've had 2,000 American trees
fall in that forest over there,
and we don't even know it, not really.
But maybe we don't want to know
about our children dying.
So lucky for us, this war isn't really being televised.
We're not seeing images of soldiers
dying in the arms of their comrades,
being blown apart in the streets of Baghdad.
But they are by the thousands.
And all the American public wants to concern itself with
is whether Brad and Angelina really are a couple.
At least with Vietnam, we all watched, and we all got angry.
What does this have to do with the death of private Elliot?
Private Elliot is dead, in part,
because we have a people and a government in denial.
We currently have no strategy to fight this war.
We have no timetable for getting out.
Some of these troops could be extended 20-plus years.
Their mothers and fathers have to spring for body armor
because the army doesn't, and they're getting killed!
And we, as a nation in denial, are letting them.
We simply don't seem to care. Well, she does.
She's in this courtroom honoring one dead soldier.
That's a start.

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