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Example 2: Using Xalan 1.2 to transform XML with XSLT

As another example of accessing Java objects in PHP, we will use the Xalan-java XSLT engine from the Apache XML project. With this application, we can transform XML source files using instructions in a XSL file. This allows for a great number of interesting scenarios in the field of document processing and content management.

To get started, we need to place both xerces.jar and xalan.jar files (included in Xalan-Java version 1.2 from in your java.class.path, as defined in your php.ini file.

The function xslt_transform() takes XML and XSL files as parameters and returns the transformed output in a string. XML and XSL parameters can be filenames (eg. foo.xml) or fully resolved URI's (eg. http://localhost/foo.xml).


function xslt_transform($xml,$xsl) {

// Create a XSLTProcessorFactory object. XSLTProcessorfactory is a Java
    // class which manufactures the processor for performing transformations.
$XSLTProcessorFactory = new java("org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLTProcessorFactory"); 

// Use the XSLTProcessorFactory method getProcessor() to create a
    // new XSLTProcessor object.
$XSLTProcessor $XSLTProcessorFactory->getProcessor();

// Use XSLTInputSource objects to provide input to the XSLTProcessor 
    // process() method for transformation. Create objects for both the
    // xml source as well as the XSL input source. Parameter of 
    // XSLTInputSource is (in this case) a 'system identifier' (URI) which
    // can be an URL or filename. If the system identifier is an URL, it
    // must be fully resolved.
$xmlID = new java("org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLTInputSource"$xml);
$stylesheetID = new java("org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLTInputSource"$xsl);

// Create a stringWriter object for the output. 
$stringWriter = new java("");

// Create a ResultTarget object for the output with the XSLTResultTarget
    // class. Parameter of XSLTResultTarget is (in this case) a 'character
    // stream', which is the stringWriter object.  
$resultTarget = new java("org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLTResultTarget"$stringWriter);

// Process input with the XSLTProcessors' method process(). This 
    // method uses the XSL stylesheet to transform the XML input, placing
    // the result in the result target.

// Use the stringWriters' method toString() to
    // return the buffer's current value as a string to get the
    // transformed result.
$result $stringWriter->toString();


Then, you can call this function as shown in the example below. $xml contains a string with the fully resolved URL of XML file. $xsl contains string with a XSL stylesheet URL containing rules for conversion to generic HTML. $out will contain a string with output, as a result of calling xslt_transform described above. This example parses a XML newsfeed containing the 5 latest articles on You are encouraged to also try other XML feeds and/or XSl stylesheets.


$xsl "";
$out xslt_transform($xml,$xsl);


If you are processing local files, make sure you use the full path name to pass to the Java class.


$xsl    "/web/htdocs/xml_java/rss_html.xsl";
$out xslt_transform($xml,$xsl);


Although there are a number of other ways in PHP to achieve the same results, the above example gives you a good idea of the possibilities of accessing Java objects in PHP.

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