Eclipse Web Tooling Platform Contribution - IBM

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Eclipse Web Tooling Platform Contribution - IBM


Explore Various Components

1.Data Tools

The Data Tools contribution offers features to allow you to work with a variety of databases.

You can connect to the database, load and view database objects, sample the contents of tables, and execute SQL statements and commands.

2.J2EE Tools

The J2EE tools contribution offers tools to create, import, export and exploration thru J2EE modules including EAR, Application Client, Connector, EJB and Web projects.

3.Server Tools

The Server Tools component provides a comprehensive framework for supporting servers within Eclipse, as well as a number of supporting tools. The initial contribution contains support for several versions of Apache Tomcat, an internal Web browser for viewing Web pages inside the IDE, and a TCP/IP monitor for observing data flow between a client and a server.

The Server Tools contribution consists of four separate components:

.Web Browser - Support for an internal (hosted within the IDE) Web browser and launching external browsers.
.TCP/IP Monitor - A TCP/IP "tunnel" that sits between a client and server and allows you to monitor the traffic between them. The TCP/IP Monitor is also the basis for the WS-I SOAP monitor.
.Server Tools framework - A generic framework for adding server support to Eclipse. Provides a set of common actions and wizards, and a Servers view and preferences to manage servers. It provides a number of extension points that allow developers to extend the servers that are supported, and API to allow other plugins to access server information and control servers.
.Apache Tomcat server support - Support for running and debugging on Tomcat v3.2, v4.0, v4.1, and v5.0.

4.Structured Source Editing

Structured Source Editors (SSE) can be used to edit XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS, DTD, client-side JavaScript, and JSP 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 with Java or server-side JavaScript. They are intended to provide all of the advanced features that Eclipse users appreciate in their editors: content assist, customizable highlighting, as-you-type validation, smart editing, integration with outline and property views and much much more.
In addition to the end-user features, the SSE editors are intended to be easy for others to re-use as the source page in multipage editors. One obvious example is as the source page of a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Programmatic interaction with the text model can be accomplished with standard Eclipse text document APIs (e.g. replace) or through standard DOM APIs. We provide a custom DOM implementation that tolerates ill-formed text and that allows for easy integration with other models.

An additional component provided is the Snippets view. This provides a type of "clip book" where plug-in providers and end-users can store their favorite bits of code to drag-and-drop into an editor.

5.Tabbed Property View

The Common UI Properties feature provides a set of extension points and supporting framework to implement a tabbed UI for the Eclipse properties view.

6.XML Tools

The XML Tools contribution consists of the following components

.XML example wizards
.XML Schema editor
.WSDL editor and 'New WSDL' wizard'
.Validators for various XML artifacts
  XML Schema
  WSDL with optional WS-I validation*
.New XML wizard and XML generators
.XML catalog support

7.Web Services Tools

The Web Services Tools contribution provides an extensible framework of wizards, actions, preferences, code generators and Web applications to help Eclipse users create, publish, discover, consume and test Web Services chiefly for, but not limited to, the Java programming language and the J2EE platform. Included in the contribution are tools for building Apache Axis Web services and Web service clients on Apache Tomcat.

The design and capabilities of the tools, both internally and visually, are anchored to a small but significant set of public specifications and consortiums, including:

.XML Schema 1.0.
.SOAP 1.1.
.WSDL 1.1.
.UDDI v2.
.J2EE 1.4.
.Apache Axis.
.Apache Tomcat.

Included in the Web Services Tools contribution are:

.An embedded Web application for publishing, discovering and invoking Web services.
.Extensible Wizards for creating Web Services from existing Java classes (these are called "bottom up" scenarios).
.Extensible Wizards for creating Web services from existing WSDL (these are called "top down" scenarios).
.Extensible Wizards for creating Web service clients from WSDL.
.Extensions in support of Apache Axis and Apache Tomcat.
.Wizards for integrating with public and private UDDI registries.
.Wizards for configuring Web service and Web service client JAX-RPC handlers.
.Popup actions.
.Web Service scenario preference pages.
.Internet proxy firewall preference page.
.The Environment Command Framework, used to organize UI-agnostic engine code into dynamic trees of executable commands.
.The Dynamic Wizard Framework, used to build wizards with highly dynamic page flows.
.Models, parsers and code generators.

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