CRM Solutions

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CRM  Solutions

  • absoluteBUSY, web based application for contact management, project and task tracking, and more, targeted at groups of 3-50 users.
  • Achiever CRM, an integrated solution for the mid-market sector (20 to 1,000 users).
SAS?software. The leader in analytic intelligence.
  • Amdocs ClarifyCRM, designed specifically for the needs of large companies with millions of customers, and complex and wide-ranging offerings.
  •, web-based eCRM solutions for small to mid-size companies, including Sales Leads, Sales Intelligence, and Contact Management.
  • Astea International, equipment-centric CRM software solutions for improving productivity, revenue and customer interaction.
  • Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), Clicks-and-Mortar Personalization(TM) for one-to-one communications with customers and optimization of retail networks.
  • Applix iCustomer.Advantage is a customer-centric, web-based suite of business applications integrating CRM and real-time business intelligence.
  • Ardexus, provides award-winning intelligent CRM software geared for the small to mid market.
  • ATG provides Java-based software solutions that enable businesses to create, manage, and build customer relationships online
  • Auratech WebCISS Help Desk System, 100% Web-based Help Desk System.
  • Baan Enterprise Resource Management system, from managing your customer relations to optimizing your supply chain.
  • Chordiant builds CRM applications that provide an enterprise-wide view of customer interactions by integrating the web, the call center, and retail operations
  • Commence RM, a comprehensive CRM solution for small to mid-size businesses; a suite of applications for managing sales, marketing, campaign management, contact management, and customer support functions.
  • new, custom web-based CRM.
  • CRM Impact from KnowledgeBase Marketing, Analytics, Strategic consulting, Technology, and Customer programs
  • CRM Software from Siebel, a leader in CRM space, offering most functionally complete closed-loop sales, marketing, and customer service solutions.
  • Data Distilleries, provider of DD Series open analytical CRM solutions that optimize the value of customer relationships across all channels.
  • Database Systems Corp. CRM Software Telemation
  • Deuxo, specializing in lead optimization
  • DoubleClick, a leading marketing automation software suite that empowers marketers to rapidly design and execute more effective campaigns.
  • e11, a Web based CRM solution, offers eCRM software, helpdesk software, email response system, knowledge management software, live chat.
  • ePeople, web-based support solutions that improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of resolutions to complex issues.
  • Epiphany, providing an integrated suite of software solutions that allow business users to collect, analyze, and act on customer data.
  • ExDesk offers a web based help desk software and CRM solution for your IT support, service provider, and E-business needs.
  • FrontPhase Technologies, provides a complete web based help desk software for small to medium businesses.
  • Fulcrum Analytics, providing customer intelligence technology and services to help clients leverage their customer relationships.
  • Graham Technology, offering GT-X Business Process Server technology infrastructure for CRM, e-business, and interactive digital TV services.
  • Harte-Hanks, offering customer data management, multi-channel analytics, campaign management and real-time personalization.
  • HelpDeskSite, help desk vendors and research, support solutions, call center software, and more.
  • Hyperion, offering CRM Analysis Applications such as Customer Interaction Center for measuring and call center/customer service operations.
  • IBM Customer Relationship Services (CRS): deliver customer value and satisfaction, enterprise-wide
  • Insightful Corporation software and services for statistics, data mining and predictive analysis span the entire customer life cycle span.
  • Kana Communications develops, markets and supports customer communication software products and services for e-Businesses.
  • KiQ, developers of the OMEGA Active Decision Management Solution, featuring predictive modeling, strategy management & business rules, multi-channel deployment and business monitoring.
  • KnowledgeSync 2000 from Vineyardsoft, allows users to specify sophisticated event triggers, and when they occur automatically sends alerts via e-mail, fax, page, and webcast.
  • MarketMiner, provides MarketMiner tool for use in direct marketing applications such as response, valuation, and retention modeling.
  • MarketSwitch, developers of Targeting Optimizer and Cross-Selling Optimizer database marketing products.
  • mywice, web-based, offers Adress-, Contact-, Sales-, Project- and Knowledge Management.
  • NCR Relationship Optimizer, a methodology, software and consulting services that help banks to build and manage true one to one relationships.
  • Netmining NV, a developer of web based technology for sales and marketing people to analyse and mine web and other data
  • Norkom Technologies, specialists in customer intelligence, develop and implement products such as Alchemist (tm) to predict the behaviour of clients' customers and markets.
  • Onyx Software, provider of web-based CRM systems.
  • Pivotal provides 360 eBusiness Relationship Management (eBRM) solutions that manage marketing, sales and service relationships between employees, business partners and customers on Internet Relationship Hubs.
  • Portal Software, provider of customer management and billing software.
  • Prime Response (UK-based), a marketing automation solutions provider offering Vantage(tm). Acquired by Chordiant, Jan 10, 2001
  • Quadstone, offering DecisionHouse for model development and ActionHouse for automating the complete process of deploying a customer model.
  • Quaero, offering CRM services that help companies maximize the profitability of customer relationships through a confluence of marketing, analytics and database technologies
  • new ReadyDesk, web based Help desk solution, with live support chat, unlimited custom tabs and fields, and more.
  • RootSystems: Online BPM, Online CRM, Online SFA, integrated and extensible solution for your CRM, BPM, SFA, project management, software change management, help desk, and other collaboration needs.
  • Salentica Analytics, a web based Dashboard with Messaging, Alerts, Segmentation and Scorecarding, for employees, partners and customers.
  • SalesLogix (division of Interact Commerce Corporation), providing easy-to-use, intelligent tools for every type of selling agent.
  • Sales Management Expert, web-based sales force automation and contact management software. Free online demo.
  • SAS Customer Relationship Management Solutions, using SAS superior analytical CRM technologies along with proven methodologies and services allow you to understand your customers across all channels.
  • Searchspace makes intelligent enterprise systems.
  • SellWin, all Java, open-sourced client/server application for sales force automation
  • Serio Helpdesk Software, distributed Helpdesk Software and Service Management technologies.
  • Simera, Knowledge Management Software, CRM, customer and employee relationship tools, database profiling and business process automation
  • Soffront Software, fully web-based, Intuitive, CRM solution for medium to large corporations; includes Sales Force Automation, Help Desk, Defect Tracking, Knowledge Management, Ticket Submission and Lead Generation modules
  • SPSS CustomerCentric, a comprehensive analytical customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Computes and distributes customer scores to operational systems for personalized content delivery; gives insights to managers for informed, data-driven decisions.
  • StatConsulting offers analytical solutions for CRM based on customer behavior modeling and data analysis, including customer segmentation and profiling, survival time analysis, LTV, and credit scoring.
  • Talisma, full-service provider of enterprise-class electronic CRM solutions; multi-channel including phone, e-mail, web, wireless. Extensive training and integration.
  • thinkCRA from thinkAnalytics, an integrated suite of Customer Relationship Analytics applications delivering advanced data-mining and real-time decisioning, massively scaleable, embedded and fully integrated with the major CRM and BI solutions.
  • Unica Affinium(TM) a modular, cross-channel marketing suite, delivers deep functionality for data mining and predictive modeling, customer interaction and campaign management, real-time personalization, and reporting
  •, Europe's leading vendor of e-CRM solutions, with over 400 customers in 18 languages.
  • Vantive (now part of PeopleSoft), a leading provider of e-Customer Relationship Management.
  • Verbind LifeTime system enables companies to examine sequential customer behavior for attrition, cross-sell and up-sell tasks.


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