haproxy hdr_beg(host) 只匹配开头

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<pre name="code" class="sql"><pre name="code" class="sql">frontend  http

	bind            *:80
        bind            *:443      		ssl                     crt                     /etc/haproxy/cert.pem  
	redirect scheme https if !{ ssl_fc }
        acl host_zjcap.cn  hdr_beg(host)  -i zjcap.cn
        acl host_zjzb.cn  hdr_beg(host)  -i zhongjunziben.com
        acl www_zjzb.cn  hdr_beg(host)  -i www.zhongjunziben.com
        acl host_zjzc.cn  hdr_beg(host)  -i zhongjunzichan.com
        acl www_zjzc.cn  hdr_beg(host)  -i www.zhongjunzichan.com
        redirect prefix   http://www.zjcap.cn if host_zjcap.cn
        redirect prefix   http://www.zjcap.cn if host_zjzb.cn
        redirect prefix   http://www.zjcap.cn if www_zjzb.cn
        redirect prefix   http://www.zjcap.cn if host_zjzc.cn
        redirect prefix   http://www.zjcap.cn if www_zjzc.cn

hdr_beg(host) 这个是hdr_beg 匹配开头 所以 需要www单独做一条acl



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haproxy 规则匹配到了就停止,不会继续匹配下一个

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