recursion in jsp

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    Under the MVC model 2 architecture, there is need that the view provide recursion method so as to render complex object, such as an arbitrary level tree. But now, jsp does not support recursion method, though it supports loop/switch control to render simple object, such as collection.

    Then how to achieve recursion in jsp?

        Jsp custom tag. I am not familiar with this.

        Scriptlet. As commented by some people, yuck.

        Loop substitution for recursion. An algorithm which can achieve the same effect of recursion, but use looping instead. This has bad readability.

        XSLT. Translate xml representation of the complex object to html. I prefer the this, because I am familiar  with xslt and it is internet standard and it forms good 'architecture', loose-coupled, reusable, neat. 


C++ Recursion(递归)的运用 及 例子

Recursion汉译为递归,其中最最重要就是函数的Recall   首先什么函数的Recall 给个例子  void print(int p){ print(p);}// 在理论上, 这个函数...
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<jsp-config> in web.xml

包括 和 两个子元素。其中 元素在JSP 1.2 时就已经存在;而 是JSP 2.0 新增的元素。 元素主要有八个子元素,它们分别为: 1.:设定的说明 2.:设定名称 3.:设定值...
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要解决这个问题,知道其发生的原因,就是了解 url-pattern 的规则。Servlet和filter是J2EE开发中常用的技术,使用方便,配置简单。servlet和filter中的url-patt...
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Algorithm: recursion

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