Simple summary of EJB

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In the past several days, I’m totally engaged in watching the video. Today I get them over and because I finished the EJB part last ,so now I give a short summary of EJB.

Bean, personally thought is the key point in the EJB (a nonsense) .Though it's new ,in Software Engineering we have learn Module Programming、and know the various rules in  OO Programming. Bean is just applying them in the same way or more precisely using the classical idea of Software Engineering. Different kinds of Beans have its own unique characteristic and solve its specific domain problem. And each instance of a specific kind of bean is handle the real situation.For example Session Beans handle the business logic and Entity Bean get the operation of DB done. 

Another negligible characteristic in EJB is Configuration Files. Through it may seem troublesome, it really benefits us programmers. “Put Abstractions in Code, Details in Metadata”, a tip in the book: The Pragmatic Programmer, tells it excellent.

I have not check the differences between Weblogic and some Opensouce Frame (SSH) clearly, so let it pop out in the DRP videos Huyang recommends to me.

Long way to Go!


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