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Flex & AIR 聚焦未来

At the Flashforward conference Kevin Lynch, Adobe's chief software architect, shed light on the ongoing development events around some of the company's core technologies, including Flash, Flex and the Adobe Integrated Runtime for developers and designers.

在最近的一次宣讲会上,ADOBE的软件架构师Kevin 透露Adobe正在进行的一些工作的情况。这些情况包括了Adobe的核心技术领域如:FLASH,FLEX,AIR

"We're really focused on video technology and helping you create experiences," Lynch said. Adobe intents on helping developers and designers plan, acquire, produce, manage, publish, deliver and play back video content.

“我们聚焦于媒体技术,试图协助开发者开发用户体验”Kevin 说,Adobe试图帮助开发者和设计者,计划,获取,制造,管理,发布,投递媒体内容。

Incredible progress" has been made with AIR, said Lynch. The second beta of AIR will also support access to local file system archives, user notification, applications updates, drag-and-drop capability and local storage, among other features. Yet, Adobe`s efforts are concentrated mainly on enabling AIR apps to run well on the desktop, taking advantage of Flash, as well as HTML and PDF. A beta of the AIR technology will be available in a couple of weeks. 

 “已经取得了令人瞩目的进步”Kevin 说道,AIR的第二个版本将支持本地文件系统访问,用户通告,程序更新,拖放以及本地存储。这些技术,Adobe的主要意图是让AIR能够更好的在桌面应用中发挥作用

Hitting on Adobe's most famous technology, Lynch went on with the upgrade to the current version of the product, Flash Player 9, known as "Moviestar" which highly enhances the video capabilities of the player. Moviestar includes new features, improvements and bug fixes for Windows, Macintosh and Linux versions of Flash Player 9, including:

 当提到ADOBE的最著名的产品FLASH PLAYER9(也就是代号MOVIE STAR卓越于媒体处理能力)的时候,Kevin提到了正对MOVIESTAR的一些列补丁修复,和升级改进。包括:

  • multicore support for vector rendering 对矢量呈现的多核支持
  • full-screen mode with hardware scaling 硬件支持的全屏模式
  • Flash Player cache for common platform components, such as the Flex framework FLASH PLAYER对FLEX这样框架的缓冲技术支持
  • Support for MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility) in the Windows plug-in

Adobe is also in the process of open-sourcing the Flex framework. From Flex 3, also known by the code name "Moxie" users can expect the following enhancements:对MSAA(微软动态访问)微软的支持,FLEX3代号MOXIE的用户可以期待XP平台上一下的改进

  • language intelligence 语言智能
  • support for AIR, code refactoring 对AIR代码重构的支持
  • memory and performance profilers 存储性能分析器
  • SWF (Shockwave Flash) file size reduction through persistent framework caching通过持续的框架缓冲技术减小SWF对象的大小
  • a visualization component 一个可视化组件
  • designer workflow设计者的工作流

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