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Hi Spark
 I have to write an data service for our Silverlight map
 project to consume. Do you know how to do this? Preferably in C#.
 If so - how long do you think it will take. Please let Robert and I know.
 Congrats on your baby boy!
This Question Is My Friend From USA, I do i t a Few months ago, So I
Share with you .
Step 1:
Initialize the database (Test Data)   
Step 2:
Create “SilverlightloaddisplayApplication”  
 Step 3:
Check  “WCF RIA Service ”  
 Step 4:
add  “ADO.NET Entity Data Model ” 
 Step 5:
Check  “Table”   Figure 5
Step 6:
Add  “Domain Service Class” 
Compile the Silverlight Project then Continue.
 Step 7:
g)Add  “Domain Service Class”  
 Step 8:
Add  new “Domain Service Class”  
  Step 9:
Design  “MainPage.xaml ”  
  Step 10:
Code “MainPage.xaml.cs ”  
   Step 11:
Result  “ Load And Display Data ”  
二、 My development environment as following

  • windows server 2008 r2 EnterPrise
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


三、 This is All, Any question feel free pls contact me.

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