Is Xworks similar to Spring ?

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WebWork is a web application MVC framework. XWork is a generic command pattern implementation with nifty features for processing requests (i.e. web requests, command line, JMS, etc.). WebWork is built on XWork.

In this way, WebWork overlaps with Spring's MVC framework.

XWork also contains a simple IoC container. This is really meant for small apps where you have a few components you want to automatically provide to your Actions (and you don't need more than one of the same type). It's really really handy for these situations because you don't need any per-Action configuration. It falls short of the capabilities of a Spring or Picocontainer IoC container.

So there is some overlap, but there is more synergy, I think. There is good integration between WebWork and Spring, much of it done by the guys at Atlassian. They are building their new product, Confluence, on WebWork 2, Spring, Hibernate, Sitemesh, Lucene, Quartz, etc... They have the power of WebWork and XWork as a powerful Web MVC front end, along with the power of Spring to automatically wire components together, and Hibernate's transparent persistence. From the feedback I've heard from them, it's an awesome combination.


问题: 今天回家,从服务器clone一份代码出来,因为用了cocoapods作为第三方库管理,也没多想,就直接pod install了,然后,问题就来了: ――― MARKDOWN TEMPLATE...
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一节主要是从映像的分类和各种映像的大致加载流程上看VxWorks的启动过程,这一节让我们从函数级看一下VxWorks的启动过程:1. Boot Image + Loadable Images: ...
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1  在VxWorks下进行开发调试,在目标机上加载VxWorks映像很重要,在目标机上加载VxWorks映像,最重要的是三个步骤:   第一步,修改config.h文件,在config.h文件里包括...
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使用CocoaPods 出错

――― MARKDOWN TEMPLATE ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― ### Command ``` ...
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[!] Oh no, an error occurred. Search for existing GitHub issues similar to yours: https:...
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现在任务如下: 1、调研源代码分析工具 2、调研漏洞扫描工具 3、调研VxWorks漏洞数据库 1. VxWorks存在多个安全漏洞 http://www.venustec...
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使用 Similar By References 制作“猜你喜欢”列表

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版权声明:本文为博主原创文章,未经博主允许不得转载。         当我们打开terminal或者iTerm2终端时,那些默认的黑白色让人感觉索然无味,在终端下使用vim也是一番死气沉沉的样子。...
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一、similar 用来识别文章中和搜索词相似的词语,可以用在搜索引擎中的相关度识别功能中。 text1.similar("monstrous") 查询出了text1中与mons...
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