Editing a little faster

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word movement: 

 move forward: w, 4w;   move backward: b, 4b;

move to the end of the line: $, 4$, <end>; 

move to the start of the line: ^( nonblank character ), <home> ( first character )

searching along a single line:

( forward search ) searches the single line for a character x: fx

( backward search ) Fx

note: forward five words 5f<space>

tx command like the fx command, except it stop one character before the indicator.

 Moving to a special line: 4G

note: anthoer way:  9999k, 2j

display line number: :set number /( disable: :set nonumber )

show the indicator in which line: <ctrl> + G

scroll up and down: <ctrl> + U (up);  <ctrl> + D (down);

delete text: 3dw  d3w  3d2w

change text: cw ( replace single word and leave the edit in the insert mode )

                      cc ( replace the whole line )

repeat the last commad: . (dot)

joining lines: J, 3J

relacing single character: 5ra ( replace the current character with 5 a )

                                               5r<enter> ( replace the current characters with a <enter> )

change case: ~

keborad macro:

1. using q[ macro name ] to enter record macro,

2. records keystorkes into the register named using character between a ~ z

3. finish record q

execute keyboard macro: 4@[ macro name ]

special character:

1. using :digraphs to show special character table to know the [index name].

2. In Insert mode: <ctrl> + k + [index name].




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