Hibernate 3.0 released!

原创 2005年03月01日 09:23:00
Hibernate 3.0 is the world's most sophisticated ORXM (Object/Relational/XML
Mapping) solution. Hibernate3 makes it easier than ever before for Java
applications to interact with persistent data, allowing a single definition of
the transformation between various in-memory representations of the entity
data and the relational schema, even in the case of very complex legacy
schemas and schemas for historical data or data with visibility rules.
Hibernate3 also provides the most comprehensive object/relational query
functionality, with three full-featured query facilities: Hibernate Query
Language, the newly enhanced Hibernate Criteria Query API, and enhanced
support for queries expressed in the native SQL dialect of the database.

Compared to Hibernate 2.1 - the most popular object/relational mapping
solution in any language - Hibernate 3.0 offers:

    * Much more flexible O/R mapping: support for exotic association and
      inheritance mappings, and greater flexibility when working with legacy

    * Hibernate3 filters: a unique feature for working with temporal
      (historical), regional or permissioned data.

    * Unprecendented flexibility for mixing handwritten and generated SQL
      within a single application or even a single entity: full support for
      "derived" entities and attributes defined in the mapping document, full
      support for overriding any generated SQL statement with handwritten SQL,
      support for stored procedures.

    * Object/Relational/XML mapping: query XML directly from the database for
      reporting, replicate data between databases via intermediate XML,
      externalize entity data as XML when interacting with remote systems.

    * Enhanced ease of use: better defaulting, an unchecked exceptions model,
      simplified natural (and composite) key support, simplified CMT

    * Enhanced Criteria query API: with full support for
      projection/aggregation and subselects.

    * Runtime performance monitoring: via JMX or local Java API, including a
      second-level cache browser.

    * Brand new AST-based HQL parser: bulk update/delete enhancement, better
      syntax validation.

    * JBoss EJB 3.0 preview: support for annotation-based O/R mappings, full
      support for EJB-QL 3.0, support for EJB 3.0 persist()/merge() lifecycle,
      JACC-based security model.

    * Hibernate Tools preview: a full suite of Eclipse plugins for working
      with Hibernate 3.0, including mapping editor, interactive query
      prototyping, schema reverse engineering tool.

    * Many new extension points: including a new, extensible, event-driven

    * Documentation enhancements.

    * Brand new test suite, including many useful examples of exotic Hibernate

A full list of new features may be found at:


Download link:


The Hibernate 3.0 core is 68,549 lines of Java code together with 27,948 lines
of unit tests, all freely available under the LGPL, and has been in
development for well over a year. We would like to thank the many people who
contributed to this release!

The Hibernate Team,

     Max Rydahl Andersen, JBoss Inc
     Christian Bauer, JBoss Inc
     Emmanuel Bernard
     David Channon
     Joshua Davis
     Steve Ebersole, JBoss Inc
     Michael Gloegl
     Gavin King, JBoss Inc
     Anthony Patricio

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