Using Github with Android Studio

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Using Github with Android Studio

Published by Michael Carrano on October 25, 2013

Google announced Android Studio at Google I/O but I have not started to use it until recently. Android Studio is at version 0.3.1 at the time of this writing and receives rapid updates.

Android Studio seems to have a much more seamless integration with VCS such as Git than Eclipse. In particular you can easily share your project onGithub.

To use Android Studio with Github, it is as simple as:

  • Opening the project you want to share to Github
  • VCS –> Import into Version Control –> Share project on Github
  • Enter your Github credentials *
  • Enter the project description and whether or not you want it to be private

If you have two factor authentication setup on Github then you will need to generate aPersonal Access Token.

If you do not use the personal access token, then you will run into this error: “Can’t login: Request response: Unauthorized - Must specify two-factor authentication OTP code.”

It took me a moment to realize that error was referring to the personal access token since I have only ever set one up once before on Github.


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