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Time Limit: 4000/2000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others)
Total Submission(s): 1769    Accepted Submission(s): 837

Problem Description
In a factory, there are N workers to finish two types of tasks (A and B). Each type has N tasks. Each task of type A needs xi time to finish, and each task of type B needs yj time to finish, now, you, as the boss of the factory, need to make an assignment, which makes sure that every worker could get two tasks, one in type A and one in type B, and, what's more, every worker should have task to work with and every task has to be assigned. However, you need to pay extra money to workers who work over the standard working hours, according to the company's rule. The calculation method is described as follow: if someone’ working hour t is more than the standard working hour T, you should pay t-T to him. As a thrifty boss, you want know the minimum total of overtime pay.

There are multiple test cases, in each test case there are 3 lines. First line there are two positive Integers, N (N<=1000) and T (T<=1000), indicating N workers, N task-A and N task-B, standard working hour T. Each of the next two lines has N positive Integers; the first line indicates the needed time for task A1, A2…An (Ai<=1000), and the second line is for B1, B2…Bn (Bi<=1000).

For each test case output the minimum Overtime wages by an integer in one line.

Sample Input
2 5 4 2 3 5

Sample Output



解法:贪心。将A B排序,A中最大的和B中最小的一组,A中第二大的和B中第二小的一组,以此类推。给出一个简单的证明:若有两组(a0,b0), (a1,b1)满足a0>=a1&&b0>=b1,这两组的得分为max(a0+b0-t,0)+max(a1+b1-t,0) >= max(a0+b1-t,0)+max(a1+b0-t,0)即(a0,b1),(a1,b0)的得分,所以交换b0 b1之后可以使解更优。

#define F first
#define S second
#define PI acos(-1.0)
#define E  exp(1.0)
#define INF 0xFFFFFFF
#define MAX -INF
#define len(a) (__int64)strlen(a)
#define mem0(a) (memset(a,0,sizeof(a)))
#define mem1(a) (memset(a,-1,sizeof(a)))
using namespace std;
__int64 gcd(__int64 a, __int64 b) {
return b ? gcd(b, a % b) : a;
__int64 lcm(__int64 a, __int64 b) {
return a / gcd(a, b) * b;
__int64 max(__int64 a, __int64 b) {
return a > b ? a : b;
__int64 min(__int64 a, __int64 b) {
return a < b ? a : b;
int main() {
// freopen("in.txt","r",stdin);
// freopen("out.txt","w",stdout);
int n, t, sum, a[1010], b[1010];
while (scanf("%d%d", &n, &t) != EOF) {
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
scanf("%d", &a[i]);
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
scanf("%d", &b[i]);
sort(a, a + n);
sort(b, b + n);
sum = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
sum += max(0, a[i] + b[n - 1 - i] - t);
printf("%d\n", sum);
return 0;

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hdu 3661