The Paris Dataset图像检索数据集

The Paris Dataset

James Philbin and Andrew Zisserman 


The Paris Dataset consists of 6412 images collected from Flickr by searching for particular Paris landmarks.

Various Paris landmarks


The following 12 queries were used to collect the images from Flickr:
  1. La Defense Paris
  2. Eiffel Tower Paris
  3. Hotel des Invalides Paris
  4. Louvre Paris
  5. Moulin Rouge Paris
  6. Musee d'Orsay Paris
  7. Notre Dame Paris
  8. Pantheon Paris
  9. Pompidou Paris
  10. Sacre Coeur Paris
  11. Arc de Triomphe Paris
  12. Paris

Database Rights

The Paris Dataset consists of images provided by "Flickr". Use of these images must respect the corresponing terms of use. The identity of the images in the database has been obscured. Any queries about the use or ownership of the data should be addressed to James Philbin.


Groundtruth files. Format is the same as for the Oxford Buildings Dataset.

Dataset images (split in two parts):
[1] 1.2GB    MD5: 0b165f36cedd0b4885a5961e20d01bda
[2] 1.3GB    MD5: a5de8044b5a436d8d04ddc9c382b30b5

Note, 20 of the supplied images are corrupted but are still included for backwards compatibility (the list of corrupt images is available here)

Relevant Publication

Philbin, J. , Chum, O. , Isard, M. , Sivic, J. and Zisserman, A.
Lost in Quantization: Improving Particular Object Retrieval in Large Scale Image Databases
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2008) 
Bibtex source | Abstract | Document: ps.gz PDF


This work is supported by an EPSRC Platform grant.