September 19th Wednesday (九月 十九日 水曜日)
 Today I finished the developing the Shared file panel.  The splitter's problem is still here.  But I am
not going to entrangle with it.  I must finish the GUI as soon as my can.

  The shared file tree control is took my more time.  First time, I implemented a class to traverse a directory
at once add all its children and grand-children into a tree branch.  It is a recursive procedure, and its recursive deep is not controlled.

  Nowadays our disks capacipty are superior to its predecessor, it means that we can store more files, more documents,
more mp3, more avi, etc than before.  During an application launching traverse all data on our disk is a bad idea.

  I took time to modify my traverse class, so to control its traversing deep.  Every time usr expanding a tree item
which has children its event handler call a instance of the traverse class and only scan two deep sub-directories.
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September 19th Wednesday (九月 十九日 水曜日)